Germany Against Me 








Ever was dealing with raw thangs

Call it more odd cause it's hard

Hopefully one day be diminished

It's cozy and tricky, this hokus-pokus, when it's finished

Thinking fucking george tight 

More non sense came and it turned out wrong

Cause it's a song of the withered, c'mon




Chorus: How long will i take the withered 

Sometimes diminished by everything

Hoping one day it's finished 

Just Away




But really to say, this seems to be deeply

Life's character is hard to hit

I do what i found out rightly to do

What's next, me is sometimes twisted




Chorus: How long will i take the withered 

Sometimes diminished by everything

Hoping one day it's finished

Just Away



Just hit me i kick it 

Just no bickering, just lick me

I make words and lyricz in dosis

Dressed in a Henry L Siegel

Keep going on

The perforating scenery,c'mon





2.Deal With Me Or Not



Early twisted in life i'm a hustler

The scenario is cold and empty

Is it wrong to do my way of living

Strictly peep me seriously

Just all the time 


Walking like a shadow in life

Lightly just kill me

My heart ain't taking it slightly




Chorus: Deal with me ambitious and stop this  one

Take a moment of silence 

A breath and imagine this one

Scary and frightend from the future




I like to be in a spot which has places of silence

Now look how suckaz deserve to suffocate

Keep the faith in me

Chased once by the law 

Powerful just my heart



Chorus:Deal with me ambitious and stop this  one

Take a moment of silence 

A breath and imagine this one

Scary and frightend the future to take





Try to say kill me

It does hurt now feel me

I like to see it clearly 



3. Starry Starry Night



If your childhood was pain and horrow

Tomorrow sadness and sorrow 

Cause there is no way out

One day the sunny dayz is catching you 

I believe the starry night

Can cause a lot of smile in your life




Refrain: It's like everybody needs the clear  starry love tonight

Why so bitter, why so sad, dry your tears, don't give up

Just don't



Life goes on, stay strong overcome the worse

Dry your tears,  starry clear nights

Can change your ways to be

 Now see and believe me

You is unique,  

In every way 




Refrain: It's like everybody needs clear starry love tonight

Why so bitter, why so sad, dry your tears, don't give up

Just don't 




Believe in faith and look at your heart

It's gonna save your ways

Crawling in your skin, is a camoflouge to stand

Ballads of the starry can hit you eternal

Cause i be there, no matter what's coming

Eternelly peace will achieve u

Dilemas can end in miracles 

Just look away baby




Refrain: It's like everybody needs clear starry love tonight

Why so bitter, why so sad, dry your tears, don't give up

Just don't





4. Germany Against Me



Wellen der unerwünschten Sehnsüchte, trotz aller Beschwerden lebe ich noch, jeder war gegen meine Präsenz

Siehst KKS auf einem Hochhaus, Musik ausstrahlen, enorme Gefühle die dir durch den Kopf bang

Viel Liebe an meiner Brüder aus dem Osten, lieber Comrad hast du Hoffnung, bringst Mengen zum kochen

Wie stark kann ein einzelner Mensch bloß sein, ich meine weiter zu hoffen, ich war am Abgrund dieser Welt

Kein Mensch begegnete mir mit Liebe


Ich meine, wie weit soll es gehen, mein Herz ist niedergestreckt worden

Aber morgen werde ich versuchen ein Mann der Tat zu sein und das mit Herzen

Eskalierend, innerlich erfrierend, mir krausch vor der Naß,

Doch ich muss weiter sehen, schau es dir an

Einige Menschen sind doch kleine Hypocrits



Hook: Wer konnte mich schon jemals verstehen, es ist so schwer, so verflucht verdammt schwer nach vorne zu sehen  



Es hört einfach nicht auf, traurig aber wahr diese endlosen Schmerzen, lasse deine Träume niemals aus den Augen

Hände in die Höh, wer kann mich fühlen, es geht mir nur ums eine, diese Hypokrisie auszulöschen

Drauf, gebe ich alles und lebe für den Moment, lass mich an die ganz große Kohle ran

 Ob Dieter Bohlen Fila Sohlen


Man sollte meinen zu glauben wie schwachsinnig einige Menschen doch in Wirklichkeit sind

Auf Draht sein, die Lyrik parat zu haben und keine Scheisse mehr labern

Meine Army ist bereit, alle waren gegen mich, selbst Gott hat sich gegen mich gerichtet

Das ist purer Ernst und das wort wörtlich, die Zeile genannt


Wichtig ist mir eins, innerlich richtig, aufrichtig und korrekt zu bleiben

Doch eins verspreche ich, keine Gnade mit diesen Schwachmaten und all diesen Lutschern

Ambitionen seit jungen Jahren

Bist du schonmal für diese ganze weite Welt gestorben wie Black Jezus




Hook: Wer konnte mich schon jemals verstehen, es ist so schwer, so verflucht verdammt schwer nach vorne zu sehen




Stecke voller Inspiration, Deutschland gab mir Ignoranz, ich verblutete innerlich

Hände in die Höh von links nach rechts

Vibe die echt und nicht schlecht ist, wer konnte mich schon jemals verstehen

Ein Leben mit Träumen, versäume du dein Leben nicht, schau dir ins Gesicht und bring die Welt außer Atem


Hook: Wer konnte mich schon jemals verstehen, es ist so schwer, so verflucht schwer nach vorne zu sehen 

Es tut weh. so verflucht weh



Fühlt das wahre, das wahrhaftige

Einer Mentalität




5. Ballads  Of The Drastically



It's like drastic stories can go far 

Touching U inside

Watching them stars and dream by this sight

Just come close 

Just like 



Hook: My life turned out a ballad of the drastic 

To know it's the symphony of the gone

All about classics in some ways of lyrically form




Little disillusioned by the stress

They gotta understand it ain't easy to hold on 

I gotta be strong



Hook: My life turned out a ballad of the drastic 

To know it's the symphony of the gone

All about classics in some ways of lyrically form




 Fucking george tight

Everybodys disguising their mouth

The ballad of the drastically

Just kill me, feel me

Believe me it's not easy




6. Baby Let Me Hold Ya




Baby let me hold ya

Theatric twinkling can cause a lot 

My lyrically lines are done with old summer stories

People does bicker and is always in hatred


It's all about to listen with your heart

 This living ain't easy

Wherever i walk



Hook: Just baby let me hold ya

Does me say wrong and it's just a song

I told you 

Coming for the things

Just coming close




Clearly my mind seems to be

How long will it take to be strong

Lyricism done

Just to have lyrically ways alike singing Halleluja

Some in a sight

This just my song



Hook: Just baby let me hold ya

Does me say wrong and it's just a song

I told you

Coming for the things

Just coming close 




Some in life was to the most a mystery

Just unkown,, alike frozen




7. The Unglued 



Close your eyes and  tell me what U see

The glimpse is mesmerizing everybody

Beeing real and prepared from the most innerside

Shook in the morning 

Just feel



Chorus: Strictly dramatizing the scenery

C'mon step to me, outlaw, seems to be, i'm ready

The unglued, the real, just believe me

So see 


It's not easy to move on and do everythings right

Somethings wrong,  just look at me the unglued

The infamous

The one which does feel 

Now you gotta deal

Just take it real



Chorus: Strictly dramatizing the scenery

C'mon step to me, outlaw, seems to be, i'm ready

The unglued, the real, just believe me 

So see 



8. Bring luv Caribean


The streetz of cali, reggae just ladies with steel-o on jamaican feelings

Reggae waves, shake them fakes, what's at stake sunny faith of bummy ways

Where ever i walk, spark the bluntz and feel, it all about to deal 

Just feel



Refrain: I wanna bring luv, most happy now

I wanna bring luv, most Reggae now

I wanna bring love, Caribean 




Dearous lady, is you krazy like Tracy McGrady, so it's time now

It's belonging to us now, passionately, fashionable, late night lately

Baby get close to me, it's krazy, dizzy, busy, baby just miss me

Just classic, rock and roll 


Sunflora him rock that hoe, oh my god, i like you

Taste is heavently, outta control




Refrain: I wanna bring luv, most happy now

I wanna bring luv, most Reggae now

I wanna bring love, Caribean 




9. Keep the Faith



Raised in insanity, every morning

 Rebell eternal, drastically waken up

Ever felt them streetz, war mentality

Shellz and guns, dust and enamel

Once so precious, kick every session


With a sense of traditions, sometimes stressin

,Just da capo every day

A world full of lonleyness, it's the same

It's stress i wonder what happend



Chorus:Keep the faith

Number luv, what's at stake

More in sake of living every day 

In a way of the wise

Just celebrating  life's deep  

Baby in every way




But to come along, how can only one person

Be so strong,  take it easy

Take off your mask, aligned in style

Was a way of my heart really to say

Who ever can touch your essence


Stressin everyday, taking daily life's lessons

To portray the way of the strange, the odd all day



Chorus:Keep the faith

Number luv, what's at stake

More in sake of living every day 

In a way of the wise

Just celebrating  life's deep 

Baby in every way



Save your sympathy, c'mon

Stories can be very worry

Can u imagine, 

Just feel



C'mon be life-long strong and wipe your tears dearous one




10. In A Sense of Heart's Sights



It possibly never change

I have something to say

In every way just close your eyez

 In a sense of heart's sights

Just away



Hook: Can you see the rebellion, one life one love

See and believe it clearly to feel

Tell me what i'm living for

Maybe for nothing

Just sure


Fucking George Tight, please squeazy up and down

If the ending is escalating, me is the last one

Who is there lately baby

In a sense of heartz sights

Just awaken spirits inside



Hook: Can you see the rebellion, one life one love

See and believe it clearly to feel

Tell me what i'm living for

Maybe for nothing

Really sure




11. War 



The Ak in the closet, hustling every morning

Born in a world which is really wrong, tell me

I fall away, please lord catch me

If this shit is really wreck me

Everybody's in the world attack me



Hook: Miles of a solider

War comes close to living 4

It's purely touching everybody

For sure




Didn't see everything

Which is really a problem 

This living is abstractly

 Always some imbecillity does hit me

Thinking deep behind in time

All i see is wrong stories behind

Really to say



Hook: Miles of a solider

War comes close to living 4

It's purely touching everybody


For sure



Tears coming down and striving for change, so see  

Just believe me sometimes frightened

Listen to the song Hey, Hey Goodbye  

Deeply in spirits inside

Just alike  



 12. Mesmerizing 



Drama is all expected early in the morning, lyricz deep 

People love to bicker, sometimes fading, sometimes s krazed

Just look at the common faith

Maniac bone so lone and look at my face




Hook: Never was inspired by the one's which are wrong

So a song written against those one's

You is at mesmerizing theatric fun




It's everybodys faith, desire bout blessing is possibly awaken

Possibly messing in somebodyz soul 

All the time shiver down the spine

When listen to the way of the streets

Deeply to say



Hook: Never was inspired by the one's which are wrong

So a song written against those one's

You is at mesmerizing theatric fun




13. All Nights Out



This is the wicked risky style, high til i die

Chop the razorblade, risky and listen to the brisky

Cause it's risky and the performance in a way of just listen 



Hook: This is wicked,, tricky, just kick it and lick it

Ladies kiss me, all nights out , all nights loud,

Just sick and miss me, just wicked



So really risky, like early in the morning

A train in Cologne is passing by

Deeply confrontations with Paul, the gone

Just something to say

All nights out 

Sounding alike meaning the vibe tonight



Hook: This is wicked,tricky, just kick it and lick it

Ladies kiss me, all nights out , all nights loud

Just sick and miss me, just wicked



Like the holy to unfold me i told you 

Now show me  the risky

Just listen  






Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Industrial  Creation & Design
Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Industrial Creation & Design





Can U Understand My Ways





1.Sacred War Done



Just sacred thangs just done

Tell me, ever heard bout shady thangs

Lyricism instead people's wishes

On a way of the sacred mission

Just say



Chorus: So listen, sacred war just done

Hopefully peace can come

Deeply inside, it's the awake of the holy war

Hopefully not



Be to the Lord be in forgiveness 

The holy war is in awake

Praying to God for my squad

People does bleed and stay in agony




Chorus: So listen, sacred war just done

Hopefully peace can come

Deeply inside, it's the awake of the holy war 

Hopefully not




 Try to focus on reality, just sacred events done

Outlaw til i'm gone never trippin

Blessed by spittin 



Strictly ballin and troops gonna hit you

Gortoz A Ran




2.Are You Afraid To Die



Ever seen things nobody ever seen

Come with some sense

Fading deep, peep me


See me just strictly as somebody from the wise

This life is lived once, are you afraid to die

Living alike the epos tonight



 Refrain:Are you afraid to die, strictly your mind gets questioned

Possibly one day it's over

Classics are done

Afraid to die, just tell some



Can you understand me, it's pretty hard

Strong from the most innerside

It's like this life is bleached with a sight

Of sorrow and the bleak




Refrain:Are you afraid to die, strictly your mind gets questioned

Possibly one day it's over, sippin on cocktails, classics are done

Afraid to die, just tell some



Are you afraid to die

It's simple, mind's getting questioned

It's stressin just messin with ideas of the demise

It's like it's odd to think about



3. Loyality 




With your presence in my ear, fearfully and in awe was  me really oftently in life

This thang got me feeling shook, it's dope, messin with deep confrontations

Listen with my heart my whole life, but now look

Never come close to trippin, kicking every paragraph with sense

Just shook



Chorus: Let it everybody know

Loyality is welcomed in life

Just a rising sight




Living on the road of the glory

The world should know

Living on the railway of the unpredictable

Just the hymn of loyalty 




Chorus: Let it everybody know

Loyality is really welcomed in life 

Just a rising sight





4. Touch U Deeply




A sight of the dimming, the rise of the sun

If you listen closely myself was inspired by lyrically ways

I do live with my heart all day


Can you imagine things coming close to your mind

On a mission just where you get twisted,

Bliss far away



Chorus:Imagine something awake, just a daredevil on a ride

Ballin is my thang, keep it real, and just feel

Really to say,  touch u deeply




Can you picture one individual in a stance of a chance living glad

Hatred is garbage

Imaginary by the risky

By things getting twisted



Chorus:Imagine something awake just a daredevil on a ride

Ballin is my thang, keep it real, and just feel,

Really to say, touch u deeply






5.Save Your Sympathy



Please Lord, myself does believe there's no way out

As far as sympathy for people which are encaged of drama

You should understand, one day the misery and agony is blown in the wind


Soft strings does downturn your vibe

In the ways of your heart




Chorus: Baby,save your sympathy and understand the ways of strive for change

In exchange for the same you stand every day, you have to look at your heart in every way




So gangsterism in my heart, does awake a soul 

Getting emotionally in a train which is  at runaway

Best believe, to be so suprisingly in life is hope for everybody




Chorus: Baby,save your sympathy and understand the ways of a gangsta in strive for change

In exchange for the same you stand every day, you have to look at your heart in every way




6.Can U Understand My Ways



Firstly, in every sense of, my life or just how me gotta explain

Was a way of the ambitious, really to say

Sometimes in tendency on things which were really strange and levity, la vida loca


Somestimes life's does catch you from anywhere

Best believe, c'mon life's to short to mess every day with wrong thoughts 

But so truly to say, anyway




Chorus:Understand, Understand, Understand just U

The whispering in the air does come close to you

Sometimes in a way of the withered



Giving u hope, just dope, influenced by a lot

Understand, i gotta tell,

It's all about passion by mashin


Now mysteries are blow away

Strictly peep me seriously

Just keep it 





Chorus:Understand, Understand, Understand just U

The whispering in the air does come close to you

Sometime in a way of the withered



It ain' t easy to keep going on,

Under different circumstances me was away

Just believe in destiny, a change and shift came so quick

One word to say

The odd and strange came

All day




7. Lost And Away



Myself does run through this cold world, in ask to the most

Clutching the questions of he next, the Toxicity the strange

Watching at stories just secret of wars


Just understand, my life was more embroiled

Of my heart how i feel

Believe me




Chorus: I be just lost and away, but next day

It's gonna be ok and sincere in every way



Melodies of the questions done,

Sing the song of the one

My only fear of death is reincarnation

Put it down like, cause i can tell u what


In my heart me is more a rebell against a whole  country

Just look at you and take the world out of breath

What's left




Chorus: I be just lost and away, but next day

It's gonna be ok and sincere in every way






8. How It's Gonna Be 




Tell em how we do, we lived in unity 

God's words are cursed like crack

Singing sometimes, Hey Hey Goodbye



Chorus: Tell me what i'm living for, Outlaw

Say, see you on the freeway baby

Late night lately, just face me



Seems mysteries does touching me

Deeply to see

By the sincere



Chorus:Tell me what i'm living for

Say, see you on the freeway baby

Late night lately, just face me




Touching someone deeply in prose

Decisions in life turned out closley to death





9.In the Air Tonight



Heart's shaking while having my ladies on the side

One to the left and on the right

Loving the sight of whispering just the air tonight

Come close just u, it's all about feelings,true

In a way of gangsta, look at me and believe 




Refrain:C'mon, listen to the air tonight

Just feel and tell me what U see

Baby, you know i mean




My major thang was to get major dope

Let it be and let it be

Looking at them stars and believe

How far does it reach just to feel like some G, you feel me

More of the liqours  and cognac, can you see  it clearly



Refrain:C'mon, listen to the air tonight

Just feel and tell me what U see

Baby, you know i mean 



And feel it in the air tonight

Whisper some like baby let me hold ya

Me is close to you

Now it's really showdown just, shown to ya'll




So listen closely

Just feel

Believe me it's like 

Getting ready for the event of your life

In the Air Tonight





10.Hit Me Right



In the depth of a scenario

This infancy is all about stupidity in my sense of

Even God likes to hurt you, nothing else left

People live abstract in insanity, no one cares in this dirty society



Hit me right alike fulfilled with flavour tonight

A grind of life's emotions, hoping

One day this trick is away



Chorus:Hit me Clown, hit my heart directly , take it deep, things get twisted



Hit me deep, and brake out in tears and sadness

You know your right, but the most things

I have heard is really disgusting for everyone

Tell me why does this happen


Are you crucified ?

