( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) Portable Document Formats / A.P. P / Diversification of first Sector by Andreas Penno

KOREA NATIONAL OIL CORPORATION / Asia / Infrastructure & Superior Technology / Green Politics / Promulgation ( Annual Report 2020 KNOC ) Korean Institute for Oil & Gas Operations 

World / News / Oil Resources Accordingly in Korea / Asia Pacific Drilling Operations Great Industrial Site of Corporation./ KR / Korean Institute About Clever Handling
Corporate Will is getting great circumstances of human civilization in oil infrastructure. Seoul is the capital of South Korea. This society from Korea does also promulgate & operate with SOLAR Energy & Wind Turbine High Intelligent Clearly Technology for a better green planet.Petroleum Profitable State in Korea is a Hugh Value. Accordingly has Korea. It has 31 Projects from 2019 in 16 Countries & Intercontinental Nations.KNOC creates industrialization in ASIA for hugh recommendations.Also in Libya,Denmark, Yemen, US, Canada, Iraq & Vietnam KNOC is present with its corporate operational oil industry. The CEO's words 2019 was Creating Values beyond Energy. This CEO has its Headquarters in Ulsan, Korea State. KNOC is nowadays 40 Years approximately regularly operative in Korea since Foundation & Creation. Petroleum, LNG, Paraffin, Fuel Gas, Crude Oil, Heat Oil, Petrochemicals & Gas Delving Industrialization in Korea is a bit step in a almost great civilization and energy.
KNOC - Korea Oil Corporation + KR_2020.p
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 7.9 MB

Africa / Continent Aspirations of Transition of Green Energy In Circulation of Achieving Great Clean Energy Goals in Front of the 21. Century ( Renwables Energy Organizational Aspects ) / Corporate African State In Great Shape for Future Budgeting

World / News / Hugh Productivity & Enormous of Clearly Expectations for Clean Energy & a Better Civilization of Africa / Industrial African Countries 2050 Great Deal
Well, this centric african continent will double up energy demand by 2040. All Countries & the Civilization is under hugh building this nations for a great Green Deal. An fundamentally structured pattern of human growth in Africa till 2100 is massive. Also Africa is oil enriched & crude oil cooperative with different nations in this mondial earth also Canada Resources. Also the Paris Climate Pact is intrinsic & decisive for African Continent & Element of Humankind. It's like Africa has a lot of new build-up phases in different sectors & industries. In Kenya was 2019 the African East Coastal Area in the Harbour of Kenya on the right region of the continents Red Sea Side a Concession & Licencing for EXPORT & IMPORT of CRUDE OIL for Kenya released & announced for this country. Africa does lie on the Red Sea in the East. So Solar Eco Developmental Structures were 2019 pretty well established in Africa. Solar Energy is worldwide & will be Futuristic Labeled Hugh, also in Africa.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 5.1 MB

World / News / A. P Moller Maersk / Green Transportations Systematic Vessel Container Business & Freighter Economically Initiative / Maersk the industry is very optimistic by goals to accomplish by 2030. Corporate Vessels Daily in Hong Kong

Maersk / Quarter 2 / 2021 / Temporary Annual Protokollierung / Maersk is a world associated governing & leading corporation as far as Mobility & Hugh System
Maersk is under Priciples Economically operative & under a civilization upbrought which brings the world under great transport & delivery for ship & vessel mobility. Coastal Areas just port possibilities under Hugh Resources in Different Intelligent Danish Pattern to get great civilized discerning industry of human resources continents freight & cargo development. Deep in the Ocean if Atlantic & Pacific or the Red Sea or Indian Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, English Channel, North Sea, South China Sea, Mediterranean. Straits of Tiran, South Pacific, MAERSK is always on the top-ranked & top navigations vessels transport corporations in the complete world we is living in as humanbeings. This quarter in 2021 Q2 was build-up in a series 12 quarters in corporate consequently row very successfully in the companies perspective.Logistics is very important for further economic gowth. 2020 was the complete profit just the yields & established worth of Dollar Notes achieved tropical.
APMM Q2 2021 Interim Report.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 236.4 KB

World Economic Model / Mankind shown in short time of 7-9 Minutes by the world civilization. In the Directory Impressum  you can have the whole articulated descriptipn of this World Economic Model which is also portrayed from hugh different  sectors

( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL )So this is an Interpretation & Demonstration of the so called Weltwirtschaftsprodukt / Take a Look / 17.8.2021 Release Date
Well, this is an Video File which is coming directly from andreaspennophotography.de / This Corporation has a lot of Offerings & Exemplified Demonstrations / This Short Clip is all about World Geoecology & Geography. This Model does represent Ideals never shown before. A Big Factor & Hugh Empowerment is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) portrayed in this clip. Also Continents Depicted Highly Intellectual & Smart Established under its Civilization in Humankind. Also Metropolitan & City Areas Illustrated in Great Form & Shape. Mohammed Bin Salman and his empire & kingdom is capitalized, developed, graphically under great representation in this portrayal. Enormous & Massive Graphically Unification & Relevance created in this exemplar. Regions all over the World is promulgated under Great Circumstances & Leading Qualitative Industry from andreaspennophotography. " If Message appears falsified file, just dangerous, Click further and watch this EXE File ( World Economic Model ).
( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL) by Andreas Penno
exe File 95.5 MB
EU / Sketch Berlin Government / Chancellery ( Kanzleramt ) / Greenery / Productivity & Interface Berlin Main Capital from Federal Rebublic From Germany /  End Construction Phase 2027 In Planning of Kanzleramt
EU / Sketch Berlin Government / Chancellery ( Kanzleramt ) / Greenery / Productivity & Interface Berlin Main Capital from Federal Rebublic From Germany / End Construction Phase 2027 In Planning of Kanzleramt

World / News / ADNOC 2020 / Green Energy / Oil Industry ( UAE) & Corporate Skilled as a Oil in Green Crude Exchanging Corporation / Technology Results in Reusable Positive Powers / Goodwill Appropriated & Cooperative ( UAE) 

ADNOC ( Abu Dhabi National Oil Company ) UAE / CEO Ahmed AL Shamsi / Great Emirates Oil Concern / Operating Systematically Mid-East Continents Optimal
So ADNOC is regional from the Emirates. The Constant Development in Technology also the Middle East is evolving into Green Markets in World. So ADNOC is also in fundamentally Oil Expeditions in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Gulf Cooperation Council ADNOC is in Membership & Substitution of ( GCC ). ADNOC is proofing high Excellency & Professional Crude using Resource of Reservoirs in the GCC. ADNOC is also sometimes locally in hostility in struggle of oceans Piracy to battle of. So the Oil Industry if Middle East or North America or Asia is in Crude Oil & Gas Profitable Transformation into creational reusable Green Energy Markets as far as the Climate Change. So also Mohammed Bin Salman from Riyadh has great Cooperation to the Emirates. International Expansion was 2020 promulgating decisive. So ADNOC does belong to the Arabian Gulf from a Geography. Also Freight & Cargo from Tonnes & Barrels of Oil from ADNOC is coming forward in the Gulf to Port, Harbours & Coastal Areas.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 11.8 MB

So, this is the Annual Report & Protokoll from the( KONRAD ADENAUER ) Stiftung from Germany + Main Aspects & Industrial Position Discussions about Society in the German Republic living / Development of Values just German Society

