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  Redirect to NEOM in World Politically & Pristine Trading Opportunities & Global Scale of Export / Import Possibilities in World ( NEOM ) Giga Project


- Google Worldwide & Over 100 of Research Engines / My Corporation & Industry  has Multiple Plurality  Millions of Results worldwide also on Bing,Yahoo,Yandex & google


- Corporation is versatile with enormous hugh amount of represented regions from industry on google & internally on corporation 


- Third Project already under Planning & Scalability and Equipped Representation


- Over 50 % is Self-Establishment & Self creation  & Rest is Copy of Corporation / 17 Sectors from 30 are Self-Idealogy & Self Established / Represented in EU & World


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-12.05.2023 AD Second Big Project /  World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring Universe System ( A.P. P ) earlier than plannned absolved / 2 Quartals Earlier Than Planned 


- World Planet Conservation & Preservation of Nature ( Protection of Animals & Sea Life in World ) & Protocolating About it  / Also ( NEOM ) GIGA CITY of Saudi Arabia


- Representation of Different Societies & Corporations.Industries.Oceans.Seas.Politics.Oil Industries.Car Models.World Structures & ( World Economic Model )


- 3rd Project absolved sine 3 Quarter 2024 / Upcoming New Projects already completed & established / Next Time Upload ( Upgrade ) since now 12.07.2024


- Lyrics / Composition / Starkly Updated since July 2024 / New Graphically Collage involved


- Impressum / New Brochures Released 3 Quarter 2024


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- A.P. P is a strong Geographically Blogspot & Geopolitically State of View / Also EXE Formatted Files next Time ( Uploaded ) ( Upgraded ) to 100 ACT'S


- Index & Layout of A.P. P switched to Smaller Font of Pillars & Sectors / 12.07.2024






Europe  / European Union / European Commission / Council / EU Flag in Central Position Portrayed / EU 27 States / Also Federal Republic of Germany ( Involved )
Europe / European Union / European Commission / Council / EU Flag in Central Position Portrayed / EU 27 States / Also Federal Republic of Germany ( Involved )


Press Media Release ( A.P. P) Corporate History



News / Update/ Protokoll / 21.03.2022 / EU / Germany / HTTP:// / Protokoll / Rewritten 09.05.2022



Andreas. P .Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Graphic Corporation & Industry / In Addition the affiliated graphically sections & foyers Modellierung & Designer Sectors 1 / 2 / 3 / 4  are source from company / The  fifth is next coming on concern.  


So also the Diashows ( ACT - Exe Files) on the Protocolations Diversification Sector are also affiliated with Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD as well as M & D Sectors as well as the typically especially graphically Design close to 300.


Now 21.03.2022


Source EN / DE Formatted


European Continent / World / Germany ( EU )

North-Rhine Westphalia / Federal Republic of Germany / Europe

Theodor Fliedner Stiftung  / Waldruhe / Wald 20 / Wiehl / 51674 


e-mail /


Resource complete in english language / 

Some parts are an encyclopedia and  EN / DE formatted


So i'm really in favour of modern arts and corporation's-alike  industry in the world wide web / Always in Research for Development & Cooperation and Business Principles in World


So important to know is that is under constantly construction & build-up infrastructure the whole time up.

Meant by this is that everything's belonging to this corporation is always under freshly updating editing & new releases as well as restructuring & changes coming oftenly from all 26 Sectors


So the 25 indexed Sector is M & D 4 and the 26 is the Impressum. Next gonna soon as possible.... so stay active


andreaspennophotography has now 21.03.2022 / 26 Sectors & Zessionen ( Zessionen is a term which is an own definition of corporation and is elucidated & explicable explained as Sector or Industry, especially in the index above the black blocks layout ) 


So this corporation has specific own names for differentiated vocabulary & terms like Zessions or Protokollierungen ( Protokolle ) exempli gratia Geoecology or Modellierung which be soon clarified.


Andreaspennophotography has approximately Millions of Results on google world wide especially on google graphically machine which is astonishment .


This Concern does represent over 200 Corporations & Diverse Industries from my web-addrress. It's an exponential business to buisness procedure. Just publicity for me and the opposite side in representation. So it's all about an profitable state.


The Interncontinental Continent Project is also affiliated on the graphically sector of web-address talk about M & D Sectors.





Yours Sincerely,


Andreas Penno



News / Europe / EU / Protokollierung / Deutschland  / DE / ( New Update ) Protokoll 31.03.2022 



So a new AKT was released this night at 01:45 o'clock 31.03.2022 ( ACT-7 ) from the ACT & AKT Series.  It's the seventh from the Industrial DIASHOW Amalgam.


So also a video i confrontated in the internet is established in the Portable Document Format Sector / Diversification Zession. It's about Solar Energy Panels Structure from above of a Drone which also released recently this night in Thursday 31.03.2022


Also to mention the WELTWIRTSCHAFTSMODELL ( World Economic Model ) has like i wrote in different Protokollierungen on this corporation, a futuristic Portfolio & Development for andreaspennophotography. It will always be a pillar of coining the Web-Address. This Weltwirtschaftsprodukt will be as long as the Webpage  exists an Pillar & Economically Structrue to readdress Possibilities & Chances from different Opportunities to follow internally my principles as a young entrepreneur.


Also the Intercontinental Continent Project from the Modellierungs & Designer Sectors  will be next time just coming time till 2030 reaching to a distance of getting Uploaded oftenly & constantly. So these promulgated Corporate Operations will be supplenmentary to the Corporation. This ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL )  which became mastered & accomplished on the 26.02.2022 will always be a Product & Economically Mastered Project which will be available on andreaspennophotography for futuristic establishment & News.


Also Volvo became at this Quarter an Written Update from Volvo Cars North Americ,LLC new president from 2017.


Also this year 2022 1 Quarter New Images became an Influx on Andreas . P.  Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD as a steadily Upload.


New To Elucidate & Mention the Materials for the ( M & D ) Sector & Zession 5 i have in front of me.


Next Time (M & D 5)  Sector becomes Upgraded & Updated. 



Thank You,


Andreas Penno


Yours Sincerely



News / / 04.04.2022 / Breaking News / Updates / Germany / DE / World / Protokoll / Europe



So now in the night 04.04.2022 was the Justice & Law Terms / Bloomberg Sector upfreshed & operated. A new Chinese Economically Future Protokoll was written. Supplementary to a Video of Chinese Future in Energy. _I created a Column & Text written. Especially Long Stretched Protokoll. Greatly Performed & Written .


In the Morning from now the 4th Monday on April i established also an Protokoll from a UN ( United Nations ) Portable Document Format PDF File just the Annual Report from 2021 UN New York USA.

Just especially great formulated & very articulated.


Also the References from t 1 / 2 / 3 Modellierung & Desiger ( M & D ) Sectors became rewritten.


I also took the text from the 24 Sector World Economic Model / Zession and took a rewritten statement on it. Now it's broad laid written and long texts. So this World Economic Model just the ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell) became an Update and always will have an Futuristic Planning & constant Informations Resource just Futuristic Model of andreaspennophotography. Also with googling from millions of products on google and over 100 of different Search Engines in the world. Like i said the Project was 26th February 2022  accomplished & finished but has futuristic budgeting for this corporation and a upcoming position. So 7 Sectors from the Black Index Box are ( World Economic Model ).


Also  M & 5 Sector will be established next time.


Especially the ACT Files will be as far as Planning 2030 get to an Quantity of 30 Formated EXE Diashows jus ( ACT'S )to look at.


And the Second Project from after the World Economic Model is coming soon.


Also Jean Francois Richet was updated the 4 Sector from Corporation.


As far as the ( Rewritten Texts & Protokolle ) doesn't mean that they are as far as blocking the chronologically status on some Sectors, because the Date is shifted. The Chronology  is represented  in 13 Sectors from 26 Zessions, And as far as the update there stands also the first Date when the texts was written and this does count in every case for the chronologically process.


Sincerely Yours,


Andreas Penno


News about Corporation / Short Info / Today 16.04.2022 / Protokoll / Deutschland DE / Germany / Protokollierung ( Rewritten 19.04.2022 )


Today at 13.36 European German Time  EU UTC / GMT +2  / The ( M & D ) 5 Modellierung & Design 5 Sector was released and is capitalised by 4000 Protokolle of Sector.  Also World Maps ( Atlas ) & Tupac Shakur and Intercontinental Continent ( Update 1 ) as well as KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .All overarching & complete M & D Sectors 21.000 Protokolle. So now has 27 Sectors & Industries. The 27 is M & D 5. The 26 is the Impressum.


Sincerely Yours,


Andreas Penno 


News /  Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Resource from me Andreas Penno and my Corporation and Industry ( 29.04.2022 ) DE / Europe / EU / 


Today early in the Morning at 05.18 the ACT-8 DIASHOW  was released & published in World. Take A Look / Great Acoustics & Sound. So this EXE File is the 8th from beginning. Till 2030 30 DIASHOWS will be released. This file is remarkable & to find in the Portable Document Formats / Protocolations / Diversifications Sector.


News / Western Civilization / Germany / Corporate News / ( 09.05.2022 ) / Short Information / European Continent / EU / Protokollierung


So it was since years discussed, at inquriy, questioned  & mentioned how many Publishing Results are on research engines also ( Google ) linked to andreaspennophotography worlwide. Nowadays since 2 Quarter 2022 there are definitive approximately at least  2 Billion overarching @ the whole corporation & cooperative industry in the whole world. Sometimes was mentioned andreaspennophotography was established & fundamentally affiliated in hundreds of search engine machines.


This is meant over every google cooperative resource from all countries of worldwide google multi-international of just over  ( 200 States) & Countries of google source plus in this happen also over 100 different International Research Engines are representing andreaspennophotography with hugh times of References & Public Portrayal by this. 


So also the ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell )( World Economic Model ) also its futuristic planning  has Millions of Results in the humanity. The World Economic Model, and its  project is mastered since February 2022 but it has a futuristic & developmental planning and different related  till the corporation andreaspennophotography does exist in world. So this Futuristic Planning & Modern Budgeting as well as Futuristic Sustainability Development of the ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) does belong to a timeframe of so long does count in history.


Also to establish & publish a structure of this Search Engines Model. So 87 % of all human beings does use google just differentiated from other search engines. But there are also a lot of great manifested other cooperative Search Engines where me is also operating & represented next to google.  


Also now in this Protokoll / Protokollierung to mention i'm especially to find on the graphically google machine. Also anyway the worth to discuss it is a chiffre and cooperative digit just i'm worldwide in all ( Google Nations ) & (Over 200 Countries ) from google united counted +over different further search machines. And in this complex i can say andreaspennophotography has 5 Billion of Protokollierungen ( Statements ) worldwide ( But to say by all data published on this corporation its only rough, rough estimated & protocolated in this time now the 2th Quarter of human civilization time of 2022 ). As far as the growth of the corporation it could get next decades on a really great digit & enormous & gigantically values of.


So this 2 or 5 Billion talk about Billion Chiffre is only estimated by extraordinary rough quotes. It could also be the whole corporation just 500.000.000 Millions of Protokolle on Google Graphically Machine and different Google International Operating Influx & Industry. So it could also be 1 Billion or even 2 Millions of Results or 5.000.000 maybe 300.000 Protokollierungen on google of over  200 Countries googling and all Search Engine Machines worldwide calculated. It's not really exactly to estimate clearly in this happen. It's only estimated Values. The real chiffre of  can never be established. Only Theories can be built. It's a theory & hypothesis of Billions Worth..


So andreaspennophotography is mostly to find on google graphically machine or bing and yahoo and different related.


22.03.2023 ( Rewritten)  / Corporation & Company complete in EN / DE Format /  Western Civilization / Federal Republic of Germany / Protokollierung / 26.07.2022 A.D.


So to make the point clear the industry is EN / DE Formatted. Also the Encyclopedias & Glossaries as well as other definitions from a lingual aspect in different Zessionen & Sectors above from my major world industry.

But also other languages is involved just also the M & D Sectors ( Modellierung & Design ) just multi-lingual.


Corporate News / Western Civilization / / 3 New EXE Files just ACT'S / AKT'S & Volvo Group Update Protokoll / 20.08.2022 a.Chr in New Happening


So now early in the morning in the Federal Republic of Germany 3 New ACT'S / AKT's were released & published. Also involved the ( KSA ) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Tolerant & Industrial 5 New Portable Document Format Protokolle are now in the PDF / Protocolations / Diversifications Sector. Also FIFA or Jewellry & Banking Institutes from Riyadh Annual Reports & Annual Messages from Companies & Diverse Industries. Also a new Volvo Group Protokoll self-written on the first frontal sector was released & published and aired. And at last message and experienced news at the Impressum in the last passage was released a Planning & a Orientations Circuit for the Corporation in enormous major great opportunities & possibilities for the industrial & economically distance of 2030- 2050 a,D  for the corporation.


In Annexation ; Second Creative Project has started on / The Corporation


Name & News ; World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System ( A.P. P ) / Short Information last days of Third Quarter of 2022 AD.  ( DE ) 29.09.2022 / Federal Republic of Germany ( A.P. P )


So since weeks an written Protokoll was released on the World Economic Model Sector. It was a contribution from my Worldpress A.P. P  operated, systematically initiated & comfortable established on a great scale & arabian native orientation just the Vision 2030 from Mohammed Bin Salman. So it was the second hugh Protokoll from the " WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL " Zession. The third will follow next time . Also on the PDF / Diversification Center / Zentrum are  new EXE Files ready to upload next time. So these ACT'S / AKT'S  14-16, so 3 are ready to upload as soon as possible. Also before Christmas especially for the ( Western Civilization of Humankind ) different will be upgraded on A.P. P


Stay Actively.......


Yours Sincerely,


Andreas Penno 


Thanks a lot for coming to A.P. P / New 3 ACT'S / AKT'S are released on Corporation / Company / Industry  / ( DE ) Germany / ( A.P. P ) / 03.10.2022 AD


So now 13:20 CET / UTC / GMT +2 /   Early on this day here in Germany 3 New AKT'S/ACT'S are released / Next time more ACT'S gonna be media released. Till 2030 are 100 ACT'S / AKT'S on Corporation / Top Brand New ACT / AKT 17 is released / Take A Look / New Breath for my Industry & Economically Establishment on A.P. P / EU / DE / Western Civilization  26.10.2022


Hi, new (ACT ) & ( AKT  ) 17 Released on A.P. P & A Brand New Protokollierung from the Second Big & Creative Project from namely


World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe System  ( A.P. P ) it's the fourth Protokollierung from Project.


