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Loewe / Marketing / Corporate Pro Protocolation  / Structured / Loewe Concern / Kronach / Company for Media Creation

Loewe / / Media / Corporation Of Digitization & Televisions Engineering / Business / Kronach / / Individual Home Entertainment Systems /
Professional Media Design Electronically Development Concern / Corporate Initiative Technology Very Properly Standing / Loewe is known for its digitized innovative goodwill / Its presence in the telecommunications industry & corporate operating medium is fascinating / This company is very elaborated and competent developed. It's professional creation by TV Appliances & Sat Receiver Technology also devices in redirect to digital devices is unique & well-performing.
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German Airline Company / Lufthansa / Cologne / Germany / Air Carrier / 2010 / Annual Report / Airlines from Europe / EU

Lufthansa AG / Corporation / Aircraft References Attractive / Air Carrier / Germany / Cologne / Airline / Lufthansa / Protokollierung from 2010 in World
Europe / Western Region Of World-Portrayal / Worldwide Air-Traffic / Intercontintental Air-Factory
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Investment in the United States / 2011 / Preparation for United States First Insights of Creating Business Principles in this country, especially North America / Investors Opportunities to create prospering Business in the States

Investment in the U.S / Banking Sector / Finance / Economic Assessment / North America and its Fiscal Economy / Business In The U.S / Corporate-Legislation
Corporation / Investing In The United States / Guidelines For International Companies / Executive Compensation / Banking System At Glance / Employee Benefits / Occupational Safety / Creating U.S Chiffre Established Investor Relations from different Parts of the Planet / Mergers & Acquisitions / Taxation & Tax Enforcement / Especially Greenfield Investment Elucidated & Embodiment / Different Investors from All Over the World is meant how to Invest in the U.S.A / Chinese & Korean In Instance or Peruvian Investors can be Meant or You / Corporate Combinations & Cooperative between you and North America can count / Decades the US has become a Investor Reservoir Connection Nr.1 in this environment / Technology & System Peculiar Concerned
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New York / Financial Access Initiative / Protocolation 2013 New York University / East America

Financial Access Initiative / New York University / Migration As A Strategy For Household Finance / Civilization of Financial Transactions & Payments Reframed As Dominant
A Research Agenda On Remittances, Payments & Development /Center for Global Development & Financial Access Initiative / Embodiment of Household Finance NY Uni / Intercontinental Business-Curated Climate Advocacy
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Julian Assange / Wiki Leaks / Corrupt Politics  / Sweden Affiliation / Extradition / Client Assange /  Innocence / Protocol / Certain Justice / ( Manuscript from 2014 ) by Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli

Julian Assange / In Case Of Wiki Leaks / Sweden Extradition / Politics / United States / Protocolation / Arraignment & Procedure / Law Enforcement
Julian Assange is in a difficult situation now the year written 2019 on this earth. After the multiple year standing ecuadorian embassy sojourn in United Kingdom he is struggling complex law & judicially cases and is now momentarily in a british prison for some illegitimate reasons & forms of law procedures going on. The United States of America is also very lawfully & judicially coming for Julian Assange cause he had this kinda publication of wikileaks years ago.
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Credit Suisse / Annual Report 2015 / Chief Executive Officer Thomas Gottstein Since 2020 / Details & Business Procedure / Accountancy / Banking Institute /  

Credit Suisse / Headquarters in Zurich / Goodwill promising / Banking Corporation / Bank out of Switzerland / Currency -Swiss Francs
Constructive Banking Institute / Enormous Asset & Financial Contribution for the continent South America as far as the transactions. Brilliant Guidelines for Stock Affiliations & Management for Equity Planning. Credit Suisse is a world & mondial bank. Its principles for transactional banking in europe is also a commitment which is very high graded. The Paramount Dollarization-Mode Comparison for further Use is also very decisive for its on going business. Its industrial leading role in accounting does also conclude freight & commodity as well as oil business initiatives, especially going through the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean.
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Scandinavia / Volvo Group / Business Report 2015 / Protokollierung / Establishment / Manufacturing / World Class Industry & Development for Hugh Crafted Vehicles

Volvo Group / Big Manufactured Vehicle & Earthmovers Institution Volvo Group / Sweden / Professional Construction Technology & Efficiency / Constructive
Volvo Group / Protocolation About The Trucks & Big Established Vehicles Manufacturer Volvo Group / Earthmovers / CEO Martin Lundstedt / It's the contraire to the company Volvo Cars in Sweden. The Architecture is very solid & rugged as well as development in a swedish design. Volvo Group does create great Trucks after an groundwork & example laid down from a swedish construction rooted base profile.
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Deutsche Bank / Biggest Investment Bank From Europe / Portable Document Format / Annual Report 2015

Deutsche Bank / Frankfurt Am Main / Banking Institute / Christian Sewing CEO / Corporate Governance / Company & Bank Affiliated With Proper Goodwill
The Deutsche Bank is very consequent, professional & rich assessed by a regular opinion & examples laid down. This German Bank has a updated & upgraded outlook which is constructive for german business & corporations groundwork. It's so namely different options to take a a fusion with the Commerzbank out of Frankfurt was failed and blocked by different reasons. Some politically & financially rationales wasn't accomplished also in a context a lot of regulations couldn't be put on excel. In the North America the Deutsche Bank was also very busy by different actions from the year written now by 2019. In the continent of Central Europe it's now by the third quartal of 2019 also very engaged of a lot of banking corporate empowerment and some articulated business concepts to work out to get to a point to be an established fulfilled rich-collaborative constructive bank from the western region.
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Gazprom / Annual Report / Energy Sector / Development of High-Performance Oil / Company of Russian Federation /  One of Biggest Corporations of Europe / RTS Index Listed 

Gazprom / Russian Federation / World-Scaled Oil and Energy Corporation / Globally portrayed biggest Natural Gas Industry / Location Capital Moscow in Russia
Gazprom / Natural Gas Exploration / Company From Russia / Alexei Borissowitsch Miller Chief Executive Officer / Constructive & High Competent / The Gas
Processing & Development is a world industry / Connectivity through a pipeline to Europe & Turkey, it's a gas transporting circuit, which let gas technology flow from the Russian Federation to Turkey and Europe / Investor Relations on mondial basis follow Gazprom with high successful results
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NYSE / Jeffrey C Sprecher / Intercontinental Exchange / Market for Shares / US

ICE / NYSE / Wall Street Institute / Share Market / US / Annual Report 2016 / STOCKS / New York U.S / North America / Largest Securtites Trade System for Shares and Commodity in the Whole World /
Intercontinental Exchange / New York Stock Exchange / ICE CEO Jeffrey C Sprecher / US Dollarization / NYSE CEO Stacey Cunningham / New York Stock Exchange Involved of ICE is a Trillions Valuable Market. It's a World Financial Hub & Center. The Different STOCK Indexes are eventually DOW JONES INDUSTRIAL AVERAGE or S&P 500 in the European Continent they are the EURO STOXX 50 ( Completely EU ) or Germany DAX or French CAC 40. This Budgeting & Planning of Dollar Profitable High Success Is Promulgating since Centuries a Value of Development & Nation's Rise just Shares especiallly in New York & Tolerance for the United States. So the US is a country which is a Land of Industry & Possibilities e.g Economically Growth. So this Annual Report 2016 is about the ICE / NYSE and further Affiliates of Budgeting for the Country. Jeffrey C Sprecher is a Reasonable Systematic Tolerating Industrial Individual his whole career. The Intercontinental Exchange Has Differentiated Profitable Markets.
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Aramco/ Oil-Corporation / Wide-Reaching Oil- Concern of Saudi Arabia / Belonging to Royal Family of Saudi Arabia of the Orient in the Middle East / Headquarters Dhahran in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Royal Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia in Possession of Corporation / Oil-Enrichment Very High / Most Biggest Oil Exporter from World / Initial Public Offering (IPO) Discerning Scheme of Stock
But " Vision 2030 " Tactics And Fundamentally Principles Laid Down / In Next Move Oil-Business For Futuristic Efficiency Will Be Constricted and Also Almost Dwindled in Saudi / Red Sea Adjacent Mega City Lucrative Pro-Project Plot In Referral To Luxury Gigantic Resort & Destination Foundation To Get Created in 2019-2022 on its first phase / Tourist Attraction & Resort Coastline approx. 200km's In Reachwide on the Archipelago / Scuba Diver Have Great Sighseeings As Far As Optimal Aligned Water Temperature/Dormant Volcanoes At The Isle Sides To Portray / In Taste of Natural Pristine Marine Beauty / His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was Signing the Treaty for the Solar-Energy-Panel Acquisition Contract with Masayoshi Son from Softbank Group Tokyo in NY / New York on the Multi-Billion Mark / The Saudis Are Also In Exploration For Petrochemical and Chemical Integrated Reservoirs in Asia, India , Malaysia and China where their Geoecology Does Hold On /
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Japan Nippon NSSMC & Sumitomo Metal / Steel / Fabricated Steel Production and Discretionary Further Processing of Metal and Steel / Hugh Opportunities in Corporation & Industry in Asia Pacific Region of World.

Japan / Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation NSSMC / Productivity / Growth Efficiency / Professional Steel Fabrication Company / Kosei Shindo President
Steel & Metal Production in a Japanese Factory Style Of. This Enterprise & Company is Highly Intellectual In a Foundry for Steel & Metal Circulation Of. The Products Completed Founded And Formed became further Processing & Design Of. Frameworks & Embodiment Finished Became Later In Different Usage Of Purpose In Different Civilizations Exported & Freighted. The Japanese Currency Is Yen / Manufacturing Capability Highly Solid Form. Pursuing Splendor in Eco-Friendly Material Pillars Just Green Eco Development Steel & Creation. So further Usage In Industrial Purpose is Infrastructural Deployment as well as one is Shipbuilding or Railways Networks. So the japanese society as well as the mondial basis does tolerate NSSMC For Decades Under High Appreciating Values.
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Europe / France / Constructeur / Toulouse / Building Corporation / Alliance / Innovation / Technology / Mechanical Engineering & Airplane Creator

Airbus / France / Toulouse / Airplane Assembly Constructeur / Strategic Alliance / Development / Guillaume Faury CEO / Wide-Moving Industry & Infrastructure
World-Class Airplane Establishment / Second Largest Airplane Manufacturer In The World / Western Region / Constructive Aiplane Builder of France Europe / Infrastructure of Corporation very promising / Development of Planes very efficiently & world creative relevant / Establishing & Creating Airplanes for a lot airlines of almost all continents / Export of built airplanes in all regions of planet / Trillion Business for Airbus
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Qatar / Construction / Qatar Riyal Currency / Middle East / Top Institutional Company / Corporate Banking

