Loewe / Marketing / Corporate Pro Protocolaton / Structured / Loewe Concern / Kronach / Company for Media Creation

Loewe / / Media / Corporation Of Digitization & Televisions Engineering / Business / Kronach / / Individual Home Entertainment Systems / Dr. Ralf Vogt CEO /
Professional Media Design Electronically Development Concern / Corporate Initiative Technology Very Properly Standing / Loewe is known for it's digitized innovative goodwill / It's presence in the telecommunications industry & corporate operating medium is fascinating / This company is very elaborated and competent developed. It's professional creation by TV Fabricats & Sat Receiver Technology also devices in redirect to digital devices is unique & well-performing.
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Investment in the United States

Investment in the U.S / Banking Sector / Finance / Economic Assessment / North America and it's Fiscal Economy / Business In The U.S / Corporate-Legislation & Firm Creation
Corporation / Investing In The United States / Guidelines For International Companies / Executive Compensation / Banking System At Glance / Employee Benefits / Occupational Safety
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New York / Financial Access Initiative

Financial Access Initiative / New York University / Migration As A Stragedy For Household Finance / Civilization of Financial Transactions & Payments Reframed As Dominant
A Research Agenda On Remittances, Payments & Development /Center for Global Development & Financial Access Initiative / Embodiment of Household Finance NY Uni / Intercontinental Business-Curated Climate Advocacy
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 363.7 KB

Julian Assange / Wiki Leaks / Corrupt Politics  / Sweden Affiliation / Extradition / Client Assange /  Innocence / Protocol / Certain Justice 

Julian Assange / In Case Of Wiki Leaks / Sweden Extradition / Politics / United States / Protocolation / Arraignment & Procedure / Law Enforcement
Julian Assange is in a difficult situation now the year written 2019 on this earth. After the multiple year standing ecuadorian embassy sojourn in United Kingdom he is struggling complex law & judically cases and is now momentarily in a british prison for some illegitimate reasons & forms of law procedures going on. The United States of America is also very lawfully & judicially coming for Julian Assange cause he had this kinda publication of wikileaks years ago.
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Credit Suisse / Annual Report 2015 / Chief Executive Officer Thomas Gottstein Since 2020 / Details & Business Procedure / Accountancy / Banking Institute /  

Credit Suisse / Headquarters in Zurich / Goodwill promising / Banking Corporation / Bank out of Switzerland / Currency -Suisse Francs
Constructive Banking Institute / Enormous Asset & Financial Contribution for the continent South America as far as the transactions. Brilliant Guidelines for Stock Affiliations & Managment for Equity Planning. Credit Suisse is a world & mondial bank. It's principles for transactional banking in europe is also a committment which is very high graded. The Paramount Dollarization-Mode Comparison for further Use is also very decisive for it's on going business. It's industrial leading role in accounting does also conclude freight & commodity as well as oil business initiatives, especially going through the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean.
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German Airline Company / Lufthansa / Cologne / Germany / Air Carrier / 2010 / Annual Report / Air Society 

Lufthansa AG / Corporation / Aircraft References Attractive / Air Carrier / Germany / Cologne / Airline / Lufthansa Kranichgesellschaft /
Europe / Western Region Of World-Portrayal / Worldwide Air-Traffic / Intercontintental Air-Factory
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Scandinavia / Volvo Group / Business Report 2015 / Protokollierung / Establishment / Manufacturing / World Class Industry & Development for Hugh Crafted Vehicles

Volvo Group / Big Manufactured Vehicle & Earthmovers Institution Volvo Group / Sweden / Professional Construction Technology & Efficiency / Constructive
Volvo Group / Protocolation About The Trucks & Big Established Vehicles Manufactuer Volvo Group / Earthmovers / CEO Martin Lundstedt / It's the contraire to the company Volvo Cars in Sweden. The Architecture is very solid & rugged as well as development in a swedish design. Volvo Group does create great Trucks after an groundwork & example laid down from a swedish construction rooted base profile.
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Deutsche Bank / Biggest Investment Bank From Europe / Portable Document Format / Annual Report 2015