KAS / Federal Republic of Germany / Programs, Eastern Germany, Science/ Konrad Adenauer Stiftung / Climate Change / International Initiatives Fostering
So, now 2021 AD is the date nowadays, but the script is about 2019, the short book as well as annual report is about the goals in purpose of differentiation in plurality of topics nationwide. So the Adenauer Stiftung is reporting a lot of great materials & establishment of representation & constructive subject about social german infrastructure just women's entry into politics inner circling in Germany & Intercontinental.Also technology in a essential way of usage worlwide is questioned & published. Namely Artificial Intelligence short A.I. Democracy is told a lot in this Konrad Adenauer Stiftung as well as urbanized development.The KAS has 1.500 Employees abroad and native. Also Civic Education & Academic Promotion is classified.European & International Cooperation is the KONRAD Stiftung not foreign of.Also Archives of Christian Democratic Politically Principles. Also the Berlin Wall and the Peacefull Revolution is content of this Protokollierung.Liberalism is decisive in materials.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 5.3 MB
( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) / ACT 2 / Continuation from first EXE File / 8-10 Min Diversified Act of the KSA / Mohammed Bin Salman / Release Date 03.11.2021
So this is a representation of the KSA on a Great Layout of Revolutionary Music Played. Shown World News also Geographically Maps & Geoecology of different Continents & Intercontinental Diverse Acts. So the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is also NEOM Displayed as well as Green Energy on the Screen just the Clip. So I'm very fascinated & excited watching this all the time. Also Enormous Graphically Interface Relevance is aligned. Well, anyway someway it's a great demonstration for different Kingdoms & Infrastructure of the Middle East. Take A Look. Sure you liking this EXE File ACT-2. Also supplementary to gain in information this Corporate Segment is affiliated with Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD. So the next EXE File 3 will follow. For the ( World Economic Model ) only 3 EXE FILES gonna be released & published. Further Executable Files gonna be established not under the name & affiliation of the Weltwirtschaftsmodell. Just new Publication for the exe files in arrangement.
exe File 99.2 MB
Canadian Natural / Tim S.McKay CEO from Canadian Oil Expertise & Proficiency Corporation / 2020 Annual Report / Diversity, Talent Expertise
Well, Canada Natural is an oil corporation which operates in different continents & differentiated regions worldwide.2020 Canadian Resources for Bitumen, Natural Gasification, Liquefied Natural Gas & Crude Oil was decisive uphold & marked systematically just reviewed by an Independent Qualifications Reserves Evaluation from Canada. Operated was in North America in excluding Oil Sands Mining just Updated also on a terrain of Offshore African Intercontinental Space. Also COVID-19 the pandemic was bringing working blockades & specific working execution to different conflicts.Crude Oil Sands Systematically Operations was in production line of a record 248.971 bbl/d to fundamentally canadian chiffre & infrastructure . Canadian Natural continues to see positive results fot the future & the design just the concept to develop great income from now till 2030.N. Murray Edwards is the north american corporations Executive Chairman. For the shareholders is wide-reaching positive shining outlook.
2020-annual-report Canadian Natural.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 6.8 MB
Canadian Operating Solar Green Diverse Industry / Canadian Solar / Sustainability Protokoll / Green Energy Promulgating in World / High Opportunities till 2030
Well, Canadian Solar was ground-breaking established 2001 in North America Canada. Nowadays it's one of the world's most magnificent & impressive solar module PV ( Photovoltaic ) solar energy technology systematically companies on human world. Premium qualitative solar segments is build under hugh solar development initiatives. So this corporation is also in the solar energy market in leadership of this happen. Asia Pacific or Middle East eventually the African continent are continents where Canadian Solar is definently superior & paramountly operating their Solar System. So Canada is well known worldwide as well as for its oil resources & it's so secure & safety spot in the humanity. So the Production Lines comply with European Unions Requirements. From 2017 till 2020 different segments & opportunities was specific built just 44% Reduction Manufacturing water intensity or18% Greenhouse Gas Emissions Intensity. So all emloyees from this corporation are strong prioritized & educated.
Canadian Solar 2020 ESG.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 13.0 MB
Thomson Reuters / Portfolio / Corporate World Wide Web Canadian Journalism from Ontario, Toronto, North America / 2020 Annual Protokollierung & Report
Just to say, Thomson Reuters STOCKS are enlisted on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Wall Street exempli gratia the New York Stock Exchange on the east coast of North America .Operations & Technology, Accountancy , Research & Development just Digital Transformation , Investment in Green Energy, Sales & Marketing, so all these topics is centralized & well-coining Thomson Reuters from Canada North America. Human Capital Modern Practices & Initiatives are designed to attract, motivate and gain high quality, talented and diverse just employees across all of their businesses who feel valued, are provided with capitalised enthusiasm & are destined & restructured to go public & get successfully. Legal Professionals, Corporates & Acccountants of Reuters are engaged . It's an media just the fastest quickest news journalism in human civilization & whole world also this diverse industry has also other affiliation than media journalism. Global Print as a part of Reuters. An attractive Model.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.3 MB
( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) ACT 3 / Release 11.11.2021 / KSA & Intercontinental Aspirations / Fundamentally High Development of Acoustics / Take a Look
So this AKT 3 from the Series of the World Economic Model is the last namely the third Diashow. So these 3 AKTS nonetheless are affiliated from the integrated corporation on andreaspennophptography.de namely Andreas .P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD. This AKT 3 in english Act 3 is just like the predecessors about the KSA and Mohammed Bin Salman just the Kingdom from the middle east. Acoustics is played just very pleasantly to listen to, convince yourself, very spectacular . This creation is all about the world economically projects and different a lot more to look at . Also different affiliations of the human civilization & versatile impressions you can get just watching this Diashow. So if an error message is appearing after the download click further and open the file. So this exe file 3 is worthwhile to look on it. Be ready
exe File 78.8 MB
Middle East / Sheikhs / Kuwait Occasion / Great Segment from the complete Photographically Message / Infrastructure of Image promising / Great Graphically Establishment & Snapshot / Take a Look / Great
Middle East / Sheikhs / Kuwait Occasion / Great Segment from the complete Photographically Message / Infrastructure of Image promising / Great Graphically Establishment & Snapshot / Take a Look / Great
World / News / North America / New York / About Dollar Profit & Banking International Value & North American Corporate USA Asset Achieving & Creating
So JP Morgan Chase and & Co is all about since decades of enormous & giant value profit around dollar bank notes . It's the most hugh & biggest Investment Bank of the whole world. Jamie Dimon is ceo & chairman of the banking institute. 2020 was a constant tolerating annual year of some hurdles & obstacles about COVID-19 and its pandemic impact worldwide. JP Morgan Chase anyway was also like other institutions also the arabic Aramco as well as exempli gratia the Danske Bank plagued from the pandemic as far as structural financially values of diminished status. Anyway the United States of America which JP Morgan is a product of, also Tesla or Princeton, or the Wall Street stays the most economically & politically strongest and dominant country of world history.Real Estates or different like checks handling in USA or Crude Oil Accountancy from JP Morgan & Asset Management is in Institute involved . This Banking Institute is Great & Green Orientated.
JP Morgan + Annual Report-2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 7.9 MB
Fletcher Building / Literary Correspondence / Annual Report 2021 / Infrastructure & Development of Homes in New Zealand Constructive & A Great Concern
Fletcher Building Company a great industry from New Zealand. Industrial Pacific Purpose building Homes and Domiciles for Humankind. Corporate Profit from 2020 in Comparison Hugh in Result .Modernization, Customer Services, Automation in Manufacturing Facilities decisive in structured futuristic initiative. Great Key Established Strategic initiatives are well underway for this straight great corporation with its Headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand. This Company is truly successfully.A great building green industrializations committed concern from New Zealand with great Values & Goals for human resources & future technologies. Ross Taylor is the CEO of this building housing industry. Hugh Development Structured to ascertain since corporations fundamentally creation. New Zealand does count to the British Commonwealth.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 6.3 MB
