World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel )


18.10.2021  /  Germany / Europe / Protokollierumg ( World Economic Model )


( World Economic Model ) Protokoll


So let's talking business to business. This World Economic Model is now just the 26 sector include the Impressum in highly working & representations pre-development phase as far as the whole complete corporation andreaspennophotography is in working progress since 2014 in greatly facade  & graphically corporations initiative. So the World Economic Model is in short summarized like in the Impressum already said an Portrayal of economically circumstances & conditions of the  whole wide world in our civilization with different aspirations, sectors, chapters and even much more. So this project gonna be really immense splendid & enormously infrastructural with Geographically Orientations World Map Initiative on the graphically Sector from site. This Model is prepared & in expect of hugh possibilties & operating industry just an fundamentally groundwork for next years when this project is accomplished, already mentioned on the Impressum Sector,  4 Quarter 2023. So this WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL is an correspondance for great dogged & stubborn great enthusiasts & for the business type society or averaged society from the world but also for highly smart intelligent figures from all over the world, just observatory people coming to my corporation. As same as this product does work my WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel) the Initiative has different principles through research ,discovery & exploring of. So this Weltwirtschaftsprodukt has already it's beginnings in the Portable Document Format Sector on & the Establishment / Industrial & Corporations Language Sector. Also on you can find over millions of results, predominantly on the graphically google pictures sector of the World Economic Model just maybe Logs like to type in metropolitan areas of the world, countries with geoecology or NEOM or the Silk Road. Nowadays greatest top projects is history books at the 21.Century. Eventually googling of Cities from all over the world is the World Economic Model, maybe the Middle East to type in the google picture thread. Also Saudi Arabian Kingdom just the Vision 2030 is integrated in google by just the Weltwirtschaftsmodel.You can type in economically sites from different countries or continents. Red Sea just the Suez Canal is present. Or Credit Suisse ( Switzerland) just the Bombay Stock Exchange from India, or Aramco from Saudi Arabia , Arcelormittal from Luxembourg, Maersk the corporation from Denmark. So google and the World Economic Model has a lot to offer. Next point is the World Politically Exemplification just World Politics to watch from my website & corporation, talk in sincere wise World Economic Development ( Worldpress ). A lot of  World Oil Industry & Crude Oil Delving Development just Production just Oil Producing Countries from the PDF Sector. Also Green Energy has so much references of as well as touting of & promulgating this subject under high values & economically green principles. So this project is versatile. All the maps, all  the google entries, all the geoecology from the Middle East. From now 18.10.2021 the Portable Document Format Sector has approximately 70 Products ( Year End maybe 100 Pieces ) just Segments to watch & flckering through this sector, also to find there Daimler AG ( Production ) just Car Creational Development Producing. Like already the Aspirations of the project is Production,Green Energy, also Middle East, World Business Scale , Geo Establiishment ,Geoecology,Technology also Globalization especially through google you can find these values in the entries for Also Volvo is part of the World Economic Model named the Construction Site on the First Sector from web-address. Also an exe file on the  Weltwirtschaftsprodukt is on the PDF Diversification Center which is promising.




( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Sketches & Patterns exempli gratia Modellierung from " The Line " Project from published by Mohammed Bin Salman 1 Quarter 2021


So this Weltwirtschaftsmodel is also about operating geoecologically & geographically sites just :


WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ( 194 Countries Regularly ) / Individual Assessment of 194 Countries



WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL ( Weltwirtschaftsmodel) 18.10.2021/ PROTOKOLL


MAERSK ( Denmark ) 18.10.2021


Maersk the export of Vessels just carrying Millions of Containers Daily World Wide and discharging them on Harbours