Deutsche Bank / Frankfurt Am Main / Banking Institute / Christian Sewing CEO / Corporate Governance / Company & Bank Affiliated With Proper Goodwill
The Deutsche Bank is very consequent, professional & rich assessed by a regular opinion & examples laid down. This German Bank has a updated & upgraded outlook which is constructive for german business & corporations groundwork. It's so namely different options to take a a fusion with the Kommerzbank out of Frankfurt was failed and blocked by different reasons. Some politically & financially rationales wasn't accomplished also in a context a lot of regulations couldn't be put on excel. In the North America the Deutsche Bank was also very busy by different actions from the year written now by 2019. In the continent of Central Europe it's now by the third quartal of 2019 also very engaged of a lot of banking corporate empowerment and some articulated business concepts to work out to get to a point to be an established fulfilled rich-collaborative constructive bank from the western region.
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Gazprom / Annual Report / Energy Sector / Development of High-Performance Oil / Company of Russian Federation /  One of Biggest Corporations of Europe / RTS Index Listed 

Gazprom / Russian Federation / World-Scaled Oil and Energy Corporation / Globally portrayed biggest Natural Gas Industry / Location Capital Moscow in Russia
Gazprom / Natural Gas Exploration / Company From Russia / Alexei Borissowitsch Miller Chief Executive Officer / Constructive & High Competent / The Gas
Processing & Development is a world industry / Connectivity through a pipeline to Europe & Turkey, it's a gas transporting circuit, which let gas technology flow from the Russian Federation to Turkey and Europe / Investor Relations on mondial basis follow Gazprom with high successful results
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NYSE / Jeffrey C Sprecher / Intercontinental Exchange / Market for Shares / US

ICE / NYSE / Wall Street Institute / Share Market / US / Annual Report 2016 / STOCKS / New York U.S / North America / Largest Securtites Trade System for Shares and Commodity in the Whole World /
Intercontinental Exchange / New York Stock Exchange / ICE CEO Jeffrey C Sprecher / US Dollarization / NYSE CEO Stacey Cunningham
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Saudi-Aramco Oil / Oil-Corporation / Wide-Reaching Oil- Concern of Saudi Arabia / Belonging to Royal Family of Saudi Arabia of the Orient in the Middle East

Royal Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia in Possession of Corporation / Oil-Enrichment Very High / Most Biggest Oil Exporteur from World / Initial Public Offering (IPO) Discerning Scheme of Stock
But " Vision 2030 " Tactics And Fundamentally Principles Laid Down / In Next Move Oil-Business For Futuristic Efficiency Will Be Constricted and Also Almost Dwindled in Saudi / Red Sea Adjacent Mega City Lucrative Pro-Project Plot In Referral To Luxury Gigantic Resort & Destination Foundation To Get Created in 2019-2022 on it's first phase / Tourist Attraction & Resort Coastline approx. 200km's In Reachwide on the Archipelago / Scuba Diver Have Great Sighseeeings As Far As Optimal Aligned Water Temperature/Dormant Volcanoes At The Isle Sides To Portray / In Taste of Natural Pristine Marine Beauty / Our Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman was Signing the Treaty for the Solar-Energy-Panel Acquisition Contract with Masayoshi Son from Softbank Group Tokyo in NY / New York on the Multi-Billion Mark / The Saudis Are Also In Exploration For Petrochemical and Chemical Integrated Reservoirs in Asia, India , Malaysia and China where their Geoecology Does Hold On /
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Japan Nippon NSSMC & Sumitomo Metal / Steel / Fabricated Steel Production and Discretionary Further Processing of Metal and Steel 

Japan / Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation NSSMC / Steel Production / Blast Furnace / Growth Efficiency / Infrastructure / Professional Steel Fabrication Company / Kosei Shindo CEO
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Europe / France / Constructeur / Toulouse / Building Corporation / Alliance / Innovation / Technology / Mechanical Engineering & Airplane Creator

Airbus / France / Toulouse / Airplane Assembly Constructeur / Strategic Alliance / Development / Guillaume Faury CEO / Wide-Moving Industry & Infrastructure
World-Class Airplane Establishment / Second Largest Airplane Manufacturer In The World / Western Region / Constructive Aiplane Builder of France Europe / Infrastructure of Corporation very promising / Development of Planes very efficiently & world creative relevant / Establishing & Creating Airplanes for a lot airlines of almost all continents / Export of build airplanes in all regions of planet / Trillion Business for Airbus
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Qatar / Construction / Qatar Riyal Currency / Middle East / Top Institutional Company / Corporate Banking

Middle East / Qatar Steel / Steel Corporation / Market / Governments Steel Infrastructure & Projects / Excellent Fiscal Performance / Capital Doha
Pro-Marketing /Professional Corporate- Initiative / Expanding Globally / Steel & Iron Refinery for Later Industrial Usage and Flexible Proliferation / Significant Operating Company in Qatar / Constructive for the Middle East / Splendid & Magnificient Export Techniques / Technology Highly in Development / Opportunities for Futuristic Model Welcomed Superior / Corporation is very concentrated on Great Reputation especially in the Middle East as same as in the Whole Wide World
Qatar Steel Annual Report 2016.pdf
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 Grandeur University / Academic Exemplification / High-Priority / Relevant Pro -Resources / North America / Sophisticated Material