Middle East / Qatar Steel / Steel Corporation / Market / Governments Steel Infrastructure & Projects / Excellent Fiscal Performance / Capital Doha
Pro-Marketing /Professional Corporate- Initiative / Expanding Globally / Steel & Iron Refinery for Later Industrial Usage and Flexible Proliferation / Significant Operating Company in Qatar / Constructive for the Middle East / Splendid & Magnificient Export Techniques / Technology Highly in Development / Opportunities for Futuristic Model Welcomed Superior / Corporation is very concentrated on Great Reputation especially in the Middle East as same as in the Whole Wide World
Qatar Steel Annual Report 2016.pdf
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 Grandeur University / Academic Exemplification / High-Priority / Relevant Pro -Resources / North America / Sophisticated Material

Harvard / Boston / Faculty of Arts and Sciences / Division / Fostering Innovative Experiments / Discovery / Education / America / Privileged / U.S.A
Liberal Arts / Exhibition & Museums / Harvard Is The Most Prestigious & Sought After Academy & University In the world. Its Operating School Caucus & The Professors Is On A Highly Well Sophisticated Niveau / The Tuition Fees Is On a Pillar Seen Very High. Anyway this Academically Institution is Worthwhile to look at. The Education Is Paramountly Evaluated. This University is also Highly Visited By The Most Famous Upper Scaled Politicians & Experts also Chief Executive Officers, Kingdom Affiliated Kings, Princes or Chancellors From a Global Structure.
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Samsung Engineering / Construction & Build Of Energy, Gas Development or Crude Oil Plants and Corporations / Annual Report 2016 / South Korea / Asia Continent / 

Samsung Engineering / Geo-Flexibile Generation / Ecologically System Prospering / CEO - Sung An Choi / World Engineering Company / High Proficiency
Growth at Global Scale / Science & Steadfastly At Occupation With Privileged Engineering / Projects in Futuristic Ways Very Professional Laid Out / Foundation 1970 / Environmental Plants At Course / Safety Very Certain in Aspiration / Samsung Engineering Created A Complex for Saudi ( Aramco) named Shaybah / Geoecologically Pro-Initiated / Advanced Work Ethic
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Cambridge U.K Judge Business School / Benchmarking Study / Overarching Illustration of Cryptocurrency & Globally Usage / Bitcoin-Enterprise Portrayal / 

U.K Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance / Cryptocurrency Digitization / Publication / Decentralized Platform / Conveniently Pro-Commerce / Acquisition of Blockchain / Commercial Exchange /
Industry Sector / Business Ecosystem / Bitcoin Trading Volume / Major Fiscal and Economically Transaction / Most Every Country in Affiliation of Bitcoin And More Digitized Cryptos / Founder of Crypto-Procedure namely Satoshi Nakamoto from Tokyo Japan
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Banque du Canada / Central Bank / Banking Institute / Dollarization / Communications and Outreach / Global Empowerment / Cryptocurrency / At One Glance The Financial Perspective from North America's Canada

Bank Of Canada / Centric Showmanship of Canada's Financial System / Corporate Eco-Financial Systematically Infrastructure / Oil Segments & Reserves
Canada / Banking Institute / Centric Financial Segment Out Of Their Country / Achievements / Fiscal Management / Corporate Organization / Clear Expectations / Cyber Security & Bank Of Canada Museum / Technology & Eco Development in North America
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European Commission / Commission Européenne Council / Auditorium / Statistics / Mondial & Global Strategy / EU Resources & Reserves / Augmentation of Principles from Central Asia, Caribbean & Latin America

European Commission / Consensus / Department & Implementation for the European Vehicle for Financing Extern and Concessioned Actions & Acts / Negotiations
Humanitarian Purpose & Factor of Development Nexus / Sustainability Energy / Common Activity For A Better European Centric Unity / Accessability for Corporate Initiative Programming / Enlargement Strategy / Reservoirs for Natural Science / Budget Execution
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Daimler AG Mercedes / German Automobile Corporation / Enormous Amount Of Car Industrial Assembly in Plants in the Whole Wide World / Ola Källenius CEO

Daimler AG Mercedes / Core Technology / Automobile Industry/ Driving Transformational / Corporate Pro Innovative /
Corporate Culture / Customized Individual Development of a High Brilliant Bodywork / World Expandation & Goodwill Bearing / Roadster Convertibles & Coupes At Exchange / Global Selling of this Segment / High Lucrative Booming Market in Asia, Europe, North America and the United Arab Emirates i.e the Middle East
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United Kingdom / Fashionable Store / Operating Efficiency / Mode Relevance / Boutique / London Fashion Centre / Privileged Apparel Merchandising / Traditional Concern / BB2 (FRA)

U.K / Burberry / London Capital / Fashion & Vogué Company Enriched / Rich Luxury Touched / Mode / Beauty / Dealership World-Scalability / Paramount
CEO of Concern & Brand - Lately Marco Gobetti / Economic Upturn & Rise from Apparel Merchandising / Marketing Committee / Performance Great Such As in Brooklyn Stores at Avenues in the Downtown Metropolis NY or Paris Inner City Life Just Privileged Places & Designer Production Profile / Production & Operating Efficiency For Garments and Design i.e Innovation Brilliant & Aligned / Segment Assessed Perfect Orientation for Mode Establishment in the U.K London /
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United States / U.S / Texas Instruments / Initiative / Manufacture and Marketing of Nanotechnology / Grandeur Company with Great Reputation / Headquarters Dallas, Texas U.S / North America / World Spectrum

United States / Texas Instruments / Texas / Microprocessor Technology & Creation / Nanotechnology / Chip Manufacture / Industrial Market / Factory Initiative
Most Hugh Microprocessor Chip Creator On The Whole Planet / Embedded Processing Segment of Media Development / CEO Rich Templeton / Western Region of the United States / Chip Idealogy Comfort / Technology Advanced and Privileged / Automotive Part of Production / Corporation Systematically Government Preemptive / Mondial Actively Industrial Marketing / Freight to the United Arab Emirates Via Ship Trade Routes as well as Aeronautics Trade
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World / News / Middle East / Sabic / Chemical & Metal Company / Arabian Vision 2030 / Farming Industry / Development for Commodity / Nutrients / Sustainability & Infrastructure / Annual Report 2017 / 

Middle East / Saudi Arabia / SABIC / Well-Established Industry in Referral to Agri-Nutrients & Petrochemicals / Intercontinental Business Climate / Vision 2030
Geoecologically Site & Technologically Complex for Chemicals and Metals / Human Resources / Smart Farming & Intensive Research / Developmént in the Agricultural Sector / New Initiated Global Operations / Performance Plastics / Corporate Pro Dealership & Marketing in Europe, Africa, Asia / America and Middle East / Export On A Mondial Base
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World / News /  Asia / Softbank Group / IT Media & Publishing of new Paramountly Technology for Use / Digitized & Mobile Structured Corporate Initiative /

World / Asia / Japan / Softbank Group / Business Protocol 2017 / Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son / A.I Revolutionary & Pioneering / Vision 300
Artificial Intelligence Establishment & Industry / Technology on Mondial Upgrade / Futuristic Strategy Calculated / Marketing Telecommunication / Headquarters Minato - Tokyo / Developed & Specialised Satellite Development for Galaxy Space Purpose / IT Initiated & Curated Professional Performance / Softbank Group was the Provider for the 200 Billion Solar Energy Panel Deal with Mohammed Bin Salman from Saudi / Globalization from Japanese Company with hugh Goodwill
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EU Bloc / Akzo Nobel / Eco-Reliability / Powerful Performance / Development of Specialty Chemical Industry / Chief Executive Officer Thierry Vanlancker & Chairman of the Executive Committee / Globalization Serving Service

Europe / Mondial Exemplification / Akzo Nobel / Colorant & Paint just Coating Industrial Corporation / Headquarterd In The Netherlands / Operating Very Confident
Metalroof Coating / Wood Coating / Especially Aeronautically Coating / Strategic Focusing / Akzo Nobel was from 2010 to 2018 enormous successful / Marine And Protective Coat-Layering / Powder Color Layer And Co / Geo-Coloring-Ecology System / Decorative Paint in Continent Asia / Technology Progressive And At A Hugh Amount Of Goodwill / Famous Abbey Coating from Akzo
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Establishment & Delving of Korean -SNUAC University in the Eastern Region for a better Human Era & Disciplined Academically Lessons just a Bright Spectrum of a Uni-Broschure / South Korea

World / Asia / Seoul National University Asia Center / SNUAC ( Exploration of A Great University ) / Development Of A Korean Academy From Seoul (Kr)
Global Hub of Centric Asian Studies & Culturistic Scholarly Inter-Disciplince. Leading to Asias Wide Reaching Brighter Greater Future. Intercontinental Research Study and Teachings for West & South Asian Dialogue Subject Matter Civilization. This University & South Korean Academy is restructured in a highly development green energy crucial initiative. SNUAC Publications are also Civil Society Fostering & Development of Topographically Variables just Algorithms for Mountains Classification. This University has also socially development in courses. Also some about the circulating korean economy & geoeconomics just asian influence for the western region of humankind. Director is Park Soo Jin. The gone & last years 2018 was " Thailand Culture Week " to celebrate the 60 birthday of Korean & Thai Relations.
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  South America / Peru LNG   / Recreation of  Oil & Gas In Enormous Great Comfort & Confidence / 30 Million Population / Currency Sol / LNG Great Production / Biologically & Green Energy Just Ecosystematically Principles

Peru LNG is Enormous Developed & Gas Vendor Principles became in the last Decade Transparent & Thoroughly / Contriving Gas Industrial & Constructive / Watering
South America is growing in the state of the Oil & Gas Sector now in the 21st Century . Also Brazil & Argentina, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Panama, Ecuador & El Salvador is in highly profitable embodiment of great crude oil & gas mondial markets in exchange & is in highly paramountly green energy modus recreational & socialising. About Peru LNG is in the last Decade very strong at growth & peruvian gas markets is highly known for self-consciousness in Liquefied Natural Gas Development & export even cargo shipping to other countries. There was also a bio restoration. Shipments are known and well fostered. Shareholders are in the continent not to underestimate belonging to other civilizations. Port & Harbour Facilities also reign & exists on the coastal area. Leading , Peru LNG Representing CEO of the Corporation is Maria Julia Aybar belonging to the Executive Committee. So 2018 the profit of chiffre assets was 2,569,733 Millions of US DOLLARS.
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United Arab Emirates /  UAE Annual Economically Report 2018 / Protokollierung / Middle East / Emirates Chiffre & Abu Dhabi & Dubai Systematically Dialog of promulgating Mid-East Economically Initiatives & Prospering Ideals