The most time in life is possibly alike

Just a sight



Chorus:Hit me Clown, hit my heart directly, take it deep, things get twisted



11. Cause Me Is Strong 



Ever seen wrong things coming close to you

Do everythings rightly to do

Melancholy does touch me from the most innerside deeply

People does lye, afraid to step into the next


Crying sometimes innerly 

Afterwards i'm relieved and feeling like humanbeing



Refrain:Sometimes wrong at first

My mind is blind in at wrongfully sight

This shit does rip me apart



Somethings wrong at first, i believe one day it's accomplished

My misery is sometimes

Questioned, stressin

By the most, believe me

Now see me





Refrain:Sometimes wrong at first

My mind is blind in at wronfully sight

This shit does ripping me apart




12. Scary To Stay




Are you scared to stay and looking forwardly

Sometimes life's shady sites can get on you

Stay strong

Overcome the bad

Don't be scary




Chorus: Scary to stay, babay be awake by life in common faith

A blind mind all the time, things became more a way of the twisted

Everythings so confused

And just trippin '




Tell me some bout people thinking why we here

Drinking cheap liqour, getting twisted

Missing the bliss 

Which does come from spirits inside

So briskly alike




Chorus: Scary to stay, babay be awake by life in common faith

A blind mind all the time, things became more a way of the twisted

Everythings so confused

And just trippin '




13.I Gonna Destroy U



It does really catch u, deeply in moment to be

Let it be and do the best out of your life in one shot to see





Refrain: Getting innerly touched by the memories

So it really does feel good to look behind 

Sometimes i'm really  shook in the mind




Gangsterism in the heart remembering the good

An occasion to know the times behind

Which does start to flourish in you firstly as a seed

Hit me outlaw, the scenery of the past

Does awake sights in me, till the last




Refrain::Getting innerly touched by the memories,

It really does feel good to look behind 

Sometimes i'm  really shook in the  mind




14. Glory



Bring glory in dosis

Mesmerizing the whole scenario

Just glorify the good

Just look sometimes shook


Ain't a crook




Chorus:  Never be fake

Imitch of the fame is the same

Than trapped in a cage

Just facing cases of getting chased



A clown can come around and shake you down

A  prosa by frozen heart's, lyrically done

Whispering in the air

To glorify the life  




Chorus:: Never be fake

Imitch of the fame is the same

Than trapped in a cage

Just facing cases of getting  chased 




Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD
Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD





Screaming worldwide  rebell til i'm gone

Sittin on chrome, let everybody know

AK in the front of the porch

Getting in love with my ski-mask 

Tattered and torn my soul seems to be 

So it is so. me isn't about thugz


Cause to wait and bleed is deathfully 

I really feel like there will never be peace in my heart, truly

Best believe


I miss dayz of bliss and joy

Hold a candle for a world event which was world relevant

So keep the faith in every way

Getting emotionally every day, but really to say



My style shook the whole world

It ain't easy to move forwardly

It's stress and  it's like me is under arrest

It is more like a shipwreck to attack


Let it be known, me is never trippin, totally krazed

Just amazed by Paul the great the unglued

Say i wouldn't say neither, it's the true and masked

Waken up fleddered and torn

Seems to be immense pressure to stand


 Alone in a world without comrads

Struggle against these arrogant people daily

This society is only lavish 


Ever seen a night sky which was shiny and bright

My eyez was like suprised in this sight

Just alike


See life's character is hard to hit

Life's so short

Grip the essence of yourself. me is questioned 

What's coming next

Barley believing one day exhilarated from all the stress


This song is dedicated to them people, which were aligned

Full of thoughts bout in life behind, Paul Gray behind

The great the gone i pour out liqour for you '

Reminiscing you 


I never forgot your time on the group with unity  behind

Just listen, on stage united frowned

Your lyrically frame just deep to say 

Going krazy on stage, baby


Questions are raised so look at my face

Look into my eyez 

My demise hopefully kinda alike 

Early in sight


They gotta understand it ain't easy to hold on in this nation 

Please no more shocking allegations

Observatory everyday from above just fading

Watching them stars and seeing a shiny sky  which is at bride omega  


Full of bloodshed and torn, a crown of thorns filled with blood inside

Screaming tha country is breathing in a sight of dirt insude

Wait and bleed is perhaps a job which is painfully



To get attention is possibly easy to grip

Perhaps the shadows depth

Caught me since early on


Picture, Germany against me , to believe you against a country

Switch them trickz in a mix of perforating them quick

It ain't easy to hold on, stay strong dearous one


And believe for the good, c'mon

Nowadays things changed

Cause it's not more the same


Savas goes Hollywood, look at me ,who ever cares in a world which is scandalous

Some people have verbal disguise

Cause they fear the truth, it ain't cool


Best believe is there coming somebody to my porch, it's tha AR

Paparazzi is out, so sloppy, talk about Papi Chulo

Spirits awake life inside of me, deeply


 Fakers does look in my face in surplus like brothers cases

But hey na, somebody gotta keep his head up, look at them foul people

Decayed away


Times moving quick, take the breath outta inspiration

Mesmerizing the scenery, hypnotizing tha world

Leaks in the web, did revelation and truth


This planet is so dark, but every humanbeing is unique, my soul is deep in misery, labeld as lunatic


I want to have peace in my heart, just awaken your dreams

Say america is deceit, it's truth and believe it is treeacherous in a way of politics

People love to bicker, it's tricky, life's shady sites are like hard to like

Sometimes in life, it's like frightned

So look


It's me against Germany 

Grip the chance to change some 

To teach a lot, don't feed into it, it's gonna number escalate

I'm in chaos just celebrating life with questions in mass 

Old times stay manifested deep in me

I feel like me is build on my own and self-made



You gotta be smart, shocked was me with sixteen, when me was entrenched in this chaos 

And everytthings just started from day one

This blashpemy, this fiction, me does do livin emotionally


Can somebody only say some, if he became crucified ?

Cause me is questioend, where does this all come from

What is belonging to me, what does going on 


I wanna bring luv caribean,

Dear Lord tell me what i'm living for, 4, deeply to say

 Strictly riding down like B&C

So tragedies does cost nerves,so whatcha gonna do

Tell me


Lyrical lines can effect some, south central those who don't be afraid of

Copycats does exist many, i never drunk cognac or hard liqours 

Mysoginistic was me never, in contrary

I swear to god, it was war back in dayz

My motto was more ballin




Lyricz just done, the whisper of fortune can come, some to achieve in front

Please dearous Lord take me away

From all the violence and the dirt

A sight of the dimming


Fascinated by the sight of capulets

To choose to be true can have negativity

Get locked up won't let me out


Germany against me was coming strictly out of my mind of a life's sight

Where ever i walk, it's shamefully and dark

It's feels like a shadows depth in expect to follow you


To have dreams means you can achieve

So look how shook my lyrical style does seem to be

Talk to my beretta like she's flying like a thang

Just passionately



Be ambitious while young 

C'mon be yourself,  be relevant 

Whisper words of wisdom

Just hit the essence of yourself in event


I only see terror, the mirror shows horror and it turns out sorrow

Tomorrow possibly me is dead, cause this life me can't stand


Someone doesn't like me, and a torn fleddered soul

My days became a tragedy like Shakespeare i guess, so it's pure stress

The only thang i wanted in my life was peace till God was causing more dirt


I want to dissapear like a corpse, wordz can come outta some people just dirt

A song written can give accomplished moments

So listen closely


I like literary works and nuthing from this senseless dirt

Relapse me is sometimes 

Sometimes me is dreaming and all me does see is agony  


Ain't living well, lyrics accurately laid down

My style shook the whole world 

Sounding great around


Stress it's hard to endure

Life's hard complexity is difficuilt to touch

A life to lead with neuroleptics is sceptic


Homies like me living abstractly, to figure out who really knows the truth,

We have to find out that's it's jokey

Classy records from artists just are well in a sight



My teardrops come down, what's next


Just looking into the mirror, seeing expressions

A session just rocafella more acapella

Just withered away

Iin sake of somebodys faith me has to bleed 

Tell me what i'm living for, Outlaw, just an artillery and shellz

Who ever felt more victimised

Spit it out


Let it be let it down and start to believe

Possibly i failed sometimes cause it was destiny



That love is required in everybodys life

Celebrating a nation full of a theatralic vibration, some is fading, late night lately at lights from the cars

At nights watching at them stars,


Somebody on this planet is evil ,it ain't easy

Fading sometimes, but now i see this life wasn't meant for me, believe me

Hhave to find my sleep, please lord

My decision in life is to get away from you


So graffiti walls is arts, recently talked a lot of non-sense like every day

Why so bitter why sad dry your tears

Baby don't 



Possibly my life will end bitterly

Places on earth can be hell, this ain't livin, my father raised me



So multiple rounds are laced

My style shook the whole world



Life's situations can crumble, ain't trippin

Homie so i'm lonley for a long time, multiple wounds hit you  

Just kick it like a rose which does burn since day one on a crown of thorns

 My lyrically intentions are justified, a camouflouge some people does have


This is my life my life lived once, what can me do, got nothing to lose

 Ever seen tears coming down them ladies eyes

Just flowing down the face


 Never start to get trippin '

Never really faking

 Living more in sake of upper fakes


Idolizing celebrating music, let myself always into different questions

Me is embroiled in a dilema, it's a drama and drastic

Messied up clearly always inside fearful



Skeptic and hectic all the time

No prudent talks me is catching 

From the most innerside me does feel not so deep

Me does start to get twisted

Strictly, believe me life's not easy



Whistling a song called " Hey, Hey Goodbye " at nights

When the stars is shiny and bright


Ever woke up early in the morning, stressin deep

I lay this content in your hands, before i ask questions

Dramatized my life to the fullace



It's like innocent angels ripping U apart

 Tell me, are you crucified ?

Hope one day there's gonna be peace



Friends lost and mind always sharp like a razor blade

Faith and in a sake of never wanting to be fake

Daily situtations hard to mess, it's stress

In addition, things became twisted and missing bliss since early on


Be smart and grip the chance to create some 

Me is ready what ever comes that comes


Peep the scenario, in the end it doesn't matter

Illusion  came and it turned out strange, popular i never want to be


Everybody wants to listen to the right kick, so shit

Dope lyrically thangs are worldwide marked

Inhalin cigaretts just mass

Clutching a lot of problems inside

It's like my dreams seems far


Stressin but questioned in the end

Falling away in sleepless nights 

To the end i'm seeing nothing


 One blast with the beretta so i pray for a better way

But fuck it, texts done and created some

You bustas scream till it's raw and done 

Lyrically established in raw form

Come baby, look at me 

Acoustic properly done


The time moving quick, spittin just at tricks

Here i'am just  i take my experience

Abyss and a territory of the perpetuity


Dreaming is possibly ok, the trick is to never lose hope

Femophobia me never was about

A disguise by my mouth never really been

Hypnotizing the whole scenery


Hit the scene with teflon and ski-masks, bulletproof and raw texts, the midwest turn to more war weapons


Have a frown for a prison-break or a revolutioanary story by,  take it easy


Come as you are,  it's hard to keep going on,  it's just issues

Sloppy was me never and next time we gonna shiver down the spine, ain't hard to find

Trickie it's the whole way up, c'mon so listen

Somestimes my mind is getting illusioned and blind



Looking peculiar at someone, cause it's always enstranged

Can you feel it in the air tonight, look at my face

In my mind me is sometimes blind, sinsere all every time


Lyrically poeten meant, i was early in life embroiled in serious situations

Listen every day to the sincere, when the train is lost and away 


Nuthin but the real 'just the capo every day

Say Paul some day it will become a reunion in every way

No matter, Corey and Chris, you will be unified in glory

With him the unglued, than it's showdown for the group


Angels like to be in control

Set your eyez in the event of some

See, me isn't bout jokey thangs


When your hearts not open, just frozen

Watchin at them stars thinking deeply on the times in front

For life me isn't chosen

I like lyricism in dosis


Strictly business, missin the bliss

Of the lost and gone, blowing wishes

Something inside of me is levity, some in life turned out tragedy


Just miss me, don't do hypocrisy

    Only see one act to portray, a way of the outlaw,

   Really to saylove, understand me



World-Wide Industry / Internet Corporation / Known on / / google worldwide / / /
World-Wide Industry / Internet Corporation / Known on / / google worldwide / / /



Ever thought something like life can touch you immense

This society doesn't care by ideals coming from nations sorrows

Tomorrow contingently the sorrow is over 

Thug Thespian and stressed a lot, alike

I have to think smart and properly in sight


Coming close to celebrating life in composure like innerly frozen

Expect that Macadoshis, that thug shit, that raw vibe in dosis

Look, and start to believe, dreams can come close, chosen for life me isn't

Like you know, one life to live


In a sight of your heart, alike playing with your mind

To know what in front of the dayz before

Just coming


I like ammu and my AR-15, dreams by the better, always like ever

Ghetto and rebells just thugz for war, more anacdotes out of Prague deeply to believe, so far

Where love is written in a enclosed block called eternally

Pure emotionally ways of believing in ideals

Touching them stars and bring it like deep poeten


Wake up early in the morning, my body torn and fleddered

Everythings full of blood


Come close to know, i'm ready for sure

And pride  from the most innerside, alike

It is so


Which was long ago, but you gotta know it's close to you

Sometimes life's tricky

It feels good to be someone, sincere and honest

Now kick me and lick me 

Don't trick me


Thinking deeply to the next, nuthing but empty thoughts behind

This is my texts, my life is filled with Papi Chulo, what's left

In a feeling myself getting just accomplished with love

I want to attack just saying i'm back


My composure just weak and sometimes rising

Maybe you drive me krazy, look what exactly is forwardly to know 

Once i heard, i can feel it coming it in the air tonight, oh lord 

Now i say  i can feel the moment of whispering close to know

Just more  easily to say a story of the gone can be worry

Alike sorry to someone's


A face of the devil singing drama oh papi

A bent pipe, like tonight you gonna be shiver down the spine

Most sloppy whistling the song of the death all the time

My name's Andi


Clandestine you understand me, by the reality 

Lyrically endowed really deep, them streetz is hypocrisy

Getting crucified severerly, ain't nobody ever heard me

My life in exchange for yours, every day it's stress, say me is under arrest

My life really out of moral breath


Seeing a lot of drama

A clown with tears in his face, is sadness glorified

So Paul, one day you and Corey just the masked troop is unified, less tribulations

Like your feelings was come on stage and be unglued totally, to your cru

, My lines, everythings is true


Thuggin deep, krazed by the most innerly,

Behind perils and wisdom is a lot, let it be, just do that

Fulfilled with strive  of hope is my heartly essence

Stressin sometimes, attacking verbally a lot

Lyrically deep from the first line to the last

You know your rights


My life is hard to portray, in a way of to say, it's not to stand, this visual crucifix, deeply 

 Only questions inside, but really to say



Outlaw till i die, bulletz touching, later on multiply 

I like hundred dollar bills in my hands, not in intention of dissin '