Media Representation of Exemplar ACT -4 / Great Authentically Diashow / Also KSA / Chancellery / Belt & Road Initiative China / GEO Maps / Release 08.12.2021
Intellectual Media Exemplar / Great Sourcing and like the recently AKTS prospering Acoustics played & Musically Contribution. So at the first appanage of video the Chancellery from Germany is illustrated. Also a fundamentally & decisive part the Belt & Road Initiative of Clip. So this ACT - 4 is pure Business to Business assessed. Also Ports & Harbours are involved. Important is that this ACT-4 is not more property of the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL but is therefore affiliated & handling for the Model. So different Things of this file belonging anyway to the Weltwirtschaftsmodell. Also Mohammed Bin Salman is present and the Infrastructure of the KSA and different World News. So eventually a lot of China & Asia exempli gratia the infrastructure is portrayed in EXE File 4.
( DIASHOW ) ACT- 4 World News by Andreas
exe File 75.6 MB
Establishment & Sports Industry / Hockey League in USA / Protokoll about Sports in America / Professional Hockey and short Information / PUCK ON ICE
Well, this Sports Protokollierung is all about Hockey in the USA and North America. Article by creating professional detailed Memo of this Sport. The NHL is the most attractive Hockey League in the whole orient of world. There's also Teams and Clubs like Detroit Red Wings or Colorado Avalanche or New York Rangers . The league is played evey years partitioned in different regions of the country.The National US Hockey Team has also different National Programs. The NHL is truly professional on Ice. So this sports is a very energy costing infrastructure for the engaged players playing in the Arenas & Stadiums reaching from California to Texas, from Chicago to Detroit or from New York to Boston.
USA_Hockey + Protokollierung North Ameri
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 55.1 MB
Cambridge Lingual Assessment English for Preparation for High Schooling Grading Universities / Notorious & Well Known School in World Civilization
So this Protokoll is about Cambridge, the british University with different industries to put on excel. So this is all about Cambridge Language Industry & Articulation for further purpose of lingual assessment students. Cambridge is under great scholarly possibilities offering great exams & language skills to get students & learning pupils to overarching suited results, Exam Papers are decisive uphold under secure conditions. This college from the United Kingdom U.K has different at offerings & proficiency to declare. The United Kingdom has a great manufacturing industry. This country became independent from the EU since 1 Quarter 2020. Nowadays after Theresa May is Boris Johnson prime minister. Great Britain is a Monarchy.
Cambridge Langual Assessment English +
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.1 MB
European Central Bank / Eurozone / Protokoll 2020 / Christine Lagarde & European Area Economy / Platform of Creating Principles for EU / World Portrayal
Now, somebody gotta say Europe the Continent is rich & modern just the biggest Trade Continent in World. I gotta say this is correct.So this Continent just the EU is promulgating decisive financial politics which is bright & clearly enriched with TRANSCONTINENTAL Proficiency. This European Central Bank is the EU's main centerpiece & mastering all annual ways & years the economically & briskly financial new possibilities & chances to move on. So Mohammed Bin Salman from Saudi Arabia (KSA) was once in the front row of the Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh with Masayoshi Son ( JAPAN) & Christine Lagarde ( FRANCE ) which is the president of the ( ECB ). Also the ECB is a integral economically mastermind of European Fiscal Principles.
( ECB ) 2020 European Continent + Bankin
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.1 MB
Announce / ACT-5 ( KSA ) Diashow / Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Arabian Infrastructure / Mohammed Bin Salman / Release 10.01.2022 / Groundbreaking Design
So this Diashow is mostly KSA and also World News. Announce 10.01.2022. Also great established this Creation. Just Representation of the Middle East and SAUD. Splendid Musically Acoustics. New Formatted Graphically Segments than ACT'S before. Also NEOM Megacity Sharing Planning from Saud. Mohammed Bin Salman with Turban to look at. So Business People all over the world can watch this ( ACT-5 ) Diashow and get smart information maybe in Hong Kong or Riyadh or Seoul or Prague just Berlin or London. Established just very spiritually Music in the Play. So also Solar Energy Panels are to look at by the Green Energy. This ( AKT-5 ) is comfortable to study & look at just to research. Weltveranschaulichungsmodell & Weltwirtschaftserforschungsmodell, both definitions is coming from the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL. Actually News & Information on the Impressum.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-5 SAUD Geoecology & Gr
exe File 68.5 MB
Ship / EXPORT / ( TRANSCONTINENTAL ) / Maritime overseas Transport of Freight and Container on a Vessel  / from andreaspennophotography.de Ship serving as an Example for ( NEOM) Sample for Suez Canal Transport
Ship / EXPORT / ( TRANSCONTINENTAL ) / Maritime overseas Transport of Freight and Container on a Vessel / from andreaspennophotography.de Ship serving as an Example for ( NEOM) Sample for Suez Canal Transport
Nordic States / Protokollierung from andreaspennophotography.de / Nordic States Portrayal / Nordic Countries Reference & Protokoll / PDF from 2018
The Nordic States is a 7 Country System in the northern Hemisphere of the World. Therefore counts Iceland,Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland. The Nordic has industrial & labour market which is astonishing. Especially is the life's standard more privileged than the rest of the world. Nordic States are very flexible for green energy till 2050. Sweden has geoecologically beautifully forests & Finland has lakes. The Nordic Countries has also the Faroe Islands & Greenland to share with the world. So in Oslo & Copenhagen civilized strong & hard working men is established in this infrastructure. Stockholm & Helsinki is also very notorious for the fostering green magnitude in the industrial world.
Nordic States 2018 Initiative.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 9.4 MB
Ibarmia / Corporation & Technology for Machine Build-Up Corporate Construction & Attractive Robot Integration / Protokollierung / Enlisted
Ibarmia is a corporation which is a constructive german european build-up machinery builder. This company is worldwide known. Established on a Human Development Index with a chiffre of 0.9125. Technology & Systematic Machinery Development is productive & installed on great corporate & ergonomic level. Complex Reaching for a Technologically System which is sophisticated & world smart called Ibarmia from DE of Europe in Human Civilization.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 8.5 MB
KUKA / Corporation for Machinery & Robotics Development / Annual Report 2020 / Initiative / Programmable Created Robotics / 14.000 Employees / China Division
Kuka is exemplifying build-up machinery in a manifesto & specialisation of Robotics. This Concern is in developmental process in entrusted configuration of human intelligence for machinery & automated Robotics. So the Market is attractive for this industry & sector.Peter Mohnen is CEO from this machinery industry. Digitilization & Cooperation is welcomed in this industry. KUKA is representing & curating different sectors on a professional framework for machinery just the industrialization. This system is a robotics creating industry from the european continent.
KUKA + Annual Report + 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.3 MB
Nordic Semiconductor Company from Norway / Protokoll / Company in Affiliation of Creating & Development of Practically Semiconductors
This Corporation was built 1983 and has Offices on globalizational level. This industry has a especially movement & will to be a manufacturing machinery corporation. Svenn Tore Larsen is the CEO from the engaging creation corporation. Navigation in 18 Countries globally. Always in research for attractive talent in concern. Shipment of Cellular IOT prototyping platform is known industry. Also Shareholders is not suddenly on success of corporation. Professional Industries Affiliated with Nordic Semiconductor are Invesco, Black Rock also Danskebank.Promulgated and affiliated worldwide in 3 Continents in Human Civilization this is all about Nordic Semiconductor Company.
Nordic Semiconductor Annual + 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 10.7 MB
DIASHOW ( ACT-6) Media Release 21.02.2022 / Hugh Correspondence of Industrial & Economic State / Cooperative AKT / Admiration at first Glance