Middle East / (UAE) United Arab Emirates / Representation 2018 UAE & Vision in the Mid-East Dubai Diversified Global Competitive Economic Promulgation
Artificially Intelligence in Contrast highly welcomed in UAE. An constructive enlightened vision for world diversified operating goals. Achieving by the King of Dubai for the Emiratis a highly comfortability living space on human earth. Crude Oil Extraction & Natual Gas Gross Domestic Product by Real Constant Prices leading to 30 Percentage of 2017 in the United Arab Emirates. Crude Oil Independence is a predominantly high reaching goal for (UAE ) United Arab Emirates as well as other countries in the (GCC) Gulf Cooperation States. So India,China, Arabian Kingdom, Singapore,Turkey, USA are totally 2017 most valuable NON-OIL Export Partners & Sharing Developed Countries of (UAE). In Qatar on the Gulf Water was built 2015 a National Strategic Committee for financial Inclusion & Education.
Economic Report + Dubai + 2018 ( UAE).pd
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ECB / European Central Bank / Frankfurt / Germany / EU Bloc / Eurozone /  Chief Executive Officer Christine Lagarde in Leading Post of Bank / Decisive for the EU and its financial construction as well as its fiscal growth 

European Central Bank / Governing Council / Ecological Pro Development / Eurosystematically Trade Balance / EU Bloc Statistics / World Investor Relations
Euro Payments / GDP Growth & Balance of the European Initiative Constitution / Transactions Leading Development for International Purpose / Info by Bill Printing Notes in the EU is also in this protocol enlisted and a short summary by its use of every citizen in Europe / Government Balance & Structured Relations / Solid Dynamics & Growth for EU is in range to know. European Fiscal Standard reached in technology & development. EU Stock Indices & Share Markets around EZB are in Content of this protocol. Involvement in Professionality & Proficiency as well as Mondial Expertise is all about Christine Lagarde new established in 4 Quartal 2019 in the European Central Bank in presidency.
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Denmark / Maersk / Container Vessel Development & Usage for Productivity & Performance  for Container Supplier Transport on a Transport Basis for Infrastructure of Port, Harbour & Coastal Areas

A.P Moller Maersk / Denmark / Scandinavia / Container Product Harbour Logistics / Global Leader of Transport Vessel Supply / Trade through all Oceans of World
Maersk is all about Technology In Terms of Exchange for Container Transportation Vessel Business on Mondial Basis / CEO is Soren Skou / Solid & Restructured Development Phase Since Last Period of Time from 2019 / Maersk is about Hughly Initiated Infrastructure for the Customer On Daily Basis on Port, Harbours & Coastal Areas on all Continents on Human Kind / Focusing on Brighter Futuristic Ideals As Same As Technology a Contriving Platform in Arrangement is Greatly To Observe / Operating Containers in Freight Routes of in the Atlantic Ocean, Red Sea, Pacific, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, Thai Gulf, Mediterranean And Different Waters / To be of Transport Of Carrying Vessels for discharge on Harbours after the Oceans Journey & Tour on most every Trade Lane & Route of Globe.
Maersk Annual Report 2019.pdf
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Softbank Group  / Infrastructure / Development Media A.I Production / Industrial Revolution / Annual Report 2019 / Organization High Rated just some Projects like Vision Fund 1 & 2 by Masayoshi Son

World / News / Continent Asia Humankind Alike / Softbank Group / Masayoshi Son / Visionary by 300 Strategy / Industrial Business Principles
Vision 300 / In Development of a Ecosystematic Friendly System Type by the Company Of The Japanese Empire / On a eventually fiscal promising & well-performing status for the contriving of New Technology Ideals & Patterns reaching in Possibility Plateau for the Next Decades of Human Civilisation certainly / Economic & Geoecology Sales , Ecology is already since times moving accomplished / Principles by Masayoshi Son is to invent & contrive Computer Technologies talk about Manufacture & Robotics Infrastructure which smarter and more intelligent than a human alike / In the Years From now 2020 Mohammed Bin Salman from the Middle East & Masayoshi Son met oftenly, also once in New York for the Mega Deal by the Solar Products for Saudi.
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World / Middle East / GCC /  Annual Protocol & Report of Qatar Petroleum 2018 / Qatar Petroleum is Developing into a Technologically & Proliferating Oil & Gas Company from High Value of Profit of Qatar Riyal

Middle East / Oil & Gas Development Company / Qatar Petroleum / Dynamic & Solid Operating Balance in 2018 / CEO Energy Affairs QP Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi
QP is a Production & Development Industrial Individual which exports 1/3 of LNG streaming into the whole world. This Oil & Gas Tolerating Company is modernized & structural very decisive for the Gas Operating Market on world basis. In 2018 Qatar Petroleum which is geographically on a peninsula, the Expansion & Diversification became more explored in different regions in the world. Also Crude Oil Products & Commodity is on the Agenda especially for International Trading. Anyway Qatar is one the richest & Most Tolerated Countries in the Whole Wide World cause of its natural treasures & gas capacitiy just reserves.
QP Annual Review 2018 - English.pdf
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Unpublished Study / About Forest Natures Loss & Dwindling of the Amazon of the South American Continent & Deforestation of this Precious Timberland / Environmental Study & Geoecology

World / South America / Civilization / Brazil Deforestation Amazon / Affiliated Different Countries from Continent / Regions Concerned in this Natural Procedure
South Americas Amazonian Countries Are A Victim of Deforestation / These Green Areas become destroyed by Specific Kinda People for Agriculture / The Amazonia Covers the Biggest Regions of Tropical Rainforest in the Cosmos. Some Not Certified & Regular just Villains e.g Desperadoes does deforest these kinda Vegetation & Precious Flora. South America the continent has the Rainforest & Amazon just this natures jewel & for centuries but it is threatened by some different sort of operating exploiting humankind
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World / University of Melbourne / Intelligence Hugh Dispersed/ Great Social Acknowledgment For Crowd in the Auditorium of Speaker / Uni Confident / Goodwill Strong
So this Uni is Pleasant, Delving & Developed on Close to daily visiting Lessons & Tutoring for the Listening Students. Internal Growth of the Institute is Promised On A Constructive & Crucial Tract . Full-Fledged Innovative Careers & Future Circumstances Are Under High Priority & Graduate Principles Laid Down. Operating & Learning Philanthropy Just Working Diligence in Australia in Uni is Known under high classified Demonstration. Teaching Sessions are eventually named ( Architecture & Building ), ( Agricultural Science ), or ( Arts & Law ) to study.Total indigenous civilization in this Uni was the enrollment by 438 saying Aborigines in 2019. Established is also like environmental projects like Reducing Waste in the Down Under + Continent in initial Reusing in the afterwards. Also Development of Occupations & Jobs In A Specific Rising Way for Australia - Ecofriendly & Green Energy Welcoming . In this pamphlet is also the accountancy for the Uni. Scott Morrison is Prime Minister.
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World / News U.K / London Stock Exchange / United Kingdom's Most Prestigious Share Market / 300 Year Historically Presence On The Planet  / Strategically & Investment Just Hugh Formidable Goodwill Bearing & Sharing

World British Markets / London Stock Exchange / British Monarchy / Open Markets Access Philosophy / Institutes Stocks Serving Magnificient Reputation
Well, the London Stock Exchange is characterised through high British Sterling moving in Hugh Financial Markets on mondial base. Considering the great Chair Don Robert is very confident & under british monarchy highly appreciated for different ideals he is carrying. This Stock Market is productive & was in the last centuries very profitable & freshly innovative for new futuristically principles clearly. The Hong Kong Markets wanted to establish an deal 2019 for the LSEG but the british reflexive reciprocal exchange denied the proposal for an concern just in their own constellation of. In this way the Stock Exchange out of London is very constructive & willingly focused on the customer & client base in the horizont over London on globalizational view of. The CEO from this organization named David Schwimmer is proud of great events raised for the concern. He's very solid & stubborn by the decision incorporating Goodwill for the Exchange.
LSEG Annual Report 31 December 2019.pdf
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World / RU / Russian Federation / Formation of Technology & Chemistry / Science Green Energy / Roscosmos Spacecraft Moscow / Currency Rubel / 145 Million Population RU / Technology & Diversification of Russias Science

Russias Glorified Conglomerate / Aviation Delving Technologies / Glass & Textiles & / Aircraft Generation / Transceiver Circuit / CEO Sergey V. Chemezov
Now, to introduce one of the greatest high developed corporation from the Eurasian Region, containing intellectual capacity.
The destiny, growth, aim in 2025 is to be in reaching 17 % of Rubles in the biggest country of the whole world.To Mention Breaking News about Rostec the scientifically concern is they found an emerald in green colorizations aspect in a russian spot. So this conglomerate was starting the first recycling enteprise 2019 in the eurasian continent. December 2019 " The Power of Siberia " Gas Pipeline Structure opened by Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin & President from Bejing Xi Jinping from China. Overcoming Technologic Barriers is different ecosystematic & green energy ways which is in front of the corporation. Military Purpose Build & Engine Economic Model is one consideration of Rostec. Ecologically friendly is also a componente & leading creation for a better human era, not only in the Russian Federation. Employment about 450.000 Thousand.
RU_Rostec State Corporation 2019_Protok
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World / France / Central Bank / Banque De France / Eurosystème / Development of France's Financial Structure / Euro Express & EU Infrastructure Enriched with Oil Corporation Total SA / Fostering Podium As Great Correspondence

Banque de France / Central Bank of France / Great Banking Institute / Governor Francois Villeroy de Galhau / European Financially Tolerance & Technology
So, this an exemplar representing Eurosystematically as well as the financial infrastructure in France. Operating with 50.000 banks of internal basis and approximately a new banking centre & podium in the continent Asia. 5.4 Billion of Euro Banknotes distributed on french counters in 2019. In a routine & contemporary scale e.g period french citizen is pleasantly and gratefully with the Euro Banknote since the enrollement in 1999 as well as for other participants in the European Continent. GOLD BULLION Reserves & Natural Operating Stock is stretched till 2.436 Tonnes of Pure Commodity in Possession of France . Anyway France has a two cameral system. Financially this country is well-established with a great System for the social living. The Central Bank is also in commitment of great authentization of European Banknotes in Security in a plausible way of. The European Central Bank is in gratefully & highly enlisted just highly focused on great partnership welcomed niveau for France.
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World / Bloomberg Journalism / Tidjane Thiam CEO Credit Suisse 2015-2020 / Constructive & Professional Banker Just Great  Lingual Thesaurus / Excellent Mondial Figure For Crucial Black Business To Business
World / Bloomberg Journalism / Tidjane Thiam CEO Credit Suisse 2015-2020 / Constructive & Professional Banker Just Great Lingual Thesaurus / Excellent Mondial Figure For Crucial Black Business To Business