A chance to keep it up, life's sweet bitterly

Insanity sometimes kicked off

Krazed old times missin

Praying to god for forgivin



What's next


Condoms and Champaign glasses

Deathrow, classicaly beats, war on the streets

Quotes from my side givin, called a lone mission

In expect of a dope liaison


Say, Fatal Hussein alias Sadam Hussein

Once in life so at presence by them outlawz,

Rest in peace, to you, i reminisce you at unity


Community in my location is hard to find

Life's too short to mess everdays stress


Me is under arrest, sometimes life's boring just oftenly

Yeah in the air tonight, liking elion and insanity

Drastically tragedies may come


Shadowly i guess it's coming, in truth to say, some is unknown

To be down for lyrically ways, does give me inner strength,

Deeply to say


I like riches from things required in givin

Shaking just shook from the innerside by a lot of mindthoughts

I want to ascertain some in life, gunplay and gats is possibly not for rats

Once i saw a fashion show on my flatscreen


Believe me, is strictly deepness to portray

To mess every day with conflicts is tricks to kick away, deeply


Once in youth i was loudy and wild to do things

Just thuggin

Outlaw way of life does give the innerside spirits out of peace alike 

Just nuthin but the crunchy in sight



Makaveli was oftenly metaphorically

So his alias


I like spiritually vibe, alike a sight of the turning low of your heart

Visualizing the wreck, one day i'll be back, waken up early

in the morning maimed and thinking on death


The law is wrong in most everybody's life, aligned philosophy

Can change your mind, mostly afrightened

Existence on this planet give's my heart weakness


It's stress, remembering one day was me blessed

Left behind, coming along with a whisper on a mission, early twisted, say me is under stress


I believe sensefully my mind is always blind, a sight of regulations from the streets

Chinua Achebe givin conclusions talking about sense behind


Leaking some about mysteries circling around, rounds fly

Getting high and starting to be allright


Whisper words of wisdom coming close to my life, getting high and observe the screen

Kurt Cobain just blowed his brain with tha shotty back in time, hopefully he wasn't afraid


Yak and Pak were figures just a visualization in lifetime

I like outlaw living, having the lyrically aspects ready, just feel me, now kill me

This country is giving you vibe alike of dirty society in light

Might one day it's over, god bless the children of tomorrow


Ain't sorrows doing wrong to me, enemy of state, all written in common faith


A shining star in my life is possibly a sight of getting tortured inside

Classic old-fashioned gangsterim at admiration, fading oftenly

Sometimes in need to see it clearly, musically done and acoustically

Baby don't fear me


Feelings brought done in a way of lyrically just some

The church is cursed and god is dirt, just nuthin else matters

My soul just fleddered and battered, once i believe justice does matter

Daily asking questions, black business is really interesting


I like low laid acoustic, listen to the pinnacle of a string just grunge

Just thinking sometimes why not blowing my brain in pieces

Believe me, people or somebody else is just jealous of ways just talent


Those kinda people is liars and nuthing more

Outlaw, tell me what i'm living 4, everybodys knocking on heavens door

 Sure, that this planet does need the glory to rockin ' like Corey 


I love lyric, liking just kick it and smack it

This living is nothing without heart, wherever i walk i spark some fall of wrong an evil

Upstream thinking, just beat it, classic assessed, blessed by living, in the life just forgiving

Clowning a lot, drinking cognac till dusk, proper life conditions, this society ain't caring by the next generation

A clever guy like me is just loving saying turn it up Andi, most ridicolous & notorious

Glorious, just kill me believe and feel me


I like politics and deepness in not saying leave me, just believe me it's a epidemic seed my lyric saying alike love and unity

Community does bring truth to me, social abyss in a way of start in youth just cannabis

Dreaming 4 sure by them bick bucks, missing Max and them guys, me nice like white mice

Passionately alike tonight rocking in glory like Corey, dreams a lot in the heart

Shards of the past hit sometimes, please lord push them away

Ronin and Jean Francois Richet, role models to my heart, dark feeling sometimes

The world moves and i notch deep inside my innerworth, liking


Passion for proper acoustic, getting emotionally inside, it's like this living is sometimes good or bad

One day i be back, america is treacherous politics, classic performed my lyric

One mirage is some real i experienced, dirty ways can lead to dirty days

I hope so, to excel a stance of a chance, beeing accepted by every human-beeing

Living of days of exactly beeing not anymore encaged, look at my face, fucking George Tight

Them strings is going, you know your right, alike fading oftenly

Reaching to the pinnacle of lyrically ways, hey everybody on this planet has sometimes wrong days

To say on day it's allrght, ok


Step on the scence, pulmonary weak, bleak, reaching to a bitterly streak

Politicians is compulsory arranged, Versace on google world-wide spread, just a leak

Notching on dreams with a semen of believing out a hearfully scheme


I can feel it come it in the air tonight, written and composed, the event of your life

Alike journalism is the reflection of the populars wrong conditions

A lane in life giving, since early on, we gotta need love in dosis

Disciplinary ways can shiver people's sides, what does you think if you does look back or forwardly

Acoustically done, proper layers created, sometimes fading, in sake of living precious 

Catching life's perils, getting engulfed dirty blessing



Loving passionately women, have heart for em, in livin


A sound coming straight around, kill and feel me, my people just die for me

Born as a lyricist, nowadays people say nuthing but the wrong

Decisions can have wide impact 

Just rocking like Corey, more of the glory

Don't worry and commit never deeds which are not from your heart

Walking through these perils, can't defend my self

Life's ain't easy, come as you are, these times got me shook


Relapse sometimes

Troublesome in life sometimes, it's just issues, keep the faith, sitting sometimes out 

How far is it to death in my life, seen a lot, grunch times punk just rock times


Best believe

Peep me strictly seriously


 A writer and designer, blessed with riches of good living, missing times just from the gone in this livin



Sometimes life's downgraded and fading to the most

It's like fire burning in hell, it so hard to endure and stand

A shame turned out reality, but this fiction doesn't stop

Illusionary seems to be a dream and nothing but a seed of the wrong

Ave Mary come and save me, is it worse and bad influence


Chorus:A Decacade of Silence, pure stressing

A session of obsession, no rest and no peace

It's a genocide and maimed somebody became

So now i will be strong just very strong


No no no, oh no this can't be true

It's like this fiction is controlling you for a decade

Faith and blessing far away

So i say it's hard bababy


Chorus:A Decacade of Silence, pure stressing

A session of obsession, no rest and no peace

It's a genocide and maimed somebody became


So now i will be strong just very strong


A shadow of dark just a heart which is at climax just an pinnacle with sorrows pressed in the bottom

Kurt Cobain just influenced me a lot, i like the streets of america

I'm happy now bout my weakness just temptation, this hell doesn't stop

Back in time me and my cousin Wjatischlaw were hustling like Pak and Yak were in the war of 94'



Refrain:A Shadow of the dark does come and overthrow my heart

I hope one day this disappears and this fear will just be blown away


Shadows just darkness can overthrew your essence and it's pure stressin

Lessons of life everybody has to take, just i want to stay wide awake

But please take me seriously and normally


Refrain:A Shadow of the dark does come and overthrow my heart

I hope one day this disappears and this fear will just be blown away



Somebody is lost in ballads of life, cause it was planned

Dilemas can come, sorrows can go, foul people are always treacherous like vultures

Hope and Blessing is far away, sad vibe does come, screaming l.a l.a

Ey, does me say my real  real thugz, just G riding talk bout Graffiti colors

Panther Power is my inspiration, start for the rebellion

Unkempt trousers from ladies is heaven and blessing

My life is stress, possibly fading away when me does grow, but me does rise

Just look at my eyez, in the sight of my demise

Certified misinterpretated me was portrayed in a lot of individuals

Me never paid taxes, but look how somebody can achieve, if you only get off your ass

This society doesn't really change, everytime the same volks does say

I want to say rhetoric is politics, ever seen a bright heaven

I need distraction from all the hard vibe, Dilemas can go, sorrows can go



Refrain:It's always Dilema, it's always sorrows

        Tomorrow probably it's again the same horrow

        Life's Tragedies does hit you every day 

        Just keep going and look forward

        Deep to say



My family tree  consists outta people with sick minds

Addicted to drugz me isn't, Tupac was idolized by so many

Some ways of inspiration took me forward, the TV does show non-sense

I never had truly friends me was raised with

Keep your faith in me, best believe be sombody serious and overlook others opinions 

Germanys perved menace to everybody should diminish and then be accomplished with a prophitable finish

My lyrics does reflect human-sides, also realistic

I want to have a whole army and a westcoast

Friends come and go, so i do believe so


Refrain:It's always Dilema, it's always sorrows

        Tomorrow probably it's again the same horrow

        Life's Tragedies does hit you every day 

        Just keep going and look forward

        Deep to say



Dreaming worldwide for the young, the young in strive for a better future

For a better world in addition, my dreams in accomplishment with my idol Tupac Amaru Shakur

Tell everbody how far this wishings does go, so the young in acts of fortune and future

I'm young and me does dream to be free


Refrain:Dreams of the young, me is in strive of some which called heart and not dark


Mutliple thoughts bang through my head, in a sec just one day i'll be back

Heart touched by things which does occur in my most innerside

It's like tonight the youth is celebrating a shake of the good

Moods just very well in constitution



Refrain:Dreams of the young, me is in strive of some which called heart and not dark



Me Andreas was crucified like Jezus, once somebody said give me the reason

Sleeping and seeking every moment for the end, just so dim the vibe

Lyricism is a way of expression, Makaveli is all about commitment

Ave Maria come and save me, krazy visions bout Machiavelli

New York should be loving us, shouldn't be trippin

Spittin, loved by the father and touched by the world 


Myself is sometimes confused, thug blues, thinking always on THUG LIFE

Wiehl is me at home, Passion of Christ, this can't be happen

Stressing, just poeten and hoping for a better future


Visions bout Africa and God's Son



Frankfurt times goes by puffing on lye hope that gives me high

Cause the guitar strings flash my mind just allright

Skyscrapers and graffiti shops

It's all about passion with this metropole

More classic just phantastic oh bombastic


Refrain:Just Frankfurt time goes by

I like the sight of beeing here

We are a city with a imitch just really big

Always in remembrance just a stance of greatness


Me does see beautifully areas

Everybody enjoys the skyline and is high

Smoking the first time a cigarette

Cause now i know it's a good time in life



Refrain:Just Frankfurt time goes by

I like the sight of beeing here

We are a city with a imitch just really big

Always in remembrance just a stance of greatness


Damaged souls, which are perforated by horror-holes

Grunch does effect my heart to go on a appropriate level of nouveao

Talking bout scam and treacherous forces which does only lead your soul to bleed

Wait and Bleed it's most hard to see, best believe velour can hit you sometimes

Right, right, allright, let's get together high

Allround in a step by, good friends we are or good friends we lost, off course

God is evil, more like the devil just demons


Hook:Grunch come, Strings go

     Everythings in step

     Plays done, Playaz Space, Gangstas Chase

     Just look at my face

     Ladies just be baby


Wooden guitar matter, just better than ever

Miss Mary come and save me

Be krazy with sense, forsaken me was since birth

Wordz are spoken, Strings does sound like alike

Tonight you gonna see an eternal maime


Hook:Grunch come, Strings go

     Everythings in step

     Plays done, Playaz Space, Gangstas Chase

     Just look at my face

     Ladies just be baby


I seen patriotic schematic signs of lands and countries does have heart

Wind of Change is coming close just show me respect in the end-effect

Break your fucking neck, to this hymn of the heartz of the countries

Insanity spitting, blessed by kicking, Crips or Bloods, Black Jezus is at awake

Countries at hearts with elan of Angela Merkel, in this land is a rebell called Andi



Chorus:Heartz of Countries, please see and believe, this life is lived once

Chances to turn from the bad into the good, soldiery and patriotism

Gangsterism and nuthing but a pure good heart


Once i heard thangs can get twisted and out of hands, i want to have my own industry just a piece of company

Lyrics accurately laid down, hope one day i have a vocational thriving career

We are in complex era of the world

Heartz of countries, but fuck it and done, 27 songs written in some months


Chorus:Heartz of Countries, please see and believe, this life is lived once

Chances to turn from the bad into the good, soldiery and patriotism

Gangsterism and nuthing but a pure good heart


Myself saw people which where faking and disguising their mouth just beeing crooked minded

This is wrong and not so correctly, sometimes it's tricky life's occasions

Celebrating the art of war, how far will God go, so myself Andreas was in agony for a lot of years

Tears came down my cheeks and was hard-core in bloodshed

A lot of people does fake cause they is more evil-hearted


Chorus:Fakers can come, but they can also go

       So i do believe so


Why this world is so messed up is possibly, cause everybody does have stress

Grunch and guitar strings just greatness and goodness, play the bass just more of the sound

Kurt Cobain does hit me with his sincere voice everytime and his long hair



Chorus:Fakers can come, but they can also go

       So i do believe so


Did you ever been crucified through perils of the wrong, does me say wrong

Me was seeing things motherfucker, which were more hard than ever hard somebody has beeing through

This life is lived once, but yet from these perils does come knowledge

It's stressin, blessing far away, so i pray the lord to make way for me, but it doesn't

Intertwined in a requiem called, condemned for death, what's left, only a soul for survival in this war


Chorus:A requiem lost in war, how far will this messin

Stressin and this hard vibe doesn't stop

Ever seen angels, which was a resurrection

Dearous father forgive em

And watch at us


Black Jezus is a metaphorically way of a perspective

Since me was lost in this war, i realize is hard to stand

It's most impossible to go this awful path of the evil

Myself in out of control, lost in deepness and lurky demons just brutality


Chorus:A requiem lost in war, how far will this messin

Stressin and this hard vibe doesn't stop

Ever seen angels, which was a resurrection

Dearous father forgive em


And watch at us


School-Times were shook like me was ballin' every day 

I prayed so long for a better life, all i saw was tears and perils

Rebells me saw in Metropolitan areas, unkempt jeans are comfortable

Ladies me had enough, sometimes nowadays i laugh and sometimes me does cough

Lady Liberty gave us a lot of conditons of liberal acts plus anti-social does come a lot in this country

To be somebody which is entrenched and involved in self-created management 

Did Hip-Hop really die, the pain in the mirror does turn the pain realer

Imposing facts which isn't weak, come into the club or in my spot

Look from year to year, from day to day, me does rise, it's something me does like


Hook: Just look, look, look he me is at rise

Tonight it's shiver down the spine

Fading never , just now when ever Baby

Just look at me, how i rise, i just like to be allright


Rough and tough in addition on a mission just self-accomplished missing the bliss outta early wishes

Leon - The Assassin gave me street-flavour, art is beautiful, Panther Power as a rebellion with weapons

Just rapping bout this dirty society, i cry sometimes, these tears are coming down my jowls

A place where me can find attitude is possibly Playaz Space, where no Gangsta did get chased

Lyricism is a way of expression, a session with blessing, the dopest line ever spitted, kicking lessons just bombastic

Now look from time to time, from phase to evolement and development me does rise, just look at my eyez, shiver down the spine



Hook: Just look, look, look how me is at rise

Tonight it's shiver down the spine

Fading never , just now when ever Baby

Just look at me, how i rise, i just like to be allright


So myself is ridicolous by your sight

You was awaken some lovings and blessings inside of me

But what happend, cause me never saw you no more a part of my soul died

You gave me a lot of inner warmth in the place where it's called heart

So i walk with memories, just remember angels struting above in heaven with curls