Great Compilation of nowadays world politics & mondial economically status. Different Screenplay but not like the 5 AKT's before with the Vision 2030 from Mohammed Bin Salman. Just different topics but non Saudi Arabia only few . The KSA will follow soon as possible in the ACT's. So this demonstration affiliated with the corporation Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD is unique in representation & industrial showmanship. Just take Look & get inspired. Motivational Acoustics played in Piece. This Diashow is sophisticated & assimilating and adjusted to great world politics & world economy. Different from World News. Also Assembly Product Lines from North America. Also Solar Energy Panel Structures. World Views. Also Previews from the Giga-Factory from Elon Musk in Berlin DE. Especially the European Council, but like a lot of Materials from ACT'S from long time before setted. Also Geographically Initiatives Transcontinental.
(DIASHOW) ACT-6 ( Cooperative & News AKT
exe File 54.8 MB
World / USA / News / ConocoPhillips Corporation / North America ( Worlds Largest Independent Oil & Gas Company ) Annual Report 2020 / Infrastructure
So ConocoPhillips produces a lot of crude operating oil & gas daily for further productive sales in the world. Ryan M. Lance is the CEO of the corporation & oil industry. Corporate Initiatives are promulgating for further Drilling in a comfortable space of the oil corporate planning for Conoco and green contriving scheme just getting by 2050 independent & by clearly expectations for a Carbon Emission neutrally as well as other ( Oil & Gas Exploration ) Corporations in the world as same as (ARAMCO) from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or ADNOC from Abu Dhabi or Gazprom from Russia and different more. Employees & Working Initiative People are very immune of the the COVID-19 Pandemic now in 2022. Especially Countries affiliated with CONOCO are Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Australia , Asia-Pacific Region, Qatar, Libya, Norway, Canada & Terrain like Middle East, Gulf of Mexico e.G Asia.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 14.0 MB
EU / European Parliament / Continent Europe / Protokoll of Differentiation of EU Parliaments & European Parliament / 2020 / Economically Principles
So the fundamentally functioning of the European Union is creative & formidable created under a representive democratically state.
So Europe is a decisive & centric as well as organized continent for Trade & Immigration as well as a great European Parliament. The European Commission is a great green carrier & of hugh orientated to create a great EU. So also Privileged People from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have different connectivity & communication as well as collaborative initiatives to the European Union. The European Parliament is also in promulgating great green world politics for the EU. Also North America is an enormous convinced spectrum just ally from european politically principels & considerable guidlelines. The EU has 27 Membership carrying Countries. Also the European Council has a welcomed foyer locally for politicians & internally related people coming from the EU. Also Japan & China are without any kinda doubts, cooperative allies from the European Governmental Spac
EU + Economically Initiative 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.0 MB
Solar Energy in Hugh Processing Technology / Photovoltaic Procedure / Location Unknown & Resource / Solar Energy Panels Complex / Great Shot with the Camera Initiative / A. P. P
Solar Energy in Hugh Processing Technology / Photovoltaic Procedure / Location Unknown & Resource / Solar Energy Panels Complex / Great Shot with the Camera Initiative / A. P. P
World / News / ( E.ON ) / Annual Report 2021 / ( CEO ) Leonhard Birnbaum / Energy & Customer Solutions Green Networking
So ( E.ON ) is a German Industry for Energy and Promulgating Systematic European & World lucrative Operations in regard of Energized Mobility & Telecommunication. For better Resolutions in the market, especially Energy Green Diversification & Establishment world wide .This concern & company was 2021 orientated for better goals & accomplishment in Corporate Destiny reaching topics such growth in the corporation & better stocks talk about Shares Profit for the corporation & the Customer.From 2020 to 2021 was Dividends Profitable Status in industry reached . Hugh Intelligent & Smart Technology especially Development from E.ON working 72.000 Employees were very disciplined & busy working in an industry of enormous chances & opportunities for a better green Continent in human history. ( E.ON ) is very articulated also in Electricity Promulgating ( Networking) in Development Progress in World.
Annual Report 2021 E.ON.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.3 MB
( KSA ) Aramco / Annual Report 2021 / Dialogue & Promulgating News about Aramco Oil Industry & Diversification from Oil State / Immune against COVID-19
So, well Aramco from the ( KSA ) was 2021 representing great industrial goals in the Middle East / World . Belonging to the Independence from Oil Aramco is established till the Vision 2030 in great shape, confidence & structure also now 2022 in future .So ( Transcontinental ) Crude Oil Export from Aramco is comfortable in human civilization established and cooperative as a ( Hub) for Export. So Mohammed Bin Salman is reforming the Kingdom under hugh & enormous circumstances. Also NEOM especially " The Line " & " Oxagon "and " Trojena " is built now under Hundred of Thousands of Employees & Creative Workers in ( KSA). To say explicable they want to be NET-ZERO from Emission in 2050 AD of humankind era. So Aramco is very orientated in clean green energy. Discerning News about the ( KSA ) and Aramco is that the infrastructure and planning Vision 2030 is already in enormous successfully position also Saudi Aramcos Relation in this concern.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 11.2 MB
World / Masayoshi Son / Corporation of Civilized Futuristic Technology and Creation of Systematic Robotics & TECH-FORMS / Artificial Intelligence Tokyo Revolution
So, this is the Annual Report 2021 from Softbank Group from Japan, Tokyo. Masayoshi Son is the CEO from Corporation. Also a Model and Planning for 300 Years in great advancement & development from ( SBG ) articulated & edited in Brochure. Softbank Group is an Investors & Investment Diverse Industry from Tokyo / Japan / Asia. This Product is all about Artificial Intelligence ( A.I) Assessement & Appropriated Science Creation. It is a carrier & product for high intelligent Informations Revolution & Epoch just source. Masayoshi Son has different plans & planning as far as technologically green development till 2030 maybe 2050 for Softbank Group. This company explained and set under promulgating upfreshing news that 2030 Softbank Group will be Carbon Neutral & Clean for a better world and a better green human civilization. Masayoshi Son & Softbank Group creates Robotics & Infrastructure on Ultra High Developed Asian Japanese Hugh Systematic Technology.
annual-report-soft-bank 2021.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 9.6 MB
ACT-7 Media Representation of Corporation / Release Date 31.03.2022 / AKT-7 Promulgating News / Time Lapse Differs from now 2022 of Content by Most
So this AKT has a lot to offer. Also former Chancellor Angela Merkel in Spectrum & Location Unknown as well as Origin of European Occasion . So this Diashow is NON ARABIA. Next Time Mohammed Bin Salman and his Kingdom ( KSA ) will be in the ACT / AKT Series also NEOM & ( Aramco ) as well as great Sourcing for the Infrastructure from Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) . The News in this Representation & Exemplar is all about World Politics & Humanity. Also Geography is strong established in this ACT-7. So also Tidjane Thiam is clearly under hugh expectations created in this Product. You can see him from Interviews from earlier times. Also Statistics & Diagrams from COVID.19 of North America & Germany appear in this clip. Geoecology is to find in this Exemplar. Also the former Emperor from Japan is to see ( Akihito). Revolutionary this ( EXE Files ). Especially Green Energy is illustrated.So this ACT-7 & DIASHOW is product of Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-7 Human Values & World
exe File 43.7 MB
Solar Energy Panels Structure / Complex in World / Photovoltaic Procedure / Video to Look At & Great Aeronautically Spectrum from Above / Intelligent Compound
So, this is an Exemplar of Solar Energy Panels Structure / Corporate Drone Technology & System in Purpose. Short Clip & Video. Solar Green Development will be 2050 A Big Deal & Civilization worlwide.Worldwide is Solar Intelligent Smart Power a Great Agreement & Deal just Intercontinental Focused. The EU & Ursula Von Der Leyen will invest 1 Trillion Euro Bills till 2050 for a Green Investment. Great Optimistically Planning. Also Electrification on Diverse Automobiles will be 2050 Hugh Electrified Climax & Infrastructure. So also Mohammed Bin Salman bought for him and the Kingdom for 200 Billion of US Dollar 200 GW Solar Productivity & Panels from Masayoshi Son from Japan Tokyo. The Deal was done in New York. So (NEOM) will be complex established with Green Energy as well as Tourism & Solar Energy and new Legislation in the New Future. ( NEOM ) will rely completely on Renewables just on Wind & Sun Energy. This Cities building reaches over 400.000 Jobs also ( PIF ) Affiliated.
MP3 Audio Datei 9.8 MB