Also the Suez Canal was thick in Queue and was just in overlapping Ships & and the whole Suez Canal was stocking just no ship was moving forwarding.So this happend in 2021 in 2 Quarter in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Middle east Where also Africa is bordering on the Red Sea . So Maersk is the most greatest, biggest, grandeur and obligationally & commited to most commodity  & container carrying ship servicing corporation in the world. In different countries Maersk had problems as far as the COVID-19. Maersk is from Denmark and Soren Skou is the president & CEO of this company. Fundamentally this. So this concern is just to say. So this predominantly highly infrastructural & trading and financially resources just the " Financial Times " ist the resourcing  for this contribution  & short clip about Maersk Corporation form Scandinavia working & employing daily thousands of people on the port, harbours & Oceans Operating Systematic Across Points to meet. So Harbour Cities are just like Hong Kong was off course growing and in percentage just high development. So other cities like Coastal Area Cities are affiliated as far as Maersk Vessel Product Discharging on Ports. This video was created 2020 as fas as how COVID-19 has impact & influence on global trade on difficulties just focal point export of containers via Maersk Transportation. A lot of companies are on freight from Maersk Cargo Freight Ships, just content cars like BMW, Volvo, Commodity, Operating physics like metal, iron, aluminium, brass, or transportation just Skoda Cars, or Airplanes Parts, Earthmovers, Maersk does work in different ship canals of a mondial sight. They does set for freight in containers real estate infrastructure, assembly for different sectors, as far as our civilization operating parts from different shops, also weapons from government are exported to other countires or kingdoms. So Maersk is fully employed by freight & export on harbours & ports on globally scale.





So this video is all about the world moving quick. The Observation does hold on to over 1 hour the vid. Enjoy the peek & glance at the world which god once created. Different segments from continents are visible. This Portrayal is unique & formidable. It's a great option to enjoy this happen. I guess now you is dubious & dumpfounded. I like this video and the musically contribution is amazing & excited just embellished with great acoustics just recorded tunes. This Music is named REIKI and is spiritual vibe & atmopshere. So this pigments on the earth from above is captured from a satellite 100 kms above in space. This is an part of the " WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL " Weltwirtschaftsmodel.

ORBIT - Journey Around Earth in Real Time is the term & definition of this clip. Sometimes you see blue / Sometimes yellow, Its all water region or mainland planet earth. The first russian astronaut was a russian figure in history. Also the ISS is place in galaxy space. The gravity is totally other adjusted & assimilated in space than on planet earth. Roskomos is the Aerospace Station from the Russian Federation from Moscow. And the ( NASA ) from USA.

Remastered is this video just the Orbit. This is all part of the Weltwirtschaftsprodukt. Sometimes the earth on this clip is looking cloudy above. We have also different planets in the COSMOS named Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Neptune, Moon or Saturn just Venus. As far as the world news the United States from America wants to get actively on a expedition & landing on the MARS. And the date is 2024 a.D.  The Satellites in the milky way are very great suppliers for us humans on earth. Just now comes the sensation. Just the government from Dubai is planning an landing & human spectacle as same as the Americans but in a different way to get equipped & structured to land on the Mars after the year 2100 with special forces & human paramountly leading armament.





DJIBOUTI /  AFRICA / 19.10.2021


So, Djibouti is North Africa and is located on the Red Sea. It's an own Country with Desert Geoecology. It's an african state & also great by the WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL.Below this texture & literary correspondence is an Satellite Recording from Djibouti & it's land recruited on the Eastcoast of Africa. Language is arabian & french speaking people & industrialization.1 Million of people is the population & humankind of Djibouti. Also Volcanoes are present in this country. It's relatively north in Africa  the localisation. So this capturing below is gigantically beautifully. You see it's very pristine & developed this imagery from above. Djibouti is 23.200 km² by the metric & mainland big,

Africa is a warm place. Headquarters & Main Capital is as same as the country djibouti.This Capturing below is located on a coast or port just harbour.



djibouti / africa / / Geography / Satellite Capturing / GEOECOLOGY / Eastcoast of Continent / Arabian French Language/ 1 Million Population & Density just Human Civilization
djibouti / africa / / Geography / Satellite Capturing / GEOECOLOGY / Eastcoast of Continent / Arabian French Language/ 1 Million Population & Density just Human Civilization