Chorus:Love is so enourmous of feelings inside

Me can't say, i just pray, hope just hope love is love 

Believe me, i will be eternal driven be krazy of your sight tonight


The next side of mine, it's like you put me into the spotlight of my own life

Most purest thoughts had by the very first time

Take my breath away, believe just believe it's called love drives you krazy



Chorus:Love is so enourmous of feelings inside

Me can't say, i just pray, hope just hope love is love 

Believe me, i will be eternal driven be krazy of your sight tonight


Bryan Adams songs as far as love, is nothing against your presence 

Excellence just awaken dreams in me you caused and did


Love is in the air tonight just coming, i feel it c'mon



Left behind in all this blasphemy, destroyed and maimed just broken me is

This shit and hell doesn't get quiet, it's like a riot in the most innerside

So you is in all dirt just you does wait wait wait and bleed bleed bleed

Destinys chosen just blowed away



Refrain:Left Behind, come and touch me

        This hell doesn't stop no more, no help in sight

        Tonight it's bloodshed everywhere

        No sleep just no rest, me is under attack


This drastic traumatic drama is just hard to stand

There's no end and only the wrong is inside of you

Spit it out, a camoflouge to the environment is present



Refrain:Left Behind, come and touch me

        This hell doesn't stop no more, no help in sight

        Tonight it's bloodshed everywhere

        No sleep just no rest, me is under attack


It's a metropolitan flavour me does observe

There's some windows open in the streetz

While somebody is in affairs with flair

More of the guns and noises of the traffic

Just say more of the silencers just Mexico


Refrain:Léon, somebody taught me to be serious with life's occasions

Celebrating everything else than faking, just taking life's lessons

Somebodys ' stressin, just more of this passion


Call it more feelings just education

Sometimes is a situation just life's end

Are you ready to die??My friend

This turns out a movie with true emotions


Refrain:Léon, somebody taught me to be serious with life's occasions

Celebrating everything else than faking, just taking life's lessons


Somebodys ' stressin, just more of this passion



Me Andreas can tell you some, my life was mysterious baby

So maybe it's eternal a question which is questioned

Stressin but blessed, remember the numerology

Lessons me learned in school or smoking weed, while the whole cliqua is bouncing

Drinking cheap liquor and havin a great time with the spirits of Yaki Kadafi


Chorus:Who does know, who wants to be

Cause my life changed and started, just look at the numerology

Believe and see, dreams come true and some learned in school

It's most truly


All my brothers from Oakland to Las Vegas, me is saying everytime how it is

Missing my father, so listen it was hard to plan, cause a downturn in life came

And it turned out strange, it isn't more the same


Chorus:Who does know, who wants to be

Cause my life changed and started, just look at the numerology

Believe and see, dreams come true and some learned in school


It's most truly


Me is questioned for 10 years, what it exactly does mean

To me i want to come behind this misery and bullshit

How can this happen, where does this come from

Wrong and even not imbecillity this does portray

Now me wants to do a song about this wrong



Hook:Who's doing this acts of imbecillity

Insanity, tragedy just drastic vibe call it deeper than mysteries 

More than John F Kennedy, i only want to know what this is


Question marks done, it's wonderly and sometimes it was positively

Sometimes it was pleasure or a session of a lession

A chance to keep doing sense is far away

Me only can get some messin with this question


Hook:Who's doing this acts of imbecillity

Insanity, tragedy just drastic vibe call it deeper than mysteries 


More than John F Kennedy, i only want to know what this is


Railways & Cotton me is in passion with, it's really amazing to watch

A pistol in my belt just fashionable stance of a sunshine

Cotton just comfortable and properly dressed with, talk about sometimes velour or nikki tissue

Railways streching from l.a to mexico or from Cologne to Munich, driving in a train

Looking at the heavently empire and the sky, Xavier Naidoo is a great german interpret just smoke weed and let

The police observe it, grunge artists and gangstas keep it real


Chorus:Railways and Cotton is my relish

It's pure a providential visitation

Sitting in the train and listen to them rails

Ain't no fakes, just cotton and railways


It's pure amusement to be in a matter just cotton

Establishment with a great thesaurus

Bombing the vibe, it's like alike rails with noise just nostalgic

Bombastic, classic just phantastic

Business outta of america is great to be

Not to forget Cassandra Steen is deep in her commitment to celebrating music


Chorus:Railways and Cotton is my relish

It's pure a providential visitation

Sitting in the train and listen to them rails


Ain't no fakes, just cotton and railways



Dearous one don't be worry, take it easy, everybody is sometimes in perils

Come as you are and look, how close your reach is something you is dreaming of if you only believe

Jesus Christ Makaveli, Outlaw chalk-ledge, streching the songs from the first to the last

One blast and it's over, loved my whole life apparel and fashion, sometimes it's stressin



Chorus:Dearous one take it easy, sometimes perils and sorrows downturn your essence

Just be strong and come as you are, let it be just let it be

See and believe take it easy c'mon


Take it easy, ready 4 what ever, bleached jeans and garb like good

Having a porch in front of the house like beauty

Please forgive me i can't stop writing now

So agree, see and believe take it easy c'mon



Chorus:Dearous one take it easy, sometimes perils and sorrows downturn your essence

Just be strong and come as you are, let it be just let it be


See and believe take it easy c'mon


There's some atmosphere like whistling a song bout liberty and pride native americans

This life is lived once, i greet everybody which is just in order from the most innerside

The good people will win this dilema on earth, cause me can tell you what

Ladies the thuggin, plus we as people in the world don't know everytime how to act orderly

Sophisticated fading is sometimes everybody


Chorus:So my friend, this is the taste of whistling a song 

Open your ears, it's time to act now

Are you ready ???


Tasting the freedom and love of the next

Deprived America is lost in bitter policy of someone

Come as you are and stay with me baby

Sometimesk krazed and lost just bitter from what me missed out things

But it's whistling like to go on another stage of situations


Chorus:So my friend, this is the taste of whistling a song 

Open your ears, it's time to act now

Are you ready ???


Smells like Teen Spirit

The nostalgia of Eastern Germany does hit me

The east is peace and love


Thank you



Did you ever heard bout a temptation which was hard

Where ever you walk, it's shamefully in the dark

There's no beginning only a story of the withered

Which leads your soul to bleed, agony and torture this is

Bliss far away, a soul which is full of demons and devils

Try to break free, so see this is a malicious destiny

Believe just believe, this does feel like black concrete in your heart


Chorus:The Rose which came from spring, the withered overshadows the first sight

       So tonight it's a Gangsta with ambitions and i ride till i die

       Get me high, allright allright allright


But this isn't everything, a tulip which does burn in flickering starlight

It's like this wrong doesn't stop, does me say wrong

A song which me does do cause it's a life's experience

The chance to get out of this, possibly never 

When ever it does hit me, i overlook the shadows deepness



Chorus:The Rose which came from spring, the withered overshadows the first sight

       So tonight it's a Gangsta with ambitions and i ride till i die

       Get me high, allright allright allright



Like the feeling to get punished

It's like hell and you doesn't get a taste of freedom

Seeing E.D.I old and a part of my soul just died

Expression on lyrical aspects can exhilerate this restriction

On a mission just dust in the ghetto

Whisper some like freedom


Chorus:I want to get free, please God forgive me the sins

So let it be and take care of my freedom

I wan to set the record straight

But truly, me in life was never fake


It's like a penentitiary,where me is just out of touch from leisure

This feeling is so cold and empty

Ohhh my God this does feel really worse and awful


Chorus:I want to get free, please God forgive me the sins

So let it be and take care of my freedom

I wan to set the record straight

But truly, me in life was never fake


Why does this happen, does me say wrong

So songs are written and put it down like fresh

Bloods and Crip hit the scene

Cause i hope one day i'll be free


And live my dreams


I drive through them streets and see back lights through the glass

The sight is really Gangsterism and thugism just a ride 

It's gonna be allright, but tonight myself does scream Rider till i die

Wide cars and Back Lights give me a motivation just a life's celebration

Fading and trippin possibly never, whenever it does come it's gonna be some 


Hook:Wide Cars and and a back light from a sight

Tonight it's gonna be blessed by spittin

Me dressed in Fila just a Drug Dealer

Gangsterism portrayed in a wide scale



The streets are filled with blocks and hispanically quarters

A spotlight directed in my heart, Nuthin but a G Thang

Who's gonna be affiliated with this peek

Let me ride, it's just dope


Hook:Wide Cars and and a back light from a sight

Tonight it's gonna be blessed by spittin

Me dressed in Fila just a Drug Dealer

Gangsterism portrayed in a wide scale




Yaki Kadafi(In dedication of his soul #)


Me met his spirits when i was 16

He turned my life around, with his intelligence

For a million march for the piece to that, only one life agreed

Manifested in my soul as a friend, which came always in sunny days just visualisation

Also to mention Slawik my cousin when we hustled back in days for the rims from cars standing in the parking lot


Chrorus:Yak you is blessed by God and will stay always in my heart

Non evil alive can hurt, all the dirt will move away

And you and me will stay


Gang activity just riding them streets, outlaw mentality just Colorado and New York Jeans

Your activity in my life was so sophisticated and smart

Every step you take, i take, every move i do you do, and every moment to catch which is bad is by me attacked


Chrorus:Yak you is blessed by God and will stay always in my heart

Non evil alive can hurt, all the dirt will move away

And you and me will stay



World-Wide Industry / Internet Corporation / Known on / / google worldwide / / / /
World-Wide Industry / Internet Corporation / Known on / / google worldwide / / / /



Outlaw innermost, chosen blows for those to observe

My heart so falling away innerside, alike tonight we see rumors by people beeing alive

Sights in the sky like omega, nevermind i can expect to get free but really

Past gone, frozen in the veins, straight facing chase by the evil gloomy

Zooming in the television, designing some special with this international business in a session

Once in love with a girl, years gone, still heavy

Teflon with bulletz and cannabis, oh papa


I like Stefan my old comrad,he truly prudently & reasonable, in every season of most believing

My father i say that, like the father so the son, ohh my god so much i'm loving my home alone in cologne so chrome

Operating heavy with my corporation, castanian & vermillion my bluished hair, sometimes living well

Germany is a country with possibilties, i killin this blank heart sometimes

A chance with growing something solid, just tha chronic, sometimes it's issues some bliss, blowing wishes


I wonder if heaven got a ghetto, eternal on a reasonable level

Discussion by bluishing sometimes like the devil

Cause everytime i write lyrically words, i see no dirt, but extern extrem heavy hooks in form

Frozen and demolished probably rare, i'm a broken star try to reach a line of chorus I'm not exmiting fright and fear

An percussion & an ocular is unique, more heavy like someone on his instrument just masked rock n roll in a form of my bleeding soul

Don't move a frown is coming like an special clown named Shawn Clown Crahan just dialect masked vast rocky metal blast great sound


Constellation & order in my life is a little bit broken, hoping , that this life will end positive in order , open , borderlines in the U.S is possibly closen

Coping problems in a row of choking, liking lyrically content and my corporation so much,

Music creation, is always in sake of better human faith, also celebrating making always dayz in better ways


My corporation is versatile & discerning, no dirt and no special mights just lighly touched by companies most value alike

Smoking a lot of winston tobacco, inhalin the dirt, what's going on in this world by my web-address


Cashing some money, retrieving a lot of , believe ,  inside my heart, by looking back at the past, it's all marked in human shiny stars

Operating slightly kinda on someone looking down, liking business just daily mission


Corruption is franky to observe in this dirty planet world

Never really having a girl, early in the morning the birds are chirping, efficiency in the music industry, nowadays blanket & empty

Divorced parents came in my life, a sight of parental loss alive


Stemming the explosive everday, maybe there's way to get out of this trouble every day

I say somebodys in this world is the most dirt , everybody should heard , somehow

Seeds in life called establishment & industry, just corporate affiliations in strive of nations interest


I like just prudence and corporate initiative, and no stocking fading faith

Delving every day in the resocial human kinda world, please no upper fake


Bulletproof Wests, is not for genius exmiting individuals like myself

Wishing at best to friends dispersed in all of this land and country 

I learned a lot from people giving me a reasonable act of living, shiver down the spine seeing a lot of grunge in a temperate acoustics line

Appropriated lines giving by my authority, corey i know you from des moines, how making heavy sounds with the band on world tour, just yearly around

Respectively, i will chose my future time to considerate an unique individual to ignore in the mondial time


Anxiously sometimes, Aberdeen is contingently a spot of doing ways of tradition in faith in america

Literally believe some people is jealous & envious of my happen,only thinking, behind scrapping all i ever could was looking in the mirror and see somebody mysterious stranglychecking

The Streets from Cologne is full of noise & some choice to get feisty, misty and foggy is some of the green in front my yard

Some years gone and away just now a world industry at creation & just done, hey i like this so far, lord come


Sometimes life's messed up, what up , paramountly lyrics initiated, sounding dope never faded, rock n roll does put me on climax & pinnacle, just permament blow by the strings

I just want to portray my life, seduction from women every day, name it daily temptation, celebrating cocktails just drinking cognac & martini with an olive,deeply, no fading

Charisma from above, don't, in referral to my father, i see love & unique confidence just also my mother, number luv, to every black loved brother


Outlaw on the streets of some districts or suburbans of Kansas breathing in atmosphere just sounding great guys in living

The last time just multiple time of years was education & self-lessons of language and somes attaches created, just made it, in wish of cashing


Misdemeanour faded at optimum sometimes, hustling for the streets back in time with my cousin Slawik about hub caps from parked cars

Essence innermost insightful & accomplished with pride & intellectuelo

Induced some operating efficiency by design, establishment & industry in other words goodwill, insights


Once i was in love with somebody just high impulses moved in my stomach, till the day came now

I wonder if heaven got painfully tears & fear around more mondial pain experiences 

Sounding great is all about passion with greatly ornated consonants coming out pressed properly around in all happen in a frown

People does also like to lye and bicker, the symphony of a corpus, which was gauge out, eternity is in expect, promising


In the middle of a riddle i fall apart think bit of life's explicit turns, it burns, this cross

No matter what this life does bring, it's all about money, occupations, cars, women, and in comparison does you know what, myself isn't interest in one, all blunt futures ideals just coming from

Black Jezus is always used as as metaphor by some people, i see some circumstances in life intern very seriously, miracously is the life lived once, rock tha hoe, rock n roll, i rock tha tribuned show

Some aspirations are justified in a context, if someone like to think with his heart, dark sometimes, i walk through life's perils, chances to grip life's channels & levels of love is small & low


Outlaw Inspirated, Outlaw Expendations, Initiated Blazed by this morality, sometimes life's can end in a tragedy

The sun in Cologne is shining like in California, directly pressed in my heart, operating deeply concerned by dirt by some people in life

A light flickering bright, is education in visual forms in a sight, efficiently hear open hearted, a scissors in life, the evil in somebodys life

I believe nights all out can be effective, especially the youth in star bright sights, hope next generation can be making the effect in faith of starsights

I circumwent ways of the corrupt & ways of the wrong just evil, believe me, this's life for everybody from us ain't easy, temporary eventually , this primitive devil is walking out of my residence, so hard dealing level

Embodiment of truly great manifested blessing from my father & mother, which cared my whole life for me, believe me, my life sometimes in perils & dangers


I like patriotism, eventually from nations of high faith, celebrating in sake of believings profoundly, sounding great around heyyy

Eyy, getting amused by ladies beeing prudent, next sex appeal, tell, me lord how does it feel, beeing immolated & sacrificed for decades, aint' fake, just crucified for faith

Alike a sight blinded to the world, never was intimitated by someone, following my own leads & clues


Visiting my internet-corporation is informative & a big scenario of content, from the front to the last, everythings industry, just all next to paramountly world stage

Once i learned in life differentiation from people, which is greedy & salubrious more hate-filled by pieces of life's seeings, in this devil dimensions

Believe me, all is justified alike watching to prudence & reasonable handling of some different ways , leading to different ways of life's structured days, next in turn of better feelings always 


Mostly innerly feelings just scared & afraid of some, hail mary come and save me, daily operating on the filiale, baby, maybe krazy insane lately on faith by believing salvation, please don't hate me

I like euro 500 bills, no chills, a will by lyically content writing musically, don't kill me painfully pieces inside my heart at daily experience

I see destiny is catching me since day on, hold on, my destiny on this planet, damn it, i be strong, so strong, baby i just destroy this dirty impacts of hatred & faking

Liking to be high, alike flying jamaican dream with my brother Beni and Vitali on a cloud called great fellows, about smoking weed, seeing us close to jah, how far flying high


I like to get paid, in sake of common faith, sometimes i'm scared to wake up daily, sometimes i'm paranoid, joy, diligence, positive vibe and developed skills lead me far, alike

Straight out of spots of germany circulated full of murals, likely cologne, my lovely home, the dome

I freaking out by my next ones getting hot, my dogs getting krazy, and love my shit, i can feel it coming in the air tonight, i can fell it coming in the days in front

Eventually i preferre discussions mondial basis, strictly structured phrase ridiculating the law, liberal ways adopted early in days 


I fall apart, it's hard to move on, but i take it strong, how long will it take to make it or brake it

I take responsibilty everythings i'm guilty of, best believe, i see it coming sometimes eagerly in research of peace in my heart, no pace in in sight, it's hard

Should i be delighted when it's afrightened, burn a big sized white candle for a world event which is world relevant


Grew up with great friends, shaking hands, drinking wodka & beer just mix and cab in dosis, back in age, we smoked marihuana in mass, listend always to deep bass

I never will get lurky by impoverished peeps & people, angels touching you sometimes like a glock steeple


History created with my corporation, saying this by best truth, deep in my mind i see a young man, smart, good looking and somebody made, i created some

You know where we coming from, impressive stress coming along always, somethings krazed always in my days on this planet, god damn it


Outlaw metaphorically portrayed in the streets of Texas and Cali, feel me, and see punk rock america is worthwhile to stand and listen to

The streets there will never be peace put on excel, how can i drop it acapella, watching circumstances passing by around, listen metal grunge, great sound 

I love a concern which is respected daily, hey baby where are you, it's true it's all about you