( A.P.P ) / / Second Big Project of Corporation / 5th Protokoll of Project/ ( Breaking News ) / ( A.P. P ) 31.10.2022


New Update from Project released eary in the Morning now End of October 31.10.2022  / New Protokollierung released just 5th Text published on 31.10.2022. Just Establishment of NASA  & ISS represented. / New Protokollierung of Establishment / Industry / Corporation Language Sector / DE / EU 05.11.2022 AD ( A.P. P )


Early in the Morning Release of the 12th Arabian Protokoll of Sector with  Imagery As Well As Graphically Contribution and long stretched Script / DE / EU / Europe  / UTC +1  / CET / News about A.P. P / ( 26.11.2022 ) AD / A.P. P


Today, the 26.11.2022 AD  6 News Portable Document Formats / ( PDF )  were released on the first PDF Sector . And a new EXE Formatierung / Format just DIASHOW ACT-18 ( AKT ) was released

officially from on the second Portable Document Format Sector / Diversification Role Center . Also a Photography from Bahrain just the Satellite Capturing from foreign resources about the Island on the Gulf Water was released on the World ( ISS ) Intergalactic  Space Exploring ( Universe ) System ( A.P. P ) .Also hugh lyrically writing correspondence from Protokollierung of Second Big Project of Massive Corporation. Also on the WORLD ( TRANSCONTINENTAL ) ART / North America / Works / CREATION Pillar was some updated & upgraded at it all. Also two new ( Arts ) Budget  & Infrastructure Content Articles are in this Pillar. The Transcontinental Pillar. Just was new released in publication( EGYPT ) and its Statutes & Temples from different resourcing.  And now hands in the air. I got a 2pac  alias Makaveli The Don Archive  & Enlisted Imprinted Photographically Layout Structure ready. So the Archive  which is updated constantly & permanently on hugh base. So the advantage is you can also on other sectors & pillars move with the cursor the  Mouse up & down when you click at the object. So  Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD the Sector & Zession just Pillar from above the Index. There counts & governs a Million Product of the whole Site from  (A.P. P ) just the graphically sector . So if you click on one picture and put it up & down of site, if all counted united it's about a One  Million Cursor Turn Object from A.P. P 



( A.P. P  ) News / New Upgrades & Message for Blog & Corporation of A.P. P /  New Data Uploaded / DE / UTC +1 Western Civilization ( Protokoll 14.12.2022 )


So now yesterday released at evenings  2 New ACT / AKT Files namely & called ACT-19 & ACT-20. Also just great Introductions & Introducing PDF- Annual & Business Reports from now over 150 Corporations in both PDF Sessions & Sectors. from A.P. P. Also in the Transcontinental Art Sector & Pillar and Zession was uploaded & embellished another country of performance namely India from Asia. Different Countries abut this Workshop will follow. Also now the Transcontinental Arts Sector is also to find in the google search machine. Also graphically google machine. So all Arts around the World is represented on this Sector. Also on the 13.12.2022 was a Press Release Protokollierung from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia officially at embodiment & representation. So this is the 13th Protokoll about the Kingdom and KSA  on the Establishment / Industry & Corporation Language Sector and the 15th Arabian Written Product & Protokoll of complete corporation just Blog. So a lot new is on abbreviated ( A.P. P ). So Take A Look. Also the Lyrically Zession & Pillar ( Lyrik / Lyrics  )was reformed graphically.So now in 2024 this Internet Address will turn 10 Years. It's Great. A lot achieved all over the years. In 2030 the Corporation will turn a GIGA CORPORATION


(A.P. P ) Breaking News / World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System ( A.P. P) / New Protokoll & Affiliation in Sector ( 23.12.2022 )


So now at nights on the 23.12.2022 AD  at 02:46 Time, the second biggest Project from Corporation became it's 7th Protokollierung & exclusive an GIF Animation on Screen established. So this second big Project from my Industry is all about NASA,ISS,European Aerospace & ISRO and World Space Programs. So this Project is 2023 4 Quarter coming to an end and started on the 20.08.2022 AD on my corporation. Check it Out and get fascinated by ISS & World Exploration in Space. Also the 8 Belt & Road Passage is now released on the Economically Intelligent Future Pillar  which was written by my own. So over40 Percent on A.P.P is crafted by my own.



( A.P. P ) / Germany / World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System ( A.P. P) / New Protokoll Released & Updated Imagery 14.01.2023 A.D /


New Protokollierung today early in the morning in the ( EU ) for the World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System ( A.P. P) Project was released. The Second glorious & notorious Project from A.P. P. New Statement & Just Great Graphically Contribution  for ( A.P. P ) & Diverse Hugh Industry. Also next time coming up new comfortable & supplementary contributions & industrial Publications. So also a happy new year to the whole world. Hopefully everybody was coming into the new year full of joy & great atmosphere. Hopefully all families enjoyed the Happy New Year Festival & Gala. So stay actively on my corporation & soon as possibile a lot materials will be updated, also this quarter of 2023 AD. 



( A.P. P )EXE Formatierungen/ ACT-21-ACT22 Released Early in The Morning in ( EU ) Germany 50km from Cologne ( Headquarters ) / Protokoll 14.01.2023 AD



So now early in the Morning at 09:07 CET  / 14.01.2023 2 ACT 21 & ACT 22 were released on the Portable Document Formats / Protocolations / Diversification Sector. They are truly greatfully established & now published.



( A.P. P ) New Materials Establisment & Upgrade and Upload on Organization. 6 New PDF Protokolle & ACT-23 released. Volcano Detailed Message ( New Release ) & Hawaii Protokoll / 22.02,2023 AD


So now here in Europe in the EU in Germany at 02:45 on the 22,02,2023 AD  UTC +1 different new Materials came to A.P.P. Also an Volcanic Clip & Establishment on the Coral Reefs / Geoecology

Green Environment / Nature establishment work. It's very spectacular & promising to look at this clip.Also on the same Sector an Hawaii Tourism & Ocean Clip came out. Next 6 PDF Segments were released. So these are Portable Document Format Files. They are about Corporations & Industries.Include was the ACT-23 / AKT 23 Diashow on the Pillar ( Säule ) Protocolations Diversfication  published & released. Also new 2 Protokolle in the World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System A.P.P Sector were released.


( A.P.P ) New Update / World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring Universe System A.P. P / Great Resource & Source from A.P. P / Written Text  24.02.2023 


Now early in the morning at 09:06  the 14th Protokollierung from the Second big Project from A.P. P was released  & published. So it's archived. Take A Look


( A.P. P ) New Update / ACT-24 Released / New Release of ACT / Portable Document Formats / Protocolations  / Diversification Sector / 16.03.2023


ACT-24 Released on andreaspennophotography at night at 01:01 O'Clock / CET / GMT / UTC+1 / European Time Zone / ACT-24 from 100 ACT'S  reaching in 2030 Accomplished. Also now ACT-25 Released Some Minutes of Time Scale after ACT-24.No the ACT-25 is established, made public & is released on AKT is a great gesture from me to the german Bundestag and the complete Federal Republic of Germany. The ACT-25 was released 01:20 at nights.


( A.P.P ) / New Upgrade / World Transcontinental Art / North America / Works / Creation / New Arts & Transcontinental Art / Protokollierung 16.03.2023


3 New Countries with individual laid down arts & creative paintings and art also colored drawings / Protokoll 16.03.2023 / So now Poland, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Italy is enriched with Protokollierungen from Wikipedia & Elected Paintings, Native Arts & Transcontinental Arts also Drawings updated.Polish beautifully arts.Italy's Julius Caesar,Jesus Christ,Arts from Italy from Times of the Renaissance.


( A.P. P ) New Protokollierung on Sector (  Different Sources from the World)  Journalism / 16.03.2023 AD 


So a Goldman Sachs Protokoll is now released at nights on A.P.P. It's about a bank from New York City. And a Video Clip is also affiliated with the history of Goldman Sachs from North America. Release Time 02 :07 at nights European Time on the 16.03.2023.


(A.P. P ) New Protokolle ( Protokollierungen ) in the World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System ( A.P.P ) / Release Date 16.03.2023 At Early in the Morning


Protokoll 15th & 16th were updated on this Space & Cosmos Program and Installation.So the 15 & 16th Protokollieung of the second big project from A.P.P is now early in the morning @ 03:60 UTC+1 clearly published & established. As soon as possible even more Protokollierungen for this project will follow.Thank You Very Much. 


( A.P. P ) New Protokollierung on Sector Coral Reefs / Ocean / Geoeocology / Green Environment / Nature / Red Sea Global Product / Protokoll 16.03.2023


New Protokollierung from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Subsequently Collage of Red Sea Images of Project. It's called Red Sea Global " The Red Sea " . Literary Correspondence involved . Late Evening on

16.03.2023 released / published from A.P. P. Take A Look. European Resource of world. Transcontinental to world.


( A.P. P ) Protokoll about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Sector " Establishment / Industry & Corporation Language " Column & Protokoll 01.04.2023


So now in the weekend was another Saudi Arabia Protokoll released in Establishment's & Industries Sector.Also a Video Formatted Protokoll from the date of 2021. This written Column is all about the possibilities & opportunities the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does have in Future, especially Vision 2030. The Video is all about the Strategy from the Arabian State in the World. The Text is all about the Infrastructure & NEOM involved.


( A.P. P )  New ACT / AKT in the Protocolations Sector / Its the 26 Formatted ACT /  Release Date Corporate History 01.04.2023 / Protokoll 01.04.2023


So the ACT-26 is now released on the beginning of the Second Quarter of 2023. In the Weekend and Week Day Saturday in World.Europe.Germany.DE.(EU) UTC /GMT +2 at 13:20 in World.


(A.P. P) 17th Space Protokoll in Second Big Project from Corporation & Industry / Protocolation 01.04.2023 AD / Release Today on Weekend 


So this is the 17th Protokollierung of the World (ISS) Intergalatic Space Exploring  ( Universe ) System  ( A.P. P ) Project. The Second Big Project From A.P.P. It's all about Infrastructure of Aerospace. This Project is all about the nowadays & historically Space Establishment & Human Resources of World. This Project marked the History of Space Activity & Space Development especially North America's Continent's NASA & ISS also Indian's ISRO. It's very versatile. This Project clarifies & stands under management & corporate sector of A.P. P. Also Worldwide Space Opportunities & Possibilities and eventually different graphically representation & epic Collage Arts.


( A.P. P ) Aramco Protokoll / PDF / Portable Document Format / Reference & Release and Publishing 04.04.2023


Early in the Morning released PDF ( Portable Dokument Format ) Protokoll. Today is Tuesday. Its the Saudi Aramco Annual Report 2022  from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. God Bless the Kingdom, (Qatar) ,Dubai,Abu Dhabi & Bahrain


( A.P. P ) Portable Document Format Sector / Diversification / 3 New ACT'S / 2 New PDF Protokolle / 18.04.2023 AD


Now in Europe in the World @ 13:13 UTC GMT +2 World 18.04.2023  in the Federal  Republic of Germany were released  ACT-27 / ACT-28 / ACT-29 in the PDF Sector / Diversification. Also 2 New Portable Document Formats in the Series. Also since couple of days the 18th Column & Protokollierung from the World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring System A.P.P Project was released. So Also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is involved in the ACT'S & AKT'S 27-29. So Take A Look.


( A.P. P ) World Transcontinental Art / North America / Works / Creation / New Influx of Entries / 18.04.2023 Protokollierung


New Countries Transcontinental Arts from Continent to Continent Arts Portrayed & Established and laid basically under Layout from A.P. P / Also the Roman-Germanic Museum stands under Representation & Release/ So Transcontinental updated Countries with different Arts are npw Australia,Canada.Israel, Greece (Archaic ) Old-Fashioned & Mongolia,.


( A.P. P ) Early In the Morning Arabian Protokoll 19th released on A.P. P / Establishment / Industry & Corporation Language / 12.05.2023 Protokollierung 


So now  was released the 15th Protokoll of the Establishment / Industry & Corporation Language Sector / It's the 19th Arabian Protokoll from whole corporation & industry from A.P..P- This Protokollierung is all about Economically Perspective from the Kingdom if Saudi Arabia. Now early in the morning this representation was made opportunistic & granted and visible. There is also an Collage Amalgam Certified Graphically Inlay. So God Bless the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Mohammed Bin Salman and the Red Sea. Now it's World. Europe ) EU) Germany 12.05.2023 AD 05:40 O'Clock in the Western Civilization of Germany in Europe.So God Bless the Kingdom.


( A.P. P ) So now at 07:23 O'clock at Morning In the Coral Reefs & Geoecology Sector & the Portable Document Formats / New Materials & Commodity  New Releases /12.05.2023 AD


So now ACT-30 & ACT-31 / ACT-32 & ACT-33  were released & represented in this source of ( A.P. P ) Also some Portable Documents Formats we released.Also on the Coral Reefs / Ocean / Geoecology / Green Environment / Nature Sector & Zession were different Tourism Spots from different Countries represented .Also Sunset or Malaysia,Thailand,Japan,Maldives ( ORCA SHOW ). Also to mention some weeks ago the Arabian Protokoll for Tourism & Red Sea was released. Also in the Lyrics / Composition Sector is now new materials since this morning.



( A.P. P ) Second Major Big Project from (A.P. P) Graduated & Mastered Now Early In The Morning in Germany


12.05.2023 AD / Accomplishment of Project / World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring Universe System ( A.P. P ) Project Finished


( A.P. P )  ACT-34 is released / Protokollierung  / ( Protokoll ) 13.05.2023 AD / Truly Fascinating & Amazing the AKT 


Today the 13.05.2023 early in the morning the ACT-34 is released & represented.


(A.P. P ) Introduction ( Strategy ) A.P. P No.3 is Released on Impressum / Imprint Sector. Now Early in the Morning on the 26.05.2023 


( A.P. P ) New Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Protokollierung / Industrial Terms / Business Establishment / Corporation's Language /  20th Arabian Protokoll from Complete Corporation ( 26.05.2023 )  


So this is the 16th Protokollierung / Protokoll from the Establishment / Industry & Corporation Language of Arabian Origin. So this Column & Establishment is great written & good arabian economically written. A lot of basically great details in the Protokoll. It was released early in the morning on the 26.05.2023 AD at approximately 8:00 O'Clock in Western Civilization's European ( MESZ  )World Time.


( A.P.P ) New Protokoll on the Volvo Sector / EX90 Model Excellence / Protokoll Corporate History / Press Media Release 26.05.2023


( A.P. P ) New Release On " World Economic Model " Sector  / Early in the Morning / 4th Arabian Protokollierung on Sector & 21st on Corporation Completely  / 20.06.2023 AD


New Protokollieung / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / 4th Protokoll on Sector  / Comprehensive Detailed Schema on Arabian Infrastructure / Establishment Great & Cooperative in World 

Also Mohammed Bin Salman ( HRH  )is on this Protokoll . NEOM & World. And Arabian Red Sea & Infrastructure.Jeddah.Shushah & OXAGON.Also Wilderness in NEOM . Provinces are represented & Green Energy Compact.

This Protocolation ( Protocol ) contains different on Schema.Also Riyadh. Also Graphically Update & Operating Graphically Systematic Upgrade.


( A.P. P ) / Makaveli / / Photography  / New Release of Protokoll ( Protokollierung ) Journalism from ( A.P. P ) / Germany / ( EU ) Protokoll 21.06.2023 


So a new Update came on the Black Jezus / Makaveli / Photography Sector. A new Column was written on this Sector about Tupac alias Makaveli & The Notorious B.I.G.Also New York City was linked to  Text & Protokoll.

Also a Graphically Addition & Arts is established below the Protokoll. Take A Look. God Bless New York & Black People.


