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So welcome to andreaspennophotography / This corporation is worthwhile to look at. This company has hugh interest in progressive directly development & innovative industrial elements. Now 6 years gone in 2020 since  the constructive foundation ago, precise from  end July 2014 the creation. Building so much Creativity in different sectors & sessions by creating this. A lot again a lot is coming forth and forwardly, because this address is in blatanly first construction of & first signs of development and has already enough by lucrative materials.  So Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD is a integrated corporation in this web-address and is all about graphic philanthrophic design & creative foundation of pretty nice looking photography just corporate modelled  and industrial design. The Modellierung & Sector 1 & 2 are affiliated with the Modellierungs  Corp.Ltd and is also pristine, intellectual more highly professional just the hugh charisma on graphic perfectionism & operating highly sophisticated pieces  already done. The Portable Document Format Docs Center  is really to mention very great in my eyes and does diversify my personal lingual thesaurus on one hand. Also the Lyrically Songs & Lyricism i wrote like heavy created. My lyrics is not digitally remastered or recorded. It's textual music to celebrate. and to feel. So my philanthrophic and diversifying Nations  Protokollierungen are to me operating very highly concerned established & blessed. Corporate-Such like these operating very fairly & variable just development.This corporation is already an 'World Economic Model ", so all about an World Industry in research in all continents to share a value of contributions civilization. As same as Volvo the Creator from Scandinavian European Nordic Car Establishment. First Layout & First Impression from company. New Models & New News also just all about Breaking News just represent, So there are Billion of Results & Views on google, which is allowing myself to confrontate  a great daily fresh new Market. There is also Glossars & Jargons ( Real Estate, Medicine, Justice, IT, Manufacturing Industrial, Commerce, Finance, 'Global Stocks Index and some  Plenty & Abundant  substituted & present on this Site. The kinda Saudi Arabian Kingdom Sector is very promising, just with Mohammed Bin Salman and his Vision 2030, which is portrayed discerning & overarching. The Saudi Expressive Graphically Paragraphs also on the Graphic Designer Industrial Sortiment recruited, as well as on the ( Industry, Establishment, Corporations Language ) Filiale to supervise. Especially NEOM (New Future) or Projects on the Red Sea just the Saudi PIF is to recognize, So since today in the morning( November 2020 ) i also released on the Bloomberg Sector Above One Interview by David Rubenstein & Llyod C.Blankfein. Also the Slipknot Sector is great musically component for my corporation. It's just great & essential lovely Rock N Roll. Also my Design Involved & Appreciated. so this Media Representation namely andreaspennnophotography is a hugh young corporation, truly honesty young. So Sectors are 23-26 with Impressum. The lyricaly sector is enorm & massiv build-up  longstanding and reaching content ( No Explicit Content ) Just for everyone . On the PDF Session you can see also Tidjane Thiam sequestriated & under showmanship industrial basically created.  The Fashion & Mode Sector is well-coined of highly intellectual popular models out of this branche from Paris to Milan, from London to New York, it's all tailored for people liking this branche, Names like Versace or Gucci just Alexander McQueen, everythings is done and perpetuated. The Black Jezus, Makaveli photographically operating industrial designer act is very beautifully to observe. Also on just worldwide google you can find World Greatest Photographs from my Designing Intellectual Corporation, coming from this  Sector to know  who created this photography. Names like Michaell Miller, Reisig & Taylor or Dana Lixenberg just the classically Danny Clinch. Also American US Mainstream Arts Initiative Sector on the corporation, America / Works / Arts like Adan Hernandez Artistry ( Billion of View Popularity not results just on Google ). The Researching Machinery and System or Directors like Jean Francois Richet is researchable on google or furtherly search engines als in korean or japanese or indian search-engines. So the Portable Document Format Protokollierungen are referenced from me personally e.g created own statements on the further linking savings files . This language i was using is in honesty very appropriated & established as same as sophisticated detailed and build-up created.  2020 /4 Quarter are approximately 40 Protocols or Annual Reports just of corporations and further leading elements  from different Countries,Nations,Kingdoms, Japanese Empire, UAE,  Africa Europe, North & South America ,South East Asia, Mondial Logistics, Pacific, Atlantic, Gulf  or Scandinavia To Get Knowledgable & In Research Of.Greatly Operating Industrial Initiated Written Correspondence Of ( The contributions from the files myself was doing / The content is not my concession & licensing in attache. Anyway andreaspennophotography is not the only & one corporation which is created.In the futuristic ways a lot of internet-corporations can come & a lot can be accomplished on my own. Differentiated creational & exponential corporations can follow. Eventually high developed & proficient extern constructive visions & companies can follow. 