Something in the way, i like to say, hey hey hey, prestigious & privilegd status on mondial status,babay

A open mind is maybe functional, chances to live eternal for everybody is in sight

In my position im educated and fascinated my capulets, just don't worry


I rip this empty hopeless shreds in pieces of bullshit, when i'm back i come around with articulated sounds, bounded by prison chains in life, it's all about drauf haben

Keine Scheisse mehr labern,  coming across the united states, kurt cobain was a star burning in life's downturns by so many, especially america and it's spoiled society


Dilemas and hatefully conversations, became hard to handle, nowadays things changed, cause it's not more the same

They say i'm insane, it's a shame, life's can be boring, it's like a savage storm caught me

Are you crucified, poeten intentions, Black Jesuz, people die, just wonder how will i die


Days of bliss is probably planned unknown, is me looking in the mirror is see somebody peculiar ugly & when i cry i see a reflection bluished and touched slightly melancholic

Operating outlaw enganged hymns by them motorcycle affiliated riders, which mentality, streets just life peace mixed with isolated professionalism by a cohesion of life's virtue caring mashin

Straight out of my heart i walk through daily conflicts, but later on i reminisce the bliss of the shadows darkness, following me


I make music just doing it professional & fashionable just splashing it related to tru sounds not abject faking

International my corp is known on best nouveau, so my life it's gonna be so successful aligned, in a sight being under this regard proudly in mind

Breathing punk music america high again, every day and every nights all out


Bye Bye Bye, like to be high, when i die, hopefully rescued, blue collar mentality destroys insanity, greeting everybody diligently & prudent living

I'm killing this dismorality in this humanity, believe eternal living is precious, crashing sometimes innerly wounded

Piano rolls & keyboard tones is some precious matter, just drums strictly musicially playing songs with glamour and style

A seed in life is prudence alike, trust, operating justified & might sometimes making lessons just language in sight

Don't worry when you say goodbye to your girl in a world of jealousy and anger just savage people

Contingently lyrically ways lead to peace innermost to see ,believe in a manner of deeds, this planet doesn't give your inner peace


When i wake up early in the morning , i'm tired and indifferent,killing things like hypocrisy just everybody miss me

Vermillion is the color type of my hair tips, my world industry in the web, is a vision of business, please no dirty missions

I'm wishing blowing kisses to the youth, gang affiliation can end bitterly, hey hey hey goodbye, on a liaison

Bliss in hearts bottom is rocking like heavy sounds kicking, some dirty things happend to my in lif, eternally living, in expect


Especially poor people are a product of human failure in this world,  runwaway train 

I guess my life's boring, i like glory just rocking metak like corey, In the depth of this society, we all the same

Faith and fame is to me traits which sometimes fake, making no euro bills on my own


Sometimes i'm confused and disillusioned, i get high till i reached my nirvana, oh mama, ohhhh papa yeahhhhhhh, eyyy, feel me

Believe me, this life is not promising, this ways of filth does kill me


My manifesto in life is a sight of mystery alike, might i die one die, back in time hustling for them streets, no peace involved in this chasms of krazy plots

Dreaming all day by freedom, see me, i like grunch and a bunch of 500 euro bills, no chills, efficiently working hardly every day on the corporation

In faith of everydays blessure by a session of stessing some way, life's character is hard to hit

Wooden Racks is my preferred construct, what up, musically space, in sake of worlds face, chasing life's essence every day and every day

Something in the way, underneath a path of smut and dirt, my composure is a storm of depressive sessions, lastly if was betrayed, it's fake


Running from perils, one love for jamaican dreams, by this happen, i love is latin, by this context of texting lessons of life's next crest


Seeing a lot of foggy clouds in life, best to see in sight, this life ain't nothing without conflict about

Sounding like a crystal superstar out of Rock in Rio, dancing to the moonlight

Alike a shiny bright metal star with broken dreams just might, as well as a broken fake life every day to breath tonight          

Ever seeing upper might faking goodwill in mass, causing dilema and sororws just multiple horror feelings

Me ain't about rap music no more like in some phrases & lines in every context, but this is all about behind, this genre

In turn i have a mix in lyrically form, lyrically freshly astonished born, from Cologne to Prague, from Moscow to Glasgow, form Warsaw to see far so

Deeply see me as a overarching advocacy of the arabian kingdom by business principles laid down very lucrative & profitable


In spleen is see only dirt and senseless false behaviour in addition a meaning of uncontrollable acting of checking by unfoldable dreams, sometimes happen this spleen & ire

The hyennes of tonight are jowling, the coyote is barking, and the time scale of my life is running

Coming by the headlines of google, you see corporations in brightest success ever beeing to find multiple sites googled

Pasture land, is a great spot at, rural country sides, alike america tonight, it's maybe time to shake the charisma of some competition in multifold direction

Next Session & Lesson i created a lot in life, but somebody in my life couldn't behave, a fake especially bullshit in this faith

Cause in this world is nobody really talking about him, this truth, but every line in my songs shaking


Cause in the next line, signs of stressing isn't in expect, texting with vermillion hair tips,

I like euro bills in mass like everybody, the people in this world is loving me, truly

A fool was me never, pleasure next to business where or how ever, better now than never

Producing sounds like records sales out of california, in terms of lyrically production in accordance

Most believe i never oh my god never want to be famous, chased by the ways of living, i'm loved


Operating amusable everyday, but ey ey ey hey grunch does awaken punk rock america inside of me

Sometimes i'm dreaming of beeing a human beeing just seeing betterwise a world with no dirt believing

Some people is known under an another name, isn't strange but some aliases is already present 


I love black people, an riddle to solve which is complicated a lot people is caged in, name it life, 

Me is solo und is in advocacy of lyrics and design, operating quick and smart is good, look what crooked and corrupt this society seems to be

I'm victimized of a rise just historically wise, alike a sight of breathing freaking out this world makes me sick

Immortal livin, forgiving everybodys life in a sense of killing this law above


Secretz in the streets of america is precious, a session of a stressing by some, sometimes occur, rough & rugged, mentality by them outlaws & historically figures

Real Life to look at and subsequently feel, is a deal by someone, exploding in your heads and makes your peculiar krazy just inspiration to face it

In exchange for designer attribute  i suppossed to be doing cash one day, it's pleasant and all good


My corporation & company is outstanding  & fabolous on world industry basis

Ever feeled to love a woman, she's like the wind, the whisper in the morning, i say yes i love a woman, cause heaven noise doesn't fake

In faith in a sake of beeing privileged and made, i say babay i can make next time eventually money, sometimes this life has gems


Outlaw respecting them streets daily, mentality chase, dropping lyricism, in a sense of business living, killing this hypocrisy

America is very crooked leaning to the side, might on day is judgement day

I love accurately offical stamped lyrics & lyricism with sense hitting missing by old friends and hugging each other by a liasion


Very articulated, sometimes fading, i tend to describe my life in texts content , greatly listen to the sounds of Armin Van Buuren & Nirvana just the mixing and vocals

Hoping one day everythings accomplished, vermillion my hairtips look alike

Operating next to shops buying designer vogue yearly, dear mama & pa your son is grown & established to someone made & privileged just great to cheer and pay homage about



Sometimes life's heavy, me the miracously, the lyricist, the designer, i like business and christmas eve in sight of , laying worth on deep lyrically meaning

Believe me in the end effect it ain't easy, just freely to say, everyday heavyweights to carry, cherry bubble yum tastes pleasantly to say, babe

This society ain't caring, in suggestion, stop this stressing, start a session of better ways of carrying in a lesson


Labels are commerce nowadays, in rocking space, my face apppear like a legend breathing heavy faith, crucified severly, nobody every heard of me

Caught in a destiny, depicted heavily steadily, in falsified insanity, it's a dark &  tragedy


I say everytime how things are and how not, my severity,  in this happen is lyrically sense in multipe phrase, just put it down in german " Gib mir Spass, voll drauf, mehr Bass, so krass "

In advantage to say, things are planned in life, it comes hard alike, business orientated, in sake of a faith just created a lot in the past time

A world industry was established, my corporation in the web, it's an enorm and gigant industry laid down on example to to say it's lucractive & discerning source

Put it down on and come around just nevermind successful zenith reached in lifetime, more than that


My composure and constitution is runaway train, i never to be famous, never want to me popular, my business principles couuld lead it otherside & wise

An zeitgeist me is sometimes really true, it 's all about you, this night is writing in slight shining omega


Constitution Well Up & Well Feeling about everythings in life / A sight of the dimming singing the song Hey Hey Goodbye / Bye Bye Bye / Des Moines till i die

Back in time getting high & smoking with them brethren from the streets & peace for people in the middle east

Stoicism is cliche in this society full character flaws, southpaw, rugged and more , outlaw initiated in sake of faith for the rock n roll era to say and the bicycles to observe


Heart Openly i tell eternal living everybodys desire just already achieved, acoustics by soul asylum, shiver down the spine

Living in great conditions & negativity brings nothing but nadda heart, it ain't welcomed in my life living now 31

If you desire to change the world, it already happen, behind latin i loved was loving my cousin Thomas to a human essence & behind his state of life's standards to serve 


Broken family maybe yes, blessed since early on, copycats was some in my life, living a life without a wife, i'm happy even now eternally

Musically Labels just vinyl would holla to my heavy & lyrically intentions & just the writing class by standing bright and crest even apogee certified texts blast


Liberal ways of thinking & just prudent and reasonable mind attribute does take every young person into a bright future, everybody should agree

Some evil more devil repercussuion awaken dreams in me, it seems to be that people can behave, especially does one's which is portrayed so high graded

But is in reality only individuals which does get into your life since early on, only belong gotta be strong, how long will does this  bullshit by unique one's happen

I'm depressed and streesed, catching life destinys long time ago planned, i mean is it streamlined to talk about rock n roll era times by the  80's rocking roll sights in light

Of peculiar guitar sounds allright,  by plucking embraced strings rock off the show saying this is especially tonight a spotlight



Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD
Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD





Seeing me floating in this chaos, and beeing promised going to heaven by someone, i like dosis of paragraphs quoted in truth 

Believe me life's sense coming on surface, when living with prudence especially living superior thinking about life's obstacles in a way of thinking back in time

Can U understand my ways was written and going public in the web, tell me i'm back yeah, yeah, yeah, can you ever imagine living eternally by everyone on this planet


Justice for everybody will come,promising, achieve some by,  literally creating some, don't mind or put worth on these smuddy minds and people, listen sometimes to a holy mexican steeple

Weeping i also do sometimes, believing in what you does create, it' never be late , just look at me, outcasted by the runawaytrain since younger years#

Externally doing business, creating some business, establishing some business, missing some people from the gone days, especially ways which construct beauty all day


I can talk about people talking absurdous things in a manner of very obnoxious acts of living, killing this daily feeling by daily structures in this living

Best believe black people are more sincere than the other races, facing next time problems, things gotta move on, i'm also since day one on earth staying uplifting staying strong

Sometimes it's heavy in heart's innermost spot, my scenery and matter on this planet is business to create and estabish, now look, does matter

My establishment, my corporation, world-wide attention and mentioned, anyway this is my way of living this addressat to handle in


Hold a candle in Rome of an event which is world relevant, this real truth

My incorpation is a situation of writing my hearts fading moments on blanket paper, in exchange i write purely hearts visions on this mission

People in this world is very pessimistically, cause the truth is this world is dysfuctionally at every corner in the last spot of existence

My will is to create some, to make something happen, do say i want to undertake something which is sense at it all, i will contigently say in never will happen that i fall

Call my name world-wide, my side by the humanbeings is pure sincere feelings, more people which is prudently in every turn of, hoping i get this side

Mights may disturb my will, my accoplishment, my presence, these upper mights may be destruct & demolish all i have, this can be true, ain't cool

In exchange i ain't a fool, everytime Brooklyn old-school, it's all about u


Outlaw, scenery depicted professionally laid down, sound heavy around, clown around, streetz full of hypocrisy, ladies & comrads miss me

Some does verbally diss me, got the lyrically forefront at repertoire, how far will this acts reach in, my soul is leeched sometimes to the fullace, especially for some purpose

The poetry, lyrics and rock n roll verses created by my own, is shown worldwide standing, just full blown

To moan myself is sometimes, the industry by the musically form is full commercial piece of bullshit


I release texts after texts, next coming more influential content to my corporation, fading self-afflicted and faking never, clever me is oftenly immersed in

To mention first in to this loving greatly black volklore in this world, i prefere great love for them, be entrusted

Krass is lyrically writing for my heart, where ever i walk, it's so god damn dark in this life's walk for every human-beeing

Believe only in your stereotype, than you can achieve, deep to say the outlaw is most respected in Wisconsin

I see more hope for the people in bad temper & life's discrepances in acting educated, blessed and shaking the brain properly to say 


I believe my status in the world is industry & establishment by world engagement by lots of people looking at my internet address

My stragedy by major producing lyrically lines and expand and proliferate the status on the address

Relapse sometimes, apokalyspe in my village and more down city is accomplished, by every wishing

Loving my domestic yearly old nostalgia of my mother cooking in kitchens cookery


Streaming & Walking through perils sometimes, my creation of in sake in faith of fighting some devils, these roaches is not on my level

This planet needs love in dosis, everyday i'm hoping for betterwise approaching sincerly heart's moments


Especially blown away by my way it's strict & solid not ok to move from these evil lurks away does me say wrong, a long epoche & saga already away punctuated with dirty bullshit to say

It's most impossible to overcome these perils, it's eventually the devil, falling away in lost dreams, it's grandeur to write lyrically content for your own corporation

In sake of a faith believing in a good & shiny future from now, established since it came to reality, meant literacy accomplished for a long distance, a chance to move up

From San Francisco to Houston Texas, my probably futuristic trade & cooperations partners, maybe it's oil industry maybe graphic design to fullfil, life's sometimes great


Eloquenty addressing some people in this country is only to care with without seriousness, this country is stress and a blast, also sometimes a mess, catching lyrically stiff lines by every life's act behind

A side to portray in lifetime is fear and love, i choose fear than love, outlaw circulating motorcycles is welcomed in my row, masquerading with a bandana than get on rolls 

Immersed in greatly conditions by life's great pieces of achieved wishings, killing this hypocriticaly side of the society, known on billion views in the world

I be in redirect to people in the past and history with heartly achieved milestones by peace, please take me seriously, believe in me


Cooperative with a lot of resources, issues sometimes, america is a milestone in the world, living a life without a greatly amusing girl, anyway also gladly in life

Collaborative induced by a truce for everybodys design, a shine in a life does mean knowledgable origin

Demonstrating a static view by my aching heart oftenly, hopefully will get one day relieved from the most innerside

Alike a sight from my family tree alike, my father will get my most gratitude, cause he's the greatest papa alive, the greatest father in sight


Almost women take accent to me, believe me achieving comes from believing in this life lived once, follow the moscow, wind of change comes close

Shown most dark fassades in contraire life's success in my lyrically parades, meant life is at duplicity orientated, shaking myself sometimes in my bed racks, cause i'm under pressure

A session by stressing meant a colorshade of life's lessons, mashing daily to catching conflicts backdrops maybe, i find


Carefully end endless presaging my life by this duplicity lyrically meaning, i'm happy like a chevy, and almost aligned to a successfully career in front, literacy, lingual expertise, readings to lead myself established

Subliminally seeing devil demons, believing in deeds, which are positively peace for everyone, some people me is in ignorance to see


Cologne is greatly to live, i like city living, killing this feeling by bad temper and moods, always sensefully with lyrically days to say

Sometimes negotations take years to know about, sometimes it turning out this is bullshit to sound, detrimental to germanys society is this country itself to make a point on it

This politics base in the world is not solid or robust, initiating faith to my making days in my area to say, it' purely inner growth to talk about


Frays is dope, i demonstrate in my poetically lyrically content purely life's sides and shades, and faith just hópe for the civilisation reaching from asia to north america

Next to life is death, what turning out in my pocket, is a filled wallet, a lighter you can use to spark blunts, one love 

Follow the moscow, the wind of change, framed by a lot, apokalypse, eventually, my family tree consist of culture less people


To Justify some reasons in life, i gotta pass and say i never really created wrong in a livelong sight

Tonight you see operating outlaw arts created, never faking, motto punks not dead

I'm sometimes in wreck around innerly damaged and hurt emotions, hoping this ways dissapear innerly most to say


Federal people in anerica is peculiar to know from the news

My operating view on black people us pure love to the moment u believe myself is black

I'm most fascinated by the faith in creating music beeing alive 


Vermillion more bordeaux is my hair color, ohh papa my life's sometimes a wreck, sometimes heaven, i count day to day, to get to a way where i'm 