Europe / Switzerland  / Characteristic Banking Institute / Stocks & Emerging Markets Participating Model from Credit Suisse / Country Non-EU Affiliated / Benefit from the Restructuring in Empowerment

Credit Suisse / Annual & Business Protocol 2019 / CEO Thomas Gottstein / Banking Credit Institute from Zurich Switzerland / CHF Franken Currency
Credit Suisse was changing the Head of State just the CEO From the Suisse Bank out of different Causes & Reasons On Internal Bank Basis / Eventually this Institute is very eager & glad by the last period of quarters and years for the Bank / Wealth Management Goals & Strategy was successfully & moderately achieved. Cumulative Growth in the Stable Deposit Base was operating on a Grade of Greatness. The Brexit was a Hurdle for the Mondial Bank. Market Environment Currency is a Challenging Battle everyday. Asia Pacific Region the Wealth Management & Financial Obligations is Highly Under Busy Supervision from Credit Suisse. Fundamentally it's a Leading Characteristic Developed Wealth Manager on mondial Base. In the Year 2018 was the Finishing Model for the Three Year Restructuring & Constructive Plan Achieved in Hugh Entity. Organizational Integrated Stocks & Shares was rising & Iifting in the Balance Structure of 2019 especially for the Quantity in Significance of World Banks
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 6.4 MB

 Norway / Bergen / Leroy / Annual Report 2019 / Sea & Oceans Fish Corporation / Entire Stretched On The Corniche & Coast of Country Norway for Fishing Products & Further Process of Dishes / NON EU

World / Norway / Nourishments Fish & Seafoods Market / Production & Confident Salmon & Delicious Fish Farming / Enlisted Oslo Shares & Stock Exchange
Leroy is just operating & Enormous Famous For Its Fish Specialised Foods For the Clientele on Distribution & Daily Seafoods For The Continents Fish Markets. The Companies Firm Chief is Named Henning Beltestadt. It's Scandinavians Greatest Fish Foods Exchange. In the South East Asian Continent it's affiliated Corporate Cooperational Local Roots are Japan & China for Further Purpose of the Nourishments Mondial Seafoods Development. As well as North America has its Global Collaboration Commerce by Leroy and in the Eurozone Countries like Scotland is Farming Affiliated. Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, France, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Denmark Are Involved In Profile EU Marine Sales & Distribution.It's an Aquacultural Fishing Company. Also Trouts are on the Harvest Infrastructure Plateau. By 2019 20.000 Million NOK KRONER Revenues Was Under Financially Circulating Greatly Ecosystematic Principles Achieved & Reached.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 8.8 MB

World / Middle East / Arabian Kingdom / ( Saudi Aramco) / Oil Institute / Enormous Gigantic  & Profitable Oil Corporation from SA / Mideast & Mondial Richest Company ( Annual Report 2019)

Royal Kingdom's Operating Highly Enriched Crude Oil Segment & Industrial Hub Centric in Saudi Society / For the next Decades to be NON-Oil Dependent & Carrying for the nation is Decisive.
Saudi Arabia is considerating to be in Influx for the Following Decades of economically & infrastructural Growth Independent from Crude Oil Profit . Il will concentrate more on Tourism & Other Specific Kinda Kingdom's Strategically Principles. The Countries Prince and Highness is also underway since 4 years to take a Socially & Operating Reformation to the folk of Saudi. Saudi Aramco will be anyway a crucial & necessary individual for further fiscal consideration of the Saudi Economic Model. The so Intelligent Great Amin H Nasser is in the Presidency & Leadership of the company. 2019 was a Spectrum & Splendid Royal Successfully Year for Aramco. Also the Tadawul Listing in the 4 Quarter was Accordingly & Acceptable. Also in the period of this annual way Aramco signed with PKN Orlen ( Poland Leading Oil Refinery) an Supply Agreement. Also Saudi Aramco issued 12$ Billion of Dollar Banknotes on the London Stock Exchange in 2019.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 8.3 MB

Planet Earth / Energy & Solar Human Mondial Ecotechnology /  MESIA / Documentating From the Solar Energy Procedure Infrastructure & Projects from the Middle East / So Solar Energy is the Future Of Humanity

World / MESIA ( Middle East Solar Industry Association ) / All About Solar Energy Panel Development Reporting & References in the Middle East and North Africa
Solar Energy Compact Pro Technology & Usage Became Since The Last Fifty Years From Now 2020 Very Significant & Important for Daily Energy Structural Purpose in the Scope & Range of Transformation from Solar Panel Receiving Sunlight Rays to Further Processing to Energy Development Phase, Just Later For Electrical Technology for the Human Kind. MESIA Is An Resource & Brochure which is Documenting From Projects Of the Middle East About Solar Infrastructure and Industry. As Well As Of Some Kingdoms Confident Activity Just Robotic Cleaning, Floating Solar, Solar Park Dubai ( Finish 2030 UAE), Ecosystematic Photovoltaic Purpose, Shagaya Kuwait Project / Saudi Arabia Jeddah Project Initiative. In the United Arab Emirates ( Middle East ) Is The Goal & Purpose In A Scale To Achieve by 2050, 70 Percent of Renewables Energy / Mostly Solar Technology Systematics
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 19.2 MB

Middle East  / News / The Emirates Group /King of Dubai Your Highness & Highly Intellectual Mohammed Bin Raschid  Al Maktoum /A United Arab Emirates Air Carrier / 

Emirates the Airlines from the Middle East is a Global Hugh Development Airline World-Wide Operating under Different Innovation & Prosperity
This Airline has a delicious & splendid Catering on Board. 2019 it was awarded and crowned with the title " Best First Class " .It does count on Aeronautically Airplanes like the two most on the plane marktet biggest & most in inquiry from all air societies named Airbus & Boeing Planes . The Emirates Goal & Destiny in a brighter articulation is beeing productive in Travel,Tourism & Creating to have a prosperous city for futures generations on planet earth. This Air Carrier does take flourishing steps & charity actions for the Wildlife & Conservation Components in its own pleased kingdom. The Continents Empowerment Integrity Fly Zone is promising. It carried 56.2 Million Passengers 2019-2020 on board. 93.5.million of Meals by Dnata Assisstance was established in 2019 / 2020. Publishing of Environmental Performance from the Emirates Group. During 2019-2020 new Destinations on the globe were specific Developed & Initiated. The Mid-East is Growing to be an Great Civilized Continent
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Asia / Japan + United Nations / Published Tokyo / Diversified Japan Developed Through the UN /  Relations with UN Since 1956 / UN Created & Founded of Reason To Pledge Peace & Unity in the World

Japan's Politically & Social Obligation with UN Decisive & Ministry of Foreign Affairs /Commitment in the World / Constitution of Japans Relation to the UN
So the United Nations was built 1945 and Japan joined later on. The UN is caring in the world with asian countries in a specific flourishing way and constitution as well as other continents. Japan has a specialised governmental infrastructure & type of will to arrange peace & freedom in this world. Japan's exact & meticulously specific pro-diplomacy or stabilised parliamentary form and domestic conditions does lead to foster peace is in every occasion more splendid for the UN & Continent Asia just earthly circulation of messages. Japan is contributing to different acts & plots in human civilization highly in empowerment just peacefully arranged and created. As well as committed to struggling piracy and kinda illegitimate handlings and in example confrontations with different conflicts in human era just Green Energy & Climate Upcoming Change & Mondial Impoverished States. Human Rights from a redirect of the government from Tokyo in leadership is also a factor to be enthusiastic.
Japan +Foreign Affairs_UN_2020.pdf
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World / News /  Africa / Tackling Illicit Financial Flows for Sustainable Development In Africa / UN Sponsored & Beneficial / United States Dollars  / Infrastructure For A Better Living in Poor Devastated Countries

Development in African State / Greenery From African Continent / United Nations & South African Trade Just Proactive Development in Context
Such Countries like Madagascar (Commodity Index Pricing) , Uganda ( African Country ), Nigeria( Case Study), Kenya, Zambia ( Copper Trade Export ) Ghana ( Infrastructure ) , Guinea (Fiscal Clause by Mining), Congo ( Mining Contract ) & South Africa Are About To find In a Way of Illegal Financial Flows In Embodiment. This brochure is about Bankability which is Fairness & Fair Play in a Financial Structured System . African Continental Free Trade Area ( AFCFTA ) was once created. Corruption & Illicit Financial Flows (IFF) Inhibits African Civilization from Progressive Primary Development and Marketable Foreign Exchange Empowerment. Such Formation For a great fair Trading & Society Example is the United Nations, which does care by African Centric human civilization for a better civil & justice embedded world for a long time. UNESCO has also Sites in Africa just old Relics & Ancient Scientific Archealogy . South Africa has also Gold & Copper Differentiated Raw Diamond Quarrying
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 2.9 MB


Qatar/ Peninsula / Emir / Protokollierung of Vision 2030 of Qatar & Economically Operations & Progressive State