The mostly said predominantly important in this imprint / Impressum of the ( World Economic Model ) (Only  Supplementary Model from andreaspennophotography, the corporation, just a project of a lot, the World Economic Model ) 


In significance of what is important is that when myself does talk about " World Economic Model ", isn't meant my fame by knowing me in the whole world. I'm pretty unknown. A lot is meant by this and  the definition of my redirect. Really to say this company is very at the beginning in a first corporate commencement pre-developments structural way leading eventually to some great & hugh. By World Economic Model it's just the popular status of the impersonified  properly sight & glance on google ( Results In Billion Mass ), also is meant by the World Model that my corporation has an indexation, just all 26 Sectors upper side from layout to portray these in volume united on this world economic model project, is the value that these  have a lot of countries involved of over 50 Countries on andreaspennophotography, which does occur in different infrastructure, definitions maybe the geoecology,  real estates, banking institutes, logistics , cultural Sites, fishing, park buildng,military, industrialization, vehicle & car manufacturers, artificial intelligence creation , solar products, colorant corporations, ambassadors, united nations, politics, treasures, natural reservoirs, volcanoes, mountains, persian gulf, robotics . sports leagues worldwide, currency markets, science, swiss francs, canadian dollars, crude oil branche  or UAE Solar Park.  also involved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( Vision 2030 ), Qatar, Malaysia, Japan and it's Geishas. South Korea, NEOM Red Sea Region( SAUD ) &  from different nations eventually Stock Indices / Ticker meant  DAX or SENSEX, S&P 500 US / DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS / RTS INDEX  /CAC 40 / EUROSTOXX/  Wall Street Business Climate / Business Information worldwide  to represent the World Industrial Model to everybody on this planet. Mostly the countries & kingdoms does have their economically & corporate sector appearing on the Protocolations PDF Filiale & the Establishment / Industry & Corporations Language section. So i got it all. Anyway already is a lot achieved for this World Economic Model Project, cause a lot is already materials alike finished on the corporation, just to say.


So it's a project, and a lot of models & projects will be in reachwide distance upcoming next time for www, (Beginning officially of Project 31.01.21 ) Text above Rewritten 29.09.2021




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particular the saudi project on this long sector is overarching & promising just graphically initiated / Just great formulated the blogging texts & annexation

New Protokollierungen on the Andreas .P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD Spot. To get something fascinating & industrial design looking at


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Andreas Penno


Protokoll / 23.01.2021 / European Continent /  Germany / Eurozone / Western Region / World Industry / Infrastructure / World Economic Forum Alternative /  Saudi Arabia / Professional Graphically Design / Volvo Car Industry / Different Projects & Glossars / Reiki / World Industry / Infrastructure / World Economic Forum Alternative / Saudi Arabia / Professional Graphically Design / Volvo Car Industry / Different Projects & Glossars / Reiki

                              Weltwirtschaftsmodel / World Economic Model / Project ( ) First big project from corporation & industry by Andreas Penno ) Beginn of Project officially ( 31.01.2021)




1.Chapter One / World Economic Model / /  First Introduction of Project WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL


I guess to mention first on the Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD is all the geographically ( GEO ) sites from the civilization of the world to recognize. So some is completely planet earth, some is NASA ( North America Continent ) depicted geoecologically places from galaxy captured in the world hemisphere & biosphere, especially you can observe  the earth spot from a special unique satellite ground earth vegetation kinda alike. So the color does differentiate from one to the next geoecologically spectacle switch. The World Economically Model is very pristine, modern & intellectual also on this graphically, meant the Modellierung & Designer Sector 2 to catch and pursue. Highly Developed also Qatar with the Map, Greatness. Also the Mid-East Geographically Established Unique Map is extradionary hugh enthusiasm & components was for further middle east Protokollierungen on the sector. Also Saudi Arabia is welcomed & gestured in massiv amountment on the World Economically Model ( Weltwirtschaftsprodukt ). Also this Project is all about demonstration of human era & civilization about a capital of a world of electing & chosing countries on the ( GEOECOLOGY ) Geography Map  on a specialized way & lane fulfilling this on differentiated plausible & (DEFINED  WORLD  CONTINTENTS ) - Confrontation by. This meaning is in the imprint & legal notice by some  already maybe mentioned eventually 100 Countries in the end of the year ( Also known for this World Economic Model, listen closely the geoecologically identity  from one the next state, kingdom,country or land  in exchange to the next)  & the Infrastructure of it recently literary paragraphs before. This project has 15-25 Aspirations filling this undertaking to the top. Also SA ( Saudi Arabian Kingdom ) on Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD just the exponential prospering extensible compontent  is an SAUD Reference of the Weltwirtschafts Model. This type photography is also very interesting to explore & research from now it is over 3000 Illustrations & Graphically Sites, just ( SAUDI) on the M & D Sector 2 & 3 .


2.Chapter Two / World Economic Model / /  Chiffre from M & D Sector 2 / Weltwirtschaftsprodukt


So on this second part projects explanation i gotta tell this project gonna be great & good hughly in creation. So it also has like already mentioned a SAUDI Foyer &  Aramco lying Entry Buildings Hall just Walk In. The  Photography on the Graphically Sector named special photography from Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz al Saud with Christine Lagarde ( France ) & Masayoshi Son ( Japan - Tokyo ) on a chiffre as same as Red Sea Project  Ongoing Activity in this Decade, the construction) . Also this is fragment from the Weltwirtschaftsprojekt. In next chapter by this kinda literary works done, i gotta explain at it all,  all of this is a project like in great facade of. So a lot of projects will follow for the next time on this web-address like i call it also an corporation. Some gotta say i will eventually create a lot of corporations, in a intellectual & kinda thought around maybe a vision can come. So this Model is very philanthropicaly to observe & to study at it all. You first gotta get an touch of regulary my own impression & enthusiasm by this works created. Especially how i just encipher infrastructure & leads exempli gratia examples to say and you in next turn decipher a whole continent or countries from the ( GLOBALIZATION ) and it's World Economic Model it's just a Revolution by every country in the world on this kinda project by this already mentioned ( COMPARISON OF HUMAN CIVILIZATION ) in a ( SPECIAL TURN TO THE NEXT COUNTRIES VIEW PRINCIPLE ) . So in the graphically sector from site a lot of leads & references come on forefront from civilized geoecology as a model