I follow my lanes of glory and notorious fame world wide, i like graffiti color, oh papa , exerpts and a summarized principles out of my lyrics is business enthusiasm & deep lyrically content 

Sinscerly Yours, Andreas Penno, somebody untouchable, unshakable, i want to throw my weight around, sounding classic behind, fine bodyworks are pleasant to look at, profound sense put black on white on paper

Conscious bitterly stressed be is attacked sometimes, i see delighted successfully paths in my brightly standing future for my vocation & professional, in other words a have already a corporation just created business principles

I have on mondial basis established an billions reseraching industry & it's thriving worldwide, my idea to solve daily human problems is to use somebodys brain


I fall bitterly away by this societies aspirations, fading sometimes, goodwill representing constructive, i love beef, believe you catch the greatest feeling alive only working hard

Drinking coffee in mass


I suffer sometimes, i see life'principles i understand my principles completely exact true to my business, life's sometimes messed up, cause i'm blessed, some rare redirect, mighty is expecting you, promise

Can see black people getting treated unfairly in the streets of america no more, it's for ya'll, outlaw, my lyrically content is just rich on philantrophically statement black on white pressed

Next i gotta say, world peace & pace is coming down, promise baby, outlaw principles from the streets of california, stereotype achieving life's relevance purpose just allright


Nowadays life's diffrent than before, i died for the world, sometimes i let you understand that i'm texting and writing in exponentially profit, metaphors also created

Goodwill reached far, how far will somebody go innerside, it's like i'm sleeping, weeping sometimes, kicking paragraphs from the old days of the rock n roll era just punk the fuck off, to everybody in cologne

Implicated in difficuilt things, hard to manage, philosophin truly oftenly, i guess life's character is hard to hit, my pleasure kill the ego in you


Living morally & established in different forms, my visual world turned low & meager, yeah yeah yeah yeah, my heart's filled with pride & love watching young black males playing basketball in courts from New York

My attention in the world wide web is grandeur & unique, my grandfather was an alcoholic, nobody will ever tell me what i gotta do or nothing, my life's just business life

Corporate Initiated myself just established & privileged, seeing sometimes people dirty and lying, i mean god damn, this world is baptised in corruption every day more and more


I will lead my daily days on this planet just damn it, i create one phrase after another, peculiar my innermost heart is chaotic, initiated since early on with lyricism, shit more realism

Teenage Dirtbag is cool to look at, my plot is to carry about every block, the streets is fullfiled with drama and an crooked delirium, patience


I ditch my imitch to a position to getting rich by smiles mick from the streets, peace in the middle east is out of reach, every lived in poverty & abject dirty environment

I lead a life of grunge & rock tones, sitting on chrome, i'm since a decade 24 hours at home 


Believe me i tell you strictly out of my heart, listen to the prudential ways in your heart, flavor of martini ist tasty, face me regularly daily just baby

Maybe i label myself appreciated, sometimes faking, from Cologne to Abeerden, i mean what the heck is about the poor in this world, no one cares

Devils and demons i sometimes endure & stand, graffities on the freeways of metropoles here in Germany i observe someimes, operating like a business-man daily just say it


My business to business is an organized corporation operating in every nation fully making, i feel blessed and beeing somebody on this planet

God damn it, i feel just great everyday, lyrically goodwill promising, hold a candle in rome for an event which is world relevant just crucified fo an decade, it's true


Allegiance is promise to some people on this planet, prosas & grimasses seeing as arts, my mentality is business establishment & world politics

Does it mean to living to die or dying to live, i create lyrically lines in a modus of sense & virtue, i promise a world revolution


My indimidation is sometimes active, maybe clarifying & directing ways of reality, especially i redirect visualizations in front of my eyes as an constant turn

Sometimes life's a bitter sweet symphony, loving just creating music and piano and flügels, compositing rock & crunchy grunchy lyrically paragraphs


I love women which are pretty at sympathy & hughly good looking with an attractive body, killuminati is a pretty hugh idea & ideal

Dressed in Versace & Eleven Paris Fashion just Henry L Siegel, i look up to people just in the music branche names talk about the gone Amy Winehouse jus feminin elegance just pretty beauty


Excellence just to excel and represent is a accustomed type, names like Tommy Hilfiger Tommy USA or Cerruti is great resources 

I can feel it coming it the air tonight, i can feel it i creat lyrically cyphers in mass to produce work and innerly peace across my life


My pleasure is oftenly present, for everything i represent meant every word for my father coming at reunion to my joint , he's my great friend just purely great friendship to stand

I got an intuition of karma every day to think about, Jamaika Kingston is a spot for rastas, these volks is dope, my innerly essence is just wide openly to everybody i got no secrets

There's some truly great acts of living, especially this by secrecy of penentitiaries of comic example elaborated


This life is lived once, can i get a chance of living standart static, my pleasure a session of daily working on my corporation, my graphically indices & lyrically content is world relevant just this event

I like just stories of from rags to riches, america living, addicted to livings commitment, i suggest & set my goals to futuristic ideals to portray by


Some learned in school, for the millions marching for the peace to that, one life to lead, fast live agreed, shit's deep, slawik say

I like to express myself deeply and profound, hey hey punks just come around, for the grunchy metal sound and i never going down

This planet is sometimes boring, tell me Corey & Chris is you pleased from my side


It's like swanking parallel from dirt into fresh, intertwined in special vibe & atmosphere every day, liken this glitter just glamour, i'm truly honest every day

Still looking out of the greatness in life, living a life without a wife, never was married, i carry more by family, friends and business in this time

Coming from the verge of the gangsterism & rocky vibe just outlaw tonight, just look ain't a crook, loving seeing me in the world dope & glorified to the next


Preferring triangular reminiscing always Kurt Cobain, Yak, and Fatal, they be remembered best by myself

On a bookshelf i red alot time behind, a sight in to the raw grounds of german facilities, these areas is full of stupid insane people living inside

It's like these volks is broken in their own mind, seeing a lot of those kinda guys messing me up, truly sincery early on


I guess i will die for a priciple my heart will stand for, thinking just all day by my family far away, ok i say lyrically forms are written sincere & self-dedicating

No faith in fake in sake, i say grunch & rock is welcomed in my life just str8 punk rock america, god does giving even not the last tip of a shoe, as far as sometimes it's this dark vultures

I say living with giving of power from women is inspiring me, cadillacs and daimler great fabricats, operating outlaw on the streets of philadelphia & lousiana


More More & More of this vibe called alike no frightned mimics more in life, tonight you see a star reaching to the galaxy big and bright, thx, i feel more innerside feeling great time & days alike

Devil demons i guess experiencing often in lifetime, like sinister dark clouds of sulfur & unmoral dirt

I say this society is not really admiration, which ever country does exist, bliss a lot in life also with out jezus christ, he does say he the saviour, he's timewasting crap, truly


Lunatics really occur sometimes in life, they deserve dirt, which systematically known words you achieve a lot in lifetime, about fashion, loud rock music i care just punk rock america, a lot

This world does circulate 24 times on axis, dirty and unjustified people will end in filthy conditions, bleach was great penned, operating like a person which does act like someone

French & swedish crimis are amusing, sincerly yours Andreas Penno just himself


My position is twisted a lot, sometimes i think this life is lived once, so my friend, let it be, let it be, take it easy on the slight resilient shoulder and move on

Like you know can u understand my ways, sincerly yours take it literally, my ways was since early on under influence from business principles in redirect in turn, so listen i have truly sincere business principles moving

Just shit like that, i'a business man, i just see it just that, distancing myself from wrong voices above, me is thinking is it maybe for a period of life time or till death, i'm curious by these thoughts, since long

I gotta say Fatal N Felony the gone, was retweeting me on twitter, especially was astonished, i remember fatal,


Lines are basically dropped, lyrically astonsihed by myself, makaveli 7day it's treacherous & gloomy, it's mystery going out in the world, america is america, my audience is the people which does love exponentiall business

In the calm rest is the force, my status is great, sometimes i write i'm messed up, but always i comment i'm glad to be here and happy around this country germany, it's all about human side

I believe that my posture from the manly rough side is proper, my cousin vital is intelligent just shit, he's truly clever of a lot , eternity forever , maybe or not, for all these people, questioned now or never, plan created


Embodiment of sketches & grimmases of clowns moving from on side to the next, outlaw in this lyrically texts, coming from Oakland to Montreal from Milwaukee to Kansas, the riders ride like in unity down the streets

Peace should be everywhere, wherever you are, how far is reaching a star, which is bright shining in loneliness & a lot soul in the world about this karma

I see a lot in this world, studied a lot, my fleddered soul is soaked in sharp stuff, which is out of control to stop, my district a area of an work of people, with constraint minds, it's all this way up to stand this chance


I trust only some people living alive, i guess i appreciate sites of human kinda alike with inspiring souls this sight, unmorality a lot, operating without faking, in sake of prudence and common faith, cranky crap is a lot above

Writing just this shit out my life, touching even myself alike, does use arrangement of a sight of spirits shit tonight, i gotta tell about my so lyrically & timelife this might gotta only read my some

I want make the point clear by some , i stand for rocky plucking songs from the grunch times behind and subsequently by inspiring ladies walking the catwalk up an down by designer vogué in kind

I always does use in lyrically writings that i'm business and industry related, in sake of faith just creating some, creating business on a proper world goodwill frame tonight, just really by world nouveau also lyrically meant


In a world speaking lyrically form i'm all about, look at the first word put down to the last, it's all abot honest breath, i'm living somestimes, just oftenly in confusion & bitterly sweet moments in sight

Just shit down ,created some, it's all done, successfully lyrics on a excel by me and i now how to create this song, me is smiling by a lot and does like my smooth comb, bleached by some

My pleasure and gesture to mark life's embezzeled acts in this living, my life coined by repression, liking milan designer fashion, in this lesson in life to everyone, take care and don't trust everbody's presence in life


A crown of thorns and thistles on the facials , i'm just burning and dying in this happen, behind latin all i loved was cracking apps, next to me my nails through my hands and feet, this mystery could shiver the world down the spine

My life somestimes easy, also Corey and his lyrically iowa songs, leeching his creative arts by lyrics, fleddered from down to the head, i'm dying just for this world, bloodshed in mass


My composure baby let me hold you, i told you it's andreas on the phone, vital i told you we gonna make quadruple lyrically platinum out here, making dollar bank note just euro bills in this happen

Napping on some martini ice olive, it's pleasure deep, profound written & created, no faking, just real presence, for everything i represent, i present my materials to everybody on this planet, god damn, i'm a real man

Quite sure i'm surprised by a lot of happen, let it go, let it go, number luv for the toxicity and chop suey, original origin & heirdom, america does feel you truly, i believe after i getting buried ya, i'm away


Say my name like Billy Graham rocking the streets, i operating in class just rough, manly and stark, rock n roll bands just punk rock america is to admire ya, ya'll listen i gonna be there for everybody, don't worry so far

Flashlight in a headlights of a truck, old type songs does rock heavy, like colored lights, just smoked reggae


I know my rights, every day, liberalism & ways of change is welcomed, status single, no car, but in hands of a mondial organized corporation

Patriotism feeling in heart, rocking these people with my wicked tricky smiles lyrically rock mickey, sometimes listen to sick lines just biggie

My ways initiated early self-esteem & lyrically power, my paragraphs elucidate societies weaknesses, this life is lived once


Grew up in greatness for years, also a lot of fearfully fear around, to grip the sound of gags to clown

Sometimes back in time always cause first love down, oh shit, how was myself away in hearts relish about a girl just juvenille age

My father taught me once, in life everythings can happen, so it became, some shame turned on me, it's estranged but not life's base leeching, speaking with astonishment & pride all day and all day

From perils comes knowledge, basically my silence in different ways about some is not to stand, it's damn


Fresh out of my residence, i drop verse next to verse, my terrace is a palast, it's in my life all about business goodwill to elaborate, so great creating business on world nouveau

I would be happy, released, and glad by different people going away, say may i be away on day, innocence and justice should be welcomed in my life in different aspects

Next to producing texts, i like american actors in a way of acting truly hollywood, look how i'm lyrically shook, i got to forgot, somebody is very present in my life, what he's done was a world shame, never was before, he's insane


My intuition to write lines, which is a sight of teaching this planet in a role of societies growing light, operating sincere & calculated in sake and faith for better planet, and please no fake or falsified verbal made

In common sence i lost a lot in my life, but i'm pleased & gladly living every day, never was really to say backstaining by verbal shake, ronin gave me a lot of principles for business gratefully to say

My sentiment of a regiment acting like a business-man is flourishing evertime my friend, a high complex lyrically writer to portray from innerside, is alike swarming & charming in the hearts side everytime


My confidence to say life's aint easy i simple to say, to preach a way, to get famous in every street babay, drive me crazaay life tracy mac grady, in every form i write, i like to be liberal & at life's pinnacle

Like you know i like my life, some people is amazed by crazed faith, in redirect of unpredictable senseless faith, they are jealous at all

I look up to people which are directed to a section of business world-wide, to make a textual music production, i composed a lot in the gone past years


If you want to grow in your life, just look at people which does really work hard to get to their destiny, properly creating lyrically lines in a manner of punk and tight, alike

I was once having vision in life, rock n roll rock tha hoe, show me some paper, i get they pen and i start getting freaky shaking, making compositions by some


Lyically established by innermost, like a educated professional at work, everythings sometimes peculiar dirt, my goatee & bearth never let that grown, by me shown


Shit, like Bonny and Clyde, a sight like a couple weapons-caring starting to shoot & perforate overall through californian state, reaching over border-lines and writing american history, it's dope

My ways of expanding myself on mondial basis came to effect, one days i'll be back, i love black people, especially from Brooklyn and their Barber's since 80's

Face me with billions of results on google, my world industry, my infrastructure silenced the whole world


I get hot on truly played plucked rock n roll, number luv to my old friend Zoltan, he's about great rock & at stylish hair cut, would likely to get an reunion

So i'm selfmade, and have self-faith, heart troubled-free, believe me it's all about arts and lyrically rhapsody


Corporate wishings made be blessed to the chest, playing with my mind chest, left behind by a crest of vehemently lyrically status to the last one's left

Some gangsters out of brooklyn does lay titles into this world by When Thugz Cry, i mean he has an alias, it's just poeten how ganstaz cry, bye bye bye


Indices and Stocks made me knowledgable, my composure is strictly living gladly just truly for 10 years not badly, just baby let me 

Very uplifting spirits kick me sometimes, real life spirit in real sight believing, across my one touch living, epic impulses does shiver down your spine, and you start to see a stark sight in alight

Some people does preferre lying or get immersed in bad cussing all day, cause themselfs is messed up with their brains


Another shame a lot of people is working, where ever they are, and have domestically violence going on, dirt and smud a lot in this uncaring society


So those peeps does start bickering and commit bullshit as same as some politicians, twised early by some inkognito

Anyway i lived my life in blessing & purely love talk about a gratefully life and business priciples and even now my whole life lyes in front of me, ridicoulous


Textin just beeing poeten creating faith for every humanbeing, writing with my corporation history in the whole wide world, baby , i have created a world industry

Lyrically essence , i text about happenings going really on in this session, the glorious the notorious was frank white his alias, i was loving his origin and his hair cut, all the time up


Yo, what's going on by prague, became once in life visions by god, by ghettos isolated from civilised areas, there was it outside foggy & full of praguer air, shit's deep yeah

This project was my love from juvenille age, she's was in a shelter, beeing alive in a outskirt & suburban of prague, this dream was more just visionary, it was enlightened caring me

Believe me, truly, the feeling, waken up, from this vision, uplifting spirits everywhere, did great feeling


Remembering the profound belief, in these streets, there was only circulating silence out




Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Andreas Penno Photography & Lyrik / Lucrative & Operating Highly On A Professional Industry  & Great Resource / Creative & Great Streamlined Design
Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Andreas Penno Photography & Lyrik / Lucrative & Operating Highly On A Professional Industry & Great Resource / Creative & Great Streamlined Design



I like rock n roll deeply to say, babay, a.k.a alias krazy streets roughing up, rugged and raw

Operating in outlaw regulations just purpose initiated, just for ya'll, more, , more of the thaw of painfully moments just an cure, so it's gonnna be so

Engaged in business principles reaching wide, alike a sight proliferation & exploration come close to a point of business type


I found out my living conditions is pretty well, living abstractly in pure amusement, impressions as first of kinda lyricism writing, tonight don't frightend

My prowess is high scaled, no fake, no verbal fake, beeing for true and sincere for years, sometimes i'm innerly in fears, peers & peeps also alot in this country most in every state present

Shaking just bring luv caribbean, i wanna bring love to everyone, some bubble yum, just chewing gum, you know where we coming from, sing tha devils song, loudly, volume on, and bass setted


