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 So, now this diversificaton & continuation from the 1 & 2 Modellierungs & Designer Sector, now the 3 on the collection is represented & standing under great graphically correspondence. This sector is enormous elaborated & elucidated under high pictogram & technically paramountly marked graphic circumstances. The new operating excellent industrial specialties & established artistically contriving items to elect are very beautifully & glorified to look at. In the 2 Modellierungs & Designer Sector sometimes God's Son Jesus Christ and the crucifix  appeared on the screen & thread to look at, also in the 3 M & D Sector appearing . There's one reason cause this God's Son Portrayal & Portrait was chosen for Makaveli just the alias from Tupac Amaru Shakur  for a redirect as far as the crucifix is the literally content and will of Machiavellis destiny after his death also mentioned in his lyrics. So just to say 2pac  is an ideal & figure which till to  date was over 90 % an model for my graphically establishment just the most figure chosen for representing my arts . But a lot new materials freshly can come to andreaspennophotography as far as the design, just new directions can reveal and put on excel. And the next sector  was till now over 1400 arabian portrayals & graphically operating pictures just the Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia. How i can tell i'm just an advocacy for the Arabian Kingdom  also in different sectors on just an infrastructural & economically advocacy on the kingdom,  on my personal corporation. So Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD is at hugh growth & highly growing circumstances to find in the web. But anyway this integrated graphically corporation on my site is at highly beginners status & most beginners & evolving  developments phase of, so failure & deficit can also be there .Andreas . P . Design  & Modellierungs Corp.LTD ist now 7 years  in progressive & foundation as same as andreaspennophotography now 2021 is 7 years old.So the  first M & D Sector is marked  on the layout of this web-site  as on the second row to look at ( Black Frontal Layout Index )  with 5000  Graphically Exemplars  . The second M & D Sector is to research on the Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD  Thread of .  There's the secondly M  & D Sector with 5000 Graphically Industrial Exemplars enshrined & established. Over 200 Photographically Segments is portrayed the complete Andreas .P. Design  &Modellierungs Corp.LTD sector ,the M & D / Modellierung & Designer Sectors  are only  an affiliation & established  Endorsement & Appendix .  My constitution as a graphically designer & creator just i gotta tell, saying sure  was in the recent 7 Years just till now enormous well-coined from development, intelligence, intellectual attributes, growth, structured precise balance, representation worldwide,self-reflection , self creation , fearfully moments, operating self-counsciousness, growth, prospering & flourishing contacts through the web. Enormously empowerment of showing some people in the ( World Wide Web)  my  high results on google worldwide, this career as a graphically designer & operator was giving me possibililties in life,  this time since 7 years  foundation Andreas . P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD was a delivery & creational for different & splendid just flourishing designer preferences to achieve. So believe me i'm highly enthusiastically & philanthropically just essential by my pieces & designer essential works. And this Modellierungs & Designer Sector 3 is my representation for even more high graphically intellectual & even more publicity & publishing  on google, just new picturesque  & constitutional developed images, and new better aligned adjustment with the graphically industry, actually new innovative infrastructure & creational Technology & Development . So the M & D 3 Sector will have gigantically highly new  industrial & economically strides & components just highly reformed graphically styles & transparent & smart different ways with my Designer Application Corel in superficially status  of , just  Arabian Graphically Elucidated & Established Images( Published) at futuristic offerings for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia giving them through google and world wide search engines  great possibilities & opportunities to be in development of the Vision 2030  & in research of great established arts & great creational public for the Kingdom of Arabia . So the arabian kingdoms graphics in this era are hughly & charismatically created, just their countrys infrastructure & Vision 2030 is meant for me to be in industrial graphically & literary advocacy from the web-address & corporation in different kinda sort of . So this M & D Sector 3 is filled with immense & expressive content of graphically hugh relevant immersed settings. High intellectual & greatly chiseled pigments was established by my corporation Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD just contrived for a purpose of tolerance of a world spectrum  & mondial perspectives of origin of a graphically infrastructure era . As far as the arabian & Makaveli endowment just the recent 