3. Chapter Three / World Economic Model / / ( googling ) about WORLLD ECONOMIC MODEL 


As well as on google machinery model you can overlook & delve over billion of views of the related to the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel ). Also in linkage to the name itself in addition to the annexation on the entry type field, but most only the name WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL to type in in arrangement not Weltwirtschaftsmodel. As same as you can search on the corporation web-address search for the Portable Document Format ( PDF Center ) and delve the whole world industrial model from different regions & miscallaneous ways to get into the right topic & industry on google worldwide. Now at 2 Quarter 2021 there are approximately 50 Protokollierungen ( PDF ) from world indexation from over 194 countries. Also on the ( Industrial Terms Corporations Language ) Sector  you can research Countries & Kingdoms in indexation & enlisted different (STOCK MARKET) Ticker globally & Glossars integrated. Especially the ( KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA ) downwards the Sector . The World Economic Model contribution & my personal advocacy of this country in civilization of human kind is present. So over Billions of Statements & Results mostly on the google graphically machine you can type in Metropolitan Areas, Countries, Infrastructure, Geoecology, NEOM, UNESCO, Berlin, India, Tesla, Elon Musk, Wladimir Putin, Worldpress, Joe Biden,Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Tidjane Thiam, Red Sea , Arcelormittal, Aramco, Credit Suisse, Mohammed Bin Salman ( Saudi Kingdom), Zurich, Riyadh, Export, Import. ( GCC ),China, Seoul, Beijing, Australia, New York . Wall Street, Arabian Sector,, WORLD PROJECTS like NEOM or the Belt & Road Initiative, Moscow, Gazprom. Crude Oil Reserves , US FED. Petrochemicals, Bundestag, Scale of over 300 Corporations Worldwide, Switzerland, UBS, European Commission, Boris Johnson, Brexit, Ursula Von Der Leyen, European Parliament, EU, Asia Continent, Vladimir Putin, Moscow,  African Green Energy,Commodity, Bombay Stock Exchange, New Future, Red Sea Project, Qiddiya, KAEC,  NYSE, Qatar, (ICE)Intercontinental Exchange, India, Amazon ( South America), Ottawa and billions more affiliated. But since now the M & D Sector 1 & 2 are in not involved. 


To mention that these billions of results are there displayed, but only the literary just wording, not the title itself to say specifically that these Billions of ( googling ) results are mostly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Just meant the quantity of these results reflects only the language of the search engine machine not the topic therefore. But even that is unimportant. So google and the Weltwirtschaftsprodukt is tolerating enormous of different sectors of this world. Also this Project is portraying every country individual ( Important ). Also if you have especially politically or economically or globally what ever term on google typed in you can gladly type NEOM at the last Constellation of the line and also is appearing on the google graphically index. Also German lingual googling is established and german langual terms on the google graphically machine does lead to German further Protokollierungen on the index the machine. Therefore is enlisted above this Impressum  EN / DE formatted. So you can search all 26 Sectors on google pictures. which are also individual assessed & industrial fostered.

So now roughly estimated 10 Billions of results are on google to find related to also involved some content from ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) officially.

But oftenly the avatar and miniature on the graphically google sector is Kingdom of Saudi Arabia depicted. And the researched subject is not really on the corporation or any sector enlisted.

But the arabian miniatures depicted is only for some indexes meant, there is also other indexed sectors on google pictures or sometimes on the complete textual  google established from my source.


4. Chapter Four / World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel) / /  Geography Middle East / Aspirations In Advance & 194 Countries Presaged / Geocology


So the middle east (  Continent ) is also portrayed geoecologically on the world livid colored  globe map on the  Modelling & Designer 2 site from the address, ithe geography of  Mid-East, Europe & Eastcoast of Africa, also on further aspects & appearing on different graphically protocols on the sector . Countries like Iran or SAUDI ( NEOM)  transparent  or UAE, Jordan or Israel exempli gratia Oman, Continent Africa and even more. So from the mid-east bloc there is also the European Eurozone on the same colored constructive map. Also the Silk Road ( China Project ) is depicted on the graphically corporation  M & D Sector 2. Also arabian ARAMCO is illustrated ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel). So now on 28.06.2021 the World Economic Model is partitioned basically on predominantly 3 Sectors on, talk about Portable Document Format ( PDF ) built-up branche with now close to 50 Protokollierungen across this corporation. There's also Qatar depicted as a short Video by the infrastructure & crude gas reserves of realm just World Economic Model( Weltwirtschaftsmodel). Also all countries on this section are established & developed with introductions written by me & created by me. So The dialogues are part of the World Economic Model as well as the content at it self. The second sector is google machinery & model ( Research Picture Tract from machine Mostly). This google model has over very roughly approximately rated 10 billions of results in terms of my corporation overarching . As far as the World Economic Model there's also a billion chiffre getting across what i'm here talking about. Namely, the infrastructure & social status, technology, world industry, sports, ( FIFA ), Oceans ( Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, South China Sea, Suez Canal, Gulf of Mexico, North Sea, Persian Gulf ), Real Estate Sector from UAE, South Korean Institutes as well as Universities, Harvard, Scandinavia, Geoecology especially the 70 / 194 countries world wide which my concern is affiliated right now,but will year end 100 achieving, and next coming time 194 / 194 World Economic Model / World  History with this project . So on google you can find this Mondial Model on a separated industry  by all given perspectives given from my web-address. Especially the civilization & politically status graphically  of the mid-east. Like already mentioned in the first passage on fourth chapter the livid colored globe map, there's also a great portrayal also of  Middle East as well as  M & D Sector 2 graphically protocolations by the (CONTINENT) of the Mid-East, namely Lebanon, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates ( Vereinigte Arabische Emirate ) Kingdom of Kuwait . And the third sector of for this World Economic Model is the Industrial Terms / Business Establishment / Corporate Sector. There's affiliated in this case the arabian downside Protokollierungen namely 7-11 constructive Initiatives to read. Uppersided is Corporations and further development of companies or glossars on the upper front of site. And at last words to mention, all 26 construction sectors belong to the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL. 