South America / Geography / Human Civilization & Continent On Portrayal / Futuristic Planning + Modern Budgeting & Future Opportunities related to World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell)  Protokoll 27.04.2022 / DE 

ACT -8 / Nowadays Latest News & Adjustment On Operating DIASHOW ACT Industry / Geographically Operating / ACT-8 is Gigantically / 29.04.2022 Release in World
Also great like the others ACT'S in great Shape & Form created. Also Christine Lagarde & Mario Draghi appearing. Green Energy & Solar Energy Panels Operating in System. Great Embellished with the PIF & Cooperation with Walt Disney & Russian Direct Investment Fund. Also Ships & Coastal Port Harbours appearing. Also Geography from Mid-East & Europe North America and South America ( US ) in Graphically Correspondence. 100 Apiece from DIASHOW Operating Imagery. Like i already wrote in the Impressum till 2030 will appear constantly & futuristically 30 Cooperative ACT EXE Files & just these 30 ACT Industrial & Economically Exemplars just DIASHOWS will be Developed in Great Form & Promising Graphically Creation. So in this 8 EXE ACT Demonstration is a lot Geography & Creational Great Industry & Cooperation with my Company Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD just the DIASHOWS is an Affiliation of this growing industry.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-8 Nowadays Developed Glo
exe File 38.9 MB
VW / Volkswagen / Annual Report 2021 / Diverse & Cultivated German Car Producer & Developer / VW is a great Car Resource from the European Continent / EU
So VW the flexible & multifolded and compact globally car chain industry was 2021 in a great challenge just hugh progress of industrial development & economically influx .Anyway im comparison for the last annual years of its Volkswagens Historically Structure it was doing discrepancies & car diminishing sales worth of 4.5% from 2021 to 2020.So Volkswagen is a corporation on globally operational system of a approximately 10 Car & Vehicles Industrial Conglomerate Era.Also Car Establishent Committee's Activities was discussed on VW.Dr.Herbert Diess is the ( Chief Executive Officer) of the corproration. Different automobiles & vehicles affiliated and in VW Possession for sales are Skoda,Audi,Seat,Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles,Bentley,Porsche Automotive,Scania,MAN Commercial Vehicles and different to address. So in the European Continent are sold the most ( VW ) Vehicles just Brands. In North America also the Corporate Business modest. In the Asia-Pacific Region it's very welcomed.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 16.7 MB
MERCEDES BENZ / German Car Industry & Vehicle Manufacturer / Cooperative and Established since Foundation in Germany / Mercedes Creates Smart Automobiles
Merdeces Benz Group AG ( Former Daimler AG ) in 2021 was Automotive Challenge for the car industry in world & Germany.2021 was an operating Framework of industrial worldwide marketing of hugh success and quantity cars sold of 2.75 Million of Products worldwide in referral to Mercedes.This Company is a talented green productive car industry also for futuristic initiatives . Ola Källenius is CEO of Industry and is appointed till 2024 in this establishment.So also like different Corporate Industrial Mechanically Creators Mercedes has also it's pre-pattern & sketch and formulas for just hand-scriptures and model creative patterns for its automotive eingineering industry. So the Mercedes Benz Group AG is fundamentally & groundbreaking a great european car creator & developer.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.2 MB
Mercedes Benz Group AG ( Aktiengesellschaft ) / 2022 First Quarter / Q1 / Management & Curated Protokoll from Mercedes of 2022 / Industrial Standard & Build-Up
So this brand & car developmental industry , the Mercedes Benz Group AG was 2022 in the first quarter progressive, distinguished & currency profitable.In this human era Mercedes Benz 500.000 Vehicles just Automotive Cars was pristine and curative sold in the first quarter of the year 2022. Also the conflict by years beginning as an operating missing was the influx of semi-conductors, especially also this diversified difficulty does exist in the complete world cars market and different sectors.Mercedes want to reduces its CO² Status by 2030 to 50% by its complete cooperative corporation.So Mercedes is in hugh growth & hugh creational state to be 2030 till 2050 just the greatest human craftmanship manufacturer & also the greatest green productivity & electrification systematically car vendor of all time.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 352.3 KB

MERCEDES S / C / E / A / B / SLS AMG GT3 -CLASS Creation/Machinery Build-Up Industrial Production  ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) Futuristic Planning & Diversification

Airbus / France / Aeronautically Airplane Creator / Annual Report 2021 / Splendid & Great Design / Toulouse Headquarters of FR ( Distribution ) in Different Countries
So Airbus the second biggest Airplane Developing Creator from World with its Headquarters in France, Toulouse was 2021 recovering & recuperating systematically from the COVID-19 Pandemic. Airbus was 2021 in great worldwide factories & cooperative industries developing AIRBUS Airplanes in different Warehousing Halls & Construction Centers. Airbus Title is called " We pioneer sustainable Aeropsace ". So this Aeronautically System Creator does build 700-800 Planes annually just on yearly base.So Airbus was having 2021 50 Billions in Dollar of Revenues on financial calculated establishment. So Airbus is preparing itself for the future & futuristic green individiual specific era.Airbus is a french Corporation and its CEO has different machinery & construction planning till coming years soon. The pilots flying Airbus are very skilled & prepared for different flight routes worldwide. They are mondial engaged for different countries in diverse Intercontinental Routes in World.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 10.4 MB
Boeing / Next to Airbus Another Airplane Establisher / Corporate Sector Promising / Locally Illinois, Chicago in North America / Great Manufacture & Plane Design
Boeing is the most sovereign & hughly modern and established airplane & aeronautically serving airplane creator of the world. Its roots are from Illinois, Chicago,USA from North America. It's very secure & distinguished just differentiated from other brands & marketing just corporations from human civilization. Boeing has immense solid & stubborn airplane e.G aeronautically operating build-up infrastructure . Pilots all over the world does fly different models from BOEING ( North America ) and fly through diverse areas Intercontinental like Airbus.CEO is David Calhoun in his term of serving since 13.January 2020. So this Aeronautically System Manufacturer had 2021 in India a Directorate for General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) Approval. Also Air Canada, United Airlines and TUI return 737 MAX to Service in February 2021 .Also Boeing does equip the government of the United States of America with grossly great air manufactured establishment.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 18.4 MB

Modern & Complex Aircraft & Industrial Assembly from BOEING / USA / North America / Arlington, Virginia Headquarters / US Resource / Clip from 2020 / ( WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ) Futuristic Planning /  Protokoll 05.08.2022