So Qatar has a Vision 2030 with 4 Different Sectors & Pillars created & planned. Driven by Concepts like Sustainable Economic, Social, Human and environmental privileged Development. The Human Development Operation is about Healthy Development & Education Privileged Students in the Peninsula of Qatar. Universities will be built also Schools and Hospitals just Faculties and Educations Centers in World in Qatar. Human Development has 146 Projects. Work Forces in Qatar will be developed into strong Values & Quotes just the Vision 2030 will bring Thousands of Jobs. Also Mohammed Bin Salman was reaching Peace & Cooperation to the Emir Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani last year 2021 First Quarter . They was reaching Collaboration & operating Unity after long time of aeronautically Blocking from Qatar's Air Lanes & Space and Ship & Harbour Restriction for Trade Routes. This was ending 2021 and all Trade & Cooperation Initiatives were restored & developed created. So the GCC ( Gulf Cooperation Council ) Connection was regenerated & established. So Qatar has a Prosperous Upcoming Society Worth. Currency is Qatar Riyal. The Environmental Spot & Place just Developmental  Vision 2030 Complex Initiative does conclude goals like protecting the Environment & Qatarian Peninsula Population, in this case it's related to 8 Projects, Green Energy is part of the Vision 2030. Social Care & Develpment carries 120 Projects in Qatar which involves International Qatarian Cooperation.in Exchange. National Strategy & Privatization is intrinsic for the Vision 2030 of Qatar. Social Structure will be at Implementation & Systematic Purpose for the Vision. Qatar has also 198 Projects & Measurements e.G responsible Exploitation of Gas & Oil. Just the Vision 2030. So now 2022 2 Quarter the( GCC ) on the Gulf is hughly in Restoration of all Differences from time before. Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz al Saud stands in great friendship  to the Emir of Qatar al Thani from Doha / QA. So Qatar Petroleum, the Nations Oil & Gas Operating Company does have 1/ 3 of all LNG Export Measurements & Tolerance in Humanity. Iran & Russian Federation have also massive & gigantically crude LNG Reserves & Treasures ( Liquefied Natural Gas ) the most of Human World. Russia has  over 1000.Trillion Cubic Feet (CF) of LNG. So Qatar is enriched and has the most tolerated GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) Worth in World for GDP per Capita just 60.000 Dollar Banknotes for each Capita .Also a lot of Inflation as far as the financial Money economically Worth is hugh prospects of prosperity & in great worth. Qatar does reform its peninsula & tiny country into a Mega Qatarian Precinct & World Metropolis Initiative with the Vision 2030 of Middle East and World. Also the FIFA Football World Championship will come 2022 Fourth Quarter to Qatar locally. It will be Hosting this event. 2026 the FIFA planned North America will be the host for this spectacle & event , what i always was thinking and hoping  2030 could be the World Championship for FIFA Football World Cup in the ( KSA ) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I think this would be for Mohammed a great Deal from SAUD and the Kingdom . It would be brilliant. But this is only a product which is difficult  to get on the right Draw of FIFA to get the KSA on the right Bid. We can just speculate by 2030 and FIFA World Cup KSA. So Qatar is famous in the World People's Society Privileges and Opinions in Scale. Qatar has very immense & big operating climate conflicts & confrontation, especially for the productivity & industrial usage of Solar Energy Product Purpose. It's the most seasons in Qatar extremly hot and the weather is very complicated. It's very unpleasant. Also diverse Qatarian industries like Qatar Steel or QDB ( Qatar Develpment Bank ) or Qatar Finance Center of Qatar Stock Exchange and the Vision 2030 is a great splendid workshop & new industrialization for Qatar. Also Angela Merkel the former german Chancellor was in Office years before and in Qatar Doha from Berlin just with the Airplane to a ( GCC ) Tour & Journey . Qatar is a tropically spot for business enthusiasm & proficiency alike expertise chances & possibilities just opportunties for Foreign Affairs and different Ministries of the country.  The COVID-19 Pandemic is in Qatar not really present & actively. Qatar is very isolated from COVID-19. So Qatar has also a lot of Mega Projects & Giga Operations going on till 2030 talk about 2050 .



Germany / Western Region & Civilization of World / UTC  / GMT+2 CET / Central European Time / Protokollierung / DE / Europe / EU Protokoll / 07.04.2022 / ( Rewritten 16.11.2022 )


World / Middle East / State of Qatar / Port / Gulf / Harbour / Satellite Capturing /  Great Outlook & Perspective from Above / Protokollierung / QA
World / Middle East / State of Qatar / Port / Gulf / Harbour / Satellite Capturing / Great Outlook & Perspective from Above / Protokollierung / QA

The United Arab Emirates and its operating EXPORT & IMPORT Advanced Technology Use / Cargo and Freight Politics in the Mid-East / (UAE) In Close Relationship with other Gulf States also Saudi Arabia

United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) / Exporter & Import Infrastructure & Technology Use / Possibilities e.g Trade Purpose / Exporting Oceans also Maersk Containers
Benchmark in Corporate Banking & Pristine Localisation ( UAE ) Headquarters Trade Center between Asia & Eurozone. 3000 BC UAE was enrichted with natural resources & raw copper just in countries like the ancient Persia. 7 (Emirates) are namely Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah. This are the EMIRATES which is also export & import committed by.In History Dubai was trading spices thoroughly the silkroad which does stream of China to the Mediterranean Sea. The Export Business & Business Environment is securely ranked high setted. Anti-Corruption, Transparency, Corporate Governance is UAE's Top Principles in the Agenda. Does look alike some principles also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in Resemblance & Unity by Cooperation. The United Arab Emirates does stand in absolutely enormous harbours & port on the Arabian Gulf caring trade also with mondial biggest ships active business to business principles for their gross domestic product ( GDP ).
( UAE ) Import & Export Emirates +.pdf
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North America  /  New Presidential Role & Mid-East Correspondence just Opportunities in American Regards Head of State / US Presidential Commitment In Other Centric Regions namely Middle East

Joe Biden / New Administrations Policy & Operating Politics in Terms of The Middle East / Becoming Elected for 4 Years In Presidential Era in Change of Social Value
Significant matter is that Biden supporters fear & doubt that Donald Trumps retrogression from the presidential era will help the palestinian cause, and strenghten the " axis of resistance " ( Iran,Syria, Hezbollah) through lifting sanctions & prospects on Iran and bringing back the nuclear atomary deal. So if republican or democrat the politically pattern & operating foreign affairs by the north american continent for the mid-east will be consequent as same as before president switch.So Biden will act & handle very conservative & superficially on the middle east by globalizations industrial US Politics. In this century & time of humankind Mohammed Bin Salman and his father King Salman bin Abdulaziz was cheering swarming congratulating when Biden became the 46th President of the United States of America since countries creation.
Joe Biden + Mid-East Obligation + 2021.p
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 289.3 KB

EU / News / Credit Suisse / New Reformation & Designed Possibilities such in a way reached in 2021 by highly gross financially status / 2015-2020 Tidjane Thiam Highly Successful Career by Credit Suisse ( Great )

Credit Suisse / Annual Year 2020 / Crude Oil Chiffre / Banking Institutional Wise / South America & North America / China Relationship / Green Energy
Credit Suisse so the year 2020 war fulfilled with obstacles but professionaly switched to profit , also the typically reason mentioned known Corona just the repercussions in Suisse but was very securely for the company righteous uphold.In China / Asia is hard severe circumstances around the financial redirect for Emerging Markets in this continent. Gold the splendid & charismatically charming commodity was grossly lifted & market value currency rising highly just the pricing on mondial basis in the 3 Quarter 2020 also in strong favour of Credit Suisse. In short memorabilia Credit Suisse has a lot subsidiaries basically in different regions exempli gratia Luxembourg , Singapore, London USA, Bahamas, Amsterdam, Beijing or Riyadh( Mohammed Bin Salmans Native Kingdom's Arabians Figure State ) and an differentiated chiffre just a lot of more filiales in the whole world from different regions. Credit Suisse was transformed since 2015 into highly established metropolitan banking.
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Samsung Engineering / Machinery / Infrastructure / Operating Grossly Professional / Korean Institute & Society / Computerized Numerical Control ( CNC) / High Competent Machinery & Korean Technology / CNC LATHE / Infrastructure Paramountly Developed & Structured ( KR)



World / News  / Geopolitically Transition & Transformation of Energy explicit in different Kinds / International Renewable Energy Agency / NEOM

Ecosystematic Energy & Technology / IRENA is Protocolating By Creating Energy Differentiated & As Well As Profitable In a Easy Way / Globally Transformation
So, Energy in our civilization nowadays is different to create & under circumstances by grossly high developed solar appliances & demonstrated solar equipment just accoutrement.Fossi Fuels is almost dwindling & solar energy industrial fundaments does grow in the last 20 years of humankind and the fourth industrial timeage. Pollution & Diseconomically Recruited Perspectives in the civilization of the world will be by 2050 reduced by a hugh enormous scale & framework. Also China promised 2020 in the last quarters that their country will be 2060 completely carbon neutral fusioned & fully clean pure environment will govern their empire strictly from the government of Beijing. Also wind-build turbines will get a high factor & percentage of industrial clean energy producing origin in almost every continent of the world in the coming decades. NEOM ( SA) Arabia will be driven by a massive green city-comfort & green principles alike. This city will have robotics grossly developed.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.6 MB

World / Middle East / Arabian Kingdom / Oil Refinery / Most Posh, & Enriched Corporation of Humankind  / Protokollierung & Annual Report 2020 / European, African,North American, Asian, South America (SAUD ) Operations stays solid 

Royal Kingdom's Oil Industry / Different Principles & Economically Recruited Infrastructure for Kingdom / Resiliency & Agility / Ecosystem / Futuristic Great Vision
So, Aramco in 2020 was very productive, initiative and developed in performance & crude world industrialization . It's PIF Affiliated & does advocate NEOM through kingdom's economically & kingdom's regulations. Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz al Saud is proud of every Saudi Worker & Employee on Aramco. Highest & most lucrative dividends sold in corporate systematically era this year . Amin H Nasser was very in his statement no other corporation was so immune & isolated from Corona COVID-19 than Saudi ( Aramco ). Safety & Security on industrial complexes was high priorities laid down. Discoveries was of seven new oil crude fields was achieved as well as a new reservoir estate. An ( IPO) Initial Public Offering was under high profitable circumstances reached from a surplus graded value 29.4 Billion Dollar Banknotes in January by Aramco. First Annual General Assembly Meeting was hosted as a public listed company in the middle East in ( SA ) in May by the 2 Quarter.
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World News / Daimler AG / European German Automobile Creator & Cultural Car in World Car Markets / Enthusiasm for Sales was 2020 in Surplus & Great Challenge / Protokoll Annual Report 2020 Daimler AG 

World / News / Daimler AG / Annual Report 2020 Protokoll ( Structure & Development Report of Car Model from Stuttgart Germany )/ ( CEO ) Ola Källenius
So Mercedes is a great Automobile Merchandising Driving Car / It's a German Auto Developed Model / It's Green Energy and eco-operational Emission Politics will be till 2050 generated & established. Employees on a mondial & world scalability are on Chiffre 288.000 hard disciplined employed individuals. Its 2020 Car Sales & Productivity were 2.500.000 Cars world wide. The Technology is paramountly & superior from engine infiltration to Interior Comfortability Residential Room. So Daimler has also North American Subsidiaries, also in New York / Manhattan is a filiale than strewed all over North America in different of the 50 states. In Asia also thousands of Mercedes Cars are sold on budgeting annual basis. Factories exists also in China in different regions. Refineries also are to find in Japan by entrusted EU Networking. Daimler also creates & establishes Trucks for the Trucker Industry or Vans just Buses. So the World Markets are everyday open for this legendary car Manufacturer.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.5 MB


World Economic Model ( Car Manufacture & Industry ) Warehouse Industrial Car Establishment / Daimler AG / ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell) German Car (Production )


So Daimler is successfully & one of the most flexible publishing car manufacturer in human history. This germany build-up car has a magnificent & splendid comfortability drive systematic mechanism. This machinery assembly warehouse buildings all over the world are superior entrusted with chassis corporate build-up infrastructure of highest top entrusted technology. Daimler AG Mercedes is since early on in the 20th century very popular in Hong Kong or China exempli gratia Japan and different places. (PV ) Photovoltaic capacity for internal outdoor corporations use is developed in a smart way. This short clip above is about manufacturing bodyworks like the exterior panelling from Daimler. Stuttgart the Headquarters is about Ola Källenius just the Chief Executive Officer & CEO from Daimler AG. This technology from this builder is so precise like none other car builder can say it's competition. The video above is all about operating Classic German Civil Engineering by building thousands of Daimler Bodys on  globally epicenters by different continents. Daimler AG will always sell over 2.000.000 Millions Cars in the world annually just crucial persuading business & business. In Regard of electrification & electric energy car use, eventually in cities ,villages or on the freeway in example to get on the Electro Pillar Booth and put it on the lock of the car open & plugin(infiltration &  electrification)will be maybe by the world car industry used 2060 by 80% or 90% just the futuristic model in this to elucidate green possible. And 2100 i believe the biosphere will be a 100 % Purely Clean Environment Air for everybody in this world as far as my tendency. 2100 it's fully recaptured & reestablished as appropriate reformed applicable of Carbon neutral & clean energy productivity for a better humankind era.