10.000 imagery from the M & D Sector 1 & 2 sometimes the correspondence on the directories and folders are sometimes difficult to understand & sometimes difficult to incorporate & identify as far as the arabian paragraphs & some definitions are eventually misinterpreted written as well as the  Machiavelli Pieces & Works. So the recently 10.000 Products  & Developed Initiative are coming next time to contingently, eventually to 14.000 next discerning establishment of my industry from my  native country the Federal Republic of Germany in Europe. So like already released on the Impressum  Sector the 26 sector  on the web-address my  first project the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL is explained & described on this 26 Sector to find in almost the  annotations just the sector . The World Economic Model is also visible on the graphically M & D 2 & 3  Sector also involved Arabian Geoecology,Mid-East Hugh Great Geography,Red Sea, German Diplomatic Relations on the Map. Pattern alike Continents just Countries with statistics & meanings just significance of Atlas World Fact Book Geography,  Industry, sometimes World Leaders of Gold, Crude Oil, Uranium, Protected Terrain Mondial,  Industrial Decisive Countries from Globally Maps, NASA Captured Satellite Records also Belt & Road Initiative Graphically Outlines from the Chinese Project , South America, North America,  Africa ( World Economic Model) ,Australia Pattern & NASA Recordings from  Cosmos, Saudi Arabian Kingdom, also the World Economic Model (Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) is on the Portable Document Format Sector & Volvo Sector & Establishment / Industry & Corporations Language Sector to find eventually to be in research. So in the 3 Modellierungs & Designer Sector new World Maps are guarantee portrayed with new meanings & circumstances also the first the A.I Portrayal as a Map worldwide from resources , new world Middle East Materials,  New Intercontinental Aspirations, new ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) Infrastructure & Production just World Politics & Civilization of Graphically Industrial Initiative, new Enthusiasm of Mohammed Bin Salman & NEOM just Kingdoms Economically Projects also ROSHN. Also  the Green Energy Sector from the Portable Document Format Sector as standing for the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL.So some photographers from this graphically sector M & D 2 &  3 are Californian some New York Eastcoast of North America. Photographers just Journalists & Capturing Camera Professionals  like Michael Miller or Reisig & Taylor, Danny Clinch from New York the City with notorious personalities as far as black figures from Brooklyn eventually Biggie Smalls namely Christopher Wallace was also very sought after from different Photographers of America. So Photographers like Paul Harries was photographing also Slipknot from the state of Iowa  from multifolded Overalls just the Vermillion Session years ago just Paul Harries Photography. As well as Camera Carrying & Pictures Taking Enthusiasts like Dana Lixenberg from Amsterdam was doing an Photo where Tupac Amaru Shakur was on the Countryside of Georgia just the session from the M& D Sector 2 and otherwise reformed & designed by me. So photographers like Michael O'neill was also doing great works just Chi Modu from Nigeria in his Origin the photographically session on the balcony also Kadafi was there and E.D.I in the 90's with great camera accoutrement. Also over 60 Geographically Excel  Maps are displayed on the sector from different resources & sourcing. Maybe Crude Trade Pipelines through the Suez Canal is depicted globally on the map just statistics. Also Mondial. 



In annotation:In the 3 Quarter of 2021 a new sector was released on the corporation namely Portable Document Formats / Protocolations / Diversification. So also to mention the Releases are now only diversified & in extension from the first sector. Plus the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL is represented in a 8-9 Min Video with an enormous & gigantically graphically relevance & structured layout just this is an Industrial Sharing Economically Operating Product from the World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschafsmodell) from andreaspennophotography. So this EXE Video Formating File appeared in the PDF Diversifications Sector. Don't be afraid when a window appears and there some insecurity by the file to open. It's only systematic & needs a confirmation & affirmation to agree to open the file. Absolutely is no wrong with the exe file. Now to excel to go extrovert this exe file & Weltwirtschaftsprodukt from the diversification Portable Document Format Sector is dependent & hughly  created just established from Andreas .P. Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD in this budget. It s just a part of the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL by Andreas Penno. 





So on this sector you can observe 4000 Graphically PROTOKOLLIERUNGEN & 700 Tupac Amaru Shakur also 3000  ARABIAN PROTOKOLLE / 300 AFFILIATED Source


Complete Design & Modellierung 1 / 2 / 3 Just a Chiffre of 14.000 Industrial Graphics & Optimal Illustrations


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