Germany / Europe / ( Solar & Green Productivity   ) ( EU)  30.10.2021


So, Germany and it's Green Energy Productivity is seldom in Europe. It's Chances & Possibilties is wide-reaching. Billions of Euro Bank Notes should be an investment for great sourcing & resources for Renewables in Germany till 2050. Also Europe have multiple billions just over 300 billions  of euro investment & major reserves just capacity of Hydrogen to invest in the European Union on the continent. In Germany the Photovoltaic & Green Eco Develpment is since 50 years under strong growth & imnense qualitative comfortability under futuristic portrayal. Germany has efficiency targets & diverse standard for green science under immense investment of operating resources. Human Resources of this green topic is formidable & promising for the whole country buy energy & electricity operating systems and than transforming this energy for people in the civilization. Not only us as Europeans but also people in the middle east. All kingdoms, nations,countries from middle east have since decades great manufacturing & growth of solar energy possibilities. If you observes the arabian sector on andreaspennophotography you see that the arabian kingdom has a spectrum of human unthinkable 200 Billion of Dollar & 200 GW resouces to build up till 2030 & futher under this project for the Vision 2030. Also Dubai has Solar Productiviy immsense going on in the UAE Emirates just Abu Dhabi or Kuwait and Israel or Bahrain Solar Development Green Resourcs. So Germany in the EU is one of the most Renewables & Energy propagating developed country in the whole world. The federal republic of Germany is very lucrative also for business of Intercontinenal Diplomatically Procedure. 




Bahrain / ( Middle East / ) / Green Systematically Development / 30.10.2021


Well, Bahrain is very pristine in Megaprojects. It's resources for finanically intern inquiry of Solar Energy Eco Development is greatly to resolve. It's a Kingdom of further Kingdoms in the Middle East. The Human Civilization of Bahrain is very strong at growth as well as highly at recommendation of corporations & companies infrastructure for it's reputation. It's a member of the ( GCC ) just a product of of the Gulf Cooperations Council Member States. Bahrain has a King & a Prince. It's prince stands under great civilized arabian friendship to Mohammed Bin Salman the prince from arabia kingdom. Bahrain has Sustainability Planning & Structures of high Gulf Cooperational Status to take investment in different economically prinicples. As well as Bapco it's most hugh & popular centralized oil corporation in the Kingdom of Bahrain is very high as well as Aramco under differentiated status for oil export & exporteurs delivery in the whole wide world also Europe or North America of Africa just China.Bahrain has futuristically outlook for Green Energy highly disciplined. It's currency is Bahrain Dinar. It's improvement for highly future purpose & future planning for locally intern great wind turbines & solar energy panels operations & build-up structured is in it's society is hugh possible. Bahrain is recruited on the Persian Gulf and is a Gulf States Member State. It's Archipelago Isle Countries Industrialization was in past 30 years till now under great growing influx. Bahrain is very pristine and has exotically resorts to offer on the persian gulf.The kingdom from Bahrain is socially very islamically assessed & established. There's is also a King in the state of Bahrain. It's productivity & social values are precise & graduating from a country where also pilgrims coming to the western region of the GCC Member Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the holy place of Makkah. Also from Abu Dhabi or Dubai or further Emirates or Kuwait just Pakistan or Turkey people is pilgrims for the holy land of Makkah. This to that. Europe the continent has strong affiliated cooperation ideals & promulgated connection to Bahrain and the Gulf States. Bahrain is in a GCC Gulf  metamorphosis just evolution & develpment since early decades from now. And it's futuristic planning in the Vision 2030 is highly engaged of Green Systematically Development jus Green Politics & Green Energy Confidence. 


Recommendations of Green Investment. The Kingdom of Bahrain is very confident in it's Vision 2030. Somehow the middle east is all about investing & initiating in green technology and an update of solar & wind power.

Bahrain's Vision is very great but also in obstacles. The resources of the infrastructure is somehow missing in different sectors. But now the industrialization of the Middle East & Africa Continents is splendid & future well-coined established. This country has a islamically constitution and is GCC high optimistically engaged. The plan & goal to achieve values like other GCC states e.G Qatar or UAE or Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is to achieve CRUDE Oil Independence .