Harvard / Boston / Faculty of Arts and Sciences / Division / Fostering Innovative Experiments / Discovery / Education / America / Privileged / U.S.A
Liberal Arts / Exhibition & Museums / Harvard Is The Most Prestigious & Sought After Academy & University In the world. It's Operating School Caucus & The Professors Is On A Highly Well Sophisticated Nouveau / The Tuition Fees Is On a Pillar Seen Very High. Anyway this Academically Institution is Worthwhile to look at. The Education Is Paramountly Evaluated. This University is also Highly Visited By The Most Famous Upper Scaled Politicians & Experts also Chief Executive Officers, Kingdom Affiliated Kings, Princes or Chancellors From a Global Structure.
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Cambridge U.K Judge Business School / Benchmarking Study / Overarching Illustration of Cryptocurrency & Globally Usage / Bitcoin-Enterprise Portrayal / 

U.K Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance / Cryptocurrency Digitization / Publication / Decentralized Platform / Conveniently Pro-Commerce / Acquisition of Blockchain / Commercial Exchange /
Industry Sector / Business Ecosystem / Bitcoin Trading Volume / Major Fiscal and Economically Transaction / Most Every Country in Affiliation of Bitcoin And More Digitized Cryptos / Founder of Crypto-Procedure namely Satoshi Nakamoto
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Samsung Engineering / Construction & Build Of Energy, Gas Development or Crude Oil Plants and Corporations / Annual Report 2016

Samsung Engineering / Geo-Flexibile Generation / Ecologically System Prospering / CEO - Sung An Choi / World Engineering Company / High Proficiency
Growth at Global Scale / Science & Steadfastly At Occupation With Privileged Engineering / Projects in Futuristic Ways Very Professional Laid Out / Foundation 1970 / Environmental Plants At Course / Safety Very Certain in Aspiration / Samsung Engineering Created A Complex for Saudi Aramco Oil named Shaybah / Geoecologically Pro-Initiated / Advanced Work Ethic
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Banque du Canada / Central Bank / Banking Institute / Dollarization / Communications and Outreach / Global Empowerment / Cryptocurrency / At One Glance The Financial Perspective from North America's Canada

Bank Out Of Canada / Centric Showmansship of Canada's Financial System / Corporate Eco-Financial Systematically Infrastructure / Oil Segments & Reserves
Canada / Banking Institute / Centric Financial Segment Out Of Their Country / Achievements / Fiscal Management / Corporate Organization / Clear Expectations / Cyber Security & Bank Of Canada Museum / Technology & Eco Development in North America
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European Commission / Commission Européenne Council / Auditorium / Statistics / Mondial & Global Stragedy / EU Resources & Reserves / Augmentation of Principles from Central Asia, Caribbean & Latin America

European Commission / Consensus / Department & Implementation for the European Vehicle for Financing Extern and Concessioned Actions & Acts / Negotiations
Humanitarian Purpose & Factor of Development Nexus / Sustainability Energy / Common Activitiy For A Better European Centric Unity / Accessability for Corporate Initiative Programming / Enlargement Stragedy / Reservoirs for Natural Science / Budget Execution
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Daimler AG Mercedes / German Automobile Fabricat / Enormous Amount Of Car Industrial Assembly in Plants in the Whole Wide World / Ola Källenius CEO

Daimler AG Mercedes / Core Technology / Automobile Branche / Driving Transformational / Corporate Pro Innovative /
Corporate Culture / Customized Individual Development of a High Brilliant Bodywork / World Expandation & Goodwill Bearing / Roadster Convertibles & Coupes At Exchange / Global Selling of this Segment / High Lucrative Booming Market in Asia, Europe, North America and the United Arab Emirates i.e the Middle East
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 14.5 MB

United Kingdom / Fashionable Store / Operating Efficiency / Mode Relevance / Boutique / London Fashion Centre / Privileged Apparel Merchandising / Traditional Concern / BB2 (FRA)