( A.P:P) Upload on Lyrics & Andreas .P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / 20 New Illustrations & Graphically Designed Segments / And New Complex of Lyrics / 22.06.2023


So now overnight was the Andreas .P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD refreshed with 20 new graphically news from ( A.P. P ) So this Branche & Sector is now updated to 280 Graphically Segments.Destiny & Goal is 340 till 2030.Also on the Lyrics / Composition Sector & Branche came an refreshing Opdate with " Graphically Look " & Collage as an Edition just Content of a Professional Music Studio and all the Equipment.


( A.P.P ) 11 Portable Document Formats released this Night & / ACT-35-ACT-36-ACT-37-ACT-38-ACT-39 -ACT-40 are now released / 22.06.2023


So now ACT-35-ACT40 are now released. Especially 11 PDF- Annual Reports  / This refreshing Update came now in this moment at nights in 02:09 Western Civilization  / World / Europe / Germany / 02:09 O C'clock at nights 


( A.P.P ) New Update on the Transcontinental / Arts Sector / New Countries with Arts / Protokollierung / 22.06.2023


New Update from new Transcontinental Countries in World


( A.P. P ) New Volvo Update / V60 from 2018 / Protokollierung / 23.06.2023


New Update from 2018 / Refreshing Update / Replacement / Volvo V60


(A.P. P ) Different Sources from World / Refreshing Update / JP Morgan Chase & Co Protokoll & New Updates in World / Arts / Transcontinental Sector / Protokoll 25.06.2023


New now 2 Quarter in 2023. New Protokollierung on Bloomberg / Different Resources from World / Journalism Sector & Zession. About JP Morgan Chase & Co. Especially also World Transcontinental Art / Early now in the Morning some


new Countries uploaded / upgraded. God Bless the Children of Tomorrow & World.


( A.P. P ) ( 3 New Word Pad Documents Released for Orientation of A.P. P / 120 Regions & 15 Sectors and 15 Principles /  Protokoll 26.06.2023


New Word Pad Documents ( Dossier ) 120 Regions + 15 Sectors + 15 Principles   / Protokollierungen / You find them more below the Impressum / Take A Read 


( A.P. P ) Andreas .P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Text Reformation / Protokoll / 27.06.2023 n.Chr


So the Sector Andreas .P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD was reformed, named a Text / Column Protokoll of this Sector.


( A.P. P ) New Protokollierung on Establishment / Industry & Corporation Language / 22th Arabian Protokoll on Corporation & 17th on Sector / Protokoll 08.07.2023 AD


New Protokollierung ( Protocolation ) on A.P. P . This is a new Product from A.P. P.. Written from me Andreas Penno. This is a great Protokollierung. Long Article.Take A Look. Uploaded & Upgraded early in the Morning on the 08.07.2023 from the Western Civilization of World.. So God Bless the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


( A.P. P ) New ACT-File & AKT Diashow released / ACT-41 / Released on Portable Document Formats / Protocolations / Diversification / Protokoll 08.07.2023 AD 


New ACT-41 released on ( A.P. P ) on HTTP:// A Look.Released 08.07.2023 UTC GMT +2 @ 07.01. o'clock early in the Morning in Germany close to 50km from Cologne / Next Hugh City.


( A.P. P ) New Sector Open on ( A.P. P ) / Released in the Mid-Day  at 12:14 o'clock  on the 08.07.2023 / Protokollierung 08.07.2023 


New Sector Open on A.P.P / Now 12:16 o'clock Mid-Day / Sector named Germany Native ( DE  )  / Blog Comprehensive   / It's all about A.P. P but in my native language german & written in complete 100 % in german. So the Federal Republic of Germany and its citizen will see definitely 100 % pristine great language and everybody from Germany can now accomplished its readings in text understanding.


( A.P. P ) Space Update / 55 Photographically Segments & Snapshots Technology in Purpose / Protokollierung 08.07.2023


( 55 ) New Protokollierungen & Graphically Snapshots & Screenshots on World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System ( A.P.P ) Released. Space Update as far as the Update.The Second Big Project was already finished & absolved. This is the planned " Space Update " .My Mission. Different Protokollierungen will follow.


( A.P. P ) New Country in Sector " Coral Reefs  / Ocean / Geoecology / Green Environment / Nature / A New Product of Aerial Drone Glance of Paris / Protokoll 09.07.2023 


@ 02.:06 o'clock at nights released on the 09.07.2023 a new Segment & Product of " Worldwide Tourism ".It's a Drone Aerial Showmanship with outstanding Music playing showing Paris from Above. 


( A.P. P ) Third Big Project Has Started on A.P.P named World Active Grand Colosseum ( Sports ) Initiative / Protokoll 09.07.2023


This Project is all about Sports & different Sports Disciplines & Directions of Sports. Different Genres of Sports are represented & set on A.P.P.  The Name " Colosseum " comes from historically Occasions & Confrontations. Here the definitions defines that all Sports Genres and remarkable & impressive Sports Arenas & Stadiums and Sports Activists are connected to the term " Colosseum ". The History behind this exemplar is defined on also Olympic Games & Colosseum comes to portray this projects name, So this Project will come on a Timeline of reaching an ending of 2024 4th Quarter. Early in the morning this project was initiated today on the 09.07.2023 @ 11:24 UTC GMT +2 CET MESZ


( A.P. P ) New ACT-42 Format on ( A.P. P )  / New Protokollierung & Diashow / Protokoll 10.07.2023 AD


So this ist the new Diashow  ACT-42 / AKT-42 from the Series & Collection on the Portable Document Format Sector ( Diversification ) /Protokoll 10.07.2023  / God Bless Tidjane Thiam & Angela Merkel  


( A.P. P ) Football Protokoll / Soccer Documentary Released on A.P. P. Third Big Project from A.P.P / Olympic Games in Addition / Protokoll 11.07.2023  


Third Big Project / Now in the Nights @ 03.09 O'clock in the Western Civilization / Subject & Product Releases / World Soccer & European Soccer Leagues. Inspiration. God Bless Soccer in World & in Europe.Also a Protokoll now @05:56 early in the Morning a Protokoll about Olympic Games was released. Also an Video Clip was aired & put on excel on ( A.P. P ). So now 8 Protokollierungen are on the World  Active Grand Colosseun Sports Initiative established.


( A.P. P ) New Sports Protokoll on World Active Grand Colosseum ( Sports ) Initiative  / NASCAR Racing in USA/ Sumo Wrestling  大相撲/Protokoll 11.07.2023


So take A Look @ the Project .Get Inspired. Also Sumo Wrestling is Released with a Protokoll @19:22 / 11.07.2023 Western Civilization From Germany / European Continent / World / ( A.P:P )


( A.P. P ) Germany Native ( DE ) Blog Comprehensive / New Protokollierung / 3rd Protokoll from Sector /  Posted & Released Protokoll 13.07.2023 A.D


New Protokoll / Written in German Language / German Linguistics / Deutsche Sprache  / Eingegliedert in ein Protokooll verschiedene Themen / 3rd Protokoll from Sector / Short Arabian Graphically Collage Arts Representation  


( A.P.P ) Federal Republic of Germany Resource / 2 New ACT'S / AKT-43 / AKT-44 Released & 2 New Sports Colloseum Logs ( Protokoll ) 23.07.2023


2 New AKT & AKT'S are now released & revealed this night on the / UTC GMT +2 / @ 02:15. Also next Update were the Sports Colosseum Protokollierungen & So also Fencing & Swimming are now on A.P.P ( Third Project )

Olympic Games in Fencing 2020 in Tokyo / Japan & World Championship in Swimming Sports / Budapest / Hungary / World ( 2022 ).


( A.P.P ) New Release of Protokoll in the Justice & Law Terms / Bloomberg / Different Resources of World / Journalism / Elon Musk & Protokoll 24.07.2023


So this Protokoll is about Elon Musk. His Giga Brain.Twitter.Robotics & Different. It's the 5th Protokoll on the Sector. Thank You Very Much.This Protokoll was written in the Western Civilization.Germany.( EU)Europe.World.NRW.This Format about Elon Musk was released early in the Morning on Monday 24.07.2023. Also from the ISRO a PDF ( Portable Document Format ) was released on this PDF Center. It's the 2022 & 2023 ISRO Annual Report.


( A.P. P ) Brand New Protokollierung in the German Native ( DE ) Blog Comprehensive Sector & Branche / Protokoll 24.07.2023


Actually Up to Date German Language Created German Protokoll / ( DE ) / Up To Date Protokoll about the Momentarilly Situation in World / ( DE ) Protokoll also about ( NEOM ) / Also Christine Lagarde & Spanish Election this days.  Released Early in the Morning the German Act & German Langual Product. Released early in the Morning @ 24.07.2023 at 09:42 early when the Day started. Script written in the Western Civilization, ( EU ) Germany, Europe.World. UTC GMT + 2. Also a  great Collage Arts Product released.


( A.P. P ) Federal Republic of Germany / Germany Native ( DE ) Blog Comprehensive / 5th Protokoll from Sector / New Protokoll / 28.07.2023 / Release Date


New Protokollierung at 21:52 O'Clock at Evenings here in the ( EU ) Europe in World / Western Civilization / New Protokoll just Breaking News about World / Date @ Protokoll from Written Date & here from Release Date.


( A.P. P ) World / News / New Protokoll on Establishment / Industry & Corporation Language Sector / Arabian Column & Report / Protokoll 29.07.2023


New Protokollierung 18th from Mathematics of Arabian Protokoll on Establishment's Sector / 23rd from Corporation / Entry Early In the Morning @ 08:20 UTC GMT +2  O'Clock early in the Saturday / Rainy in Germany 

Also look at the graphically Inlay and Annotation of Graphically Ensemble from A.P.P / . :-) Enjoy


(A.P. P )World / News / 6th Protokoll from " Germany Native ( DE ) Blog Comprehensive " Released on Corporation & Industry / Protokoll 10.08.2023


New Protokollierung on German Native Sector / 6th from Circulating Chiffre of Numberology of Sector / Protokoll also with beautifully Imagery & Embellished Graphically Establishment  ) / Take A Look


( A.P. P ) 2 New Portable Documents Formats & 3 ACT'S & AKT'S / ACT-45 / ACT-46 / ACT-47/ ReleasedProtokollierung 10.08.2023


So ACT-45 / ACT-46 / ACT-47 & 2 New PDF Format Circulating Files were represented on the Portable Document Formats / Diversification Sector / Take A Look / Protocolated UTC GMT +2 10.08.2023 19:44 MESZ


( A.P. P ) So Extraordinary new Materials & Establishment hit ( A.P. P ) Namely 2 New Protocols about the Sports Colosseum and a lot / Protokoll 18.08.2023


In Addition to the Colosseum 2 ( New Protocolations ) 1 New Arabian & 1 New German Native ( DE ) Blog Comprehensive Protocol / 8 New Updated World Transcontinental Arts Segments just Graphically Establishment. Also 5 PDF ( Portable Document Format Files established for ( A.P.P ) for Download Availability


( A.P.P ) World Active Grand Colosseum ( Sports ) Initiative / Canoe Sea Sports Upload / Now 15 Protokollierungen Internally on Sector / 23.08.2023 AD


So new Protokollierung of Canoe Sea Sports / Portable Document Format Release from Olympic Games  / India's Preparation for Olympia Clip / Take A Look At Last Sector

( A.P.P ) Sky News Journalism / LIVE ACT / Video in Portable Document Formats Sector  / Video Formatted Clip as 24 + Hours LIVE Breaking News /Protokoll /  25.08.2023 


Integrated SKY NEWS Programme & Channel on ( A.P.P ). Now you can watch SKY NEWS 24 / Hours  on A.P.P / Update & Include Protokoll


( A.P. P ) World / Transcontinental Art / North America / Works / Creation - Sector / 6 Updated New Countries /  All Complete 45 Countries & States of World / 25.08.2023


So Take A Look at the Transcontinental Arts Sector & Branche from ( A.P. P ). All Continents From World filled with Undisputable & Carrying Great Arts Definitions / So Take A Look  


( A.P. P )World / ( DE ) Sector / New German Protokollierung / 8th Protokoll from cpmplete Sector / Now all counted 30 Sectors include Impressum on (A.P. P) / 25.08.2023 AD  


World / News / 8th Protokollierung from German Sector / Accomplished / Western Civilization of World / Take A Look


( A.P. P )World / New Update on Industrial Terms / Business Establishment / Corporation's Language / Protokollierung / 28.08.2023


New Arabian Protokoll the 20th from Sector & Zession just Branche. Take A Look & Take A Watch / God Bless the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & NEOM


( A.P. P ) World ( ISS) Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System ( A.P.P ) / ( Space Update ) / Protokollierung / ( 30.08.2023 )


( Space Update ) Space Exploration from ( A.P. P ) / Protokoll ( 1 ) from Space Update / Different Related from different Circumstances / ( Space Update ) Diversification of Second Big Project of ( A.P. P) Take A Look 


( A.P. P  ) Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / (300 ) Photographically Imagery Portrayal Reached / Upload of New Exemplars / 30.08.2023 


New Milestone for ( A.P. P ). Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD. Over 12-15 New Graphically Imagery & Graphically Systematic Protokollierungen / Graphically Update to ( 300 ) Pictures Reached.




( A.P. P )New Formatted EXE Files / ACT-48 /  ACT49 / ACT-50 New Release / PDF - Sector & Zession 2 / Protokoll 30.08.2023  


So 3 New ACT's / AKT's are released on ( A.P. P ) ACT-48 / ACT 49 / ACT-50 (  Take A Look ) 


( A.P. P ) Protokoll / Bahrain / GCC / Bahrain Protokollierung / Sector Coral Reefs / Ocean / Geoecology / Green Environment / Nature / 30.08.2023


New Protocolation / Protokollierung on Geoecologically Sector / Tourism ( Turtles ) Reiki Index Branche / Bahrain Skyline / Society / Infrastructure / Bahraini Humankind / Take A Great Look 


( A.P. P) New Photographer Named Michael O'Neill from North America on World / Transcontinental Arts /( Sector ) / Protokoll 30.08.2023


New Photographer on Transcontinental Art Sector / Michael O'Neill from North America / Makaveli Graphically Images & Exemplars at Book Circulation Released on Sector / Over 8 Exemplars Released /  Protokoll 30.08.2023


( A.P.P ) Lyrics / Composition / 3 New Lyrically Complexes with Graphically Gallery / Lyrics / My Own Constitution about World / Protokoll 04.07.2024


New Lyrics written Upload from andreaspennophotography since Long Time / Reaching over 1 Year Period of Upload-Blocking & Pause from A.P.P Source / Sourcing.Anyway Literary & Lyrically Texts & Lyrics Published & Aired on Check it Out.In my Own Words. Especially my 3 Album Written " Crossroads ". Is a Lyrically Album.Check it Out.My Lyrics from HTTP://


( A.P.P ) Sports ( Update ) Graphically Inbox ( Slider ) Update / Approximately 80 Photographically Elements /  05.07.2024


( A.P.P ) 2 New Protokollierungen ( Germany Native ( DE ) Blog Comprehensive Sector / 2 New Protocols / Protokollierung / 00:44 Update


2 New Protokollierungen in Deutschschprachigen Sektor. ( DE ) Sector 2 New Protokolle


( A.P.P ) Space Sector ( Space Update ) Protokoll & Slider / Protokollierung 05.07.2024


( A.P.P ) Black Jezus / Makaveli / Photography / Sector / New Protokoll / Include Collage Arts / Protokollierung 05.07.2024


( A.P.P ) Upgrade Volvo + Slipknot + World Transcontinental Arts Works Creation / Protokollierung ( 05.07.2024 )


Update Volvo / Graphically Lounge / Protokollierungen 2x on Frontal Sector / Volvo Update / Slipknot Graphically Update / World Transcontinental Arts / North America / Works Creation + 30 Countries Update / Texts Updated / 

Slider on Excel / Update / Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD ( Update ) All inclusive 350 Graphically Components on A.P.P Sourcing / Resource.Graduated.