World / Car Building News / Protokoll about ( Capital Market Presentation FY 2020) / Statistically Preview about Car Establisher / Daimler AG / Stuttgart Headquarters / Brochure of Conference Flexible & Confident just Socially 

Appendix / German Auto Development / One Of Most Sold Car In Automotive History / Constructive Chassis & Operating World Model Sales / Protokollierung
So this automobile is since foundation sold on record sales by the mondial car industry / Different Factories & Refineries all over the continents Daimler AG has operations just high-intellectual car manufacture globally. The batteries for electrification use just green driving is welcomed in every decision by this car creator especially for the future. So differentiated Models of this Car Builder come yearly new & eventually by highly most friendly & philanthropically dealership in the shops for sales. This car marketing & merchandising in North America & China is appreciated welcomed by the inhibitants of these regions in the world. The Technology Integrity of Mercedes is enormous professional & recreational just high intelligent german build-up industry. Daimler has a pleasant comfort & a constitution all over the last decades of great automotive norm & class.
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World Cup / Qatar 2022 / Great Epic Speculation by FIFA & Promulgation of Formation of the World Cup /  Dates & Stadiums / Circuit of Game Roster of Event / The Portable Document Format is a Circuit & Game Play Plot 

Middle East / World Cup / 2022 in Qatar / Championship & Football World Cup ( Qatar) Mid-East / ( Schedule & Spots Just Plan and Formation ) / FIFA
In this Protokollierung you can observe all scheduled Dates from the fourth quarter of the year 2022 when the FIFA Football World Cup will begin. This sensation will be begin next year in 2022 making a world publication streaming in all countries of the world. All Nations from all over the world & Teams are welcomed in this Football Sports Event Gala . The architecture of the arenas & stadiums are complex & highly intellectual & intelligent, prestige built. The event in the Middle East is highly grossly planned & scheduled under great human circumstances & resources. Qatar is an enriched country and is proud of hosting this event. And this representation is recommended by the appreciated Emir of Qatar under a hugh great design of welcoming all countries in the civilization of Qatar. Planned is 2026 the FIFA Football World Cup in North America.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 709.7 KB

Intercontinental Exchange / NYSE + ICE / Protokoll 2020 / North America / US Commodity & Hugh Dollar Marketable Empowerments Green Markets / Agricultural & Metal Commodity Trading  / Brent Oil Industrial Operating System  

( USA STOCK Marketing & Corporate Trading Center ) / Wall Street Cares Over Trillions of US $ Dollars in ( Systematic Express ) Incorporating Great Industry
So, the Intercontinental Exchange USA did had the most succesfully profitable balance in corporations history in 2020. This organization & company contains different industries & infrastructural mondial initiatives. Also stock & influx industrial trading operations in Singapur,Abu Dhabi, ICE FUTURES Europe or Netherlands Corporate Indexations & Canada Business Cooperational. CEO is Jeffrey C. Sprecher & Chairman of the NYSE. This business does create trillions of US Currency in a Market which is tolerated under highly paramountly american industry. Also working on renewables energized certificates. So this WALL STREET & Intercontinental Exchange portrayed is in the coming time an expecting grossly green product. Carbon Footprint considerated of North America by chosing green energy in inner circles for exchange & presence. The Intercontinental Exchange cares by High Percentage Grossly Great Dollarization. It has Also a Heavy Enormous Green Protection againgst Corona.
Intercontinental Exchange NYSE 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.5 MB

In a Infrastructure & Technology Operating Standard Goldman Sachs is a Bankability & Financial Carrrier of High Flexible & Confident Clear Expecations for Industrial Green Transactions on Global Affairs / Stock Enlisted & Indexed NYSE

North America / Goldman Sachs Banking Institute New York / David M. Solomon Chief Executive Officer / Leading Stock Indexation & Enlisted / (Green Product)
In a Superficially Exploration defining Goldman Sachs the Bank i found out there not much Discussion. This Institute dealed with Corona COVID-19 Very Balanced & In Exchange very Profitable. Solomon does take responsibility by the Bank which is Profit & Clearly Currency Dollar Earnings Pricing for a Great Deal. Solomon is the successor of Lloyd C.Blankfein in the role of Bank Presidency. In a signified opportunity to give Clearance by the Bankability Systematic Politics in North America, the most banks in america is the most building block of the greatest and richest industry in the world . There's also a subsidiary by this bank named Goldman Sachs Japan, LTD. Co as a broker-dealer from the Originial. This filiale is also on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.Also in the Eurozone are filiales also in Germany (EU). Goldman is also categorized in the New York Banking Initiative NYSE Wall Street. So this Corporate Socialized Bank is An American Financial Green Caring Hugh US Product.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.6 MB

Hong Kong Versatile Financial Green Markets & Annual Report 2019 / Structured Bull Market with Hong Kong Dollar Native Currency in Country / Addicted & Dependent on China on the Bordering Land / High Goodwill

World / Hong Kong Stock Exchange ( HKEX ) / Intercontinental Asian Profitable Stock Markets / Promulgating Great Asian Financial Governing Politics / Appreciated
So in Hong Kong is also Daimler AG Mercedes a Great Business for almost a Century. The Stock Markets & Trading Export Import - Buisness in this Far East Region of the world is Confident About Hong Kong Economically Obligations & Social Technology Just Corporate Tropically Results to Care. Also in Contact & Accessability to other Asian States, Kingdoms, Countries & Regions with Resources Such Intelligent Transactions & Bureaucracy in Contrast Are In Willingness fom Asian Manufactures To Share. So China is a Crucial Proponent for Hong Kong the Harbour & Port Trading State at it all. The GDP from HK in 2019 was 365,7 Billion of Dollars in this Eastern World Civilization. The ( HKEX ) is very Chamantly For Commitment & A Great Reputation For Interactive Intellectual Splendid High ( IPO ) Values especially in 2019 by fund of 314 Billion of Dollar Banknotes. So Hong Kong is in Clear Expectations for Futuristic & Hugh Intelligent Future Values in Exchange for Hard Disciplined Employees.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 8.4 MB

Asia / India / Civilization of Bomby Stock Exchange ( BSE) / So this Stock Market is Challenging A Lot Of Human Resources / Great Indian Industry from Asian Continent / Great Establishment

Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) / India / One of the most Hugh STOCK Affiliation Such SENSEX / India Component & Productivity & Crude Stock Development
So The BSE is from India in Civilization of Humankind. This Market is superior with high competent Human Resources & Unconditional Privileges with SENSEX by Hugh Enormous Chiffre Of Budget Handling in a Society of India which is Astonishment & Diligence. So The Bombay Stock Exchange has a Main Managing Resources Leading Director & Chief Executive Officer named Shri Ashishkumar Chauhan which indian Skills does lead to a excellent Portfolio & Entrepreneurship in a Society Such as India. Dividends, Initial Public Offerings & Structural Indian Stock Options was Taken In Hugh Amount in the year 2019 / 2020 by this organization in this world. Listing Ceremonies, Celebrations, Book Exemplars Holdings Was Also Held in a.D 2020 just the Time. In a Resocialising Product India was on a UNITED NATIONS Summit in Philippines. BSE published Corporate Transparency from India in the Zenith. Belonging to the Technology in Mumbai ( India ), this Stock Exchange is Intelligent.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 5.1 MB

World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell)

Middle East From Above Captured / Also the Red Sea in Creational Form  from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia / Egypt / Sarawat Mountains / Arabian Peninsula of Vegetation / Jabal an Nabi  Shu'ayb Mountain Terrain from the Arab Continent / Persian Gulf / Iraq  / The greatest Mountains in History of Mid-East / The Earth from Above from ISS / Caucasus Mountains Tectonic Crate Economy & Geoecology / Zagros / Lake Urmia / So you see here Volcanoes & Mountains of the Mid-East. It isn't my self created this video but set it on the Portable Document Format Sector & World Economic Model Directory for Showmanship. This exemplar is all about Geoecologically Civilization of natural vegetation of Africa & Middle East. So this is an part of my Project the World Economic Model ( Weltwirtschaftsmodell ) described overarching on the Imprint / Impressum Infrastructure . So also Iran is portrayed on this operating Clip which enormous High Resolution Compression Empowerment. Also creational spots like Tigris & Euphrates. Just Time Lapsing Globally Civilization is to observe. Also Sarawat Regions covering enormous Amount of Saudi Red Sea. Also Mecca is to ascertain & from space to cover  & peek. So this Geoecology from Mid-East is in possibility to be in hugh Growth till 2050. So desert is covering 60 % of Arabian Kingdom. And Saudi has a lot of Volcanoes at offering as far as the Geoecology. So this Product is very pristine & the Red Sea is how portrayed by just the Vision 2030 from the arabian Kingdom has possibilities in reachwide distance in the middle east. A lot pf natural treasures & natural Reserves from this continent are visible in a short modus of .4K and is the graphically interface behind the Video Sequence. So also the Persian Gulf is displyed here on the Screen. Tectonian Earth Plates are in Visualization. Iran, Iraq , Azerbaijan , Saudi Arabia, Egypt , Rock Layers, Volcanoes & the highest & greatest Mountains, Salt Domes from Iran as well as Mid-East Glaciers  are shown in this Clip. Showmanship from different Earth Angular Sites to observe. Lake Urmia is the most hugh Lake on Mid-East Continent.