(ICE ) Intercontinental Exchange /Jeffrey C. Sprecher ( CEO) Founder, Chair / Great American Industry / Transcontinental Handling /
This Corporation is a marketplace & dollar profitable concern & industry with great charisma and intelligent economically status.
This company is now in the 21st century approximately 20 Years old. Interacting very financially under a budget professional & actually US american dollarizational established. This company has 3 segments at offerings. Its main three pillars increased 18 % from Year to Year just from 2020 / 2021 also the ( Wall Street ) NYSE New York Stock Exchange involved from New York East Coast, North America. Also Asia-Pacific Transcontinental or Europe and Middle East or Canada, North America are an Affiliation & Operating Systematic Market Opportunities & Possibilities in a great american economically society.Its main distribution is for purpose is market infrastructure, broad futuristic technology and service mortgages,fixed income,future equities and the management and systematic leadership of it.So Jeffrey C. Sprecher is a great professional at works.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 7.5 MB
World / News / BMW ( Bayerische Motoren Werke AG ) Protokoll of Company & Information of Production & Economically Status 2021 / ( BMW ) Munich
So BMW is one of the most leading prospering actively car producing car manufacturers & developing automotive corporations in world. Motorcycles are also from the BMW Trademark & Concern in sales . Behind Mercedes, BMW is also Resourcing from Germany and its traditional roots of this Country in Europe ,Germany,Munich . BMW has nowadays approximately 120.000 Thousand Employees at Works & Employment worldwide. Its assembly production centers located are worlwide and under an example also in Asia , South America or Africa namely , South Africa, Brazil, Thailand ( Monarchy ), Plants in China, BMW Brilliance Automotive in China ( 3 Plants ), Partner Plant Shongqing ( China ), Partnering Plant & Industrialization of Malaysia & Cairo ( Egypt ) Civilization of Africa. Transcontinental from the Headquarters from Munich / DE also in Engineering,Designworks, IT Technology Office in the USA, Greenville or Supplementary Solid & Professional at ( R & D ) Servicing in Asian Countries.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 6.3 MB
ACT-9 / Announcement of Diashow ACT-9 / Date of Release 20.08.2022 in World / World Industry & Economically Relevant / EXE Diashow Technology
So this is amazing & exciting to look at. Especially Christine Lagarde is on the Diashow and Screen to look at. Different Geography is to observe from a lot of angles & perspectives maybe India, Europa or Asia and the ( EU). Also a charismatically smart & intelligent as well as intellectual asian woman is at showmanship professional & educated. Also Olaf Scholz is on the portrayal when he arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the airport. Also the Prince from Dubai just the monarchy and this young individual is illustrated with his Turban. As well as the special Model from NEOM is depicted from the beginning of ACT-9 just the two buildings on the harbour.Also a portrayal from myself is to find on this exe file.Also Cherry Flowers appearing in the ending. So Take a Look.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-9 News A.P.P.exe
exe File 48.9 MB
Al Rajhi Bank / ( Riyadh ) Banking Institute of the ( KSA ) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Comprehensive & Constructive and Professional / Riyadh & Vision 2030
So the( Al Rajhi Bank ) is totally enormous Riyal attractive , arabian native & representative at the Kingdom and Oversea. Globally financially transactions dealing with Riyal and Dollars, Yen & Yuan or Kronor or Canadian Dollar or European ( EU ) Euro in Exchange Rate is Intercontinental presently. Arabian Cash 14 Million Saudi Riyal was the net worth in 2021 about this arabian bank in digits. This Institute comes from the ( Riyadh ). So the Stocks & Shares Capital Corporate Market from Al Rajhi Bank is Tadawul from ( Riyadh ). Al Rajhi is one Bank from the ( KSA ) and all united Banks from the Kingdom is enriched of Banking Green Communication. Also the ( Public Investment Fund ) PIF is in Systematic Affiliation with Al Rajhi from Riyadh. The Middle East is in Growth and hugh Cooperative Development as well as systematic Orientation in the Western Civilization with Financial Institutes since the Beginning of the 21st Century. ( Riyadh ) is decisive & important for the Vision 2030.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 5.2 MB
FIFA 2021 / World Sports / Football Promulgating Brochure / News about FIFA in the World / Soccer Is A World Sport / Info of World Cup 2022 Qatar / Take a Look
So the ( FIFA ) is led by Gianni Infantino the FIFA President and under governance by his name. So now 2022 the FIFA Football World Championship is in this year in the fourth Quarter in Qatar / Middle East of World. All Stadiums & Arenas are built with tolerance & architectural solid greatness.It's the first time in World Sports History that the World Cup is taken place in the Arab World ever.All Teams all over the world, from different continents , will be play this Championship wilth full enthusiasm of playing full inspiration in front of the whole world. So in my reference & complete dedication also opportunities & possibilties should be the (FIFA )Football World Cup in world history 2030 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Nowadays it's only speculation, but the Kingdom would be perfect committed & best choice to this host in world.Because 2026 is the World Cup in North America ( Canada, USA, Mexico ) and in 2030 is most of the Vision 2030 of the ( KSA ) Accomplished.
FIFA Annual Report 21_0103.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 25.1 MB
DIASHOW ACT-10 / Representation Release 20.08.2022 A.D / Great Upfreshing Outlook on World News & ( KSA ) / Refreshing News from Constructive Diashow
Different at this Release & Publishing on andreaspennophotography.de just the ( KSA ) Mohammed Bin Salman & Masayoshi Son and the (PIF ). Also World Solar Energy Portrayal & Development just Illustrations is present. This AKT / ACT 10 EXE File is operating charismatically & full great Presentation at it all.Also Aramco Pipelines & Constructive Layers are present. Establishment Great Arranged. Geographically Confident Created & Chiseled.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-10 Economically & Indust
exe File 42.4 MB
The Watches over Switzerland Group PLC / Watches Corporate Sales in U.K and USA, North America / Luxury Jewellery / Rich & Historically
So this Corporation & Frankly Notorious Opulent Industry stands cooperative & promulgating partnership to different Trademarks & Operating Jewellery & Watches Creators as well as Fundamentally Goldsmiths. One of them are Cartier,Omega, TagHeuer,Breitlinger 1884,Tudor,Patek Philippe Geneve, ( ROLEX), Audemars Piguet ( Le Brassus ). The Precious Sought-After Jewellery Worldwide Market does come to a budget of 126 Billion Dollar in world, namely the complete Market. World Markets Luxury Watches has a brilliance of a budgeting & market value of 47 Billion of Dollar Bank Notes. So the market is very peculiar & very carrying a goodwill & is posh intellectual flair confident just attractive. So the Watches over ( Switzerland ) Group PLC is an attractive company in terms of great productivty for watches & jewellery worlwide by the cooperation with its subsidiaries. Convince over Report. Great Market Opportunities & Possibilities .
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 12.2 MB
DIASHOW AKT / ACT EXE File 11 / Release Date 20.08.2022 Geography & ( KSA ) and Mohammed Bin Salman / World News / Confident Created & Edited
So this ACT-11 EXE File is compact & cooperative just a masterpiece & crystalized piece of great showmanship.Also to observe NEOM and its Building serving as a Model which is oftenly illustrated on andreaspennophotography.de. This Complex it's divided in two on a coast & harbour with a Fountain just hyper intelligent architecture & and ( Roof ) With a Park Recruited just NEOM & decisive creation from contriving people which done it, just created it and set it into the internet for a Portrait, (Example ) Sourcing & Model for ( NEOM ).Also to recognize beautifully Acoustics & Sound in this ACT-11 & PIF ( Public Investment Fund ) . Also the Mountains of Middle East you can study this happen.
(DIASHOW ) ACT-11 (KSA ) & Great Outlook
exe File 39.9 MB
Universe / ISS ( International Space Station ) in Cosmos & Galaxy / Operating Mechanism Technologically System of Illustration & Image of Surface of Planet Earth & NASA / Docking of Vessel
Universe / ISS ( International Space Station ) in Cosmos & Galaxy / Operating Mechanism Technologically System of Illustration & Image of Surface of Planet Earth & NASA / Docking of Vessel
News / Bank of Korea / KR / Opportunities & Possibilities in Korea / Hugh Intelligent Resources & Commitment of Great Values
So Korea has since the 21st century beginning enormous Export / Import Possibilities & Chances. Korea is a great Country .Solar Energy Sun Compact Developement & Technology Purpose is granted.So Seoul has a great economically & constructive financially stability also reaching far in future from this time and also prooved great foreign relations. Also the Korean Peninsula has a currency named Won which is worldwide recognized in great opportunities of. The Continent Asia is next century with China & India of GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) applauded in great crucial circumstances & most richest countries in world, in terms of time especially 2070 AD and in next turn 2100 .The Bank of Korea has efforts to deal truly by great accountancy & corporate responsibility of Korea. The Korean State has also European & North American Allies and fostering collaboration & embassies also in shape with intelligent financial exchange.
2021 Annual Report.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 20.8 MB
Top 20 Countries of GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) 1960-2100 of World History / Take a Look & Convince Yourself Of This Industrialization & Economically Results
So here in this file,it's all about the Nominal ( GDP ) Gross Domestic Product of 20 Countries fluctuating digitally & through A.I ( Artificial Intelligence ) on the Screen. You can observe how Countries are in growth or slowdown of economically values.It's all about Enrichment of World & States.Also the Relation is configurated in Trillion Dollars GDP Worth of Balance & Grade of Pricing of these operating countries. It's a project of UNO, World Bank & IMF ( International Monetary Fund ). It's all about fundamentally rich circumstances of world countries or change between specific countries turn down or up.
Top 20 Largest World Economies (1960-210
MP3 Audio Datei 54.7 MB
ACT-12 / EXE Format / Economically Initiative & Opportunities in World Portrayal / Infrastructure of EXE File definite Solved / Release Date 16.09.2022
Also the Kingdom's Red Sea Development Company's ( Red Sea Project ) Graphically Established. Great Geographically Portrayal like the last 12 ACT'S & AKT'S. Geographically operating high. Also a Martin Luther Image Illustrated on DIASHOW EXE. Nadhmi Al-Nasr from NEOM As Well As Established and Involved. Also Oceans & Sea Trade Ship with Freight & Cargo Around this flexibility & confident Works. The Sound behind is so spectacular & amusing to listen. Mohammed Bin Salman is also established from great opportunities & possbilities in his kingdom. Also NEOM " The Line " is available in accentuation laid down & Initiated from the Arabian Materials. Also the next ACT'S & AKT's are all World Economic Model ( Futuristic Planning ) in Participation of World.
( DIASHOW )- ACT-12 Opportunities & Circ
exe File 47.9 MB
MESIA / Mid-East Solar Energy Project Establishment & Development / 2021 Outlook / Establishment Green Energy Productivity in Middle East /
So ( MESIA ) is an organization which does portray Solar Energy Compact Operations,most in the Arab World and Middle East. Now 2022 the gates are open. Solar Sun Power is from year to year in a yield curve cheaper & cheaper. The whole complete world is nowadays about Solar & Wind Energy. All over the world people & societies have Solar Producivity also on small scale on their roofs.My native country Federal Republic of Germany has made different advancement & strides since last decade . Also in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Bahrain, especially also in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Solar Parks & Installations are taken place.Also the Dubai Solar Park from the King will be 2030 finished. Kuwait & Oman has also globally hugh references for green energy. Operating systematically MESIA also does explain how Solar Sun Receiving Products are working from the mechanism & system. MESIA is a great Resourcing for Solar Energy & Green Development in the Arab World and Mid-East.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3.4 MB
World Trade Update 2022 / GLOBAL TRADE / Systematically Trade Influx & News about Trade in World / ( World Economic Model ) Futuristic Planning /
So this Portable Document Format has demonstration & excel of showing that despite ( COVID-19 ) world trade opportunities & chances for great trading does get fast & quick especially strong and corporate disciplined just the WORLD TRADE is achieving milestones and major success, in tendency als the ( KSA )Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a major role in 2021 4 Quarter in Great Export Performance achieved, one of the most goals in world in different scale . So Trading Volumes in this world are till 2050 AD very cooperative & unique observe. The ( Middle East ) has extraordinary good & promising Visions from Kuwait to Abu Dhabi, the ( GCC ) also Bahrain and Dubai also Oman have splendid & pristine trade going on in world till 2050 AD even (NEOM) with Aqaba & Suez eventually in the common lasting future.So the WORLD TRADING SYSTEM is tolerated in modern suited society under pillars which are defined & scaled under promulgating abilities which are undeniable & replacable in world.
ditcinf2022d1_en (1).pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.8 MB
ACT & AKT 13 / Also Politics & the European Flag at first to look at /European Governmental Building & Estate is Present / Release Date 16.09.2022 AD
So at firstly the EURO ( Flag ) is at representation & cooperative flagship for the next Initiative . So also in the Press & the ( Bundestag ) in Germany which is an governmental branch here in the Republic is first a woman portrayed named Annalena Baerbock, she's the foreign minister of our country. Also later Mohammed Bin Salman is also appearing in this AKT & ACT just Diashow. A Photography from myself ( Andreas Penno ) Alias Pretty Elegance. Also the Public Investment Fund ( PIF ) Avatar is seen. Also the City Petra from Jordan is to look at & SAUDIS with Turbans. Also a geographically map from the Suez Canal and featuring Countries in the Suez Route from Way to Way.
( DIASHOW ) - ACT-13 Possibilities & ( N
exe File 40.1 MB
Qatar Airways / Intellectual Great Airlines from ( Mid-East ) from Qatar / The Great Peninsula's Airlines & Corporate Qatar Airways 40.000 Employees
So Qatar Airways has its Headquarters in Doha / QA. CEO is Akbar Al Baker from Qatar. This Airlines is compact & cooperative even Cargo Productvity & Performance is operating annually, talk about 2,727,986 Tonnes in Exemplar by 2020/2021. Also this Airlines stands in Alliance to great Partners and in Collegiate lying profitable profile. So Qatar Airlines has also its procedure & airplanes from different resources of world. Human Resources as far as the quantity of people were passengers in terms of 7 Million Individuals on board in 2021 by QA Airways.So the Middle East is great opportunistic & developing in enormous pace, especially till 2050 AD. Trust me.So Qatar Airways, especially also Canada Air & Korean Air also great Airlines in World also from the Republic of Germany exempli gratia Lufthansa DE flying international world scale.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 21.6 MB