( A.P.P ) Sports Colosseum 3rd Big Hugh Project mastered & accomplished / 3rd Big Project Graduated / 04:17 05.07.2024 / 22 Sports Updates / 30 Complete Sports Protokolle / Sports Enlargement in Perspective & 3rd Project Great Embellished & Curated from me Andreas Penno and A.P.P Resourcing & World Industry / Blogspot


 ( A.P.P ) ( DE ) Comprehenisive Sector / 11  German Protokollierungen Recent Minutes  in Upload / Great Upload / Constructive Green  Protokoll 05.07.2024 AD 


All Inclusive 21 German Columns / Redaction / Globally Journalism on ( A.P.P ) / Globally Journalism just Elaborated & Constructive just Opportunistic & Inntelectual native written.A.P.P Source is written established & globally.


( A.P. P )  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / 30 Protokolle Finished on Industrial Terms Business Establishment's Sector / Include Graphically Collage / Protokoll 05.07.2024


( A.P.P ) Bloomberg / Different Resources from World / Journalism / Sector / 5 Updates /  ( 5 ) Protokolle with Media Budget / 10 Protokolle Complete / Graduated / 05.07.2024


( A.P.P ) Bloomberg Sector / Also Bloomberg Media Channel from Internet / Integrated / New Bloomberg Journalism on Sector / TV-Channel Integrated / Protokoll 05.07.2024


(A.P.P ) 3 Brochures from A.P.P on Impressum Released & Aired / Protokoll 05.07.2024


(A.P.P ) 35 PDF Files Published on Portable Document Format 2 / Diversification Sector & New Directory and Sector Ideas Commission / World Statement / Archive / Sourcing / 4 Posts / Protokoll 05.07.2024

Welcome to ( Short News /  Establishment  & Foundation Since 26th July 2014 / Google Marketing & Promotional Use

So welcome to andreaspennophotography / This corporation is worthwhile to look at. This company has hugh interest in progressive directly development & innovative industrial elements. Now 6 years gone in 2020 since  the constructive foundation ago, precise from  end July 2014 the creation. Building so much Creativity in different sectors & sessions by creating this. A lot again a lot is coming forth and forwardly, because this address is in blatanly first construction of & first signs of development and has already enough by lucrative materials.  So Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD is a integrated corporation in this web-address and is all about graphic philanthrophic design & creative foundation of pretty nice looking photography just corporate modelled  and industrial design. The Modellierung & Sector 1 & 2 are affiliated with the Modellierungs  Corp.Ltd and is also pristine, intellectual more highly professional just the hugh charisma on graphic perfectionism & operating highly sophisticated pieces  already done. The Portable Document Format Docs Center  is really to mention very great in my eyes and does diversify my personal lingual thesaurus on one hand. Also the Lyrically Songs & Lyricism i wrote like heavy created. My lyrics is not digitally remastered or recorded. It's textual music to celebrate. and to feel. So my philanthrophic and diversifying Nations  Protokollierungen are to me operating very highly concerned established & blessed. Corporate-Such like these operating very fairly & variable just development.This corporation is already an 'World Economic Model ", so all about an World Industry in research in all continents to share a value of contributions civilization. As same as Volvo the Creator from Scandinavian European Nordic Car Establishment. First Layout & First Impression from company. New Models & New News also just all about Breaking News just represent, So there are Million of Results & Views on google, which is allowing myself to confrontate  a great daily fresh new Market. There is also Glossaries & Jargons ( Real Estate, Medicine, Justice, IT, Manufacturing Industrial, Commerce, Finance, 'Global Stocks Index and some  Plenty & Abundant  substituted & present on this Site. The kinda Saudi Arabian Kingdom Sector is very promising, just with Mohammed Bin Salman and his Vision 2030, which is portrayed discerning & overarching. The Saudi Expressive Graphically Paragraphs also on the Graphic Designer Industrial Sortiment recruited, as well as on the ( Industry, Establishment, Corporation's Language ) to supervise. Especially NEOM (New Future) or Projects on the Red Sea just the Saudi PIF is to recognize, So since today in the morning( November 2020 ) i also released on the Bloomberg Sector Above One Interview by David Rubenstein & Llyod C.Blankfein. Also the Slipknot Sector is great musically component for my corporation. It's just great & essential lovely Rock N Roll. Also my Design Involved & Appreciated. so this Media Representation namely andreaspennnophotography is a hugh young corporation, truly honesty young. So Sectors are 23-26 with Impressum. The lyricaly sector is enormously & massive build-up  longstanding and reaching content ( No Explicit Content ) Just for everyone . On the PDF Session you can see also Tidjane Thiam illustrated & under showmanship industrial basically created.  The Fashion & Mode Sector is well-coined of highly intellectual popular models out of this Industry from Paris to Milan, from London to New York, it's all tailored for people liking this Sector, Names like Versace or Gucci just Alexander McQueen, everything's is done and perpetuated. The Black Jezus, Makaveli photographically operating industrial designer act is very beautifully to observe. Also on just worldwide google you can find World Greatest Photographs from my Designing Intellectual Corporation, coming from this  Sector to know  who created this photography. Names like Michaell Miller, Reisig & Taylor or Dana Lixenberg just the classically Danny Clinch. The Researching Machinery and System or Directors like Jean Francois Richet is researchable on google or furtherly search engines also in korean or japanese or indian search-engines. So the Portable Document Format Protokollierungen are referenced from me personally e.g created own statements on the further linking savings files . This language i was using is in honesty very appropriated & established as same as sophisticated detailed and build-up created.  2020 /4 Quarter are approximately 40 Protocols or Annual Reports just of corporations and further leading elements  from different Countries,Nations,Kingdoms, Japanese Empire, UAE,  Africa Europe, North & South America ,South East Asia, Mondial Logistics, Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf  or Scandinavia To Get Knowledgable & In Research Of.Greatly Operating Industrial Initiated Written Correspondence Of ( The contributions from the files myself was doing / The content is not my concession & licensing in attache. Anyway andreaspennophotography is not the only & one corporation which is created.In the futuristic ways a lot of internet-corporations can come & a lot can be accomplished on my own. Differentiated creational & exponential corporations can follow. Eventually high developed & proficient extern constructive visions & companies can follow.



Protokollierung / 4 Quarter / 2020 & Protokoll / EU / Eurozone / Federal Republic of Germany / World /  (Rewritten 27.11.2022 ) / World Industry / Infrastructure / World Economic Forum Alternative /  Saudi Arabia / Professional Graphically Design / Volvo Car Industry / Different Projects & Glossars / Reiki / World Industry / Infrastructure / World Economic Forum Alternative / Saudi Arabia / Professional Graphically Design / Volvo Car Industry / Different Projects & Glossars / Reiki

Introduction / Weltwirtschaftsmodell / World Economic Model / Project ( ) First big project from corporation & industry by Andreas Penno ) Beginning of Project officially ( 31.01.2021)




1.Chapter One / World Economic Model / /  First Introduction of Project WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL


I guess to mention first on the Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD is all the geographically ( GEO ) sites from the civilization of the world to recognize. So some is completely planet earth, some is NASA ( North America Continent ) depicted geoecologically places from galaxy captured in the world hemisphere & biosphere, especially you can observe  the earth spot from a special unique satellite ground earth vegetation kinda alike. So the color does differentiate from one to the next geoecologically spectacle switch. The World Economically Model is very pristine, modern & intellectual also on this graphically, meant the Modellierung & Designer Sector 2 to catch and pursue. Highly Developed also Qatar with the Map, Greatness. Also the Mid-East Geographically Established Unique Map is extraordinary hugh enthusiasm & components was for further middle east Protokollierungen on the sector. Also Saudi Arabia is welcomed & gestured in massive amount on the World Economically Model ( Weltwirtschaftsprodukt ). Also this Project is all about demonstration of human era & civilization about a capital of a world of electing & chosing countries on the ( GEOECOLOGY ) Geography Map  on a specialized way & lane fulfilling this on differentiated plausible & (DEFINED  WORLD  CONTINENTS ) - Confrontation by. This meaning is in the imprint & legal notice by some  already maybe mentioned eventually 100 Countries in the end of the year 2021 ( Also known for this World Economic Model, listen closely the geoecologically identity  from one the next state, kingdom,country or land  in exchange to the next)  & the Infrastructure of it recently literary paragraphs before. This project has 15-25 Aspirations filling this undertaking to the top. Also SA ( Saudi Arabian Kingdom ) on Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD just the exponential prospering extensible component  is an SAUD Reference of the Welt Wirtschaftsmodell. This type photography is also very interesting to explore & research from now it is over 3000 Illustrations & Graphically Sites, just ( SAUDI) on the M & D Sector 2 & 3 .


2.Chapter Two / World Economic Model / /  Chiffre from M & D Sector 2 / Weltwirtschaftsprodukt


So on this second part projects explanation i gotta tell this project gonna be great & good hughly in creation. So it also has like already mentioned a SAUDI Foyer &  Aramco lying Entry Buildings Hall just Walk In. The  Photography on the Graphically Sector named special photography from Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz al Saud with Christine Lagarde ( France ) & Masayoshi Son ( Japan - Tokyo ) on a chiffre as same as Red Sea Project  Ongoing Activity in this Decade, the construction) . Also this is fragment from the Weltwirtschaftsprojekt. In next chapter by this kinda literary works done, i gotta explain at it all,  all of this is a project like in great facade of. So a lot of projects will follow for the next time on this web-address like i call it also an corporation. Some gotta say i will eventually create a lot of corporations, in a intellectual & kinda thought around maybe a vision can come. So this Model is very philanthropically to observe & to study at it all. You first gotta get an touch of regulary my own impression & enthusiasm by this works created. Especially how i just encipher infrastructure & leads exempli gratia examples to say and you in next turn decipher a whole continent or countries from the ( GLOBALIZATION ) and it's World Economic Model its just a Revolution by every country in the world on this kinda project by this already mentioned ( COMPARISON OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION ) in a ( SPECIAL TURN TO THE NEXT COUNTRIES VIEW PRINCIPLE ) . So in the graphically sector from site a lot of leads & references come on forefront from civilized geoecology as a model


3. Chapter Three / World Economic Model / / ( googling ) about WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL 


As well as on google machinery model you can overlook & delve over Millions of views of the related to the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ). Also you can search on the corporation web-address search for the Portable Document Format ( PDF Center ) and delve the whole world industrial model from different regions & miscellaneous ways to get into the right topic & industry on google worldwide. Now at 2 Quarter 2021 there are approximately 50 Protokollierungen ( PDF ) from world indexation from over 194 countries. Also on the ( Industrial Terms Corporation's Language ) Sector  you can research Countries & Kingdoms in indexation & enlisted different (STOCK MARKET) Ticker globally & Glossars integrated. Especially the ( KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA ) downwards the Sector . The World Economic Model contribution & my personal advocacy of this country in civilization of humankind is present. So over Millions of Statements & Results mostly on the google graphically machine you can type in Metropolitan Areas, Countries, Infrastructure, Geoecology, NEOM, UNESCO, Berlin, India, Tesla, Elon Musk, Wladimir Putin, Worldpress, Joe Biden,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Tidjane Thiam, Red Sea , Arcelormittal, Aramco, Credit Suisse, ( TRANSCONTINENTAL ) Mohammed Bin Salman ( Saudi Kingdom), Zurich, Riyadh, Export, Import. ( GCC ),China, Seoul, Beijing, Australia, New York . Wall Street, Arabian Sector, WORLD PROJECTS like NEOM or the Belt and Road Initiative, Moscow, Gazprom. Crude Oil Reserves , US FED. Petrochemicals, Bundestag, Scale of over 200 Corporations Worldwide, Switzerland, UBS, European Commission, Boris Johnson, Brexit, Ursula Von Der Leyen, European Parliament, EU, Asia Continent, Vladimir Putin, Moscow,  African Green Energy,Commodity, Bombay Stock Exchange, New Future, Red Sea Project, Qiddiya, KAEC,  NYSE, Qatar, (ICE)Intercontinental Exchange, India, Amazon ( South America), Ottawa and thousands more affiliated. But since now the M & D Sector 1 & 2 are in not involved. 


To mention that these Millions of results are there displayed, but only the literary just wording, not the title itself to say specifically that these Millions of ( googling ) results are mostly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just meant the quantity of these results reflects only the language of the search engine machine not the topic therefore. But even that is unimportant. So google and the Weltwirtschaftsprodukt is tolerating enormous of different sectors of this world. Also this Project is portraying every country individual ( Important ). Also if you have especially politically or economically or globally, what ever term on google typed in, the best short way you can gladly type NEOM or Geoecology, Qiddiya ( WELTWIRTSCHAFTSMODELL) or ( Weltwirtschaftsprodukt) also Transcontinental at the last Constellation of the type in line and also is appearing on the google graphically machine in the best way. Also German lingual googling is established and german langual terms on the google graphically machine does lead to German further Protokollierungen on the index the machine. Therefore is enlisted above this Impressum  EN / DE formatted. So you can search all 26 Sectors on google pictures. which are also individual assessed & industrial fostered. So now roughly estimated 5 Billions of results, can also be a lot less it's only estimated,  are on google to find related to also involved some content from ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) officially.

But oftenly the avatar and miniature on the graphically google sector is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia depicted. And the researched subject is not really on the corporation or any sector enlisted.

But the arabian miniatures depicted is only for some indexes meant, there is also other indexed sectors on google pictures or sometimes on the complete textual  google established from my source.