Gazprom / Annual Report 2020 /   News / Alexey Miller (CEO) / Russian Federation / Challenging Year Initiative / Delving & Exploring on Markets / Continent Eurasia / Operating Highly Under Principles which are Prestigious

Gazprom (RU) / Russian Crude Gas & Oil Fundamentally Resource / This Corporation is developed & Has Intelligent Oil & Gas Reservoir Infrastructure / Sophisticated
Gazprom had like millions of corporations world wide Corona Complications 2020 internally. Complex Hydrocarbon Work Ethic Workmanship were present in the russian country.Under circumstances ( Crude ) Gas & Oil Pipelines Nations Geographically seen was established & developed in 2020 exempli gratia by 20 (bcm)from the Yamal Project, also a different Oil & Gas Globalizations Working Climate was reached under a great score . So Russian Federation has the currency Rubel, also Vladimir Putin is a constructive president with high intelligent & sophisticated resources. Russia (RU) has high Liquefied Natural Gas Reserves ( Over 1,688 Trillion Cubic Feet ). Russia has natural geoecologically highly grossly treasures & some the most of the World under the WORLD FACTBOOK proven, highly Gold Treasures ( Third Rank in Human Civilization) also Diamonds, Cobalt, Nickel , Copper,Iron, Lead, Zinc, Coal.Also Gazprom has over 20 cooperational Gas & Oil Sourcing Bases & Places in the Russia.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 16.8 MB

World / News / Philips / Amsterdam, Netherlands Headquarters / Incorporational of Digital Devices & Houshold e.G Systems / Great Symbol of Economically & Health Care Representing Industry from the Eurozone 

Frans Van Houten (CEO) / Concern of Technologically Sites & Households Appliances / Export International / 1 Quarter 2021 Great Economically Results
So the Stocks is great in 2020 for Philips / The Groundbreaking Sales of Products are operating under Good Circumstances. Van Houten leads a Great Role & Great Position here in the European Continent. Philips Goals are to exhilirate & diminish Burden from people living in the Homes just care for the Health of Humankind. The Civilization from Philips is intellectual & well-promising just provide & fundamentally create a better society for people & establish Media Telecommunication & Households Equipment for a better infrastructure of living.Some Ideals & Products are Monitoring & Analytics, Therapeutic Care, Respiratory Care, Ultrasound, Computer Tomography (CT Technology ) , Neurology, X-Ray. Philips the Organization & Company is also in Representation with their Industry in China, France, Germany, India, Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Netherlands and even more in an Environment with all their products on Globally Sales & Participation on Health Care Appliances Markets.
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World News / Luxembourg / ArcelorMittal / Steel & Mining Integrated Industrial Infrastructure / Geert Van Poelvoorde CEO Post Since 2021 8 March / Philanthropically Corporation from the Eurozone / Great Manufacturing / 

Arcelormittal / Flexible Steel Production & Steel Shipments e.G Export on Globally Establishment / Hugh Producing & Sales References / Great Green Development
ArcelorMittal has great futuristic possibilities & great economically prospects . This Corporation is also contriving Crude Steel (Coal,Iron Ore ) Productivity under high References. This Firm has a diversified Portfolio.It's a Marketing & Steel Incorporational Building Leader just the Steel of the complete World Civilization from the country out of Luxembourg. The Corporate Sector is also producing Steel for Car ( Steel) Purpose Build-Up. Dynamic Source for Stock Listings of Spots such like Amsterdam, New York, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid. It's primary STOCK Exchange Regulatory Principles is the native ( Luxembourg CSSF) EU Bloc . Luxembourg has a Population Mass of 613.894 Tsd of Human Civilization ( Eurostat) and a promising GDP in Chiffre of 71,1 Billion of US DOLLARS from 2019 as well as in the same time had Saudi Arabia Kingdom 793 Billions Dollars of GDP. Arcelor's Product of Distribution was the most hugh from a Diagram ( Graph ) of Sales by Market, second was Construction.
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Asia Belt & Road Project ( Silk Road ) Seidenstraße(DE) / Chinese Globally Infrastructure Planning Circuit & Development / Construction & (PDF)  Incorporating Resource Deutsche Bank Brochure ( Bundesrepublik Deutschland) 

China / Asia / Headquarters Beijing & President Xi Jinping Governmental Figure / Silk Road Project Officially Public Announce 2013 A.D 21st Century
So the governmental figures & Bodys from China is planning a Project which is enormous infrastructural established in ways like Harbours, Railways, Roads,Intercontinental Systematic Airports & ( Crude ) Oil & Gas Connectivity & Industry as well as Simplified Progressive Mobility Project Purpose. This Silk Road has industrial preferences & advantages of explicit ideals just Road & Railway Connections through different Continents of Human Civilization.Asia, European Continent, Middle East ( Mid-East) & Africa is involved. This Procedure is in the next decades from now 2021 for highly competent possibilities available & at purpose to use.Its dominant & sovereign buildings sites & developmental regions of geographically grades should continue to create a Network which is industrial for the complete humans world profitable especially harbours & port just Rail Infrastructural Operating Creation. Also is this project a green Product for Millions of Human beings Intercontinental.
DB_Silkroad ( China) Protokoll.pdf
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Alibaba / Continent Asia / Productivity / Vision 102 Years in Globalization of / Customers Fostered on Daily Basis to say Clientele is an Ambition for Alibaba / Values of Trust & Change are Welcomed Under Hugh Alibabas Principles

Asia / Alibaba Group / China / Excellent & Brilliant mastered two decades from the a.D 21st Century Era / Founded 1999 by 18 Individuals in China / Top Ranked
Corporations aspects are welcomed in China as well as ASEAN States of the continent as same globally. Alibaba extended their portfolio 2017 with the International Olympic Committee in Announcement till 2028. In the date written 2019 the Ant Group gave Alibaba 33 % Equity Stake Percent. So Alibaba is confident & optimistically with its CEO Daniel Zhang to achieve great goals in the civilization coming from the eastern biosphere of humankind. Futuristic Headquarters in Beijing are under a circuit splendid laid down under great fundamentally chiseled layouts. Markets are discerning on a present now 2021 July & future development scale opportunities & chances just growth for a bright business portfolio in Asia .Alibaba is about Cloud Computing, Digital Media Presentation .And the digital economy created One Trillion of Dollar Banknotes Currency in different business infrastructure they was involved of. 2003 Alibaba created Taobao Marketplace. Jack Ma had hugh influence.
Alibaba Group_Asia_ China_2020.pdf
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World / News / North America / Harvard University & Academy / Faculty of Arts & Science / COVID-19 Corona / Brochure / Study Astrophysics & Astronomers in Harvard / Alternative to Harvard in U.S Princeton New Jersey 

United States / Harvard / Boston / Profound & Intellectual Promulgation of Universities Operations & Arts Initiative / Brochure by Faculty for Arts & Science
So, Harvard is a prestigious & confident just a high world creational university, talked the greatest & best in human civilization. From all over the world e.G Poland,Denmark, Norway, Finland, France , Portugal, Ecuador, Qatar, Ukraine, Turkey, Mexico does visit Harvard .So essentially & discerning Harvard has different sectors like the most academies on planet . Also Law, Arts & Science , Mathematics, Physics, Linguistics, also Black African Civil Rights Movement is on the Agenda. As far as the year a.D 2020 in Harvard, Boston, the Campus was evacuated cause of the Pandemic COVID-19 and was moving to remote teachings & lessons .Harvard does also offer pHD doctor grades or further doctoral operational grades from the Harvard Justice Law School. The university has a beautifully greenery campus & a hugh reputation in every regard of on global scale. Also fostering diligently under great enthusiasm Harvard has Egyptian School Lessons & does held Classes from the Ancient Egypt.
Harvard FAS Protokoll 2020.pdf
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News /L'LOREAL /  Paris France Headquarters / Annual Report 2020 / Hygiene & Fostering Beauty and Human Relations / World Operating Cosmestics Shop Purpose  / International Brands Sales / Fashion & Vogue Hygiene Infrastructure 

L'Oréal Merchandising & Marketing of Ultimate Blends of Cosmetics / CEO Nicolas Hieronimus / Corporate Sector ( High Profit International 2020 )
Since 1998 in Partnership with UNESCO / L'OREAL has also Sales of Make-Up, Product Ecosystematic Shopping of Shampoo & affiliated Industrial Marketing. 24.7 Percent are North American Sales Infrastructure. Market Capitialization from L'OREAL 174 Billion of € Euro 2020. Also in companies representation in markets Skincare or Lipstick Infrastructure & Diverse Industries . Technologies are operating systematically superior & high intellectual in form just green energy.Diversity & Inclusion. Corporation achieved goals in last decades of high setted principles just the cosmetics market worldwide. Industrial Sectors & Companies Products are L'Oreal Paris, Garnier, Maybelline New York, Essie, Mixa, Vogue, Magic Mask, Thayers just affiliated. Increasingly Green Energy in World also L'Oreal sets accentuation just the climate change portrayal. Self-Confident & Self-Operating Nicolas Hieronimus is creating a perfect job for the L'OREAL Merchandising & CEO Role as well as the markets.
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World / News / Beverages & Drink Industry / COCA COLA Company  / Correspondence of one of the most successfully Enjoying Drinking Diverse Industries every been / Cola is a World Business Top-Ranked / COCA COLA Enjoy 

CEO ( COCA COLA CEO ) James Quincey / Individual Green Energy Highly Fostered And Great Continental Principels / Highly Grossly Income Worldwide
Coca Cola has an profit and revenues just an exact operating industrial world markets value of 38 Billions of Dollars in 2019. This corporation is worlwide refreshing people on daily basis by billions of people maybe in Mc Donalds, Burger King,KFC or Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts , Cinemas, Kiosks, Retail Shopping Centers in the socially infrastructure, Sales Centers, Corporations or Catering or at your own Home . This Beverage is so popular worldwide cause the taste of this drink is enormous enjoyable & attractive also welcomed also maybe in Seychelles or Tokyo or Venezuela, Peru, Santiago, Mexico City, Hawaii, Alaska , Zurich , Winter Resorts like Alps is all about Cola or Canada, United Kingdom , Dominican Republic, Charming Resorts like Bahamas ,Russian Federation, Moscow, Prague or at instance e.G New Delhi or Mumbai , almost people all over the world at resorts have at evenings nights COCA COLA on the table served .
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World News / EU Bloc / Automobile Ecosytematic Car Model Developer Ferrrari / Hugh Intelligent Car Production with precise infrastructure of car building & construction by italian roots car technology system / Design Perfectionism & Industrial Sovereign

Ferrari The Italian Car Manufactured Product / Luxurious Line / New Model released this year 2021 on the Markets & Showmanship Glass Centers Sales Houses
Car Industry / Ferrari / 1947 / Establishment in Maranello Italia / The corporation was build in former times by great italians like Versace Italy 1970's in Milan or Leonardo Da Vinci the painter & creator just human operating figure builder one of the smartest human beings every seen in world coming from the middle age.Anyway Italy is a country with history & arts just culture. And Ferrari is one production line automobile construct development builder which does sell cars in a big budget of prices. The Ferrari Corporate Officialy Series & Corporate Scuderia Home Seat is in Maranello.The Ferrari Roma is the newest series & model from Ferrari this classically year in automobile & car industry just this 21st Century. Ferrari is an italian car manufacturing . Also in the Formula 1 Ferrari the Model is on the schedule & planning for the circuit & races all over the world also events in Japan or Australia or North America or Europe.
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World /  News / Brazil Oil & Gas Corporation from South America is Petrobras / Growth & Rise  as far as COVID-19 Corona Restriction almost in 2020 & 2021 Acceptable & Tolerant for Corporation With Hugh Protection / Intercontinental Business Actively

