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Versace is a house loaded with history – the mere mention of the name conjures up notions of luxury, glamour and decadence.

This is largely thanks to its creative director Donatella – not only a designer, but a campaign star (check her out for Givenchy AW15)

and a celebrity in her own right – who has continued the legacy of her late brother Gianni since his death in 1997.

Versace / Spring / Summer / 2015 / Haute Couture / Paris  

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With her inimitable personal style and A-list friends ranging from Lady Gaga to Naomi Campbell, Donatella has a life that we would all love a peek at… and now we can. Just over an hour ago the designer finally joined Instagram, announcing her arrival with a picture of her with fashion it-girlGigi Hadid captioned simply, “Hey guys, here I am! x”Naturally the comments section is filled with adoring fans (“Yassss!”) – a clear indication that the designer’s arrival is long-overdue. No doubt her legions of loyal followers (already over at 2000 – but sure to skyrocket with a shout out from

@Versace_Offical to their 4m followers) will be expecting backstage selfies with the world’s top models, a look behind the scenes at one of the world’s leading fashion houses and even a few inspirational quotes to match the “I believe in individuality” line in her bio. Donatella, it’s been too long. Welcome

Alexander Mc Queen



Autumn / Winter / Runway Show 2015

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This morning Alexander McQueen announced it would be moving its runway show from Paris to London exclusively for the Fall 2016 season this February.


Showing in London will be a homecoming for the house, which participated in LFW from its inception in the ’90s until 2001, when it moved to Paris Fashion Week shortly after it joined the Gucci Group. Even in its Parisian setting, British heritage played an integral role in its collections, most recently inspiring Sarah Burton to incorporate patterns designed by 17th-century silk weavers of Spitalfields into her sweeping gowns. 

A spokesperson for the brand told British Vogue of the location change: “We wanted to look at doing something different for the season.” A little seasonal setting swap may very well become the norm—this season alone, Givenchy traded Paris for New York Fashion Week, while The Row did just the opposite.


The addition of the Alexander McQueen show is just the latest in changes to London Fashion Week. Earlier this week, Jonathan Saunders shuttered his label, while yesterday Thomas Tait announced he would be trading his LFW runway for one-on-one press appointments in Paris. Hunter boots, which staged a runway last season, will also no return for Fall 2016, though both Mulberry and Charlotte Olympia are joining the calendar with runway presentations.




Gucci / Fall Winter 2018 /2019 / Exclusive / Mode Collection

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Gucci's latest crystal-draped visions of librarian chic landed in Italy on Wednesday, kicking off Milan Fashion Week with the design house's spring/summer 2018 show. 

Creative director Alessandro Michele delivered another glittering, maximalist collection, mixing retro '70s silhouettes and Elton John references with ancient inspirations, modeling the runway after the Tiber river and scattering "classical statues from different periods and cultures" around the venue. The show unfolded in front of an audience of Gucci's favorite celebrity guests, including muses like Dakota Johnson, A$AP Rocky, and Petra Collins.





Fall Winter 2019 /2020 / Milan

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Versace Fall-Winter 2018-19. “The Clans of Versace” — Donatella Versace’s fall collection was, according to the opening quote of her show notes, an ode to women who “know that today nothing is acquired through birth, but rather earned through what they achieve.Versace’s clanswomen have calmer tendencies as well. A trio of slinky black dresses worn with headscarves percolated steam beneath the surface, while a pair of impeccable camel coats provided savvy, high-chic respite from so much optic verve.Somehow that included a play on classics—a slick trenchcoat, a schoolgirl shirt collar, beige tailoring, super-platformed brogues. Then there was a riff on trad-punk tartans, all chopped-about, with multilevel kilts topped off with the odd beret. Silhouette-wise, what evolved were draped tulip-shaped miniskirts and bubbles, waists cinched in with broad leather Versace-logo buckle belts, and wide, wide shoulders. Where there were corsets, there were T-shirts crammed beneath them, DIY-club-style.



Spring / Summer / 2020 / Paris / Fashion Week/ Elegance / Great Mode & Vogue


Chanel | Haute Couture Spring Summer 2020 by Virginie Viard | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen - Exclusive Video/1080p - PFW/Paris Fashion Week)


The Best of London Fashion Week / Autumn & Winter 2020 Mode Boutique Representation / Gigi Hadid & Naomi Campbell Affiliated in Showmanship




From the biggest trends to the most covetable collections, we round up the new season of London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2020, including Victoria Beckham and Richard Quinn.

Alexander McQueen


Fall / Winter 2020 /2021 / Paris / France / EU / Fashion Week / Èlegance Promising Mode Walk 


Alexander McQueen | Fall Winter 2020/2021 by Sarah Burton | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. 