Also Breaking News from World  is in research by the google graphically machine to find


4. Chapter Four / World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell) / /  Geography Middle East / Aspirations In Advance & 194 Countries Presaged / Geoecology


So the middle east (  Continent ) is also portrayed geoecologically on the world livid colored  globe map on the  Modelling & Designer 2 site from the address, its the geography of  Mid-East, Europe & Eastcoast of Africa, also on further aspects & appearing on different graphically protocols on the sector . Countries like Iran or SAUDI ( NEOM)  transparent  or UAE, Jordan or Israel exempli gratia Oman, Continent Africa and even more. So from the mid-east bloc there is also the European Eurozone on the same colored constructive map. Also the Silk Road ( China Project ) is depicted on the graphically corporation  M & D Sector 2. Also arabian ARAMCO is illustrated ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell). So now on 28.06.2021 the World Economic Model is partitioned basically on predominantly 3 Sectors on, talk about first sector Portable Document Format ( PDF ) build-up sector with now close to 50 Protokollierungen across this corporation. There's also Qatar depicted as a short Video by the infrastructure & crude gas reserves of realm just World Economic Model( Weltwirtschaftsmodell). Also all countries on this section are established & developed with introductions written by me & created by me. So The dialogues are part of the World Economic Model as well as the content at it self. The second sector is google machinery & model ( Research Picture Tract from machine mostly). This google model has over very roughly approximately rated 5 billions, can also be a lot less, of results, in terms of my corporation overarching . As far as the World Economic Model there's also a million chiffre getting across what i'm here talking about. Namely, the infrastructure & social status, technology, world industry, sports, ( FIFA ), Oceans ( Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, South China Sea, Suez Canal, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Persian Gulf ), Real Estate Sector from UAE, South Korean Institutes as well as Universities, Harvard, Scandinavia, Geoecology especially the 70 / 194 countries world wide which my concern is affiliated right now,but will year end 100 achieving, and next coming time 194 / 194 World Economic Model / World  History with this project . So on google you can find this Google Mondial Model on a separated industry  by all given perspectives given from my web-address. Especially the civilization & politically status graphically  of the mid-east. Like already mentioned in the first passage on fourth chapter the livid colored globe map, there's also a great portrayal also of  Middle East as well as  M & D Sector 2 graphically protocolations by the (CONTINENT) of the Mid-East, namely Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates ( Vereinigte Arabische Emirate ) Kingdom of Kuwait . And the third sector of for this World Economic Model is the Industrial Terms / Business Establishment / Corporate Sector. There's affiliated in this case the arabian downside Protokollierungen namely 7-11 constructive Initiatives to read. Uppersided is Corporations and further development of companies or glossars on the upper front of site. And at last words to mention, all 26 construction sectors belong to the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL. 


5.Chapter Five / World Economic Model / ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) / /  18-25 Aspirations for WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL


So this project gonna be great, i feel it, i guess you understand exactly what i mean by ( World Economic Model ) WELTWIRTSCHAFTSMODELL  already in a turn what the significance & meaning is standing for. So now in this chapter will be reclaimed what exactly 18-25 Aspirations does stand for. The first is if you have a geographically map in front of you, the so called already mentioned, just the ( NEXT TURN / NEXT MOVE ) to the next country especially cities or metropolitan area in turn to the next just to say short one country to the next in exchange, and by this aspect all of the whole world, also smaller cities on the map in comparison. The second, third & fourth operating development protocols is in the 4 chapter already known. The fifth aspiration is the GEOECOLOGY of this project. The sixth initiative is the MIDDLE EAST. The seventh is GLOBALIZATION. The eight is ECONOMICALLY & ninth is the CORPORATE MARKETING, the tenth is PRODUCTION, the eleventh is GREEN ENERGY, the twelth is PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Initiative, the thirteenth is WORLD BUSINESS SCALE, the fourteenth is 194 COUNTRIES & AFFILIATION, the fifteenth is TECHNOLOGY, the sixteenth is GEO ESTABLISHMENT & the seventeenth is the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL and the eighteenth is WORLD POLITICS & ECONOMY, the nineteenth is WORLD PRESS. The 20th aspiration is PORT, HARBOUR & COASTAL FREIGHT & SHIPS INDUSTRY. The 21th aspiration is the KSA. The 22th act is TRANSCONTINENTAL Initiative. The 23th aspiration is GEOGRAPHY. The 24th aspiration is WORLD ATLAS. The twenty-fifth aspiration is MODERN COMMUNICATIVE CONNECTIVITY. So all this Aspirations is Indexations & sectors which is an program which does take the guidelines & principles just detailed from a spectroscopy just point where you can have an overview & established infrastructure  for this project.


6. Chapter Six / ( World Economic Model ) / / Modellierungs & Designer Sector 3 & Different Related ( Take a Look ) PDF Entries 4 Quartal  02.10.2021 approximately 70 PROTOKOLLE coming next & Exe File just Representation of WORLD NEWS Published


Recommendations of MEGAPROJECTS worldwide from this project & Geographically Sites of differentiated subjects & operating over 60 World Scale Maps with different Budget caring Topics maybe a lot of social & countries affiliations sites.Just different portrayals for a lot of studying professionally in a great atmosphere  / Also in the 3 Modellierung & Designer Sector are 3000 ARAB Graphically Protokollierungen / So, the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL is involved a lot. Also this 6 Chapter is all about information by creating this MODEL for everybody in the world. Everybody is welcomed & greeted on this web-address just corporation just people from the generation of Saudi Arabia or entrepreneurs from Japan Tokyo or Honshu, welcomed is everybody black from Brooklyn New York / NYC Precinct just straight from the innercity Barbers like in the 80's talk about politicians from Africa is greeted on and everybody from the african continent. Next everybody from  my native  country federal republic everybody from Cologne and Berlin is welcomed on the corporation.So now 4 Quarter 02.10.2021 Countries was developed to 80 apiece worldwide from 1 Quarter 40 since publication of project on the 31.01.2021 & States world-wide and planned  end 4 Quarter December 2021 100 Nations and on publishing of ending & completion of project 194 Countries  of whole world in 2023 end of year.

So in Chapter 6 from this World Product Initiative i gonna make significant signs & recommendations for this Project from my corporation, so now 02.10.2021 a lot of World Map Mondial Portrayals Views from the M & D Sector 3  for different purposes is build-up on this sector maybe A.I Intelligence from all 194 Countries is shown on the map at first from the structures chiffre . Also from the globally maps of the planet you can see the " Belt & Road Initiative from Above just the geographically lines from the chinese project & different more from this chinese product, also in the last episodes of the Modellierungs & Designer Sector 3 from the 4000 PROTOKOLLIERUNGEN include an written excerpt just the explicit introduction in the M & D Sector 3 . Also the Federal Republic of Germany is marked on a well operating map. Also on the M & D 3 Sector is involved a lot of countries from this World Economic Model. Just the Belt & Road Initiative is portrayed on the M & D Sector 3 in 2 Passages also the Intercontinental Circuits & Models for Project Planning also Graphics. Also the Financial Times is well coined in this sector. 


Also the Arctis is portrayed with it's animals on a geographically mondial site of like caribou or whales e.G. So the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL has different to offer and very much to put on showmanship. So this MODEL is all about WORLD Projects like Belt & Road Initiative & NEOM ( MEGA CITY ). Also different mondial Projects like Mega Projects is involved on this WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL or eventually new upcoming next time . Just to say graphically is enough to demonstrate & put on Social Infrastructure.So also the arabian kingdom's Vision 2030 is in greatest representation just already told on,  i'm an very hugh european systematic individual which in ADVOCACY to the Kingdom in the Mid-East just the Vision 2030 from the arabian kingdom also with google machinery search engine just millions of results for Mohammed Bin Salman & the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia just the whole infrastructure.  So the first exe file on the Diversification PDF Sector is purely splendid & pristine for every spectator & public watching individual. It's all about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also Middle East & African Continent also Governmental African Places, african shaking hands from black politicians in a civilized parliamentary operating spot. Also a lot of african civilization & geographically sites.

As as same is on the exe 100 MB File ACT-1 the civilization from SAUD & Mohammed Bin Salman and arabian projects. Also you can see the European Infrastructure just Continent and Germany by the most big metropolitan cities in the world just AFRICA. This exe file is 8-9 minutes about. Different in the exe file involved. Convince yourself


7.Chapter Seven ( World Economic Model ) After the chapters & Aspirations called now the namely industrial systematic PRODUCTS & proceedings  are mentioned which are the main factors of the project ending 2023 4 Quartal possibly / 15 Planned Pieces of PRODUCTS also in contact with aspirations.


The First is GOOGLE MACHINERY ( Millions of Views ), Second is Video Portrayals  So all Videos from especially backgrounds & portrayals on andreaspennophotography mostly linked from Also the videos stands in contact with the aspirations. The third is M & D Sector 1,2,3  especially ARABIA Contributions & Geoecology from Part. The fourth is the exe file from the ( Diversification PDF Sector ) World Exemplification Initiative also ARAB with sounding revolutionary music played. The fifth is Portable Document Sector  ca. 70 PROTOKOLLIERUNGEN from the first PDF Sector where you can explore the whole cosmos and bandwith of world & next coming time ( Diversification - Portable Document Formats  ) contingently next 70 PROTOKOLLIERUNGEN maybe 2021 4 Quartal or next year. The sixth product is the Industrial Terms & Business Establishment & Corporate Sector which is involved a lot of WORLD ECONOMY & SAUD just Indexed Glossars.


The seventh is the portrayal of the CORAL REEFS / OCEAN / GEOECOLOGY with enormous of beautifully embellished ocean structure which pristine coral atolls & 10 Hours Long Whale Documenting & Tortoises just Turtles Observation Underwater Sequences Filmed with greatfully music played in the background, so the 7th Product from project is named Pristine Geoecologically World Underwater Sea with also an video by fishing in the ocean fish from ship and secondly an spectacular demonstration by professional fishers from North America by really great video showmanship. Also Reiki Music in sector initiated. Also new PROTOKOLLIERUNG is the Cyprus Geoecologically Site from Aqua, Water, Countrysides and Landscape from Cyprus with Reiki Music playing.


The 8th is the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL Block on the Index list above. So there are World News depicted on the left side of the index. All 194 Countries is meant to be 2023 Ending absolved with different articles and photographically segments.  Great Process. Great Idea.


Especially this 25 Sector is especially indexed with infrastructure of the goodwill of

The 9th product is the Volvo Sector which has also the most visitors on Also the aspiration PRODUCTION is coming forward with this sector. Meant on some portrayals you can see the build-up & systematic development of a automobile. Also now talked PRODUCTION is also engaged in the first Portable Document Format Sector with the CNC Machinery from Samsung Engineering, Also PRODUCTION is there were on Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD the integrated corporation on the web-address is seen, just the production of the photos & designer works.


The tenth product is the next exe  file ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) ACT-2 & the Eleventh Affiliation of the Productivity just the product is the third EXE Executable File 3 ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) ACT-3 2021 released.

Both is high established &  filled with arabian pride from SAUD. Different is represented and all ACTS which is released is coming from Andreas  . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD strictly.

Also World News. Or Elon Musk & his GIGA FACTORY in Germany ( My native country ) graphically symbolized. Also India & North American Geography. Also Renewables. Also to observe Intercontinental Continent World Map Protokollierungen.

Different Graphically Sites from Humanity & Civilization is involved by this 3 EXE FILES and a lot of public corporate showmanship. Just a lot of industrial & established. 

But at the full picture the 3 EXE FILES are KSA & their kingdoms infrastructure by the PIF Affiliated. God Bless them,


So the 12th product is the Globalization Figure  of the ASPIRATION 194 Countries & Affiliation concerned from the M & D Sector 4 namely the Intercontinental Continent Project . All 194 Countries from human civilization are in regard of to watch brilliantly & excquisite just simple. So this WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL is great & comfortable to follow. Just the 194 Countries Metamorphosis Ideal is to chase on the index list above on 3 initiatives namely WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL the 25 Sector, secondly PDF Sector also the further diversifications, third the M & D Sector 4 separately. So the Intercontinental Continent Project is excellent.


The 13th product is the Geographically Maps in chiffre over 100 apiece from the M & D 4 which are appearing in the last sequence of the sector.


The 14th product is the Modellierungs & Designer Sector 4 completely with all the AFFILIATIONS,


The 15th product and the last is the World Economic Model as a Sector on the black indexations list / Last Capital written in projects tenure just the ( World Economic Model ) is now 26.02.2022 completely organizational absolved. Earlier than expected 



8.Chapter Eight( EXE Files 2 & 3 Resourcing & Industrial Arabian & World News. ) So these Products is Involved in the PDF Sector ( Diversification ) ( IMPORTANT - If Protokoll appears that this exe files is dangerous for your system, click continue & open file for watching ) Isn't detrimental for your pc or notebook. Only window appearing cause of standardization of inquiry.


So these Exe Files Sources 2 & 3 after releasing this on the Portable Document Format Sector ( Diversification ) is discerning in publishing arabian infrastructure from the KSA.Also Mohammed Bin Salman is visible in these EXE Files namely. Also World Infrastructure especially the World Economic Model is public creation. So these Short Clips & Publications is worthwhile to look at. You can also watch just admire the revolutionary music played.Also important to mention these 3 EXE ( Executable ) Files is an affiliation & possession just establishment from Andreas . P . Design  & Modellierungs Corp.LTD. And as far as the World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) its only 3 Exe Files ever created. For further established development of this format, explicit i will create even more for but otherwise for other purpose & publishing than the World Economic Model. So the ACT 4 will be released short time before 2022. Anyway what is very important after the 3 EXE Files

AKT 1,2 & 3 the next will be not more released as a a product for the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL or Operations but will serve as a Affiliation.

So God Bless the World & the Arabian Kingdom eternally.


9. Chapter Ninth ( So short summary of portrayal of this ( World Economic Model ) & Promulgation now 04.11.2021 just how this World Economically Model has a specific & meticolously procedure to take a stance & globally view on it



So me Andreas wants now to take a stance how this ( World Economic Model ) is portrayed from the Geographically & Geoecologically Site of on the ninth chapter. Especially just the countries meant is portrayed individual & solely  by all 194 Countries & Kingdoms by whole humankind. So all 194 Countries is portrayed by the glance individual meant firmly evey country is under a portrait marked just Geographically from the GEO-Map individual. Like already mentioned in the chapters before the principle ( NEXT COUNTRY TO NEXT COUNTRY ) by this individual Glance as well as Orientation  & consideration is pretty established & industrial just economically optimized.


10. Chapter Tenth ( M & D Sector 4 / Geographically Sites / Intercontinental Continent Project / 194 Countries Affiliation from the basically Aspirations / 3000 Industrial Graphics



So the M & D Sector 4 is now published this 4 Quarter in 2021 & the Intercontinental Continent Project is cooperative with this sector. Great established graphically industry. Totally Globalization of 194 Countries Graphically created induced from great technology. Geographically Maps over 100 reclaiming different topics of globe. So the 194  States & Cooperative Countries  is written on the above standing directories address link in  german articulated & written also the complete corporation is EN / DE Formatted.So there are 3 Products involved just compact dispersed from this Modellierung  & Design Sector 4, just look above in the PRODUCTS  feed.


11. Chapter Eleventh ( Release of the Diashow ACT-4 EXE File )


So today the 08.12.2021 the 4 Diashow on the Portable Document Formats / Diversification Center early in the morning the ACT-4 World News just the fourth exe file was released.




12.Chapter Twelfth ( Reformation ) of the Alternative Name for Weltwirtschaftsmodel transferred  to Weltwirtschaftsmodell 


Short ( Reformation ) of the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL, just to say now its called Weltwirtschaftsmodell not Weltwirtschafftsmodel. So to explain it all the actually Name before was Weltwirtschaftsmodel just the Alternative now its reformed Weltwirtschaftsmodell. There's also an alternative established capital named Weltwirtschaftsprodukt and further alternatives for the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL gonna be released next time. So the exact date from the switch to Modell was the 06.12.2021 for the corporation. So on the corporation you can follow all by this reformation. But on the Modellierungs & Design Sector 1,2,3,4 you can see sometimes how it was established before the switch.And also on the Portable Document Format Sector / Diversificaton Sector there's the 1,2,3  ACTS Exe Files also sometimes in content by the diashows there's sometimes the older definition &just the altnernative articulated . But like i said WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL is the main capital, the officially main name for the project, so now the switch from the alternative to Weltwirtschaftsmodell. So now just completely articulate & comfortable mention gonna be even more two  further alternatives established & ground fundamentally published  &  created for the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL.The first was Weltwirtschaftsmodell, the second was Weltwirtschaftsprodukt, and the two next individual economically related terms gonna be next time mentioned, already to say before 2022 or some days later.