5.Chapter Five / World Economic Model / ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel ) / /  18--25 Aspirations for WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL


So this project gonna be great, i feel it, i guess you understand exactly what i mean by ( World Economic Model ) WELTWIRTSCHAFTSMODEL  already in a turn what the significance & meaning is standing for. So now in this chapter will be reclaimed what exactly 18-25 Aspirations does stand for. The first is if you have a geographically map in front of you, the so called already mentioned, just the ( NEXT TURN / NEXT MOVE ) to the next country especially cities or metropolitan area in turn to the next just to say short one country to the next in exchange, and by this aspect all of the whole world. The second, third & fourth operating development protocols is in the 4 chapter already known. The fifth aspiration is the GEOECOLOGY of this project. The sixth initiative is the MIDDLE EAST. The seventh is GLOBALIZATION. The eight is ECONOMICALLY & ninth is the CORPORATE MARKETING, the tenth is PRODUCTION, the eleventh is GREEN ENERGY, the twelth is PROJECTS WORLDWIDE Initiative, the thirteenth is WORLD BUSINESS SCALE, the fourteenth is 194 COUNTRIES & AFFILIATION, the fifteenth is TECHNOLOGY, the sixteenth is GEO ESTABLISHMENT & the seventeenth is the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL and the eighteenth is WORLD POLITICS & ECONOMY, the nineteenth is WORLD PRESS. The 20th aspiration is PORT, HARBOUR & COASTAL FREIGHT & SHIPS. So all this Aspirations is branches & sectors which is an programm which does take the guidelines & principles just detailed from a spectroscopy just point where you can have an overview & established infrastructure  for this project.


6. Chapter Six / ( World Economic Model ) / / Modellierungs & Designer Sector 3 & Different Related ( Take a Look ) PDF Entries 4 Quartal  02.10.2021 approximately 70 PROTOKOLLE  & Exe File just Representation of WORLD NEWS Published


Recommendations of MEGAPROJECTS worldwide from this project & Geographically Sites of differentiated subjects & operating over 60 World Scale Maps with different Budget caring Topics maybe a lot of social & countries affiliations sites.Just different portrayals for a lot of studying professionally in a great atmosphere  / Also in the 3 Modellierung & Designer Sector are 3000 ARAB Graphically Protokollierungen / So, the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL is involved a lot. Also this 6 Chapter is all about information by creating this MODEL for everybody in the world. Everybody is welcomed & greeted on this web-address just corporation just people from the generation of Saudi Arabia or entrepreneurs from Japan Tokyo or Honshu, welcomed is everybody black from Brooklyn New York / NYC Precinct just straight from the innercity Barbers like in the 80's talk about politicians from Africa is greeted on and everybody from the african continent. Next everybody from  my native  country federal republic everybody from Cologne and Berlin is welcomed on the corporation.So now 4 Quarter 02.10.2021 Countries was developed to 80 apiece worldwide from 1 Quarter 40 since publication of project on the 31.01.2021 & States world-wide and planned  end 4 Quarter December 2021 100 Nations and on publishing of ending & completion of project 194 Countries  of whole world in 2023 end of year.