Best believe quite sure, , living in ethnicity, morality & prudence is worthwhile in a mode of success & and long delighted life


My living poetry, called it more crossover poetry is showing me how principled i'am, myself is a fan of real men in life, carrying ways of a charisma of beeing real men for this planet, god damn it & slam it

I don't write in metaphors than some writers before me was off course embroiled in this happen, behind latin all i ever could was checking daily world news


It's all about u, wrote 2 albums in lifetime, alcohol & egg liquors talking bout wodka red bull or martini olive to consume is splendid, lost a lot of friends one named Patrick, he's now by his own design

Remembering him pearling tears from face, it's a dilema, friends come and go, loving confectionaries our metropoles in this world, or great stores just burberry or Bäcker Kraus


I create alliterations in mass, creativity plus deep initiated bass, self-confidence and controlled innerself pushing me up, the outlaw railway on a lost trainway in california on a mexican border line is great to watch Che

Operating professional in class, inferno for some people, downturn wishing to a lot, my persona of life is consequent and world relevant, just hold a candle


My dearous auditorium listen closely to my lyrically lines dropped down, a lot just a script by my life to say and portray, goodwill not alienated or estranged just pure goodwill in first class engaged of

So let the show begin, my curtains is wide open, hoping my lyrically poetry does get primed in a lot of life's essence, as much as to teach, just ohhh Amy shit to stoned washed bleached jeans


Grunch for the crunchy america in spittin blatanly lifestyle, hey klar , my life is touchd by different ways to see so far

My innermost sentiments is great, in sake of common sense and faith i tend to create lyricism and hectar wide tonns sense filled with texts next pinnacles stacks of dollar bank bills to check


Hey my brothers from Brooklyn or Queens next to brethren out of Kansas or Long Beach by mainstream particular dreams, i see and guess my life is flourishing to the most zenith without stress

My constitution is pleased, i just strictly believe that life's to short to mess everday by these socities principles which are leading this planet to dirt


Liberalism is welcomed, some zeitgeist from times back 90's was sexy, next to me i'm Bodysheck affiliated by great mainstream america film industry 

Trick me twice, god damn schick im mich zum rock n roll era acapella geist, i guess its somestimes ambivalent in duplicity to take care of blurry


Vermillion color from the overall setted aligned just other colors, oh papa, oh papi, oh andi, is loving somebody

Structured principles laid down, sounding great clowny around, frown, crown of thorns for close 2 decades to carry to the place of the skull


Applause for abatino, applauding you to every line in lyrics and the corporation,

As same as much goodwill for the brothers out  Brooklyn never fading or shaking artists like jean reno and his career him as a french native or rocky with mick from philadelphia


Outlaw krazed in the streets of america, masked and blast, my profession just catching fashion more splashing initiated, going to moments in life shaking down the spine, crashing through every federal state of Germany


Disciplined era in my life almost, always was behaving this 31 years, sometimes in life you get embroiled by a prosa of a storm of fears, cheerleaders from south of america purley cultural america identity

U.S Overpacked penentitiaries & jail houses in a sense of county jails is by some known just secrecy by the convicts or inmates just intern jail secrets countrywide


I like promoting myself by circumventing bad feelings inside daily wrong happen, teaching myself all-type knowledge on daily basis, the golgatha was black jezuz, bloodshed in tonnes and tonnes

Liability in life early learned, never was cuffed up, roughed up, laughing in mass daily, strictly baby, me expect nothing really better than the last years since now, ever seen an graffiti on antipodal continent level

Put on the balance the treble, and the bass to mix some low tempo filter initiaive


London is a great metropolitan area also warsaw, hans zimmer is exquisite & accomplished composing artist

For everythings i represent i present my business sense and compositing lyrics texts for lyrically relevance,

Shit running business in half of the world with Internet-Addressat also UAE, also Saudi in most tolerance to the glorified kingdom build ever in human history by the vison, trust


Sharing memos in lifes everyday, i exemplify an example of lyrically paramountly figure alike, a sight tonight, my schoolbag was in school eastpak black, cool times behind, also great friend Alexander fishbone schoolbag

In the Air Tonight, i wrote this song once, appeared on a album by my side, loving texting deep profound by a meaning, believe me , suffering does development inside of you positive forces around, so see 

Ohhhhh Shit, like already mentioned, my corporation in the web wrote history for this kinda branch, establishing industry by my own texting perplexing lines to flex


A lot of friends i want have a reunion in a prudent way to meet one day, baby, just Okulaijuwan and Shaquie is maybe, driving Streetball in New York Manhattan Tupac Shakur krazy

I have a revelation in mass, my lyrically shift was once rap genre than it became nowadays a crossover mix of rock n roll, grunge and a little bit pleased and krazed by poetry


My outlaw comments and statenment on my whole texts & music production as well as composing is by the priciples, way of living & wise of thinking by outlaws from the streets of america

My innerheart moments, just faking, in faith of a better human civilised place to create and to shake the snakes, lady lai, gretzky scheibu, from Moscow to Ottawa


I shake and create lines for sense, lost a lot of great friends, my living spot was most living in a rural area, no big metropolitan territory, no urbanized climate 

Grunch to articulate, poetry to put on faith, making it great happen, my life always pleasure in texting lyrically deep, organized since younger years

My cheering hands goes for cheering friends, does feel good innerside to share good friends, my all this shaking hands by gesture for some appereance in pleasure


My lyrically content has noe explicit content, it's pure for everyone on planet, rocking tha tribune on the row, dropping verses and paragraphs to show

Operating deep literally life's sites on a bright clear starry starry epic omega in sky tonight


Oppossing dirty sceneries of dismorality & disgrace, look in my face and you see stardom truly sincere eyes tonight, immersed deep sometimes in confusion, illusion tricks and mysteriously conflicts

Definently my scope for hope shouldn't be in place, got nothing to lose, poetry blues, my males elegantly shoes is business climate friendly

My different types of definitions on lyrically basis does belong to differentiated faces


Capturing Scenes of military dreams, seeing ever believing in ghosts swirling around the ceiling, feeling hardcore hit somedays anguish and ordeal sometimes

Back in the city, shopping tobacco and meat just energy drinks, i sing the hymn of coyote in the desert howling the word halleluya, halluluya feeling so dope and cool ya


My constitution proper aligned, adjusted feeling fine, the streetz of america filled with people doing business to business, kissing some ladies sometimes

The women is addicted to me, more passion to catch in a session, take one lesson from kadafi and 2pac for life's lession to catching


My pleasure at ya'll my corporation well-known in most countries of this earth baby, feeling selected in a sec and respected just established and made just done

My paragraphs loaded with sense and a voltage of a chance beeing in exchange to writing world-wide my excellence is my presence 


Company created billion results initiated and made, maybe one day i be really rich baby, my imitch, well-known to the next, making rear-views in amoutments, expect

My operating utopian design if confusing whole web, in a sec, i'm one day back, baby kiss me on my ears, multifold brilliance turned out business continent structure


Forget all the stress was once in life-time, this lifed is lived once, so life your dreams, from iowa to queens, my ridicolous lyrically form is shivering down the spine

Creating life with operating triple accentuated lingual skills, maybe from rags to riches in lifetimes, awaken all the times, no really pause in texting lyrics down for ya'll


Pursuing my dreams with andreaspennophotography, and my business norm to follow my priciples at it all


Fundametally equipped with ire and spleen, sharing sometimes empty feelings behind, a sight of ambitions & volklore patriotic melodies alike, always in confrontation to someone or anyone

Anyway my position is welcomed in a lot of human lifes in presence, my excellence is my troubled soul sometimes


Somehow i love and does preferre silence in heart's innermost essence to walk, military minds somebody does take as a life's norm

I guess my passion is a lession of a session by, can you understand my ways to portray and say it's important to talk from your heart's innermost feeling, ok, babaay


Hold a candle for a world event which was world relevant, it's true, to carry a cross for decades made me flummonxed and sad feeling all day just enorm bitter sweet symphony blasphemy acts around

I love black people out of Brooklyn, back in time young brethren became their haircut from the senior's barber shop in town


I can't live without energy drinks, these is life's sweeties and peculiar things, my pleasure at all, lyrically establishment creation to empty my heart's heavy moments, just when i write it's all relievement

Believe me, i see me in glorious moments catching life's breath all day, my gratitude to my parental part, they gave me everyting in life


America is America, is a world capital to be at telling ya, in most dedication to bruce washington and yafeau akiyela fula in tribute , thx

Operating very profound with content, exploding on lyrically fronting,my utopian graphically design now shive the world planet, god damn it, created some, shaking some, you know where i'm coming from


The Don is maybe coming back on day, some people in these world is too serious, my series, my dearous black male overcome the bad and stand strong from rooted norm


My attitude an appanage of my soul, the mirror is reflecting the crap i see all day, deeply to say, my components to talk earnest & peculiar sinsere is black people where ever they is coming from

My own mind is business celebrating world-wide, i'm young in strive for my own and always strictly world-wide known


I establish great business around this earth, believe, these volks is treacherous and greedy, believe me, every human beeing gotta tell at the end of the day it ain't easy, this live is lived once

A chance everybody got to earn, a crown of thorns on my head for a silent long time, sights of demons & a meaning behind dreaming like jezus


Entrusted with corporate principles a lot in life, eminem is creating a great discography and career in life, it's like this life is lived one time, young people remember fashion & apparell can change everything

A lot of grunch strings & tunes coming to my vocals, rock & roll to tha fullace, in backdrop to say slipknot future of this genre, i'm always optimistic so i tell you


You can only grow and god damn halleluya achieve if you believe, forgive me for my sins father, this world is sometimes krazed but i'm amazed a lot in time like this

Once i've seen a panther dancing from handed left to the right heavently, friendly to ask god is it justified to be cruel and be by premonition around dirty fooled manners around


Hit me clown, sounding sick and facing mondial reputation by different ways which is great etat by this nation, fading rarely, always in poeten research to scripple this words out of my cerebrals, just smiles mickle


Accents laid differently solid in life's conditions, on a life's mission, by blown wishes

Krazed by rock n roll out of iowa and aberdeen, ideas millions in repertoire, kurt cobain blowed his brains in shreds, rest in peace kurt we miss your voice and presence


Existence on this planet made me worry, i guess my position in life turned dark and ravens black living, hey i always will be in forgiving, always and always, my place is a good living

Stars and V.I.P just promiment gala is hopefully never coming to my life, never want to be famous, love we as humans need a lot, on my district we know each óther 


Christopher Wallace & Easy-Z just Eric Lynn Wright are great artists, The Notorious B.I.G once i seen in heavently form to express the first feeling i became by this devotion & creation from god

My request is it remarkable just justified to crucify people in this times of hypocrisy to the next, best believe these times of humanbeeings we is living in is in bad worse human living ever by the first to the last 


I guess my voice in temperate adequate lyricism is profound to say, babay i'm talking by world industry to capture

I stress to say my adequate guidelines displayed in front of your eyes on the screen is relevant just krazed level of smart excellence to great papa sent 

I believe life's sometimes heavy to talk about, sound loudly like rock stars from the era of Elvis Presely or hymns from scorpions, expressive days lived a lot, feeling like some humanalike just sometimes on pressure in sight


To night you see people celebrating life with truth in hearts shaking, really to say i have not established principles related to people try to put somebody down, just truly somebody in this planet around is very upset by some

My creation & celebration is in common sake and faith always in glory just no worry shaking


Hey baby don't give up if somebody try to put you down every human alive, where you are, what every you do, or how it's around, your essence by growth for everybody is can be maybe tomorrow come to life turning around

I operate under lyrically disguise, by smart talks just clever initiated wise, to clarify my life in a sight by lyrics written truly quoted from innermost feelings, sometimes in life dreaming


Entrusted by nobody on mondial basis, chasing lyrically faces just exponentiell business rightly placing, waving from young entrepreuneurs creating industry and shaking every man in this world reaching from Kansas to Brooklyn

I gotta tell sometimes i wanna say i'm always happy in life times, even if it's gloomy & dark in innermost aching heart, i overlook this shadow's typically human cloud, always optimistic in glamour of false people, just true


I gotta tell, rebirth of my official new mind is business & establishment, creating a lot of texts from grunge to rock and classic lyrically lines which are enourm lyrically fine, tonight you see a sight of justice for everybody

Estranged by some thoughts and visuals, i'm a life's student, cool and a blueprint of making euro bills in future times, frightened by a little things in life, reaching wide with my own poetry to portray behind


Catapulting these wrong mindsets away, war is a genre i can tolerate with a mentality just theatralicaly, kiss my cheek ladies, by pur heart i want to discuss something eventually changed from fleddered to pure cooperation

Addressing people which are jealous and enviously in this society deserve clear mind fixing by tricking me & mixing my innermost heart with pain, some individuals are searching their wrong path in life, a lot


Polemics i'm for long time not affiliated by this happen, antipodal is maybe reincarnation fulfilled, ever seen some people alias known under a another name, interest spectacle

Grunch music is pleasant to listen, father in thy hands i commit my spirits, maybe come's next, flexing my lyrically exponential lines under operating texting infrastructure on perfectionism alive


Operating in a clear way of redirect of diligently working from day to day from year to year, writing constantly, frankly expressed i'm choosing my life without a married wedlocked wife, cause i'm business affiliated busy

Induced in perspective to say, i'm with my corporation world wide known just deeply to portray, say i'm staying in somebodys presence all day, it's a peculiar journey all the way to stand call it abatino redirect by some

You know where we coming from, i'm and my comrads, liking the yen and currency like greenback, my ways of breathing morality and prudential feelings turned out sunshine in life, it's all about in great inner sight


I destroy bad worse moments in a period of life, but really to say i'm glorified and glad to live all day, just like the most no innerly heartly fight, lyrically poeten established & splendid just alike

My fashion Eleven Paris Fashion & Ben Sherman, my parfum in a stance talk about Cerruti & Versace, my sentiment in a represence ohh yeah shit is rocky heavy lyrics in excellence


Phil Collins had a great musically career in life, was living my whole life without a wife or girlfriend, heavy metal is lyrically by a few, truth it's true, it's all about u

Just in reference by poeten rock blues to choose, nobody can stop my career in life, it's all about success and highly standing goodwill in a sense just a chance to grip world nouveau to carry by a life's crest


I create a lot of materials in life time, even wrote lyrically books, can u imagine somebody is articulating a faith in sake of nothing for a long time, afrightend and estranged by some in life is peculiar named some weird alive

Counting one publication after the next, published a lot in past 5 years in time just life, truly to say life is sometimes gratefully, gully is dope, creating philantrophical texts for the whole world around, holla by the sound


Glimpsing sometimes on Bloomberg, great resource just reuters to incorporate, in sake of common faith to tolerate fresh ways to lyrically moments to share

Yeah you feel me, just be earnest & diligently, believe me, just be smart now see me, deeply to summarize, still i rise, real thug area, utopian moments once was by


My preferences is ambivalent, ain't following people with shady sites alike, a sight tonight hey darling wake up out of your dreams, hey baby eternity is coming to to every human beeing 

Hey papa see and believe your son did reached lifetime grandeur and unbelievable just achieved milestones, a warrior for miles makaveli, his alias is questioned

Back in time blessed, nowadays still stressed but happy,gladly and very amused and by every day living alike a crest, living very astonished by artists in reachwide


Spirituality does awaken dreams in my life since chapter one, i dream by everythings already achieved, believe my principles & business wide ways became very in touch of world status, in lyrically ways often mentioned


Greatest white rapper ever lived, the one and only Marshal Mathers, i have in surplus & excessive a thesaurus proliferating extrem language & lingual expertise, life's what you made out of it, trust me, true words

I squelchre out outlaws from the streetz of california or boston, ohh shit, colorado or just made motorcyclists living on a road of the hymn just the glory, don't worry


My dedication to different artists celebrating successful music mondial alike, by my lyrically content in sight, might i guess my life turned great in light


Once i was called a prophet by some in this world, just like the sense of prophecy in this human world, never got really a girl, never was married, as far i living on this earth

I guess my spectrum reach wide, Germany against me written without recording or digitally remastering alike, i have seeing and feel a lot in this life living here, let it be and save your sympathy


My lyrically blues does come softly down my lips and touch your innerly in a sight, my composition is lyrically establishment & lyrically fashionable by every tune of catching it in a session of texts written excessive diligently

Dreams can come true when you just believe, or look, my pleasure at first, Stefan Koch & Phillip Radile great friends in lifetime just lost, took it with a bluishing tear


The groundbreaking faking this society does care is it's shaking every citizen by groundbreaking laws which are not making sense for a human world which is already aching, in a sense for ya