Versace / Spring / Summer 2022  / Extravagant Music Played / Great Acoustics 

“The foulard is a fundamental component of Versace’s heritage and character. It’s acted as a canvas for our iconic prints and is worn in multiple ways from knotted tops to headscarves to bag accessories, it’s a way of adding Versace attitude to any look. The foulard has been with us since the very beginning of the brand, but this season turns everything on its head, it is no longer fluid or dreamy, the scarf is provocative, sexy, wound tight.” Donatella Versace 


The transformational nature of the scarf means it can become anything, from billowing shirts to sexy, shrunken-fit dresses. Combined with iconographical prints, the designs feel thrown together, unfinished and unpolished. It’s as if the pieces have been ripped apart and rapidly stitched back together again. 


Slashes in the garments are haphazardly fastened together by the brand’s iconic Safety Pins. Modernized in a selection of vibrant colors, the Safety Pins become both functional fastening and bold embellishment. Scarves tightly wrap the body and are punctuated by seemingly randomly placed hardware. A textural diversion comes in the form of sleek latex dresses, tops and skirts in a shocking palette.


Ornate prints are a defining feature of the Versace foulard. This season there’s a celebration of brand code La Greca, as well as fresh designs. Royal Rebellion presents crowns and crests in bold colorways, and Banquet Aftermath features dishes and cutlery from the Versace Home collection - the cutlery is also translated to knife and fork jewelry. Acid Bouquet is Versace’s answer to spring florals and is characteristically unromantic in clashing acid tones. 


Menswear also stems from the foulard and presents relaxed, loose-fit pieces in printed silk. A fundamental principle of Versace menswear is the silk shirt, which originally evolved from the printed scarf. Relaxed shirting and pajama sets are clashed against form-fitting activewear, skintight latex and flirty handkerchief tops. Sharp tailoring is presented in fluo tones of yellow, orange, pink and blue. 


New silhouettes and shades are introduced to the La Medusa handbag line, including a large open tote and a drawstring-top bucket style, both with embedded chain details. There are also new colorways of the La Greca Signature line. Scarves are attached to handles and draped from bags, tying the accessories line-up to the vibrant foulard-inspired collection. 


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Versace / Fashion / Vogue / Great Composition of Versace Designer / Founder Gianni Versace from Milan Italy / Versace Trend Season Spring / Summer 2023 


“I have always loved a rebel. A woman who is confident, smart and a little bit of a diva. She wears leather, studs and frayed denim and she has enough attitude to mix them with chiffon, jersey, and a tiara! She is a strong liberated woman; she is gorgeous; she knows it. She is the Goddess of Freedom.” — Donatella Versace


A dark gothic goddess. That's the woman in mind this season. Black, purple, and hints of fuchsia are the colors running through the whole collection, coming together in looks both high-glamour and hard-edged, diva and subversive.

Singular slashes cut across dresses and tops, while a series of precision cuts come together as graphic pattern details. Tough leather becomes fringing across biker jackets, leather pants and skirts. Jackets are worn over cascading chiffon dresses and skirts with macramé flourishes, creating a clash of structured and fluid forms, composure and impulsion. Slinky silhouette-enhancing dresses are finished in shiny metallic jersey. Shaggy, fur-like coats and miniskirts are crafted from upcycled production off-cut chiffon and lace in an environmentally responsible approach. Metal studs are full-on, covering leather pants and jackets, and piercing through delicate lace in a play with material contrast.


Prints have a brooding glow in the collection’s colors of dark orchid purple and tropical pink. The multi-logo ‘Versace on Repeat’ print, and floral and zebra patterns interplay and are incorporated into laminated lace, fil coupé, intarsia, or metal stud finishes.

Bags in the La Medusa line, including La Medusa Repeat, the re-edition hobo bag style introduced for Resort 2023, take-on the collection’s stud, leather fringe, and mirror material finishes, while the classical elegance of the Greca Goddess bag is made utterly contemporary in new glossy green and purple colors.


The new Medusa Anthem shoe line clashes cutesy sandal, boot, and Mary Jane styles with a heavy-metal XL rubber sole made for the Versace club-kid.

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A Portrait of Me / Definite liking Fashion and upcoming Trends in World / Fashion is my Motto  creates you
A Portrait of Me / Definite liking Fashion and upcoming Trends in World / Fashion is my Motto creates you

What everyone is wearing in Paris / 2022 4th Quarter Release Short of Christmas Clip / 13.12.2022 Release / Fashion / Mode / Vogue / Streets /  Promenade 

So this Clip & Video is all about Fashion,Mode,Vogue in Paris. It's all about Streets & Temperament from City Metropolitan Scale. Also Paris stands in fascination of Fashion since long times ago.

The Streets is all about also Shops, Jewelry Boutiques & Paris Enlightend Streets at evenings, People from all over the world coming to Paris / EU all the time and year up. So this promulgating video above

is all about fashion & dressing in great form & interest. Paris Street Style is named this video. Also Handbags or Earrings & jewelry also chains, bracelets, rings,shoes,high heels are represented from the sourcing of the video,

Also Winter Coats stand in representation of the passants & and people from paris. Different franchise marketing coats & vogue were once really modern in North America or Europe in 70's & 80's .

Also Vogue from Paris is differentiated with Milan Fashion or London. So Take a Look at this showmanship.So Enjoy the Streets of Paris, France from Europe. And Check it Out