So in Chapter 6 from this World Product Initiative i gonna make significant signs & recommendations for this Project from my corporation., so now 02.10.2021 a lot of World Map Mondial Portrayals Views from the M & D Sector 3  for different purposes is build-up on this sector maybe A.I Intelligence from all 194 Countries is shown on the map at first from the structures chiffre . Also from the globally maps of the planet you can see the " Belt & Road Initiative from Above just the geographically lines from the chinese project & different more from this chinese product, also in the last episodes of the Modellierungs & Designer Sector 3 from the 4000 PROTOKOLLIERUNGEN include an written excerpt just the explicit introduction in the M & D Sector 3 . Also the Federal Republic of Germany is marked on a well operating map. Also on the M & D 3 Sector is involved a lot of countries from this World Economic Model. Just the Belt & Road Initiative is portrayed on the M & D Sector 3 in 2 Passages also the Intercontinental Circuits & Models for Project Planning also Graphics. Also the Financial Times is well coined in this sector. 


Also the Arctis is portrayed with it's animals on a geographically mondial site of like caribou or whales e.G. So the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL has different to offer and very much to put on showmanship. So this MODEL is all about WORLD Projects like Belt & Road Initiative & NEOM ( MEGA CITY ). Also different mondial Projects like Mega Projects is involved on this WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL or eventually new upcoming next time . Just to say graphically is enough to demonstrate & put on Social Infrastructure.So also the arabian kingdoms Vision 2030 is in greatest representation just already told on,  i'm an very hugh european systematic individual which in ADVOCACY to the Kingdom in the Mid-East just the Vision 2030 from the arabian kingdom also with google machinery search engine just billions of results for Mohammed Bin Salman & the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia just the whole infrastructure.  So the first exe file on the Diversification PDF Sector is purely splendid & pristine for every spectator & public watching individual. It's all about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also Middle East & African Continent also Governmental African Places, african shaking hands from black politicians in a civilized parliamentary operating spot. Also a lot of african civilization & geographically sites.

As as same is on the exe 100 MB File ACT-1 the civilization from SAUD & Mohammed Bin Salman and arabian projects. Also you can see the European Infrastructure just Continent and Germany by the mos big metropolitan cities in the world just AFRICA. This exe file is 8-9 minutes about. Different in the exe file involved. Convince yourself


7.Chapter Seven ( World Economic Model ) After the chapters & Aspirations called now the namely industrial systematic PRODUCTS & proceedings  are mentioned which are the main factors of the project ending 2023 4 Quartal perspectively / 25 Planned Pieces of PRODUCTS


The First is GOOGLE MACHINERY ( Billions of Views ), Second is Video Formating Portrayals like also exempli gratia Machinery Samsung Engineering CNC Lathe from the PDF Sector or Volvos Warehouse Exemplified & the Mid-East Protocolation from the PDF Sector or below this Impressum Protokoll the Traffic Lines in Aeronautically Lines. So all Videos from especially backgrounds & portrayals on andreaspennophotography. The third is M & D Sector 1,2,3  especially ARABIA Contributions & Geoecology from Part. The fourth is the exe file from the ( Diversification PDF Sector ) World Exemplification Initiative also ARAB with sounding revolutionary music played. The fifth is Portable Document Sector  ca. 70 PROTOKOLLIERUNGEN from the first PDF Sector where you can explore the whole cosmos and bandwith of world & next coming time ( Diversification - Portable Document Formats  ) contigently next 70 PROTOKOLLIERUNGEN maybe 2021 4 Quartal or next year. The sixth product is the Industrial Terms & Business Establishment & Corporate Sector which is involved a lot of WORLD ECONOMY & SAUD just Indexed Glossars.


