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KOREA NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION / Asia / Infrastructure & Superior Technology / Green Politics / Promulgation ( Annual Report 2019 KNOC ) Korean Institute for Oil & Gas Operations 

World / News / Oil Resources Accordingly in Korea / Asia Pacific Drilling Operations Great Industrial Site of Corporation./ KR / Korean Institute About Clever Handling
Corporate Will is getting great circumstances of human civilization in oil infrastructure. Seoul is the capital of South Korea. This society from Korea does also promulgate & operate with SOLAR Energy & Wind Turbine High Intelligent Clearly Technology for a better green planet.Petroleum Profitable State in Korea is a Hugh Value. Accordingly has Korea. It has 31 Projects from 2019 in 16 Countries & Intercontinental Nations.KNOC creates industrialization in ASIA for hugh recommendations.Also in Libya,Denmark, Yemen, US, Canada, Iraq & Vietnam KNOC is present with it's corporate operational oil industry. The Presidents words 2019 was Creating Values beyond Energy. This CEO has it's Headquarters in Ulsan, Korea State. KNOC is nowadays 40 Years approximately regularly operative in Korea since Foundation & Creation. Petroleum, LNG, Paraffin, Fuel Gas, Crude Oil, Heat Oil, Petrochemicals & Gas Delving Industrialization in Korea is a bit step in a almost great civilization and energy.
KNOC - Korea Oil Corporation + KR_2020.p
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Africa / Continent Aspirations of Transition of Green Energy In Circulation of Achieving Great Clean Energy Goals in Front of the 21. Century ( Renwables Energy Organizational Aspects ) / Corporate African State In Great Shape for Future Budgeting

World / News / Hugh Productivity & Enormous of Clearly Expectations for Clean Energy & a Better Civilization of Africa / Industrial African Countries 2050 Great Deal
Well, this centric african continent will double up energy demand by 2040. All Countries & the Civilization is under hugh building this nations for a great Green Deal. An fundamentally structured pattern of human growth in Africa till 2100 is massive. Also Africa is oil enriched & crude oil cooperative with different nations in this mondial earth also Canada Resources. Also the Paris Climate Pact is intrinsic & decisive for African Continent & Element of Humankind. It's like Africa has a lot of new build-up phases in different sectors & branches. In Kenya was 2019 the African East Coastal Area in the Harbour of Kenya on the right region of the continents Red Sea Side a Concession & Licencing for EXPORT & IMPORT of CRUDE OIL for Kenya released & announced for this country. Africa does lie on the Red Sea in the East. So Solar Eco Developments Structures was 2019 pretty well established in Africa. Solar Energy is worldwide & will be Futuristic Labeled Hugh, also in Africa.
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World / News / A. P Moller Maersk / Green Transportations Systematic Vessel Container Business & Freighter Economically Initiative / Maersk the industry is very optimistic by goals to accomplish by 2030. Corporate Freightliners Daily in Hong Kong

Maersk / Quarter 2 / 2021 / Temporary Annual Protokollierung / Maersk is a world associated governing & leading corporation as far as Mobility & Hugh System
Maersk is under Priciples Economically operative & under a civilization upbrought which brings the world under great transport & delivey for ship & vessel mobility. Coastal Areas just port possibilities under Hugh Resources in Different Intelligent Danish Pattern to get great civilized discerning industry of human resources continents freight & cargo development. Deep in the Ocean if Atlantic & Pacific or the Red Sea or Indian Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, English Channel, North Sea, South China Sea, Mediterranean. Straits of Tiran, South Pacific, MAERSK is always on the top-ranked & top navigations vessels transport corporations in the complete world we is living in as humanbeings. This quarter in 2021 Q2 was build-up in a series 12 quarters in corporate consequently row very successfully in the companies perspective.Logistics is very important for further economic gowth. 2020 was the complete profit just the yields & established worth of Dollar Notes achieved tropical.
APMM Q2 2021 Interim Report.pdf
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World Economic Model / Mankind shown in short time of 5-8 Minutes by the world civilization. In the Directory Impressum  you can have the whole articulated descriptipn of this World Economic Model which is also portrayed from hugh different  sectors

( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL )So this is an Interpretation & Demonstration of the so called Weltwirtschaftsprodukt / Take a Look / Grandeur & Compact Initiated
Well, this is an Video File which is coming directly from andreaspennophotography.de / This Corporation has a lot of Offerings & Exemplified Demonstrations / This Short Clip is all about World Geoecology & Geography. This Model does represent Ideals never shown before. A Big Factor & Hugh Empowerment is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) portrayed in this clip. Also Continents Depicted Highly Intellectual & Smart Established under it's Civiization in Humankind. Also Metropolitan & City Areas Illustrated in Great Form & Shape. Mohammed Bin Salman and his empire & kingdom is capitalized, developed, graphically under great representation in this portrayal. Enormous & Massiv Graphically Unification & Relevance created in this exemplar. Regions all over the World is promulgated under Great Circumstances & Leading Qualitative Industry from andreaspennophotography. " If Message appears falsified file, just dangerous, Click further and watch this EXE File ( World Economic Model ) ".
( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL) by Andreas Penno
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