13. Chapter Thirteenth New Alternative Name Definitions for ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) / 22.12.2021






and like the already before mentioned Weltwirtschaftsmodell & Weltwirtschaftsprodukt


14. Chapter Fourteenth ( ACT-5 Exe File Released ) SAUD Arabia Protokollierung



So now at 10.01.2022 the Diashow ACT-5 ( AKT 5) at nights 01:33 Monday ( January ) 2022 is revealed & released.

From ACT-6  EXE File ( Diashow ) World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsprodukt ) is completely established or linked to just the project at it all.

From the ACT-6 Exe File Development & Corporate Sector just different protocolated for ( Diashows is meant ) even more world politics & world economically structure.


15. Chapter Fifthteenth



So now 26.02.2022 05:51 early in the morning the Sector above on the indexation list namely WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL is absolved 


16. Chapter Sixteenth



First Major Project graduated / Project Completed /  26.02.2022 Project Mastered



So also for the Google Graphically Machine over ( 350 ) Corporations & Diverse Industries i'm protocolating just representing from my home spot on this platform and different related. 




Stay Active on Corporation about World / EU / UTC / GMT +2  00:10 ( Time of Exact Update of Impressum & Complete Corporation ) / 13.07.2024 



So the completed WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL has futuristic Development & Different Planning for and the ( WELTWIRTSCHAFTSMODELL ) Weltwirtschaftsprodukt  Project was  mastered 26.02.2022 / Look out for next Projects.....coming soon 



Second Grand Project Graduated & Mastered Early In The Morning Now World / European Continent / (EU ) Germany UTC GMT +2 12.05.2023. 08.05 Time Zone / Western Civilization / World


Third Grand Great Project Mastered / Early In the Morning Updated / Project Graduated / World / European Continent ( EU ) Germany  UTC GMT +2 / 05.07.2024 / 04:20 Time Scale / Western Civilization / World



13.07.2024 (  Update ) Corporation & Corporate News ( Remake ) / Eurozone / Western Region / Germany / ( NEOM ) & World ( World Economic Model ) Weltwirtschaftsmodell / Explanation & Elucidating Circuit just Correspondence of Futuristic Model / EU / World / CET / ( A.P. P)

WORLD  FACTBOOK / Crude Oil Reserves & Oil Treasures / Saudi Arabia (NEOM ) Centric Depicted & Portrayed ( Dark Blue ) / Individual Assessment of   ( 195 )Countries World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell )
WORLD FACTBOOK / Crude Oil Reserves & Oil Treasures / Saudi Arabia (NEOM ) Centric Depicted & Portrayed ( Dark Blue ) / Individual Assessment of ( 195 )Countries World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell )


 ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL )  NEOM Mega City / GIF Protokollierung / Red Sea / Middle East /  Asia Continent / Aqaba Gulf ( Suez Canal )  New Future


NEOM ( MEGACITY ) World Economic Model / ( SA ) Mohammed Bin Salman / Red Sea
NEOM ( MEGACITY ) World Economic Model / ( SA ) Mohammed Bin Salman / Red Sea


Ending of Project / Mastered in 1 Year / End of Project / End Words / /26.02.2022


So, now 26.02.2022 we have the day in world just the World Economic Model has since first Quarter 2021 reached his end and this project is accomplished and taking his end. So after 16 Chapters & 25 Aspiratios as well as 15 Products this Project is now finished. This works especially for the Weltwirtschaftsprodukt ( World Economic Model )  was very great establishment & extraordinary breathtaking moments for and myself. So this was the first big project for the corporation & my world industry. Especiallly in futuristic appanage & annexation it's always propping up & staying as a fundamentally pillar for future & upcoming events & information just the industry from corporation. So the Fifthteen Products from the ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL) officially name of Project also literary form is involved in differentiated operations & organizational prospects as well as  establishment for further arrangement of the corporation. So this Weltwirtschaftsmodell is under different circumstances decisive for further purpose of industry, because of the to date this content and principles from the Model is Globally & Mondial exemplified exempli gratia the World Mapping & Contours as well as th exe files ( Diashows ), especially the Modellierung & Designer Sectors 1-4. From the Second M & D Sector there is fragments of the ( World Economic Model ) which is a great orientation for further occasions & infrastructure. So also the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL has also for further futuristic Planning & Infrastructure as same as orientation just the 194 Model serving as an aspiration from the Portable Document Format Sector & the Zession World Economic Model & M & D 4 Sector. So different contours & industrialization and points just products & apsirations reaching and coming close to a point where this WELTWIRTSCHAFTSERFORSCHUNGSMODELL is  advocating to the second after my literary works of writing of that i'm an advocacy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this World Economic Model is the second advocacy of futures programs & hugh developent for my corporation.So was busy & working in very great progress to get on this goal to accomplish. So this first Project was worthwhile to grip & develop to a great pillar of andreaspennophotography. So all products & aspirations ( which also assimilating & adjusting each other united from one to the next ) is created to one WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL. So different demonstrated is here about the complete  project  & indices are explicable shown on great circumstances & progressive  & overarching projects establishment. So me Andreas  was  very intensive busy by this project. Even on google machine the World Economic Model has millions on values to share especially the alternativse names for the project name itself . So this visionary & hugh informative  sourcing Model,  especially great futuristic program this project has at offering at one perspective is thriving for this web-address. Also the KSA is established on a great level on the Weltwirtschaftsprodukt.So all information counting and coming united together from the information gathered just all Products & Aspirations and all the data interface coming close  to a World Economic Model just all in one unified & established is a globally economically just an Atlas & combined to a WORLD Economically Establishment & ground fundamentally World Portrayal & Developed World Exemplification.  So this Project was counting for 1 Year in creation of this happen & and this was the very first big project from the corporation.



So my gesture at it all,


Sincerely Yours,


Andreas Penno


Stay Actively on corporation




Beginning of Project 31.01.2021 till 26.02.2022


Protokollierung 01.03.2022 /(  Rewritten ) / Eurozone / World / Germany / EU / Protokoll



( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) Futuristic Planning / Flexible Budgeting / Protokoll 16.05.2022 A.D. 



Futuristic Planning / Differences Exchange / Productive Operations / Constructive Handling / Futuristic Cooperation / Clearly Expectations / Updates


The Futuristic Planning does support & establish the ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) for a existing time era as long as andreaspennophotography does exist eventually 30 or 50 years from 2022 now on. 

So this Flexible Budgeting & Futuristic Modellierung just Futuristic Planning does diversify & advocate the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL for a great Resource & Sourcing.

The World Economic Model is a Portrayal from the whole WORLD ECONOMICALLY  & POLITICALLY Operations of all Civilizations and economically infrastructure. 

So the Futuristic Planning will stretch for  complete corporations era of time and will add different supplementary infrastructure to

So some Build-Up Formatted Examples were already created since the Project was completed@26.02.2022 and from then some Samples like the M &D 5 Sector was released

Also the Protocolations PDF Diversification Sector has late Releases of Materials of the Futuristic Planning & Diversified Operations Going On.


Names ( Futuristic Planning )+ (World Intellectual Futuristic Creation )+ ( Flexible Growth Budgeting ) Names for Diversification & Creation


Since 26.02.2022 A.D. the Diversification & Extension from the World Economic Model is now running & operative since approximately 3 months. The biggest great Establishment also to date is the Sector WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL above the Black Indexation Box. So this Section will be always updated & upgrated next time eventually for 20 to 30 maybe 50  years andreaspennophotography. This Circulation from this Section will be updated from new elected prime ministers or new economically or geoecologically videos for all 195 States & Countries to optimize & update from different sourcing. Especially also the google MARKET will be get millions of new Results over the years from the World Economic Model Diversification & Extensible Creation. So this ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) & it's Futuristic Planning, as well as known as  Flexible Growth Budgeting &  World Intellectual Futuristic Creation is a great Deal for the google Merchandising & Marketing ( Google Graphically Machine ) substantial. Values as far as this World Economic Model to mark is to say behind the 3 diversified & cooperative Names and Synonyms from the World Economic Model even more will be come next time released on, i guess it will be next epoch of this web-address exactly come different  new names for this Extension from the ( World Economic Model ). Here the 3 released  Definitions for the World Economic Model ( Futuristic Planning ) First ( Weltweiterentwicklungsundkooperativmodell ) & second ( Weltwirtschaftstechnologiemodell )  & third ( Weltfuturistischesgerüstmodell ). So this futuristic Project & Planning has most projective and operating status just great, Also different sectors above the black indexation box which will follow anytime next time & will be affiliated with the Futuristic Planning in this concern. Also especially the M & D ( Modellierungs & Design Sectors )Extraction & Extrusion just clearly the expectations to meet that since the ( M & D 2 ) Sector till ( M & D 5 ) the Intercontinental Continent Project was involved just the ARABIAN Sector and 195 States & Land and Countries just the Intercontinental Continent Project was raw on the M &D 4 Sector and M & D 5 was the ( UPDATE 1) released couple months ago. Nowadays i have 6500 ARAB ( KSA ) Protokollierungen Graphically and Intercontinental Continent over 3000 Protokolle on M &D 4 & 5.So 2022/ 2023 will be released Intercontinental Continent ( Update 2 ) globally. This will be the Futuristic Planning & Futuristic Creational Element and one of the ( Groundbraking System ) for the Flexible Budgeting & Planning of So this Cooperative Establishment & ( Constructive Handling ) Futuristic Planning will soon have a lot of upfreshing new DATA on So this infrastructure behind the planning is a diversification from the ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ). Also DATA like the ( Diashows ) namely EXE FORMATTED Files just ACTS / AKT's will be till 2030 to 100 EXE Files formatted and developed. These ( Diashows ) are also till 100 EXE  Files are ( Futuristic Planning ) & ( Flexible Growth Budgeting ) and ( World Intellectual Futuristic Creation ). So this Project which ended 2022 1 Quarter has a diversification & enlargement. So this  corporation has now ( 27 SECTORS ). So the World Economic Model Sector above the index will be futuristic an updated systematic platform for world @ economically news & establishment. All refreshed. This futuristic planning is overarching  & a great Deal. Also especially the 25 Aspirations from the Project World Economic Model are also affiliated & standing under recruited cooperation to this Establishment & Constructive Handling namely the Futuristic Planning . So we in the world have a @ climate change epoch worldwide. And on aspiration from the World Economic Model is GREEN ENERGY. This will through the diversification even more operative furthered & acquired just set it under hugh green informations resource fromt the corporation.


 ( Weltfuturistischesgerüstmodell )  ( Weltwirtschaftstechnologiemodell )  ( Weltweiterentwicklungsundkooperativmodell ) Clearly New Terms / New Definitions


 ( Rewritten 12.08.2022 )

Bloomberg Source  / China / Asia / Industrial Complex of Solar Technology / GIGA - PROJECT from China / Main Capital ( Beijing ) /Hugh Gross Domestic Product / 2nd largest Industry & Economically Prospering State / NEOM Example Renewable Energy
Bloomberg Source / China / Asia / Industrial Complex of Solar Technology / GIGA - PROJECT from China / Main Capital ( Beijing ) /Hugh Gross Domestic Product / 2nd largest Industry & Economically Prospering State / NEOM Example Renewable Energy


So this World Map in this Portrayal is about the ( World Economic Model ).Also the topic & subject fallen under Reserves of Foreign Exchange & Gold. And China is the candidate for the most colored pigment.

So also now 16.05.2022 04.26 UTC +2 CET the ( Futuristic Planning ) which does have one next definition & Reference named  ( Promulgating Systematic News ) .So also this Impressum is a great development in the world wide web.

Operating under great sourcing & splendid technology is becoming now in July 2022 8 years old just companies history. Corporate Sector & affiliated just Corporate or Industrial is not everything on this corporation. So Geographically Sites is a particular hugh factor of the Futuristic Planning from the World Economic Model. Also for the ( KSA ) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia could have a great opportunistic & futuristic deal with just the google search graphically machine. Nowadays 2022 16.05 Millions of Results on google graphically machine are present also Aramco, Qiddiya, Mohammed Bin Salman," The Line ", Oxagon, Trojena, Tabuk (NEOM )( New Future ) ( Aramco Mega Projects ), Dubai Riyadh, Tadawul, (KAEC ) Jeddah ( Dschidda) in German from the Red Sea from the KSA also PIF ( Public Investment Fund ) PIF is on google, also KAUST or Tabuk or Asir also Al Jawf and Red Sea Project from the ( KSA ) and Arab News ( Native Journalism ) .Mohammed Bin Salman and his kingdom i'm just an european  advocacy & component for growth in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Transcontinental & Intercontinental .Even this occasion also i represent & over 200 Corporations & Diverse Industries worldwide on a globally scale in humankind by this advanced operation on google graphically machine. This act is part of the World Economic Model and parallel to the corporation andreaspennophotography dependent transparent individual . So like already said GEOGRAPHY is an integral & decisive product of the World Economic Model & the ( World Economic Model ) Futuristic Planning. So this Planning is with the World Economic Model which is great green product and does promulgate green energy & differentiated world politics. Economically is this product & foundation a hugh great informations resource. All 195 States and Countries are operating individual in differentiated way than in routine by other people describing the world economically principles in human era. So the   (Weltweiterentwicklungsundkooperativmodell ) is a name now exist 7 furthering products & synonyms, alternative names for  the ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL)   (Weltwirtschaftstechnologiemodell) . Also Caspian from the World Economic Model Sector above in the Title Index is a fundamentally enormous picturesque great sourcing for world politics & humankind. So the Middle East is also involved in the futuristic Planning. Also the Federal Republic of Germany & our main capital Berlin. Especially is on google pictures ( Graphically Machine ) there are 300-500 Journalism worldwide & Periodicals and Newspapers which stands in unprecedented contact to the  corporation & industry of andreaspennophotography..


( Rewritten 09.08.2022 )



( Weltwirtschaft ) Reserves Of Foreign Exchange And Gold / ( Weltfuturistischesgerüstmodell ) ( Weltwirtschaftstechnologiemodell )  ( Weltweiterentwicklungsundkooperativmodell )  / A.P. P
( Weltwirtschaft ) Reserves Of Foreign Exchange And Gold / ( Weltfuturistischesgerüstmodell ) ( Weltwirtschaftstechnologiemodell ) ( Weltweiterentwicklungsundkooperativmodell ) / A.P. P


Planning for Futuristic Industry & Pillars till 2050/ A.P. P & Recruited Centralized Sectors of / Released 20.08.2022 in World



  Introduction No.1( ) Corporate & Industrial Planning till 2040 / 2050 /  



- Graphically Sector/ Opportunities Worldwide Scaled / Graphically Promulgating Publishing World Status


- Technology / High Technologically Established  Development from A.P. P ( Andreas.Penno.Photography)


- Marketing Economically Global 


- Googling & Worldwide / Globally / Millions of Results / Enormous Possibilities & Chances and Opportunities / Great Outlook


-  Representation & Promulgating exponential over 200 Corporations & Industries     

   for ( A.P.P ) ( Planned 2030 350 Industries ) 2040 500 /  2050 700 -1000  Industries in World


-  Transcontinental from EU  ( Middle East) / GCC / Complete Continent & Arabian Peninsula & Mid-East Infrastructure 


-  (KSA ) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Vision 2030 / Arabian Infrastructure & ARABIAN Empowerment of Advocacy of Vision


- M & D Sector ( Modellierungs & Design ) Planned till 2030 10 Sectors Completely also involved Intercontinental Continent Product 

  ( M &D ) Zessionen Planned Constructive & Industrial


- World Politics & World Intelligence Productvity & World Intelligence Industry & Civilization ( Worldpress from A.P.P)


- World Economically Strive & Economically Operating System on ( A.P. P ) 


- ( World Economic Model ) (Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) ( Futuristic Plannung & Different in 

   Development ) Futuristic Circulation of ( World Economic Model ) Planning, Modernisation & Diversification / So this Futuristic   

  Planning does exist as far as A.P. P does exist could also be 2030 or 2050 look ( Impressum ).