U.K / Burberry / London Capital / Fashion & Vogué Company Enriched / Rich Luxury Touched / Mode / Beauty / Dealership World-Scalability / Paramount
Chairman of Concern & Brand - Lately Marco Gobetti / Economic Upturn & Rise from Apparel Merchandising / Marketing Committee / Performance Great Such As in Brooklyn Stores at Avenues in the Downtown Metropolis NY or Paris Innercity Life Just Privileged Places & Designer Production Profile / Production & Operating Efficiency For Garments and Design i.e Innovation Brilliant & Aligned / Segment Assessed Perfect Orientation for Mode Establishment in the U.K London /
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 6.0 MB

United States / U.S / Texas Instruments / Initiative / Manufacture and Marketing of Nanotechnology / Grandeur Company with Great Reputation / Headquarters Dallas, Texas U.S / North America / World Spectrum

United States / Texas Instruments / Texas / Microprocessor Technology & Creation / Nanotechnology / Chip Manufacture / Industrial Market / Factory Initiative
Most Hugh Microprocessor Chip Creator On The Whole Planet / Embedded Processing Segment of Media Development / CEO Rich Templeton / Western Region of the United States / Chip Idealogy Comfort / Technology Advanced and Privileged / Automotive Part of Production / Corporation Systematically Government Preemptive / Mondial Actively Industrial Marketing / Freight to the United Arab Emirates Via Ship Trade Routes as well as Aeronautics Trade
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.1 MB

World / News / Middle East / Sabic / Chemical & Metal Company / Arabian Vision 2030 / Farming Industry / Development for Commodity / Nutrients / Sustainability & Infrastructure

Middle East / Saudi Arabia / SABIC / Well-Established Industry in Referral to Agri-Nutrients & Petrochemicals / Intercontinental Business Climate / Vision 2030
Geoecologically Site & Technologically Complex for Chemicals and Metals / Pioneering Human Resources / Smart Farming & Intensive Research / Developmént in the Agricultural Sector / New Initiated Global Operations / Performance Plastics / Corporate Pro Dealership & Marketing in Europe, Africa, Asia / America and Middle East / Export On A Mondial Base
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 9.0 MB

World / News / South East Asia / Softbank Group / IT Media & Publishing of new Paramountly Technology for Use / Digitized & Mobile Structured Corporate Initiative /

World / South East Asia / Japan / Softbank Group / Business Protocol 2017 / Chief Executive Officer Masayoshi Son / A.I Revolutionary & Pioneering / Vision 300
Artificial Intelligence Establishment & Industry / Technology on Mondial Upgrade / Futuristic Stragedy Calculated / Marketing Telecommunication / Headquarters Minato - Tokyo / Developed & Specialised Satellite Development for Galaxy Space Purpose / IT Initiated & Curated Professional Performance / Softbank Group was the Provider for the 200 Billion Solar Energy Panel Deal with Mohammed Bin Salman from Saudi / Globalization from Japanese Company with hugh Goodwill
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EU Bloc / Akzo Nobel / Eco-Reliability / Powerful Performance / Development of Specialty Chemical Industry / Chief Executive Officer Thierry Vaniancker & Chairman of the Executive Committee / Globalization Serving Service

Europe / Mondial Exemplification / Akzo Nobel / Colorant & Paint just Coating Industrial Corporation / Headquarterd In The Netherlands / Operating Very Confident
Metalroof Coating / Wood Coating / Especially Aeronautically Coating / Strategic Focusing / Akzo Nobel was from 2010 to 2018 enorm successful / Marine And Protective Coat-Layering / Powder Color Layer And Co / Geo-Coloring-Ecology System / Decorative Paint in Continent Asia / Technology Progressive And At A Hugh Amount Of Goodwill / Famous Abbey Coating from Akzo
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ECB / European Central Bank / Frankfurt / Germany / EU Bloc / Eurozone /  Chief Executive Officer Christine Lagarde in Leading Post of Bank / Decisive for the EU and it's financial construction as well as it's fiscal growth 

European Central Bank / Governing Council / Ecological Pro Development / Eurosystematically Trade Balance / EU Bloc Statistics / World Investor Relations
Euro Payments / GDP Growth & Balance of the European Initiative Constitution / Transactions Leading Development for International Purpose / Info by Bill Printing Notes in the EU is also in this protocol enlisted and a short summary by it's use of every citizen in Europe / Government Balance & Structured Relations / Solid Dynamics & Growth for EU is in range to know. European Fiscal Standart reached in technology & development. EU Stock Indices & Share Markets around EZB are in Content of this protocol. Involvement in Professionality & Proficiency as well as Mondial Expertise is all about Christine Lagarde new established in 4 Quartal 2019 in the European Central Bank in presidency.
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