Oil & Gas South American Industry / 76.6 Billion Dollars $ Currency 2019 / Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in Country / 211 Millions of Population in Brazil ( 2019 )
Also dwindling resources & world industrial reaching goals established just by Carbon Contraction & intelligent green energy components & operating systematic ecosystematically corporate traits achieved from last decade from now under different circumstances in Brazil .The CEO Joaquim Silva e Luna was coming to presidency in 2021 19.April. This concern is flexible in confident by Production & Exploration just Operating Technology as long as might decades in front of the brazilian civilization. Original Name ( by native corporate name - Petróleo Brasileiro S.A Petrobras ) Futuristic Planning & Corporate Green Budgeting from 2021-2025 is in terms of a infrastructure meant to be a Program & Development Eco Initiative coming close to a budget of 1 Billion US Dollars for environmental uplifting structure. Does count on globally extern infrastructure on most hugh oil & natural gas corporation of the whole complete world. Rio De Janeiro is the Headquarters.
Petrobras South America Protokoll 2020.p
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British Petroleum / Mondial Organized Oil Operating Corporation / Different Parts of World Actively / Principles 2050 Carbon Neutral Goals & Transformation Mobility & Customer Convenience Ideals / BP is all about Future & Corporate Growth

World / News / Annual Report BP / United Kingdom / Oil & Gas Corporate Society / Operating Energy Goals Highly under Ambitions & Oil Industrialization Green
Mondial Established Oil Concern &Hugh Competent & Confident Green Politics Goals.So BP is worldwide known under different infrastructural aspects of corporate diversification. Subsidiaries extern disciplined in different regions of human civilization, eventually Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Netherlands( Rotterdam) , United Kingdom, Federal Republic of Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Poland, UAE ( Sharjah) Middle East Continent. Also Operations in different part of humankind in different continents are ( North Sea ), Intercontinental South America Actively 2020 Operations & Drillings in Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, Argentina, Bolivia &Uruguay, also off-shore platform organized infrastructure in Africa . Also Asia in Russian Federation, China India - BP. Companies Sustainability Committee is in great shape for the concerns outlook & future. So this british oil operating industry worldwide with great employees & social values.
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World / News / Arena & Stadium Construction & Appliance Flex Operation / WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL / Hard Working Employees on the Rise / Super Epic Intelligent Stadium Craftsmanship & Building an Arena
World / News / Arena & Stadium Construction & Appliance Flex Operation / WORLD ECONOMIC MODEL / Hard Working Employees on the Rise / Super Epic Intelligent Stadium Craftsmanship & Building an Arena
Periodic System/ For Students from Schools,Academies or Universities, Faculties / Elements on a Schematic Portrayal just the Classic Layout / System
So this Periodic Table has all Chemical Compounds & Consolidated Elements on a Great & Overarching Schema. Also Hydrogen or Sodium or Oxygen e.G Sulfur or Chlorine and different Elements are here enlisted from different Regions & Origin of Chemical Block Groups. This Chemical Index is schooled in most every school for students in almost every Continent in Civilized World. Its Origin of School Subject Sector is Natural Science. So these Elements from the Periodic System are decisive even in our regularly structured Daily Routine. Chemicals are also in one Block partitioned to Non Metal or Alkali Metals or Noble Gases circulating sometimes to Lanthanide or Actinide. Also Clever Chemical Scientists from North America or Europe specific does experiment with operating elements from this Periodic Index & Table. Chemistry is an extraordinary, execeptional & diversified School Subject.
Portable Network Grafik Format 434.1 KB
China / Evergrande / Corporation / Corporate Annual Report 2020 / Evergrande / 2020 Challenging Year / COVID-19
So Evergrande was in 2020 of COVID-19 Difficulties &Discrepencies and Turbulent Diminishing Recession Downturn affiliated . But the Company is looking forwardly & opportunistic, optimisic in getting isolated from COVID-19 as soon as possible . The Chinese Industry had 798 structured & promulgating industrial projects in 2020 at annual end phase.The RMB ( Yuan ) Gross Profit was 123 Billion respectively & counted with Evergrande in 2020. This Corporation does build Domiciles & ( Real Estates ) and Homes as well as Housing in China in major hugh society grade . The COVID-19 was causing a economically hugh enormous & financially crunch in world since 1930 talk about the Great Depression also the stocks in New York under circumstances in World History Economically Downturn & Downfall. So Evergrande is optimistic & sure about great futuristic goals to accomplish & create. Projects like Evergrande Fairyland is great under comfortable consideration created and under opening in 2021.
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Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs & Energy / Facts about German Foreign Trade / Economically State Berlin September / 2019 & Protokollierung
So the Federal Republic of Germany is very famous for its foreign trade. This Country my native is worldwide in mondial motivation the third biggest Export Resource of Humankind. Germany is the most cooperative trading partner from the United States of America over its harbours, ports,coasts & aeronautically lines & routes. In the EXPORT 2020 was the quantity of opportunities & possibilities from the German Republic in the Eurozone & EU very attractive & plausible just profitable. Also the Republic does represent export from Automobiles worldwide from Names like Mercedes or BMW directly produced & mancrafted and built from German Manufacturing Centers & Factories.Anyway Germany does stay a very solid & corporate export market for world trade & a great opportunistic partner for a hugh percentage of a Billions Market in World.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 844.8 KB
UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organization ) / 1945 Establishment ( London U.K )/ 2020 / Different Aspects from ( UNESCO )
So the UNESCO is a subsidiary from the ( UNO ). This Organization is set under a priority for Education & Science as well as Culture in Human World History & the Present Time Moment in World till this day has come. The UNESCO is all about also World Heritage Sites like the Cologne Cathedral since 1996 in Humanitarian World History. In Mathematics over 1000 World Heritage Sites belong to the ( UNESCO ). The most in Italy / EU from World also different in Egypt .Also Media & Information Literacy & Freedom of Expression & Media Development are field & concern ways of sectors from the UNESCO.Also Qualified Communication & Raising of Specific Society Reflection in Education Worldwide is opportunistic & compact for UNESCO. This Committee & Society cares about Social Change for Hugh Circumstances in Change in Human World.Also Green Economically Raising Projects Worldwide.
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Kuehne + Nagel / 78,000 Employees / Annual Report 2020 / Great Industry / Comfortable Great Asian Cooperation / Protokoll / Hugh Amount Talented Opportunities
Kuehne + Nagel is a Logistics Concern with great Values in Transcontinental Affiliation with United Kingdom ( U.K ),Argentina & France. Hugh Opportunities from Corporation in World. The Net Worth Difference was coming to 20.3 Million CHF Francs.Klaus Michael Kuehne ( Honorary Chairman ) is in possession of the circulating hugh world tolerant corporation & industry.Kuehne + Nagel has a hugh qualified Corporate Governance. ( CEO ) of Company is Dr.Detlef Trefzger in accordance with hugh knowledge & corporate qualified goodwill to create a brilliant job locally for worldwide leadership marking role. Kuehne + Nagel is a Logistics & Goods Transportation Freigh Line Export Company from Switzerland in World Humanitarian Planet .
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EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa / COVID-19 in African Continent / EU Support & Circulating Opportunities for Africa / 2020 African Centric Continent Support
So, th EU was very busy in 2020 till end of the annual opportunistic year trusted with support for the African Continent . This era of african continents hugh immense inquiry & demand from world of support for COVID-19 ground fundamentally systematic resources came to a budget of 5 Billion Dollars from the ( EU ) in 2020 treasury. So also refugees from the African North Adjacent Coast was commited to Europe under forcing circumtances. So the Horn of Africa Region was also established in 2020 AD under hugh Empowerment & Aspects from affiliation from the COVID-19. So 2020 was very difficult for the African Continent & Citizen of all Countries also on the Red Sea to regenerate from this Pandemic.Migration isn't foreign for African Coastal Areas in the North Region of the Continent .
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Thyssen Krupp / Annual Report 2020 + 2021 / Empowerment in 56 Countries & 890 Locations / Embarked in Green Opportunities
Now, to tell Thyssenkrupp is in Challenge of Green Diversification like all Corporations in Human World. This Concern is all about Carbon Neutrality in 2050 like most Corporations & Countries in this era of time age.This Company stands in constitution of 100.000 Employees in World Quote & Difference counted. Thyssenkrupp was also signing a Contract with NEOM's Partners 2021 in the Fourth Quarterly Aspect for Hydrogen Empowerment of the Megacity ( Gigaproject ) NEOM of the Kingdom of ( Saudi Arabia ) in the Province Tabuk with a Mega Deal.So Martina Merz is doing a great job in this country. So predomimant Thyssenkrupp's Main Pillar & Assignment is Steel Production & Steel Manufacturing just Steel Creation on enormous amounts of Establishment about Millions Tonnes of Steel Wordwide Just on Globally Scale & Metrics About Productivity,Resiliency, Systematic Exporters Role in Germany .
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A.P.P ( Eine Wissenschaft für Sich ) Bauingenieurwissenschaften, Krude Öl & Gas Vermittlung / Güter Export & Import / Präsentationen auf ( A.P. P ) / Impressum & Weltwirtschaftsmodell / ARAMCO / DIASHOWS
A.P.P ( Eine Wissenschaft für Sich ) Bauingenieurwissenschaften, Krude Öl & Gas Vermittlung / Güter Export & Import / Präsentationen auf ( A.P. P ) / Impressum & Weltwirtschaftsmodell / ARAMCO / DIASHOWS
Banque du Canada /( North America / Canadian Central Bank / Annual Report 2020 / Opportunities & Operating World Dominance in Banking
Well the Banque du Canada ( Central Bank of Canada ) was 2020 experiencing different to talk about. Also Corona COVID-19 was mastered with hugh disciplined methods from the Central Bank from Ottawa / Canada.Also a new Governor from the Bank was elected namely Tiff Macklem for the institute of North America / CA.Also to admire on this Banking Institute that they have activity against racism.Diversity & Inclusion is important for the Banque du Canada.Also Canada's real gross domestic product grwoth was estimated -5.5 %. But they were opportunistic and gladly & in words like optimistic by different profiting results anyway. So the Banque du Canada was built in North America 1935 in World. Especially Deputy Governor from this Canadian Bank is Carolyn A. Wilkins internally from this institute. Green Opportunities also in honesty & sincerity welcomed in Canada and this Central Bank.
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 4.5 MB