Modellierung & Design 4 @ Great Compilation / Intercontinental Continent Project / Authentically Design / World Economic Model / Officially - 08.12.2021 / Take a Look



So, this is the M & D 4 Sector & elaborated greatly. Just to the beginning all the continents & countries affiliated with their systematic infrastructure & Globalization & Taken Technology. Pristine & Splendid Showmanship for the spectator & Guests to look at the infrastructure & used Technology at first. So the Middle East was excluded & not present cause it was shown already in M & D Sectors 2 & 3 before. Also Europe, North America, Asia, Australia , South America & Africas great industrial & economically picturesque exemplars & representations are world intelligent & curated professionally in stage elucidated. So this project  is affiliated with the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell) and named  Intercontinental Continent Project which is globally a product of the World Economic Model. And the Geographically Sites  & Exemplars which  is in Content of the M & D 4 are also a product of the World Economic Model.  In the pristine North American Continent the Ozeanien ( Archipelago ) is involved in the US Directories & Folders but is geographically in Australia correctly. It was only redirected cause of other reasons.So also you can observe the nature & geoecologically just pristine environment of Africa & Asia and beautifully countrysides worlwide.  So estranged & not adjusted is eventually that personalities  & business men are sometimes from years before just nowadays other people is in office, maybe an update is coming next time . Africa the continent is colored & enlightened just Contrast & Color friendly graphically illustrated. Everyhings Intercontinental Initiative. Also Greenery & Renewables just Corporate Fundamentally Construction from some Build-Up in different scopes & sectors is present .Also the next passage is that Tupac Amaru Shakur ( Machiavelli ) is illustrated & graphically design established from me. Next operating system is that like already mentioned the Geographically globally maps is establíshed for orientation of mondial different GEO-Topics.And the last part of the Modellierung & Design Sector 4 is Mohammed Bin Salman & his kingdom. So now short of 2022 1 Quarter the graphically arabian Mid-East Protokolle are now coming to a diversified chiffre of 5000 apiece exemplars.Like already mentioned in the M & D 3 Sector eventually futuristic the 5000 Arabian Graphically Initiatives can get possible integrated in the public platform google. So Mohammed Bin Salman is all about business to business & Intercontinental Cooperation in Humankind. So  this M & D 4 Zession & has a special portrayal & perspective to watch all environment, scale, sea, kingdoms, construction operations, archipelago , peninsulas from the picturesque & depicted detailed illustrations just on a thick filled photographically print just head on portrayal. The last scenario is Mohammed Bin Salman's empire & kingdom. A lot of the project " The Line " just the contriving Modellierung from the groundbreaking & creation of the city NEOM is present in a graphically dialogue. Also OXAGON the new project from Saudi Arabia is adjusted intellectual present just (PIF) Affiliated . So like you see is  a special scale on time to load the M & D Zessionen, i know it's time discerning & is nerving but it's worthwhile to look it after on. So Mohammed the Vision 2030 is taken worldwide on individuals & people a special charisma just popularity & publicity, just also NEOM on the Red Sea or Qiddiya or " The Line " . People all over the world is getting attention on the Vision and the kingdom, and i'm from the Eurozone a product to promulgate great sourcing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for successfully corporate establishment & cooperation just publicity for the world just advocacy. So the Intercontinental Continent Project is a own body & own fundament  and created source from andreaspennophotography, and is a product of the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell) just all 194 Countries of human civilization to represent intellectual on graphically basis individual, so this is a product from the 25 Products, now summarized over 12 Products of the Project is accomplished & finished,namely first  Intercontinental Continent,secondly the approximately short 100 GEOGRAPHICALLY Maps on the M & D  4 Sector , and the third is the Modellierungs   & Designer Sector  @ itself. So on the Impressum is everything explicable & explicit and versatile explained from the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL. Also these three mentioned Products before does stand on a bandwidth & scala of affiliated aspirations namely the 194 Countries Affiliation & Corporate Marketing just WORLDPRESS & Globalization. Also on the directories link address is the countries german related just like the complete corporation EN / DE Formatted. Also as far as the Intercontinental Continent Materials & Prints they are from years before 2021 / 2022 most of them but they are outstanding & shiver down the spine, some are from nowadays.. Also in the Intercontinental Continent is the third passage from the Belt & Road Initiative, the first & second was in the M & D 3 Sector. Just on the ACT-4 on the PDF Sector Diversified you can look on the Act 4 great & Belt & Road Initiative materials. Also some Illustrations are Slipknot the Rock N Roll Group from Des Moines Iowa America involved in the

M & D 4. They are great & inspiration. Really.


In Annotation : 4 EU States isn't really in the EU named Russian Federation, Belarus, Island or Ukraine enlisted downside graphically. Therefore is counting others in the next turn setted for 27 Countries counting for the chiffre of EU in Exchange.

Also the European Council Photography and Parliament just Commission in the second EU Sector is European mentioned, and redirected & dedicated.Also former Chancellor Angela Merkel is in the North American Intercontinental Sector to see while she is holding a speech in front of the crowd in Harvard North America Boston. We in Germany will always remember Angela Merkel from Berlin and in Germany for centuries.God Bless.


So now 08.12.2021 ( Date of Written Introduction ) ( Rewritten also Text below 09.04.2022 ) Deviant Time from Date of Posted Graphically Protokolle in time of Content, so when these Materials was exactly taken.


Protokollierung , EU UTC GMT +2 + 14:00 ( Exact Update Time) /  World /  Europe / Western Region / EU / Tuesday, 26th, July, 2022


Photographically Content + Intercontinental Continent Project / Tupac Amaru Shakur /  Geography / Saudi Arabia ( KSA ) & AFFILIATED


3000 PROTOKOLLE / All Completed from the Modellierung & Designer Sectors ( M & D 1,2,3,4 )  just  17.000 Protokolle