EU / Eurozone and ( Green Energy ) Renewables in European Continent Protokoll 16.09.2022 AD


ACT-14 DIASHOW / Infrastructure / Politics / Red Sea / Economically Diashow & Representation of AKT-14 /( KSA ) / Media Release 03.10.2022
So this ACT is about World Civilized Infrastructure. It's an affiliation of the ( World Economic Model ) Weltwirtschaftsmodell Futuristic Planning, (World Intellectual Futuristic Creation )+ ( Flexible Growth Budgeting ) like all AKT's from a different special date before . And also a great resourcing to my ACT / AKT Collection on HTTP://www.andreaspennophotography.de. The Sound & Music playing is truly amazing & inspirational, revolutionary and listen very classified.Also Mohammed Bin Salman is to look at, where he is close to Queen Elizabeth 2 which passed away 2022. Also an Excerpt & Cutout from the Red Sea Project from Saudi Arabia the Kingdom is to observe. So this ACT-14 is a representation & publishing of great Resourcing from A.P. P.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-14 Great Opportunistic &
exe File 36.8 MB
ACT-15 / Diashow / Civilization / Development /( KSA ) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / ( NEOM ) / Red Sea / Trojena / PIF / Release Date 03.10.2022 AD
So this ACT is about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and an Affiliation.Also ( PV )Renewables. Also the japanese ( Emperor ) Naruhito is to ascertain with Mohammed Bin Salman on a Image and Photography. Also the Red Sea Project is involved. Acoustics & Sound Great to listen to. So A.P.P is representing great Diashows on a great level & niveau. This media representation is elaborated on a hugh potential to look at. Also the Red Sea is meticulously to look at. A Great Illustration of the Red Sea Coastline. Especially also to study is an Crude Oil Establishment & Factory. Also a ( Red Sea ) Crane working on the ground just fundamentally systematic on the Red Sea Project. All this is to find on the EXE File just ( Formatierung ) from this ACT / AKT.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-15 Gigantically ( ACT )
exe File 47.9 MB
ACT-16 / Operating Systematically Accurately Diashow / Infrastructure / OXAGON ( NEOM ) / Ship Oveseas Maritime Initiative / Media Release 03.10.2022
So the ACT-16 / AKT-16 is all about a Collection of 50 Photographically Segments showing World Civilization. Also at first the European Accoutrement is depicted & portrayed. Also the Kanzleramt from Germany is presently. Ship Harbours & Ports, Coastal Areas with Cargo & Freight and Ships on the Seas & Ocean are on the ACT-16. Ships from Harbours are on promulgating graphically news. Also a Riyadh(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ) Airport is on the operation. Especially ( Africa )the Continent is on the Diashow. Also African Pride is symbolized & created. Also an arabian table & desk historically shown and Oxagon ( NEOM ) is displayed on the Diashow. OXAGON is furthering 70.000 Jobs in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia ( KSA ). The Vision 2030 has Millions of Jobs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-16 Inspirational & Media
exe File 23.9 MB
( BAPCO ) / Bahrain / Kingdom in the Gulf / Annual Report 2021 / Corporate Opportunistic Schema / Production & Growth in Gulf / ( BAPCO ) Intelligent Source
Now, well ( BAPCO ) is a full-flegded creational developed crude oil operating company in the Middle East of Humanity & World. A Resolute Act & Common Sense in ( BAPCO ) from Bahrain is governmental operational systematic servicing. It's a World Class & Committed Strong Industrial Profitable Oil Corporation. World Class Energized & Green Creation. BAPCO is fundamentally exporting 74 Millions of Barrels of finished & accomplished Petroleum Products to 40 Countries in Corporate Human Civilization in World. ( BAPCO ) is recruited in the Middle East which is the Centric & Middle Center Geographically Spot of the World. In World / Middle East 2021 Sales of Bahrain Petroleum Corporation of ( Abu Safah) on the Suez Canal totaled 54.5 Million Barrels of Oil.So ( BAPCO ) is an Infrastructure of Hugh Circulating Oil & Petroleum Mid-East Diverse Corporations which is developed on a scale of Resources which is grandeur and promising. Bahrain is an Archipelago of 50 small Islands.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 5.9 MB
Diashow ACT-17 ( AKT ) / KSA / Arabian Infrastructure / Mid-East Portayal & ( GCC ) / Riyadh / Qatar World Cup Stadiums / Release Date 26.10.2022 AD /
So this is the ACT-17 Diashow File. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( KSA ). It's about Revolutionary Sytematic Human Essence. Also about Green Energy & Green Development.EU & Ursula Von Der Leyen Illustrated & Depicted.Vision 2030 from Arabia Hugh Worth & Capitalized Worth Marked. Also Modellierung from the Graphically Sector established. Also Infrastructure from Mid-East & Geographically State of this Continent. Also Jordan & the Civilization of ( Petra ).The Acoustics & Sound is extraordinary specific spiritual & spirituality. So A.P.P has also beautifully sounds & tunes just musically sounds to offer.So also an Airport from Riyadh is at sightseeing to ascertain & delve. So this is the ACT-17 / Diashow Representation.
(DIASHOW ) ACT-17 Human Resources & Mid-
exe File 87.8 MB
World / Austria / OMV / Oil Operating European Industry / Establishment & Cooperation / Annnual Report 2021 / Worldwide Reservoirs Recruited / High Opportunities
Well, OMV is from Vienna ( Wien ) and is worldwide established & creative and profitable situated. Alfred Stern is ( CEO ). North Sea, Central European Continent, Mid-East & Africa ( MENA ) Region,Russia are fundamentally concern regions in world for OMV Oil Reservoirs Production & Drilling Fields namely Exploration & Production and Influx Development in world .Total Hydrocarbon Producing Initiative is cooperative.( Polyolefin ) Production & Sale were 6 Million 2021. OMV is a traditional oil operating austrian oil institute.So Chemicals Compositions & Substancss Processing is also an affiliation of (OMV). OMW is modern,attractive & industrial paramountly & superior engaged.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 5.6 MB
DIASHOW AKT & ACT 18 / Format / Representation of of Global News Graphically and Eurozone & Saudi Arabian Vision 2030 / Protokoll Release 26.11.2022
So take a glimpse on this opportunistic & creational edited Diashow from Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD. It's about 200 Images & Graphically Portrayals with enormous inspirational music playing. Especially ( Middle East) Mid-East Sector in Content Established, also Mohammed Bin Salman and Riyadh. Different Schemas to ascertain. Also a Historically Colored Photographically Segment with Colorization Very Mixed and Strong Color just History Figures from any kinda resource and next appearing NEOM with its Brochure Graphically Logo. Inspiration & Movitation at it all. So also this EXE ( Formatierung ) is splendid & pure amusement for everybody in this world.Different is in Setting Portrayed. Also Different African Countries & Conferences is at Representation. Especially Volcanoes from Asia is coming on Surface & Red Sea or a Beauty Looking Turtle.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-18 Globally Interaction
exe File 76.8 MB
Petoro / Norway / Managing Oil Industries in Norway / Governmental Operating / Scandinavia / Ships in Water with LNG Involved /Accountancy / Protokoll 2021
Petoro is smart,intelligent, direct, and is supervising a potential in world distanced opportunities for a great Security Standard in Oil Expeditions for its Employees in Norway .2001 was the establishment & foundation of Petoro.Its subsidiary is named Petoro Island AS.It's completely governed & standing under governance from the norwegian certain country.So in a affiliation Norway stands in possession of 1.2 Trillion US Dollar in a Sovereign Wealth Fund. Most Great In World. So the Corporation controls the Oil & Gas exempli gratia Technology,Drilling,Export Oil Certain & Certified Circumstances from Oil Concerns & Industries in Norway on Financial Budgeting.This Corporation is overarching & promising for the Nordic States. So the EU plans to be CARBON-NEUTRAL by 2050.Somehow or anyway,by the way Norway is not part of the EU.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 8.0 MB
United Nations / Protokollierung 2022 / News World / Humanitarian Law Enforcement / UNO / Justice in World / Refugees From Africa & Middle East / ( UN ) World
So the United Nations has its Headquarters in New York / NY / US. This Organization was 2022 in Peacekeeping Distanced Operation or Saving the Oceans for a Most Protected Sea.Refugee Opportunities was a topic of UN.Natural Development in the African Continent was a Hurdle to take.Disarmament, Downgrading of Corruption & Justice in Different Countries from the Third World As Well As Impoverished Stability to Tackle.The General Assembly was taken Place in New York This Annual Opportunistic Year.So the UN is all about better future for our children.It was also concentrating on Pandemic & COVID-19. Joe Biden was in a Statement & Expressive Articulating Ways of Talks saying the Pandemic is now battled & regularly explained coming to an End in North America in the Second Part of Year . The United Nations was also have its Principles in Women's Rights & Connectivity to Internet exempli gratia for most all Human Civilization in World.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 34.8 MB
DIASHOW ACT-19 / AKT/ Representation & Release Date 13.12.2022 / Infrastructure / Vision 2030 / Mohammad Bin Salman / Source for ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell )
So in this Short kinda Diashow ACT-19 / AKT-19 is all about Infrastructure like already in the past & predecessors ACT'S also about the Vision 2030 from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of the Middle East from the World.Also the Emblem just the Logo & Opportunistic Coat Of Arms from the ( GCC )is visible.Also the EU Flag is demonstrated in a scale of beauty & glamour as well as shine & accuracy.Mohammed Bin Salman is also to ascertain on the ACT / AKT. NEOM Spots & Regions are to find also the Desert from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of Tabuk you can see greatly just NEOM.Also Red Sea Global just the Infrastructure is intelligent to watch at.Especially also like the Predecessors in a Chiffre of 18 ACT's, in all EXE Files you can research & explore the ( World Economic Model ) Weltwirtschaftsmodell. Also African Central Transcontinental Countries are symbolized. Namely Geography is present. So Definite Worthwhile to Take A Look.So Go Ahead.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-19 Operating Goodwill In
exe File 88.7 MB
ACT-20 / Opportunities & Possibilities in Play / Revolutionary Music / Arabia Vision 2030 / ACT-20 Media Release 13.12.2022 AD /AKT / WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL
This revolutionary music is played paramountly beautifully in this ACT. Great Embellished with Qatar's Stadiums & EU and KSA Cooperation. Mohammed Bin Salman opportunistic schematic portrayed.This Act & Piece of Music is from a Precedessor of previously ACT's Released on A.P.P,but from an another Artist .This Version is from HANS ZIMMER just the OST from Gladiator recorded from World Wide Web of a special Occasion from a Orchestra of any Event from Prague. Especially on this ACT-20/ AKT you can observe the European Parliamentary Building in ( EU ). Qatarian Picturesque Civilization is to look at. The so splendid & charismatically GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council ) Coat of Arms & Graphically Logo is to ascertain.Also Qiddiya is overarching certainly to look at. In Deed the African Continent Greatly & Geographically to watch in hugh scale. So Take A Watch on this Exe file and you never forget this event of the specific Diashow ACT 20 / AKT Portrayal in your unique life on this Planet.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-20 The Great Creation (
exe File 73.8 MB
World Economic Model ( ACT-21 ) EXE Formatierung / Southeast Asia Protokollierung / Environmental Study / AKT / Release Date 14.01.2023 AD /