- DIASHOWS ( Exe Formatted Files ) ACT (AKT) - Representations ( Planned 2030 over 50  EXE Files ) ( 2040 In Planning 200) Also in Opportunity and Possibility ( 2030 100 EXE Files )  


  Details fluctuating from Quantity & Chiffre of Planning for EXE Files of recent time just updated 2030 eventually possible 100 apiece EXE Protokollierungen


  Stay actively...A.P. P is constantly under Progress....Stay Actively 



Sectors  / A.P. P / andreaspennophotography /Protokoll 16.09.2022 / DE / EU / Europe 


 Rewritten ( 24.12.2022 )



Introduction No.2 ( ) Corporate & Build-Up of Site Planning till 2050 / Published & Released 20.08.2022 in World


Opportunities & Dates in Planning from A.P.P  till 2026-2050


- Modellierung & Design 10 Sectors Complete M & D 10 Zessions Fulfilled  till 2030-2034 ( Was Reduced from 25 to 10 because of different Reasons )


- New Sectors ( Zessionen on Black Index Box above ) Contingently 5 New maybe till 2030


- Also all Introductions & Protokolle about the diverse industries on the Portable Document Format Sector ( PDF ) will reach 2030 in   

  human civilization just over 200 apiece & elaborated the messages for the Annual Reports & Different PDF Documents 2040 wil be 

  the time of the Portable Document Formats coming close to a digit of 250 Protokollierungen ( PDF)  


- World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell )Future Planning & Different Productivity Related/  Hugh & Creational 

  Constant Development for the ( Weltwirtschaftsprodukt )( Weltweiterentwicklungsundkooperativmodell) Just diversify  the  

  WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL In The Great Gigantically futuristic Way


- Especially new Products & Graphically innovative Exemplars from Mohammed Bin Salman & Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) for the M &D Sectors, DIASHOWS ( EXE )  ( NEOM )  & World


- New Protokollierungen in the ( Industrial Terms & Business Establishment & Corporation's Language ) for the ( KSA ) Arabia now 14 Protokolle, till 2024-2025 in destiny hopefully 12-16 ARAB Protokolle Complete . And 2030 complete over reaching

  25 ARAB Protokolle in Addition calculated complete 35 Protokolle in this Zession 2035.


- Also new DIASHOWS EXE FILES ( ACT ) AKT  Protokolle / Till 2030 i guess & tend to create  completed counted 100  EXE Files and till 2040  planned in speculation over 200  industrial,graphically attractive , solid and constructive     

  ACT'S & ACT'S. In 2050 A.D. completely counted in Planning 300  EXE Protokolle / ( Protokollierungen ) 


- And at last refreshing different Sectors from the 28 Sectors & Pillars, Zessionen  now 18.03.2023 all overarching / Just updating 

  all 28 or in Future more constructive & futuristically relevant and established as well as constant.


- When 2030 / 2040 AD appears the Date in clearly expectations, you can label as a GIGA CORPORATION ( Cobra ) and ULTRA INDUSTRY  in WORLD.



/ So especially these points & industrial granted publishing news about A.P. P  laid down are only some pillars & illustrated sectors exemplified now in 2022 / Next

time is coming eventually next opportunities & possibilites exempli gratia till 2050 new Introductions maybe 3 & 4 ( Three & Four Protokollierungen)


Stay Actively........


Rewritten ( 24.12.2023 )



Introduction No.3 / A.P.P / / Planning 2030-2034 / Categorized / Detailed / Specific / Industry / Opportunities in Excel 26.05.2023 AD


- World Transcontinental Arts / Worldwide Arts / A.P.P / 2034 Approximately 80 Countries with Photographically Arts & Literature for Art ( Protokolle ) Established & Finished ( Planning )


- NEOM & World  2030 Enormously Elaborated & Established and Fundamentally Hugh Millions Worth on Gooole Merchandising & Franchise Marketing.Corporate Opportunistic Google Professional 

  Marketing & Development From ( A.P.P )Worldwide.NEOM (2034)  Reflection from World Possibilities  & Opportunities from google for NEOM ( In Dedication for Mohammed Bin Salman & his great Folks )


- World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell) ( Weltwirtschaftserforschungsmodell ) Futuristic Planning & Infrastructure 2034 Hugh Rising Bright Strides & Advancement will be achieved.Plan for the World 

  Economic Model.Hugh Google World.Values.25 Aspirations in Achieving Goals & Accomplishments till  2034 AD / 230 States & Countries Hugh immense elaborated & Globalized Effectively amd further 

  Aspirations in Futuristic Development & Economically Growth for A.P.P till 2034 ( World Economic Model Update till 2050-2060 )


- 2030 Corporate Development Phase Accomplished / 2030-2040 AD Mid-Term Operating Time Scale Phase  / Entry 2040 Enormously & Gigantically ( Cobra ) Opportunities & Possibilities Most Incredible in World


- NEOM & World till 2034 A.D ( A.P.P ) Protocolated on Corporation & Google / NEOM Red Sea In Strength & Performance and World Trade Opportunities & Scale / NEOM will be in 2030 when the Arabian Vision is reached extraordinary World Intelligent Powers


- A.P.P will demonstrate till 2030 Strong Impulses,Development, Establishment through ( GCC)Gulf Cooperation Council Representation & Red Sea ( Revelation ) & Set Under Green Energy Opportunities  

  just here Natively in all 16 Federal States ( A.P.P ) will across hugh amounts of Google Graphically Machine  Results  & Conclusions. So will with Google Graphically Machine modernize & support and establish the Green

  Energy Opportunities in Germany & World till 2034 also till ( 2050 )


 - ( A.P.P) wants Globalization,Greatness.Graphically Goodwill.Beautifully Self-Created Arts Design & Business to Business Development.Open Market Possibilities.Open Transfer. 

   World ( Trade ) Export & Import Establishment and Influx on Google Results for  Research . A.P.P will next time begin its Third Grandeur Great Big Project 


- This Corporation is totally Public but shares extraordinary small amount on Clientele & Visitors. Goal till 2030 is Millions of User Corporate Visitors on A.P.P .2034 Opportunities & Possibilities  could come under Expectations for Visitors for A.P.P


- Goals to achieve is 2030 will be over 2/ 5 Volume & Content  Accomplished & Finished from Complete Database Spectrum of Corporation. To Reach A Level just will be ( 2030 )30 Arabian Protokollierungen in the Industrial 

  Terms Business Establishment's Sector. (10 )World Economically & Industrial Protokolle finished in the Bloomberg / Different Resources Sector by 2030. 20 Arabian Protokolle in the Pillar & Zession World Economic Model by 2034. Update       

  Protokolle in  the  First Frontal Layout Site Volvo. Till 2034 the Sector & Zession just the Pillar  Lyrics will be strong creative disciplined on more Content specific speculated.More Idealogies & More Creative Literature & Lyrics. 


- Till 2030 a Goal seems to be over 350 Graphically Exemplaristic Graphics Developed & Created / (Planning ) ( Speculation ) Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Graphically Design


- ( PIF ) Supporting from my European Continent the Arabian Great Native Sovereign Wealth Fund eventually graphically or through literary correspondence,.Just create publicity & public with my materials for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA ). Great Deal.

    Especially on Google Worldwide. Authentically & Professional for the Arabian Kingdom. Representing on Google Worldwide the Arabian Infrastructure.


- Worldwide Franchise Merchandising Corporate Marketing & Promotion on google for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and my personal Corporation & World Industry. Greetings to Riyadh & ( NEOM ) from Andreas Penno



In Annotation: 2030 my web-address & industry will turn under planning & under circumstances to a Giga Corporation & Giga Industry / A Resource for 120 -150 Regions, 15-18 Principles & 15 Sectors



World / European Continent /( EU ) Germany / 26.05.2023 AD /19:03 UTC GMT+2 / Protokollierung



Example for NEOM / (  Giga Project ) on the Red Sea / Model for Harbour & Architectural Bright Future in the  Kingdom  /  Example from A.P.P / Also the statues on the front building /  Education & Tourism and Harbour Site
Example for NEOM / ( Giga Project ) on the Red Sea / Model for Harbour & Architectural Bright Future in the Kingdom / Example from A.P.P / Also the statues on the front building / Education & Tourism and Harbour Site


20.08.2022 / Second Great Major Project of Corporation / Western Civilization / Second Diverse Hugh Project of Company / Protokollierung / DE / EU


Introduction / World ( ISS )  Intergalactic Space Exploring  ( Universe ) System (  A.P. P ) + ( Second Big Creative Project from exempli gratia Corporation  & World Industry  ) / Civilization from Space / Second Attractive Project from Industry & Project which is extraordinary enriched of Human Resources which is intelligent & world intellectual / Planned 4 Quarter 2023 Accomplished  



Well, this project is all about ( ISS ) or Solar System and North American Space Exploration in humanity. In the coming time and this project will be created & developed under the name especially called " World ( ISS ) Intergalactic  Space Exploring  ( Universe ) System ( A.P. P). In this introduction for the second hugh project of corporation i will clarify & demonstrate what i gonna discuss & release from this Space Model. So like you know is the ( ISS ) human alike enormously world intelligent & intellectual. This project is overarching & bright standing for space exploration. Different Countries & Nations is delving the whole scenario about Space Race. So this happen is about Exploring the stars & the planets around us. Also Geographically & Geoecologically Sites is portrayed in the sector above the index of the Layout ( Grundriss ) of site . Different NASA Capturings & Satellite and ISS Space ( Geoecologically & Geologically Schema & Recordings from Earth are so beautifully to observe & look at from this occassion & project. So in this Impressum of Corporations News & History of Company is everything detailed & schematic described & elucidated of different operations led on andreaspennophotography. The First Project " WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL " Officially  is since 2022 February accomplished. Now the " Futuristic Planning " of  the first project is going on for about 30 or 50 years as long as this corporation does exist & stands under infrastructure & supervision from me. And now the second project just the World ( ISS )  Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System  ( A.P. P). So  the representation of this project is enormously interesting even this beginning of the first words released. As far as the top news up to date this product will be released now in the third Quarter 2022 and planned & supposed to be ending 2023 A.D Fourth Quarter. But it can be truth that this act of establishment can be earlier accomplished & absolved talk about finalised completed. So SpaceX, Moon,Mars, Solar System, Planet Earth, Gravity, Food Packages, Uranus, Sun, Mars Exploration, Venus, ISS or NASA and Roscosmos just Indian Space Centers is type materials about this subject. So the World ( ISS )  Intergalactic Space Exploring ( Universe ) System  ( A.P. P ) is a  Model of scientifically exploration & development of the Science of ISS & World Space Delving and Advancement of Progress in the Universe. So it's all about Satellite & ISS Development of Geographically Fundamentally Sites just also from the Middle East Grandeur Sites of the Earth Surface & to look at.So Elon Musk, presently the biggest human figure of space incorporating  proliferation & SpaceX leadership just Musk being one of the most influential names in the 21st century of space operating discovery & delving. So it's all about Propulsion of the rockets flying above the galaxy. Planetary Systematic Calculations is involved. Also different countries in the ISS are affiliated & especially integrated in the  space sojourn as well as  organized & orchestrated .SpaceX has different Spots & Start Propulsion Places for getting the rockets into the orbit of above established in different States of America (USA). And Roscosmos wants now as far as the situation with the western civilization of Ukraine 2024 get rid of the presence in the ( ISS). Cooperation between different countries & nations in the ( ISS ) International Space Station is welcomed daily above. Also Japan is integrated in the Home of the Astronauts in the Space and Cosmos. Also the ( KSA ) Saudi Arabia has since Vision 2030 of their Monarchy planning & contracts as far as the aerospace delving & exploration in the galaxy from ( Riyadh ) . So also from different Regions of Humanity Governments is spending money into to Aerospace Creation & Execution and Exploration. So News in this moment of time is maybe from last days that Russia wants to exit the ISS Presence & Different Occasions in 2024 A.D. So Dubai from the Emirates is also interested in Space Exploration. Different Rockets & Satellites are running in a spectrum regularly & permanently in world above. So Elon Musk is a high proficient expert & professional in Aerospace & even the technically details and commodity ( Circulating Names & Volume of Rockets and Space Study ) & all spare parts and affiliated organism of all technology is familiar to Musk at it all. From the Propulsion to the docking of the shuttle to the ( ISS )Elon is professional clearly adviced especially different more names in the humankind & world.




12.05.2023 Early in the Morning Second Big Project from A.P.P Absolved / 2-3 Quartals In Profile Earlier Accomplished / Look out for the Third Great Grand Hugh Project on A.P. P


( World Economic Model) 



World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) 20 New Affiliated & 7 Already Known / Futuristic Planning / Flexible Growth Budgeting 








( Weltfuturistischesgerüstmodell ) 

( Weltwirtschaftstechnologiemodell )

( Weltweiterentwicklungsundkooperativmodell )



Since 16.09.2022 Published Below on A.P. P 

























All counted 27 Alternative Names plus the main title ( World Economic Model ) are calculated 28.