The seventh is the portrayal of the CORAL REEFS / OCEAN / GEOECOLOGY with enormous of beautifully embellished ocean structure which pristine coral atolls & 10 Hours Long Whale Documenting & Tortoises just Turtles Observation Underwater Sequences Filmed with greatfully music played in the background, so the 7th Product from project is named Pristine Geoecologically World Underwater Sea with also an video by fishing in the ocean fish from ship and secondly an spectacular demonstration by professional fishers from North America by really great video showmanship. Also Reiki Music in sector initiated. Also new PROTOKOLLIERUNG is the Cyprus Geoecologically Site from Aqua, Water, Countrysides and Landscape from Cyprus with Reiki Music playing.


The 8th is the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL Block on the Index list above. So there are World News depicted on the left side of the index. All 194 Countries is meant to be 2023 Ending absolved with different articles and photographically segments.  Great Process. Great Idea.


Especially this 25 Sector is specially indexed with infrastructure of the goodwill of the filiale

The 9th product is the Volvo Sector which has also the most visitors on Also the aspiration PRODUCTION is coming forward with this sector. Meant on some portrayals you can see the build-up & systematic development of a automobile. Also now talked PRODUCTION is also engaged in the first Portable Document Format Sector with the CNC Machinery from Samsung Engineering, Also PRODUCTION is there were on Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD the integrated corporation on the web-address is seen, just the production of the photos & designer works.


The tenth product is the next exe  file ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) ACT-2 & the Eleventh Affiliation of the Productivity just the product is the third EXE Executable File 3 ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) ACT-3 2021 released.

Both is high established &  filled with arabian pride from SAUD. Different is represented and all ACTS which is released is coming from Andreas  . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD strictly.

Also World News. Or Elon Musk & his GIGA FACTORY in Germany ( My native country ) graphically symbolized. Also India & North American Geography. Also Renewables. Also to observe Intercontinental Continent World Map Protokollierungen.

Different Graphically Sites from Humanity & Civilization is involved by this 3 EXE FILES and a lot of public corporate showmanship. Just a lot of industrial & established. 

But at the full picture the 3 EXE FILES are KSA & their kingdoms infrastructure by the PIF Affiliated. God Bless them,


8.Chapter Eight( EXE Files 2 & 3 Resourcing & Industrial Arabian & World News. ) So these Products is Involved in the PDF Sector ( Diversification ) ( IMPORTANT - If Protokoll appears that this exe files is dangerous for your system, click continue & open file for watching ) Isn't detrimental for your pc or notebook. Only window appearing cause of standardization of inquiry.


So these Exe Files Sources 2 & 3 after releasing this on the Portable Document Format Sector ( Diversification ) is discerning in publishing arabian infrastructure from the KSA.Also Mohammed Bin Salman is visible in these EXE Files namely. Also World Infrastructure especially the World Economic Model is public creation. So these Short Clips & Publications is worthwhile to look at. You can also watch just admire the revolutionary music played.Also important to mention these 3 EXE ( Executable ) Files is an affiliation & possession just establishment from Andreas . P . Design  & Modellierungs Corp.LTD. And as far as the World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel ) it's only 3 Exe Files ever created. For further established development of this format, explicit i will create even more for but otherwise for other purpose & publishing than the World Economic Model. So the ACT 4 will be released short time before 2022. Anywway what is very important after the 3 EXE Files

AKT 1,2 & 3 the next will be not more released as a a product for the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL or Operations but will serve as a Affiliation.

So God Bless the World & the Arabian Kingdom eternally.