So this ACT / AKT 21 is all about the ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) ( Weltweiterentwicklungsundkooperativmodell ). This EXE File is all about Freight & Container talk about Harbours & Systematically Ports in Asia. Coastlines from Southeast Asia & Beautifully Constructive Freight is symbolized in this ACT. Also Tidjane Thiam is visible on the Screen &portrayed business affiliated .This ACT-21 is all about Infrastructure and some Geographically Maps in World.Also Xi Jinping is explicit portrayed in some Photographically Segments. So this is the ( Futuristic Planning )+ (World Intellectual Futuristic Creation )+ ( Flexible Growth Budgeting ) from the World Economic Model and till ACT-100 ( 2030 ) all EXE-Formatierungen are ( World Economic Model ) related. So also Malaysia,India,China,Japan , South Korea,Indonesia,Vietnam and Southeast Asia are affiliated in this ACT-21 from the ( ACT ) Series & Collection.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-21 Southeast Asia Infras
exe File 35.8 MB
Volvo / Protokollierung Annual Report 2021 & Portrayal of Volvo the Swedish Car Production & Creator / Volvo Group / Flexible & Productive / Volvo Group is Creative
So, Volvo was 2021 profiting great around.The COVID-19 Conflict was resolved truly great.Volvo was very immune against COVID-19. Volvo Group does establish & create Earthmovers,Cranes,Lorrys & Trucks. 2021 was a sliding & hugh comfortable success for Volvo Group but also for Volvo Cars the main distributor for this association. So Sweden is a great automotive & truck belonging opportunistic vehicle creator. Volvo Group was selling 372 Million Swedish Kronor from Units 2021 compared 338 Millions Swedish Kronor United from 2020.So Volvo Group will be 2040 completely green assessed & concessioned & productive established like Volvo Cars. Chief Executive Officer is Martin Lundstedt. So this Craftsmanship & Establishment from Volvo from the Assembly Lines eventually Factories is Swedish Perfect Created Design established in different parts in world.Main Headquarters from Volvo Group & Volvo Cars is Gothenburg / Sweden / EU / Europe / World..
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 10.5 MB
Skoda / VW Subsidiary / Corporate Profile / One of the oldest Car Producers & Manufacturers of World History / Czech Foundation
So, Skoda is a great car industry in world. It's a subsidiary & filiale from Volkswagen.Skoda has major challenges & a corporate strategy in human civilization articulated & named NEXT LEVEL-SKODA STRATEGY 2030 .Murat Aksel is Chairman in this car trading green corporation from Europe. This car brand is sold worldwide under hugh circumstances and profitable currency market values.Skoda is in account of Top 5 in Europe in Electromobility in this challenge. The company launched its first all-electric SUV the ENYAQ iV Model and FABIA 2021.SKODA Motorsport and Cross Racing is also presently in world. Skoda anywhere has a good reputation & circulating establishment since early on. Also Skoda has production line green opportunities in India & EU. So this automobile concern has hugh success in world, really to say.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 26.3 MB
ACT-22 /( AKT) / Protokoll / EXE / Establishment in Differentiated Graphically Patterns & Schemas / Media Representation / Protokoll 14.01.2023 AD
Transcontinental Graphically Statements & Imagery Dialogue of ACT-22. You can see the Crucifix of Jesus Christ. Or just the Media Representation of Kamala Harris the Vice Presidency of North America,USA.Washington.D.C. Just you can observe the Sketch eventually the Painting of the Cologne Cathedral ( UNESCO Listed ). At the beginning is a Whale in Water Depicted.Or the ( Central Park ) New York City is to admire & historically paintings of Italian dominating & sovereign picturesque illustrations. Also Martin Luther is a model of this ACT-22. Also Volcanoes are at portrayal. So the Sound Demonstration is Great.So Take A Look. Great ( ACT) / AKT 22 & EXE Formatierung.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-22 World EXE Formatierun
exe File 43.0 MB
Banque du Canada / Annual Report 2021 / Short Summary of Structure in North American,Canadian Central Bank / Canadian Intelligent Banking Institute /
So 2021 was a year annually which was a turn of a lot of change.Governor is Tiff Macklem from Bank. 2021 was a year of structured balance in different fields & strategies of banking principles in Canada.This countries real gross domestic product was in balanced growth of a digit of 4.5 % . Better chiffre than time annually before. Canada's Banque du Canada was gaining in consultance & COVID-19 structuring despite some opportunities in North America 2021 damaged from pandemic. So this bank was also actively in Domestic Partnerships & Cooperation to federal & provincial authorities. So in Canada also the option exists like supervising retail payments, eventually called payment service providers ( PSPs). Now,well the Banque du Canada is a great fundamentally banking institute from North America. Take a Look
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 9.9 MB
Suzuki / Integrated Report 2021 / Corporate Profile / Corporate Philosophy / President Toshihiro Suzuki / Asia Continent / Initiative / Cooperative & Confident
Somehow, Suzuki is an industry which does create automobiles & motorcycles in massive profitable state of reputation. Suzuki is a japanese concern which is also in activity of CO² Reduction native from Japan. They are enormously attractive in profitable currency markets of ( Yen ) japanese currency. They are truly productive & in opportunistic shape for common profitable future. They have great cooperation to the western civilization where the cars from their corporation are sold in hugh amounts of currency.( Suzuki ) has a great quantity of employees worldwide, also in their subsidiaries & corporate profile. Traffic Safety Activities are also a name in this concern & industry. Product Quality & Safety as same as Diversity of Human Resources are structured. Suzuki Japan is notorious worldwide for their massive amount of motorcycle product sales. This establishment was created October 1909, Hamamatsu, in the prefecture Shizuoka, Japan.
2021 Suzuki.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3.7 MB
Mizuho /One of Global Leading Banking Institutes of World / Annual Report 2022 / Corporate Profit 2021 3.96 Billion Yen / Tatsufumi Sakai ( CEO )
So Japan is an industrialized country of the Asian Continent with great Corporations &Diverse Societies, Cultures and Industries internally, especially in the Prefecture Tokyo. Mizuho is a world leading banking institute & industry which does also control different works of Green Energy & Climate Change Circumstances in World & Japan.Mizuho stands also in administration of a Inclusion Network also Talent Attraction or Enhanced Family Friendly Policies. Charity Activity is also involved. Mizuho is also established in UK Government Taskforce to boost Socio-Economic Diversity. COVID-19 was also a hugh hurdle & blocking in Asia & Japan but was managed till now in great form & shape. So Mizuho had 2021 financially profit in ( Yen ) of 3.96 Billion Currency in Tokyo .As far as the Market in futuristic outlook from 2022, the market chances & capital is looking profitable in state . So Mizuho is one of the most greatest & grandeur globally banks of world. This Institute comes from Tokyo .
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 3.6 MB
DIASHOW / ACT-23 / So this AKT is all about Circulating News / Great Chapter of the Collection ACT'S/AKT'S / Media Release A.P.P 22.02.2023 AD
So this ACT represents different in establishment. Also Tidjane Thiam or Angela Merkel are illustrated.In Establishment a beautifully Chameleon & Geography from World. Especially Turtles to look at.Or Ships driving across the Sea & Ocean.In Regard also a Skeleton from a ORCA is portrayed in this ACT-23, a great scientifically product.Also in Representation Solar Energy & the EU Flag pristine, beautifully. charismatically and established.Also India and the Middle East you can observe Human Civilization from India which are in a Crowd.So the notorious Geographicallly Map from ( A.I ) Artificial Intelligence ( Künstliche Intelligenz ) of A.P.P is mentioned.Also Cherry Flowers are established & created for the Spectator. .So make sure got it to watch & look at this ACT / AKT 23.Thank You from (A.P.P) Take A Look It's Promising.So stay actively on Industry.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-23 World Society Civili
exe File 47.7 MB
DIASHOW ACT-24 / AKT / So this is the 24th Diashow from the Collection & Series of the ACT'S / Industry / A.P.P ) Source / Protokollierung 16.03.2023
Well, this ACT-24 is strictly an Exemplar & Portrayal for Entertainment Worldwide , also Qiddiya from the KSA is represented in Blue Color Effect Graphically Empowerment from A.P.P the World Industry & Growing Establishment . The Content is fulfilled with Operating Systematically Pictures from Africa & Middle East and its Civilization of World .Seals & Elephants Geoecologically are visible in this ACT & AKT- 24.Also it contains mainly an ( Peace Message ) for the whole wide World like the Song ( Acoustics ) and Photographically Segments do harmonize like Peace Flags in World.This World Peace Initiative comes from A.P.P Also the EXE File & ( ACT-24 ) is totally with its Content & Corporate Graphically Initiative another ACT Development & Rising Contribution from A.P.P for the whole circulating world. Thank You Very Much.Sincerely Yours,Andreas Penno.Take A Look.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-24 Resource & Sourcing
exe File 39.3 MB
Alibaba / 2022 Annual Report / Market / Internally Corporation from China & World Affiliated / Concern Strong Industrial / Technology & Smart Intelligence
Alibaba, " Be Confident " , " Be Flexible " " Be Ourselves ", their Title .Alibaba. This Corporation from China is all about Innovation & Technology just Business to Business.Customers are granted a hugh potential on attention and Values & Internet Accessibility Concern Options to choose. This monopole & operating systemtically ( B2B ) Corporation is all about different disciplines initiated.2022 the Alibaba Ecosystem GMW was in corporate cash of US $ 1,312 Billion of Dollar Bank Notes. And Alibaba shares different disciplines like Assurances & Machinery, Home,Kitchen Opportunities @ Offerings.Differentiated at offerings like Packaging & Printing, Lights,Lighting and Apparel at Servicing .117.000 Thousand of Employees are working in Alibaba Worldwide and China.Alibaba is a trustworthy chinese corporation & typically wants to create 100 Millions of Jobs worldwide.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 30.8 MB
DIASHOW ACT-25 / EXE File / Great Gesture & Contribution to the Federal Republic of Germany / AKT-25 / A.P.P ) Industry / Protokoll 16.03.2023
So in this ACT / AKT you can ascertain & observe the infrastructure of Germany from the last years & in general. Especially also the former Chancellor Angela Merkel is at Portrayal & Reference. Also Olaf Scholz is visible. Also different amenities of the german economically status & industrial as well as infrastructure is established & revealed from A.P.P. In case of accordingly is the german Bundestag & Government and german space agency portrayed, also the ICE. So Take a Look at this ACT-25 of my industrial program of Diashows. So i have next to the ACT'S also versatile & different at offerings like the M &D Sectors or the World Economic Model which is also a carrier for this ACT just involved in the ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ). Also i represent from A.P.P the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & the World ( ISS ) Intergalactic Space Exploring Universe System ( A.P.P ) which is the second big project from my world industry. The third grandeur big project is already in planning
( DIASHOW ) ACT-25 Federal Republic of G
exe File 47.3 MB
So this is the Representation ACT-26 / Release Date 01.04.2023 AD / Take A Look / Just Great & Fabulous Portrayed / Defining Great Promising Sound in ACT-26
So this ACT-26 is now released & published. This Diashow is truly relevant & hugh opportunistic in view & portrayal of arabian featuring & affiliation in the ACT-26 / AKT. This EXE File is all about different News from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.Mohammed Bin Salman also at first image & glance from a timeframe of some years ago. But also relevant in circulating timeframing. Also the Red Sea Global is presently. And Tidjane Thiam is visible to look at & to be in research of his so greatly black african splendid banking & economically and corporate business career in life. Also me myself Andreas is depicted with different ( EU ) Affiliations.So the arabian sector on this ACT-26 & AKT is hugh under my personal managment of this ACT & AKT Diashow Collection & Series from A.P.P. So this is the 26 Diashow / ACT & AKT from 100 Promulgating ACT'S accomplished in 2030. Also the Third Project from A.P.P is also under Planning.
( DIASHOW ) ACT-26 Opportunities in Arab
exe File 42.7 MB

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