They will be in purpose & usage of andreaspennophotography, A.P. P


( World Economic Model ) World Intellectual Futuristic Creation / Futuristic Planning Update 09.12.2022


New Alternative & Opportunistic and Constructive Names  for World Economic Model / After 27 Names from 16.09.2022 now 09.12.2022 New Alternatives 


Also to find these Project Alternatives 27 and the New  23 Names  On Google Graphically Machine  With Correct Context


Now 23 Alternative Names for ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell )


All Include 50 Alternative Names for ( World Economic Model ) with before mentioned united


World Green Futuristic Model

World Hugh Crafted Individual Model 

World Goodwill Carrying Model

World Revolutionary Systematic Crafted Model

World ( Exploration & Delving )  Model

World ( Green Arabian ) Vision 2030 Uplifting Great Model 

World Changing Human World Model

World Communicative Model

World Cooperation ( Transcontinental ) Model  

World Cooperative & Collaborations Model 

World Civilizations Utopian New Model

World Crafted Product Model

World Geographically Model

World Opportunistic & Induced Model

World Economically Model

World Exploration & Natural Fostered  Model

World Creational & Promulgating Model

World Trade Globally & Red Sea Coastal Model

World ( Climate Confident & Natural Green Model )

World Concerned Folk Opportunistic Model

World Peacefully & Unification Mondial Model

World Pillar & Humanitarian  Model

World Sourcing & Economically Hugh Potential Model



Sincerely Yours,


Andreas Penno 


Next Days  Wishing eveyrbody from the Western Civilization a Merry Christmas and in some weeks " A Happy New Year " 


Stay Actively on ( A.P. P ) 


Best Regards from Germany ( EU )


So this Product is all about the 120-150 Regions Circulating of HTTP:// / Enlisted 120 Apiece / Protokoll 26.06.2023
The Regions are defining the Opportunities & Possibilities from A.P.P. 120 Regions .A lot of Headlines & Titles are in Infrastructure of a List opportunistic established. These Headlines involved in the Word Pad( Document ) are describing the Complex from A.P.P. So my Industry & Corporation is coming next month 26th July to an Timeline of 9 Years Since Foundation & Creational Establishment.So clearly to say focused on this File is the Representation of A.P.P in Defining Titles & Opportunities. So my Corporation is growing,flourishing & prospering and developing on Google Worldwide immense & under great Growth & Advancement under This Profile.So to say this World Pad ( Document ) Protokoll is about the Regions which are explicable declaring the Establishment Growth from ( A.P.P ). 120 Apiece & Enlisted
World ( A.P.P ) 120 Regions of A.P.P Wo
Text Dokument 32.2 MB
World / Europe / Germany / A.P.P / 15 Sectors ( Main Pillars ) enlisted on World Pad ( Document ) Archived / Protokollierung / 26.06.2023 ( Protokoll )
So these are 15 Sectors from A.P.P. Opportunities & Possibilities to read & count on Focused Script & Paper. This Document is about 15 Enlisted Indices from A.P.P which are the main 15 Main Structured Pillars & Sectors Coining A.P.P. These Sectors are the Main Branches & Indexed Pillars surrounding & circulating HTTP:// This Establishment & Groundbreaking Document & Protokoll is here on the Impressum / Imprint Archived. Also NEOM & World is Archived. Also this Word Pad ( Textual ) Document explains the arrangement Of the Future of this Concern & Industry ( A.P.P ). These Sectors defining A.P.P and it's Decisive & Mainly Structure & Establishment, eventuallly the most Essence of the Corporation. This Corporate File ( Textual ) Segment & Structure explains the Differences between my installed incorporation of Corporation's Leadership and the Next. Take A Look. And Start Research this Protokoll & Get Informed and Intellectual Established from ( A.P.P )
World ( A.P.P ) Sectors +Indices Enliste
Text Dokument 2.1 MB

World A.P. P( 3 Documents ( 3 Word Pad Documents ) Dossiers /  120 Regions / 15 Sectors & 15 Principles / Explanation & Outlook  / Corporate Profile / Protokollierung 26.06.2023


So these Word Pad Documents & Protokollierungen are Opportunities & Possibilities for the Public from all Over the World. These 3 Word Pad Documents.120 Regions, 15 Sectors & 15 Principles are a Roster & Opportunistic Schema of Detailed Structures to get Orientation of this Corporation & World Industry. So these Word Pad Documents ( Files ) To Read are splendid to get Opportunities of. Also the Middle East is involved.Also Oceans or World Seas ( Sea Exploration ) & Red Sea.Also Preservation & Conservation of World Natural Habitats is available, especially from A.P.P. Also Mohammed Bin Salman and his Kingdom is to find.These 120 Regions are created to get a transparent Outlook of. Also Aramco or GCC or Mediterranean. Also this is all Involved of the World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) ( Weltwirtschaftsprodukt).Or all Continents include NEOM the ( 8th) Continent ( Only from me Andreas Penno An Idea ). So different is accentuated & elucidated on these Word Pad Documents. In the File ( 15 Priciples ) are all Titles categorized & archived curated displayed for a circulating schema named for Orientation of 15 Prinicples of my Corporation & Industry. Also Google Franchise Merchandising Marketing on Worldwide Google is established & accurately named. So my Blogspot has over Multi Millions of Research Indexed Structured on Google Graphically Machine. My Corporation will regularly update these 3 Segments & Word Pad Documents,maybe new Categories will appear.So also in the Sector 120-150 Regions the ( File) demonstrates the Content & Detailed Structure of all great fulfilled opportunities in World of A.P.P. So my Blogspot or Company is developing greatly, modernized, intelligent  and industrial & economically. Thse 3 Documents & Archived Files describing different Traits & an Outlook & Transparent Look at A.P.P. These 3 Type  Supplementary Corporate Profile Documents represents my mentality of my corporation. A.P.P is truly intelligent & intellectual in world.So these Products are welcomed on HTTP:// Mohammed Bin Salman you can read a lot on these 3 Structures. Also the Complete ( GCC ) Gulf Cooperation Council. Also North America and the United States of America is presently strong on A.P.P, especially the NASA / ISS or Space Exploration.So in the 120 Regions File / Document & Protokollierung is different to study about A.P.P just detailed a schema of 120 Points which are describing A.P.P & You can study all Point for Orientation. So also  the Dossier of (15 ) Sectors is the complete segment of generating information of ( A.P. P ) in Accomplished State & Structure.Also just like written lines before. These 3 Documents will be regularly update temporarily & oftenly and new Documents with new Elements can be one time welcomed. So different Sourcing speak for these 3 Protokollierungen ( Dossier ). It's almost an Orientation for (A.P. P ). So Take A Look at these ( Word Pad ) Documents & Protokollierungen & Textual Files. So these Files you can download any time you visit my corporation on the Impressum / Imprint.So diifferent Transcontinental Regions are displayed on the 3 Files. Different Names like Oceans's Sea World Delving & Exploration are presently.Also the Structure of different Sectors on the Black In-Box the 18 Sectors are creational on the scripts. As well is Green Energy & Natural Protection involved. Also Vegetation in Saudi Arabia.Also different ways how i create andreaspennophptography and how i think about this world. Also Mohammed Bin Salman & ( PIF ) Representation on A.P P & google  to create growth in the Kingdom is established. So these Word Pad Documents are great established & written.God Bles U.Thanks Very Much for incorporating this Protokoll.


Yours Sincerely,


Andreas Penno


Stay Activiely On Corporation & Industry


( A.P. P ) 


World / A.P.P / 15 Main Structured Globally Principles of A.P.P / The Principles which A.P.P is Built on & Created / Protokollierung ( Protokoll ) 26.06.2023 AD
So this Word Pad ( Document ) & Dossier and ( Protokoll ) is all about the fundamentally focused Principles HTTP:// is established of. These 15 Principles defining the Goodwill / Corporate Branche & Corporate Amenities in Details & Schematic Ways of Corporation's Status of. Which Principles i do follow & Which Principles are marked for the corporations's directions leadership. This Word Pad ( Document ) File & Dossier explains with 15 Indices & Enlisted Titles the Globally Opportunistic Principles of A.P.P. This Textual Protokoll is in Meaning of Marking Details & Structures defining Principles which are important for A.P.P. Globally Under Portrayal these Names are Opportunities & Possibilities for A.P.P. These Titles are My Personally Significant Principles of my Great Corporation of Humankind & World.
World ( A.P.P ) 15 Principles Indices &
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A.P. P( World ) Active Grand Colosseum ( Sports ) Initiative / Third Big Grandeur Project from Corporation / 3rd  Enthusiastically Great Project from ( A.P. P)


Protokollierung  / 09.07.2023 / Western Civilization / MESZ / CET /  UTC GMT +2 / Great Project / Different Sports Disciplines are represented also from North America or South America.Or Africa or Asia & Australia and India. World Sports is a Title for this Model. Great Opportunities also in Olympic( Latin Olympia ) Games in World. Also FIFA.North American Sports.


So this is the Third Big Great Project from ( A.P.P ). Today Released on ( A.P.P ) and establishd under great circumstances. So this Third Project is all about Sports Science & a Colosseum of Sports Genres with Protocolations & Graphically and Video Sequences affiliated. The Name Colosseum is dependent of Historically Movements & Circumstances.So eager & satisfied i gonna say this project will end 2024 4th Quarter, under planning chiffre.So the called  ( World ) Active Grand Colosseum ( Sports ) Initiative represents Sports & its opportunities & possibilities in world.Regularly officially there are ( 250 )Sports Activities in World. Worldwide in all  7 continents are Sport Disciplines presently. Also Olympic Games Empowerment is represented in this Project from A.P.P. Also Winter Sports Activity is established on ( A.P.P ) from this Project.So now ( A.P.P ) has hugh Growth in 2022 / 2023  the whole circulating line on.So this Product is marking a great contribution to the Hymn of Sports Science( Sportwissenschaft )  in World. Also World Records & World Legends are to find under charismatically great lyrically correspondence. So this Third Big Great Circulating Project represents under my meaning also Sports which are like not so known by everybody.Also Japanse Traditional Sumo Sports & Horse Race Riding or NEOM Red Sea Beach Games, eventually Fencing or Pool.So Take A Look at this great correspondence worldwide on ( A.P.P ). Also Olympic Games are available. Also Luge is to find this Winter Sport.Or Ski Jumping.Or Disciplines like Motorcross in the Mountains of NEOM. Also Motorsports,So Take A Look at this presentation & get inspired of my works.So this Project reflects Sports Worldwide from different Portrayals & Opportunities, Possibilities from Video Sequels turns out to look at an Archive from different Genres of World Sports. Me Andreas Penno represents this example for "Fair Play " & eventually for all the young generation just wanting to be Stars like " Lionel Messi " or " Christiano Ronaldo from the soccer leagues. So maybe african kids want to be professional one day in Sports. And this Project is the inspiration & motivation for it. Thank You Very Much . Get Inspired & Take A Look. A Project for the whole humanity & world. Beginning today 09.07.2023 till 4th Quarter 2024. 


Yours Sincerely,


Andreas Penno


Stay Actively on Corporation & Industry


( A.P.P )

Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Hypothetically Planning / A.P.P Source / Resourcing / Industry / Protokollierung 05.07.2024
Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Planning & Description / Explicable Opportunities for HTTP:// / Explicit Infrastructure of Designer Model.Modellierung & World Metropolitan Innercity Designing / Planning for GmbH Diversification Hypothetically.Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD 7 Industries in Planning. Europe / EU Space Authorization / Concession. 4 Different Industries in Enlargement of Designer Corporation.
Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Cor
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( 3 Phases ) from explained / Blogspot Significance / Media Corporate 15 - 18 Emphases Addressed / Introduction /05.07.2024
( 3 Phases ) from ( A.P.P ) Explicable Elucidated & 2014-2030 / 2030-2040 / 2040 ??? / So the Media Addresses & Emphases are 18 in Quantity & Chiffre.So these are Emphases of A.P.P Source / Resource for Information of this Blogspot for Fundamentally Structure.So this Paper and Brochure signifies different from the Blogspot's Structure & Points of Establishment & Planning in Future. The 3 Phases of ( A.P.P ) Thoroughly & elaborate. So this World Pad ( Protokollierung ) signifies the Structure of Content & Opportunities for the User & Visitor for Reading this Document.So A.P.P has now 5 Brochures & Pamphlets.Constructive Meaning & Establishment will always follow for this Blogspot.
( 3 Phases Explained )( A.P.P )2014-2040
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New Affiliated Names from 50 -100 / New Definitions of ( World Economic Model ) Weltwirtschaftsmodell 05.07.2024


New Articulations for the ( World Economic Model )


Namely: Beginning of 50 apiece counted till 100 apiece


German & American English  ( Britannica English ) Compendium & Referendum / 50 Names / Complete with Previously Names 100 Model & World Models just Global Models / EN / DE


Globalization of World Economic Model / 100 Alias Names Complete




( A.P.P ) Die Source / Resourcing / World Industry








( Weltwirtschaftsinfrastrukturmodell )











( Weltleonardodavincimodell )






World Developmental Model

World Green Initiative Model

World ( Red Sea ) Ship Model

World Sindbad Model

World Aladdin Dub ( UAE )Model

World Giga Projects Model

World Operating Model

World Mobilising Model

World Refurbishment Model

World Consumption Model


Globales Weltwirtschaftszentrum

Globales Weltwirtschaftsforum

Globales Enthusiasmus Model 

Globales Weltforum Initiative





Globales Suicune Modell














/ Own Definitions on / A.P.P The Source / 




( Geoecology )


Meaning on ( A.P.P ) of 28 Definitions all summarized in 1 Pack

Volcanoes, Countries,Rain, Continents, Earth,Tourism,Saudi Arabia, Kingdoms,Democracy,Republicans,Earthly Crust,Video Format, World Civilization, World Vegetation, Globally Affairs,Globally Establishment, Oceans, Seas, Animals, Preservation & Conservation, Monsoons,Meteorology,Archeology,Desert Storms, Nature,Greenery,Sun & Wind / Green Energy 


( Correspondence )


Correspondence means on ( A.P.P )like already typically known as Correspondence as Lyrically & Literary Works in World.Just Written the Term in Correspondence.On ( A.P.P ) The Source it has different Meanings.Especially also Graphically meant.Or Correspondence meant on ( A.P.P ) as Economically Uplifting Spirits just the Communication of Greatness & Accoutrement and Endowment & Transfer from 1 Pole to the next as Established Correspondence.Just Correspondence as an Alias of Aptitude & Portrayal of a Meaning.


( Protokollierung ) 8 Points & Significance Meant


So Protokoll / Protokollierung on means shortly that Publishing is centralized meant.Secondly is meant Freshness & Lyrically Accuracy.Third is meant that a Protokoll / Protokollierung is World Cultivated & World Intelligent.4th is meant the Infrastructure of the Protokoll is written from me Andreas Penno.Mostly with Yours Sincerely,Andreas Penno chiffred & opportunistic marked.So 5th is articulated meant the Articulation & Establishment is Pure World Smart Written.6th Protokolle can also be Graphically as an Unicate just perfect designed.7th a Protokollierung is about Intelligent & Intellectuality Lyrically Correspondence.And last is meant with ( Protokoll ) also Writings just Tolerance of Futuristic Globalization of Humanity.Just respectively.In Regard.In Accordance


( Zession )


So this Term marks only the Sectors above the Corporate Profile / No further Meanings / It's only for A.P.P this Meaning.For the Index above, each Sector is a Zession


( Literary ) 


So Literary is not meant,how it's in the Glossary or Dictionary or North American Jargon.It's pretty meant only & significant Lyrically & in Writing.Just Language if German or American British English in Writing. Just Lyrically. Just in Writing. No Literary just Literature or Arts in Writing. Unique & Only Lyrically & in Black & White.



HTTP:// / 100 Branches & GENUS & Alternative Names for the World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) 05.07.2024
So this Document / Protokollierung are further Materials about the World Economic Model ( Now 05.07.2024 ) in World.Here enlisted is the GENUS ( Generic Statement ) Stamm ( Grundbegriff ) of the World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsprodukt ).Also NEOM involved & Belt & Road Initiative.This Brochure is the 6th from the Impressum.Also to be in Research just Ports,Harbours Worldwide Globally also from OXAGON & North Africa Listed.So the World Economic Model has 100 Branches nowadays at the 05.07.2024 AD. So the World Economic Model on ( A.P.P ) is a Main Titular Title for World Economically Globalization. Different Related. Take A Look.Source EU / European Location
( 100 Branches ) & ( GENUS ) ( World Eco
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