9. Chapter Ninth ( So short summary of portrayal of this ( World Economic Model ) & Promulgation now 04.11.2021 just how this World Economically Model has a specific & meticolously procedure to take a stance & globally view on it



So me Andreas wants now to take a stance how this ( World Economic Model ) is portrayed from the Geographically & Geoecologically Site of on the ninth chapter. Especially just the countries meant is portrayed individual & solely  by all 194 Countries & Kingdoms by whole humankind. So all 194 Countries is portrayed by the glance individual meant firmly evey country is under a portrait marked just Geographically from the GEO-Map individual. Like already mentioned in the chapters before the principle ( NEXT COUNTRY TO NEXT COUNTRY ) by this individual Glance as well as Orientation  & consideration is pretty established & industrial just economically optimized.








Next follow of WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ...Stay active on corporation now 28.11.2021




Next Aspirations & Chapters,  Sectors, Products / Possibilities &  New principles &  for and this Project ( WELTWIRTSCHAFTSMODEL ) is coming soon



To be Continued.......



28.11.2021 (Rewritten) / Eurozone / Western Region / Germany / Protokollierung ( World Economic Model ) Weltwirtschaftsmodel / Explanation & Elucidating Circuit just Correspondance of Model / EU / Eventually 2023 4 Quarter End & Destiny reached or 2024 


WORLD  FACTBOOK / Crude Oil Reserves & Oil Treasures / Saudi Arabia Centric Depicted & Portrayed ( Dark Blue ) / Individual Assessment of   194 Countries World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel )
WORLD FACTBOOK / Crude Oil Reserves & Oil Treasures / Saudi Arabia Centric Depicted & Portrayed ( Dark Blue ) / Individual Assessment of 194 Countries World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel )


 ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL )  NEOM Mega City / GIF Protokollierung / Red Sea / Middle East /  Asia Continent / Aqaba Gulf ( Suez Canal )  New Future


NEOM ( MEGACITY ) World Economic Model / ( SA ) Mohammed Bin Salman / Red Sea
NEOM ( MEGACITY ) World Economic Model / ( SA ) Mohammed Bin Salman / Red Sea




World Economically Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel)  World Economic Product / From Civilization of Globe / Traffic Lines Crossing through whole Cosmos & Bioshpere / Establish Your Self / 


Blue Colored Circulating Stripes through Planet Earth / Just Traffic Lines colored blue crossing & operating through the whole world & Reaching very quick through the screen & it's just a great graphicallly correspondence.

This cosmos is in a visualization dissected in different countries from the European Continent from world. It's just the project from andreaspennophotography, named World Economically Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel).

Take a Look. Take a Pleasure. Feeling overswarmed. The sound is also charming & interesting to hear from. Air Traffic mostly United Kingdom & European Continent in Consideration & Regard.

Air Traffic Data Visualization portrayed under Real Modus Stripes just Airplanes symbolized as Stripes moving through the Screen. Pattern real time Airplanes showed. What makes it so unique & blessed.. Also Airports from the United Kingdom depicted on Clip.

Lines turning into Great Showmanship & Establishment of Air Traffic in Europe just the Civilization. On the onset & beginning from clip you see Airplanes in symoblized Lines which are real time Airplanes coming from North America to the Eurozone..

So this is an appanage from the World Economic Model which has a lot of Offerings, Infrastructure, Geoecologically Maps, Industry, Establishment & Principles from a 194 Country Model of this World.

So this is the Weltwirtschaftsmodel covering almost every Country & every Continent for Portrayal. the World Industry. Also on the Air Traffic Model is meant the Export & Import from Europe. So Aeronautically Export Servicing Lines are to observe on the blue shimmering kinda Clip. Maybe Cars, Commodity, Infrastructure  is freighted on the Airplanes circulating through the Clip Downsided.  So this is Aeronautically Globally Development & Trading Above Systematics. So it's an part of the World Economic Model.




( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) Affiliation just Aspiration GEO - ESTABLISHMENT  & Affiliated to Product VIDEO Representation


World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel) to be continued on / 

Impressum / Legal Notice /  Imprint  only  detailed compendium short book & description, explanation, little Tour through project, leads & signs of project.


So stay active.....


Project finished i believe 4 quarter 2023  or 2024 


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Andreas Penno