My embodiment of lyrically literally concepts written my friend is plausible in every corner in Aberdeen of New York, my friend


Applauded in continents by messages monthly reserved high lucractive goodwill around, direct exchange granted , my sound redirect by lyrically composure is astonishment and lyrically bliss giving to you

It's all about u, eventually in duplicity, once i saw dogs running wild in a terminal with blind eyes, on a road and tour of silence and a bitter sweet symphony alike in this sight


Crushing somebodys empire deeply, i weep sometimes, and a lot of tears come down my facials, my parfum Gucci and Cerruti, up coming events in the world, more global industrial than ever 

Blushing sometimes when getting awkward moments, my red cheeks are sweet, believe me hatred is garbage, life's to short to mess everyday with conflicts as same as Amy Whinehouse was about, in her own statement around


This life doesn't teach you how to act correctly or not, trust me, this life's pressure and heavyweight on somebodys shoulder, and goddamn heart's weight, can be dwindled & degraded out of your heart's epicenter just namely love & love

My question is stress planned or plotted in a way of rumors of a crucifixion coming on planet earth, oh my god i experienced dirt, it does hurt, it's only lonley out here nowadays in the streets of Germany, the nation


Celebrating freaky smiles mickey on a face, in turn the facials and contours switching & moving around the portrait, places like churches which are open 24 hours, sutkie, are holy in my heart, everybody is welcomed

Differentiated principles by some made me worry, but like i said my life is fruitfully and i'm pleased by every day, cherry cherry lady come to papi, come to andi, he's in expect of apparell and clothing like k.kani


Awesome is listen to the right kick, mick passed away, i always will remember him in the streets of 24 opened church in ways of peace, where ever you is

Where ever you are mick i'll be there for you, like Gorbatchow and Jelsin & our nations figures and volks heros, mick, i always will reminisce you, bye, once we meet again


Desperadoes are gangsters & outlaws, tequilla sippin is kicking west into the chest down, my stereotype, rocking the roll like rock n roll, i rock the hoe like a bastardo to know, holla

I expect nothing but prudence in life really to say, prudent ways & serious decisions by taking the consequence out of it, hugh classic rated in the world wide web by a multiple billions of views and inquiry on google

Take it easy is great articulated, in sake of common faith, i guess i should set ignorance to some people & specialists believing they can do everythings they want, some is not even at infancy, they is lost in their own sin


I want to eradicate some people in lifetime, or is it just a trick of life, Abyss the film, in tendency to the westside by the eternal spot,area and terrain,

Always remembered the westside by this, with all the sprayed graffiti by the aerosol tins on the bridges, terminals & walls, just the human eternity and peace flags from the eastside on the coast by somebody i loved infinite eternally

Is a clown by the streets in retail cd shop trying to get obtrusively, ohhh my god he's getting extravagant & choosenly, outlaw blue in the sky


I'm wondering every day by some put on one excel, hey my friend, how did it fell, how what happen this far, wide long standing years, always in double meaning knowing this mystery, this mystery became to the world closed off tears

My gratitude is plausible wideawken, i never want to get a story like rags to riches, my imitch, my pleasure, i guess i say switching side daily, frame me, my outlaw representation became world wide in effect, i'm back, but love black

Geoecology was my own creation & foundation this acronym & term for some usage, i mean i'm sorry papa but my presence in this world is always days did lye and fake truth behind


I have one initiative to take in my country i'm living, killing this mindthoughts by outersite influences, i'm ok but some does take me to hatred against somebody,justified rage for anyone & someone

My Anorak is from Ben Sherman just my designer jacket, my 2 albums " Germany Against Me ", " Can U Understand My Ways ", wasn't at record, deliberately it came to this moment of decisions

Somehow i'm not a professional laid down studio musician, i'm a lyricist, with 2 other avenues 


My title in this life, trust yourself and do what you find out rightly to do, so righteous true, my collar is versace, i compose one note after another, one consonant to other my brother

Somebody is frankly very enthusiastically by open up doors for nothing, for sure, outlaw in the streets of missouri and colorado, hey yo my comrad keep it real my friend or won't


My privileg to share is living very well by sunny days catching you in innermost ways to portrays a life without god, maybe in open doors, i hope still so, meaning most serious 

Acts of devastating cynically deeds could led to the world end, judgement day in expect , i'm confident that people should get in touch by some truth lying in this worlds epicenter & center by this happen


Anyway i meticoulously was thinking a lot in life, my sight of developing operating texts turned out lucrative business to business to me, so believe this life is lived once, a moment of lyrically elaborated intuition 

Liaision in life always to handle about, grunch times, rock ballantines, scotch, whiskey, wodka for everybody, rock n roll era group Slipknot on World Tour about great roll and rock, even more aligned percussion for you to pop

Slipknot on every spot, let celebrate Slipknot 20 years to not forgot


Apparel & Vogue just boutiques in paris is my second home, cologne this metropolitan area is a great sight & peek at the dome cathedral, also the innercity and the fashion stores

Home alone greatly watched every christmas with family around, reuters is a compact resource for news coming just confident, collaborative & relevant for media protocolation

A nation like Germany, comfort granted since early on, most embodiment of a form named reincarnation in a rebirth of a soul manifesto, living alike happy every day in zenith just crest, just i know where i'm coming from


Songs written sincerly off the racks, flexing lyrically content with texting lyrically next phrases with enormous dexterity and wide standing sense, my goodwill promising, you know your rights, i know my rights

Getting embroiled by a illumination & nirvana in living moments stretched out by enlightened ways to feel innerly alike


My dumpfounded moments in life to deal, is about dealing hard to feel, tell me my friend how does it feel to lose your life in a stance to getting innerly hardly souly killed, 

I want a feeling, just relieved from all the stress, by this live's dealing with attacking feelings, lacking feelings, living abstractly 

Living sometimes easy sometimes hard, where ever i walk it's great to be here


My tendency, high complex gigant lyrically form, or high texts written norm unfolded in a incorporation of a impulse lyrics new born song writer, alike a grunch interpret in life

Rock strings come over my heavy spirits kinda alive chevy instinct, organized lyrically expression is a session of international public views, operating like a professional at work, prophecy maybe or not also involved

Establishment of world wide interconnection & a section of business interaction, my lyrically amountment is a coffee table book filled like a thick book just written obviously to kick


Soldiers passed away, listen to the wind of change, closely, and getting touched slowly,innerly, just like a winner to be, my suggestion with lyrically blasting is taking you to a special particular moment of sension

My attitude is creating great lyrics around, best believe, i want to sing hey hey hey goodbye, bye , a sight of saying farewell back in time to a lot of fellows, i crush and burst to this happen, let it be happen


Next time i'm taking it easy on my shoulder, my pleasure, request, is this stress justified just this blast from anywhere, somewhere, where ever, acapella i'm high rated with some vocals

Hoping i'm one day not choking, slightly touched by this mess around, lyrically sounding like kurt cobain or the fame of rolling stone rock flavour just insane or the same like Al Pacino in every film frame


I'm the dirigent just a foolish friend of a event name makaveli 7 day killuminati my friend, 15 years passed away, nothing changed, seeing ever zirkon & kristall or diamant jewels, some is interest in this, i'm not in this cyphers end

Hip-Hop once thrived and prospered with Biggie & Tupac, decades are gone, black volklore lost their messias in this long, dedicated like a song in tribute to both angels, now smiling down in heaven with Easy along


I preferre a road of the glory, u worry sometimes in life, don't get this bullshit daily days getting on your innerly vibe, believe me people always is greedy in this next one's conversations life to your sight

Black Jezus can save people, a glimmer of a glitter of earthy hell can switching great feelings how to great fell feelings like very well


An chelo is a dirigence, musically greatly to know about in a fidel instrument, timberland are great boots and apparell, living pretty well, living just alike liking my life how i life in this standart life alike

The music industry is just messed up in comparison to the days back in time, now hits shaking everybody shiver down the spine no more, no songs writing history by a labelling around

No sound loud playing making the crowd freaky, leaks in the web did effect, recording no sound coming more to my lyrically foundation by andreaspennophotography


Changing temperate moods into perfectionsm feeling by hugh idealism, in personal study of language for 10 years, innerside & innermost fears some active just realism

Gangsterism is lived once, initiated sincery early on lyrically engaged, placing mystically traced on lyrics around, sounding great like clown's frown bouncing in a room loud 

Applauding people around like Robert De Niro or John Frankenheimer in this lyrically phrases and paragraph to sound alike in this sight


My intuition in a liasion with somebody wanting him lifelong stepping out my life, might i die one day, i say this living is like a killing babay, wounds are placed, through this the world is healed

How does it feel, tell me, to lose everythings in life since early on, taking i deep literally in this song to qoute how your whole human body is soaked in evil unforgivable hope to show


My establishment anyway is a company which is a world industry, it's just a billion protocols business to see, believe me it's just something i can turn my eyez on my futuristic belong in life

When the vocalist from Linkin Park passed away i cried my self in a sadly way, cause i knew this group since i was teenage, it was a big lost in world

My constitution is every day stable and rugged, resilient & ain't bugging out in this life, i achieved a lot in a lone standing human life, this society doesn't care by human weaknesses


Ridicolous by my lyrically form, it's enorm literally establishment & poeten, hoping every day that someone like this one is getting away, my gesture, i like studious professional created

In sake of common faith, i say my life was lived prudently to the most days lived, paragraphs kicked in embodiment of literally sentiment streching from poetry to rock n roll blend in a mashing krazed sortiment

My friend it does cost time and nerves to take up all this dirt from someone did things revolutionary sin, i'm overswarmed by people just a human wants some to get around, he's just somebody like the devil so loud to sound


My operating standing corporation is a bonanza & industry shaking the whole world awaken, like a enorm giant in the world, it's goodwill is promising

This living is like joy & gladly giving, save your sympathy in this life of perils & weaknesses, i gotta say i was living since early on happy & without any problematic conflict to catch lady baby

My receivable status in this world, let me tell you i'm efficiently alive like a flying bird so indeed to heard in a sight alive


Calculating fading rare & dreams reaching not so far, oh pappa, i like my composition as deeply statuated, celebrating shaking lyrics diligently

Even i'm krazed sometimes & huddled, trouble sinced turned adult softly and rare concerned by, bye bye bye hail mary come with me, just you and me, you wanna ride or die la la la bye bye

My aunt is a great person she's very religious and kindly to me in person, so listen through these days of heavyweight i was crushed sometimes always straight saying every time it's over, just smile i was taught in this faith


I care by my own life very well, my suggestion is a blessing by living cashing in next time by my own business principles in lasting life long business lessons to care by, it's all right

Operating deeply with enthusiasm by the messias, social liberalism initiated in the country Germany sufficient democratically nation wide


Education & Literacy present since early on, it's tha bomb these lyrically song, a throng engrouped in a spot on a block with a main figure standing along

Rugged wooden racks great ornated at home, from cologne to wisconsin, lyrically paramountly established, my stereotype alike working everday very diligently alright, ok ok

Hey i founded ago some, nowadays a world industry & creation, i'm a very productive individual person in this nation alike, sometimes just oftenly i'm afrightend


Wish you were here alex, in this context i'm missing you my comrad, my fellow, my great once in school, united since day one, we lost each other, like a great brother

Back in time shared a great time, sometimes alive, by, embodiment of a overarching lingual assessement created by my side


I shake the whole scence with my essence and my dream by spiritual seeing, upbeat feeling excited all day mostly to establish a lyrically session by another lesson by a living blessing all day, to live entrusted by everybody

Red a lot in human life alike, deeply in a sentiment of a presence just sometimes away all day by somebody estranged all way


I crush with a slight pain in this rush, my intuition by establishment and future principles isn't blushing, living la vida loca, drinking wodka & living in a american dream with my choppa around, ha the sound about

Believe baby just believe, you will see it's a operating circle to believe in destiny, vermillion & bordeaux red ist great color just castanien red or wine red, is pure blood from jesus christ


Thinking vermy smart from day to day how the future will be constructed & initiated, jus celebrating shaking publicity in the web by billions of inquiry on google, public attention in slight mass 

Regulating conflicts very clever, eternal living eventually & maybe how ever, a crucifix is hard to carry, my pleasure, is a crucifixtion billed on this planet, god dam it 


Related to faking people this volks is just in sake of different common faith, stepping on the road of the glory, save your sympathy, believe me life's sometimes easy sometimes complex and sometimes missing a lot of peeps

The Streets celebrating constant brawls and fights on the parking lot from the highway by trucker initiative, open your eyes lady, fashion does set accents young lady in the world if some one does put dearth on you


Black People is blessed eternally, soul asylum runaway train gives me inner rock & grunge spirits around, texting sometimes in alliterations, a faking friend sometimes was in life

Outlaws roam across the whole country, believe me i honest and serious by some people on this earth, military minds i can difficuilt interprete in some ways, all day struggling some people in the neighborhood to say 

But at the end conclusion i'm very happy and pleasured every day and ever day deeply to say, baby, i get around i get around, funky sounds, like already the prophecy by two of the greatest is returning from death


Some believe one day we eternally salvated, i say this accomplished with self-affiliated stage in life for a long time in this faith to make peace for this way free, call it makaveli

Rest in Peace Yafeau Akiyele Fula, the some i learned from school, it's true, shit's deep, it's all about u, since day one cool 


My efficiency by lyrically content to put on front, is outlaw living, by the truly feeling by the streets of america, tremps in the corners, destiny laid bare around, sounding rocky around

System of Down is clowning a lot so loud mainstream, my dream to accomplish a lot in lifetime, to see, a seed first in human evolvement planted to believe, the genesis to say


Neutral minds are repeating in self-manifesto, flummonxed a lot of times, sights of rights in life are constraint, to say, faith in some can end in effect

My self-establishment operating just a world industry, i got it all, shall i say it's growing even enorm, in a form in societies status high privileged, i'm in a zenith of lifetime for years

I create lyricism for my innerside hearts peace and writing in a sense of telling what's going on in life especially this attribute, how my life does constitute ways, can u understand my ways was written, now decrypt this say

Now see this way was marked by some things tell real shit going on in life by high influence of things getting a glimpse in somebodys life in high ambitious sights in light


My first intuition by the music genre was great in life, my interest is writing texts and designing pictures, just a young entrepreneur in different sectors present, for everything i represent i love black people like a high crest

Sing the song of the halleluja, better to say sing the melody of the coyote whistling at nights deeply how ever, my pleasure international genre touched by, i like, a sight of tolerance tonight


Education made me established & founded, sounding classic around, more of the lyrically old school underground, a frown like a heavy clown to have a kristall of a crown in the closet, bust it

My question is it justified to recognize failure in some bodys life which is unjustified more than reaching wide to galaxy alike in a milestone for the world in a sight


My pleasure, guess my life is sometimes good sometimes bad, it's all standart living, Kurt Cobain said grunch would rock the scenery, he rocked definitely the punk rock dream of Aberdeens angel vocals just heavently 

Stress sometimes coming close, showing everybody tonight that hoes pursue me like a reputation of 60's rock'n'roll shows, constantly working on projects intern to know, more of this lyrically chor


A fidel is a great sortiment, operating deeply innerly, like a winner in Timberland and Ben Sherman shaking at times just glamour and glitter by this society reputation greatly but never bitterly

Utopian architectural places already designed & created in a placing real estate patterns to real estate palasts, messing everyday with this planet, god damn it, politics is widely portrayed by world wide


Operating deep in seeking peace innerly, following the path of peace, the streets here in Germany is quiet, bliss always in hearts caring, sharing great times in life, just a sight

Alike sometimes phantasizing bout curious matters, my letter to the greatest ever, when ever is the world end coming, just judgement day coming on something like this planet


My bottom line to sketching by a literally paragraph, i just love my arts of living, silence sometimes innerly, bitterly somethings alike in life perils and fear awaken inside, but rare 

The outlaws roam across the streets of california, nothing but the embodiment of life's raw identity with some body my friend, to mentioned the clown is bouncing deep in the room like a theatric frown around

The sound of trebling like a rebell, acting like the devil on a level, international fashion to wear paris designer mode, my gesture, show for the publicity to know, it's all about yo


Fading sometimes, the chronic was written, iowa was written, all eyez on me was written, now listen can u understand my ways was written for the public eye to be read & articulate this album to believe and to see

Spectacular poems already marked, comprehensive lyrically lines already established in a sight, my opposition people don't like me, follow the moscow, soldiers passing by, it's beautifully to listen these phrases by now, right

Is my counsciousness awaken spirits alive, sometimes afrightened alike, wondering oftenly in life, how future is coming tonight






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Andreas . P . Design & Modellierungs Corp.LTD / Industrial Creation & Design