Bahrain is welcomed in different continents as a kingdom for cooperational industrial pacts. Mohammed Bin Salman from Arabian Kingdom is very standing in friendship to the prince of Bahrain. They have a great relationship. Especially a lot of Princes & Sheiks stand in collaboration in pristine contact for decades from now in the middle east from several kingdoms. The green spectrum & operating goodwill of the values of Bahrain is under hugh also civilized hugh phases till 2030. This country has even not only Green Energy it it's groundbreaking state but also trading possibilities & confident sharing development. Also different commodity & products is fostered & established in the ports, harbours and coastal ares of the bordering water named Persian Gulf. This country has a wide standing evolution just growth like ancient thoughts just alike the Persian Kingdom and Empire. The prince is having enormous responsibility of this land of oil. Anyway God Bless Bahrain and the whole middle east.


World / News / Middle East Intercontinental Geography  / Gulf Cooperational States ( GCC ) Kingdoms & States / Continent Belonging to Asia / Also Riyadh & Bahrain  on the  Map / Great Look at this Object / Capturing
World / News / Middle East Intercontinental Geography / Gulf Cooperational States ( GCC ) Kingdoms & States / Continent Belonging to Asia / Also Riyadh & Bahrain on the Map / Great Look at this Object / Capturing



Portugal / EU Affiliated / Prime Minister Antonio Costa / Main Capital is Lisbon / Western Region /  27.11.2021


So Lisbon is the capital from Portugal. This is country is geographically situated south european on the scale. It's an peninsula on the atlantic ocean & basin. It't has great resorts and the civilization is very cultivated especially the younger generation. It's population chiffre is about 10 Millions of humankind living in this country. Head of State and President is Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. The Gross Domestic Product 2020 was approximately 230 Billion of Dollar and GDP Worth. Portugal has a language as same as the origin like the country itself portuguese lingo which is resembling the hispanically language which is oftenly talked in different regions in the continent South America. The financially currrency is the Euro like all other 26 Partnership & Cooperational Members from the EU does carry. This peninsula is bordering to Spain the country. Portugal is oftenly visited from people all over the world in the humanity we is about. To Spain the Portugese economically leadership individuals to export just serve as a exporteur from Portugal to Spain as much as the most from it's native country. The second exporteurs countries from Portugal is France and the third export country is belonging to Germany, so all the Eurozone. As well as does the geoecologically sites from the most western country of the European Continent import from Spain as much as they do. So Portugal is a beautifully country also carrying a city named Porto.It's also in membership of the OECD ( Organization of Economic Cooperation & Development ) or WTO ( World Trade Organization) and the EU.In the 12 Century a.D Portugal was created as kingdom in 1139. And the democratically state of Portugal came 1976. It's spectrum of the size of the country is 92.212 km² so enormous size like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or India or the US in comparison just Australia or in nexus to  China, Portugal is not suited it's  small from it's area. The five greatest and biggest airports from the country are from Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Ponta Delgada or Funcha.As far as the architecture is centralized through all epochs of European Builidings Time Ages & Very Build by diligently manufacture all the way up .The legislature is the Assembly of the Republic.Portugals Confessional Religious Belief is 84 Percent Christianity. Like all other most of the membership carrying states of the European Union just Christology.

Portugal has also green energy just solar panel complexes & estates nationwide exemplified. The prime minister Antonio Costa is a great politician & economist . This premier is well established and has worlwide connections & governmentally systematic relationships to almost every continent of humanity and is fostering a great foreign affairs model to Spain and further hispanically countries. Portugal has also a great flag constituted. Solar structured green productivity & development is country wide representated on hugh establishment. As far as Tourism a lot of people have Portugal and the coastal areas under portrayal just on the holidays, leisure & resort list cause it's climate is very Tourism engaging people. Portugal has also native meals & receipts for it's own budget & modern nourishments civilization..This land was also a decisive & important factor for the development & creation of the NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) in the year a.D 1949 of history.